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Secret Seekers - Copperhead Walkthrough

Secret Seekers - Copperhead

Secret Seekers - Copperhead is another point and click type adventure game by Selfdefiant - Melting Mindz for Flonga. It's said that there is a secret that lies deep within Copperhead, an old ghost town that has been empty since the gold rush. As a Secret Seeker you explore areas like this one trying to uncover the hidden secrets. Use your mouse to interact with objects and collect items to uncover the secrets!

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Secret Seekers - Copperhead Video Walkthrough
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A Flonga game! My computer didn't use to know how to play these, but it is fixed now :) I'm going in!

Hi...coming in too...will save Sakura's for dessert lol.

Got a gun from the cupboard in the sheriffs office.

Hi @ginger!
Bullets and a note from the store.

Got a ruby from shooting the D in Rosewood.

I like Flonga. Joining you all. Hi!

Cool a new game :))

I have bullets, gun (used with bullets) silver key (used) gold key and paper with hint (by this hint i have got the gold key)

Hi @kitkatfox and @Zazie!
Where did you find the silver key?

I'm here too, ellie...

joining in

Got the silverkey by shooting a bottle.

@Ellie, shoot the bottles in the store to get a silver key.

Black key, wooden rail (gave me this key) phonenumber, green gem

just joining - hope you are not already out!!

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This is nice! I forgot how much there is to do in a Flonga game.
I got the green ruby as well, using the hints from the boot
Used the phone and see a bucket of oil.

Hi all, since a long time, i am playing again, hope i can catch up

I am stuck, i need a light to go into the cellar.

Hi @gabi!! Nice to see you!

Hi all my friends !! :)

Where is boat ?

Where did you use the wooden rail @Zazie?

What to do with the stars in the painting?

POP, use the wooden rail on the wheel on the wall downstairs.

@Saima, did you get a clue note from the store? It shows the order to click the stars.

Lantern is right of the hall where wheel is

@zazie: me too. Tried all the lamps, but none wants to come with me to the oil barrel and to the trap door...

@Zazie, did you mean my comment? I wrote boot, not boat :) At least I didn't see a boat here in the desert lol.

When you enter the hotel middle door, there is the wheel on the left wall.

@Ellie thanx got it. The wooden rail is in the room with tub on the lower left of the screen.

@Ellie, sorry i cannot read anymore lol

Thanks @Zazie for the lantern! Filled it with oil now.

code sheriff closet???

Duhhhhhhhh im dumber than dumb

I shot the crystals downstairs, but only have two to replace them. I guess i need a blue one.

Drag lantern over the oil and you have your light.

@Marleen, did you get the code? Its on the poster.

silver key in bottle..

where do you put latern? I can't put the stones in the right place...

Hi Ellie ;))

i am in the motel now........

Just missing the red stone which is obviously on the top shelf of the general store. can't figure out how to reach it.

I cant pick up the lantern

out with the help for the ruby. Thanks, Ellie. Thought I had shot everything out there, but obviously missed.

ah, got it, stupid me... Just put it back in inventory...

Blue gem is in prison, use black key to open door and click the cross on the wall.


Hi, how stupid you ( i mean myself) can be?? Hahah
Thank you

and they said shooting everything wouldn't help :P

Yw @ Marleen :)

Did anyone find the third crystal?
@escapism, you use the lantern on the oil to have light. Shoot the white crystals downstairs.

@Saima it is the red lantern. Look right when facing the hotel desk.

@Ellie I had them all. What is your 3rd one?

And out !!

Great game, thx Self !!

I'm out...

Thanks again @Zazie for the blue crystal!!

Good game, easy but good

And out!!

Thanx Kitkatfox, totally missed that view.

flonga games are fun :)

@kitkatfox, I thought I had already used the black key so I didn't try it in the prison lol. Went shooting instead :)

I used the order for placing the crystals that we had in the latest SSSG game lol: red, green (on top), blue. Don't know if any order would work.

