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[REPLAY] Hilgreed - Anonymous Escape is another Japanese point and click room escape game developed by Hilgreed. In this escape game, you are locked in a room and you need try to escape the room by finding items and solving puzzles. Can you escape from room successfully? Show your best escaping skills to escape from the room. Good luck and have fun! [Suggested by Peke]

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Anonymous Escape Walkthrough

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wonderful Saturday morning because of Hilg's escape game.

first in on a Friday night

Oh my got, here we go ;)

no one else yet? found lots

loading, hey everyone!

seems like just you and I Muhlisuh

gonna take 5 minute break to let you catch up cuz I am gonna need your help

       Anonymous  5/28/10, 7:35 PM  

I'm here too!

good need help here

Cant figure out the login numbers

       Anonymous  5/28/10, 7:41 PM  

Have a bunch of stuff...working on code but none of my calculations are right.

So far have transparent sheet, mug, some kind of bomb, bag (used), lubricant (used), broom, nameplate key (used), key from hat (used), gloves, gold key, security system manual and hint for logon code....and stuck.

Jeremy where did you use lube

nvm got it

And notebook from balcony (opened with gold key)

       Anonymous  5/28/10, 7:46 PM  

i found locations 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

but i can't find 1!!! =O

       Anonymous  5/28/10, 7:47 PM  

Did you go out the door behind the white board? Found another book there, like a diary.

use broom on locker top view

TLC - Which one?

the set of 3 on right hand side

       Anonymous  5/28/10, 7:54 PM  

nope still no location 1...

so far i got: bomb thingy, a tool (looks like an ear bud), mug, key from old bun (used), akanbe's notebook, security system manual, bag (used), lube spray (used), gloves (wearing them), schedule, nameplate (used), key from hat (used), logon hint, transparent paper, broom (used)

now i'm stuck >__<

Where do u use the aluminum powder?

where did the aluminum powder come from

Aluminum powder gets used with the wand looking thing somewhere that you can't touch with bare hands.

       Anonymous  5/28/10, 7:57 PM  

where did you find the alum powder then im pretty sure i can tell you where to use it

Also, it helps to examine the "bomb" a little

Powder is inside the bomb.

I'm pretty sure the powder was found in the bomb-looking thing.

figure the wires on bomb give order of coloured numbers but for what?

       Anonymous  5/28/10, 7:59 PM  

I swear I'm walking in circles!

@tiff Look at the bomb more closely. You can rotate it around. The timer on the front is a puzzle for the code.

Where is the bomb looking thing?

Got fingerprints on scanner, but can't figure out the login code! Anyone got it yet?

I'm stuck with mug, schedule, 2 books, and the LoginPW sheet. And I can't find location 1 either. Anybody else this far?

ahhh got it

       Anonymous  5/28/10, 8:02 PM  

got it thanks, great hint!

Bomb was in bottom of brown cabinet

is there 2 gloves to be found?

bet4000 - yeah, about the same. You can rotate the cup, but no idea what use that is.

yes, two gloves.

       Anonymous  5/28/10, 8:05 PM  

and jeremy, im pretty sure that that is just another one of the clues because it seems that those numbers come up when we find a "clue"

       Anonymous  5/28/10, 8:06 PM  


Tiff - seems right, so still no "1" clue.

Tiff - How!!

I did notice that the schedule says something about Mr. Akanbe and the yellow book has his name on it, but I don't get the relationship.

LoginPW is 1013
Poster number101