@Saima It took me a while to realize you could turn there. I think it is the only place in the game where you can.

@Ellie crystal order is from the bottles you couldn't shoot in the general store

@Jared, did you get the red stone? You need to shoot to get it.

The order of the crystals was given by the 3 bottles on shelf in the store : red, green, blue

lol @kitkatfox, I guess the gamemakers like that order of colors.

Sorry everyone...had to take a phone call...now trying to catch up. Where to find the key to the cellar door?

Color order for gems are in bottles

Again, I couldn't post for a while and now I can.
But the order for the gems, Ellie, is the order of the bottom three bottles you couldn't shoot.

you all are so far, i found an emerald and a black key, grrrrr i started to late

So I guess the hint for the red crystal was the name of the hotel (roses being red) and the crooked letter? I didn't pick up on either of those.

@ginger, I think that was the key you get from using the phone. You find a note with four numbers upstairs to use for dialing.

@Ellie both games were by melting mindz so maybe it is their favorite!

who is doing the walkthrough?

i think the papaer with the arrows has something to do with the painting in the bedroom, but no success, need a little help please

@Ellie, hm...no, don't think so, already used that key to open the prison door and find the blue saphire...

What's with the star painting upstairs? And the hat?

@Ellie: thanks for the hint, but I figured it out myself. I thought we had to put the latern somewhere to get the hands free, but all you have to do is put the latern back in the inventory and then shoot...

gabi, make the dots yellow according to that paper, start with 1 and follow the order.

@gabi you need to make a star shape on the stars of the painting. State at one on the paper and follow the arrows.

Sorry I can't remember the order, but maybe left arm, to right arm, down left, top, down right?

@kitkatfox, I thought you already were halfway through with one lol.
I'll always try red-green-blue in any game before searching for clues to the order :) Thanks @everyone for telling that it was from the bottles we couldn't shoot. I only shot one bottle, the pink one looked suspicious.

@ginger* the hat only had a paper clue under the hat band.

That paper is for the phone, if I remember right.

@Ellie I'll start one now lol

found the blue emerald in the prison, guess i need a red emerald

@ginger, sorry my memory failed on me. Then it must be the key from the stars. Read the hints above (clicking order from paper).

@gabi, shoot the letter D in Rosewood, outside, for the red emerald.

where is the red stone plzz??

TY kitkatfox

oh got it..wat abt the water?? in the tub

ella, it's just old water you don't have to do anything with it.

Found the order of the stars on the painting upstairs...it's: top, down left, up right, up left, down right, and...tada! A golden key...that must be the key to the cellar door... ;- )

@kitkatfox, you might want to wait with the walkthrough and have a look at the other new games first?

Finally i have the gold key, thank you all for helping

How do i get into the storage shed? I have all the gems and the lantern filled, but that door is still locked and can't find the key anywhere.

oh no,i need a latern, i tried to get all, but nothing..

i have the oil, but no lantern to fill

Nevermind got it, and I'm out

Jayce, you need the gold key, it is in the painting in the room 1, klick the stars in order hint from paper

Out! That red ruby was tricky...fun game ;- )

@gabi, for the lantern, go right from the room where the wheel is, pick up the red lantern and drag it to the oil.

Please where is the lantern??

oh thank you Saima, i didn't see that room

Go into the sheriff’s office (the left door)
Click on the wanted poster -- note the numbers on it below the picture
Close that view using the close button in the bottom right corner
Note the jail door is locked
Click the right cabinet
Click the combination lock on it and enter the numbers you found
Now click the switch to the right of the numbers
Get the gun, but no bullets
Back out into the street again
This time enter the general store (right door)
Get the arrow note from the register
Move the jar on the right shelf
Get the bullets
Combine the bullets with the gun (I can’t remember for sure if you have to do this or if it automatically loads)
Click the gun and get a red target symbol
Time for target practice!
Shoot the bottles on the top of the back shelves
When you shoot the pink one, you get a key -- pick it up from the countertop
Boo! You can’t shoot the other bottles behind the register
(To put the gun away, click the empty spot in the inventory)
Back into the street
I still want to shoot something, how about you?
Try shooting the D in the rosewood. It looks loose anyway
Jackpot! You found the red gem (ruby)
Get it
Use the silver key to enter the hotel
Note the wagon wheel on the left wall is broken
Turn right
Hey! That lantern is a different color -- get it
But it is empty
Turn left and enter the dark doorway
Note there is a phone and a locked door
Go upstairs
There are 2 bedrooms up here and a washroom. The yellow plates by the door tell you the names of the room.
Enter the left door (room 1)
Click the top drawer of the dresser and find a codebox, but you don’t know the pattern
Zoom in on the painting over the bed and see the stars are clickable
Click the correct order
HINTregister noteHINT
SPOILERtop, bottom left, right, left, bottom rightSPOILER
Get the gold key
Back up
You are in the same hall, but facing it from a new angle
Enter the left room (the washroom)
Click the boot and see the weird markings
To the left of the pink screen is a piece of wood -- get it (wooden rail)
Back into the hallway again (new view of it)
Enter the left door (room 2)
Click the hat
Get the paper clue from behind the hat band
Back up
Enter room 1 (across the hall from you)
Open the code box in the top drawer
Get the green gem (emerald)
SPOILERDown, right, left, right, upSPOILER
Back up
Go downstairs
Zoom in on the phone
Enter the numbers
Use your red lantern on the oil to fill it
Use the gold key on the storage room door to your right
Click the rug to move it
Click the trapdoor to go down (you can only do this if you have a working lantern!)
There are places for 3 gems, but there are white crystals in there
Shoot the crystals to clear the spaces, but you are still missing one gem
Back up 3 times to the hotel desk
Replace the missing wagon wheel spoke
Get the black key
Back up
Enter the left door (sheriff’s)
Use the black key on the jail cell door
See the bottom block has an X on it?
Click it and get the blue gem (sapphire)
Back up and go into the hotel
Go forward and then into the right storage room
Go to the basement and place the gems
HINTunbroken bottlesHINT

lol @Ellie I didn't see your post about new games. All well, hopefully the walkthrough being faster will help more people.

can't find the red gem, it is not my day :((

@Gabi, shoot the letter "D" of Redwood to get the red gem.

thank you for walkthrough kitkatfox, that is always a great help

kitkatfox thank you for an excellent walkthrough.
And yes I just love to shoot things lol.

Oh, I can not get green stone, despite KKF explanation of what I do wrong?

@Sylli, maybe you got it by now, but if not.. did you have a look at the boot in the room with the old water? You might need to see the clue before the box opens.

@kitkatfox, excellent walkthrough!!

Hi Elli, no, could not open the box.
Had symbols of boots, stood before the wood tub.

But want to give thanks for your help!

where is the oil

hello someone please tell me where the oil for the lantern is?

@Sylli I had trouble opening the box, too. I had to put it back, leave the room, and then get pick it up again. Then it would open. I refused to the first time I tried.

@magikbuds420 if you still need help -- the oil is behind the hidden compartment that opens when you use the phone.

the phone number is the 4 numbers from the hat

Hi KKF, I had also tried a few times and started the new game, whether it might be a buggy in the game.
I like the Flonga Games, they a actually error free.
The sun is shining outside and I wish you a nice day! :-)

Got out after Ellie's hint on how to get the red ruby... and it was one of her first findings! lol.
Well, they say great minds think alike... I'd rather say differently thinking minds that complement each other is even greater :)

I got blue and green gem.. got the gold key opened the door.. but needs light,lantern and ruby.. tried turning the wheel but its not working.. had used the rail on the wheel to get the black key..

oh... okay.. got everything..... wow!! nice game.. more like this??

i think this game is very easy

very tough game

Where the hell is that lantern?! They are all black! HEEEELP! :(

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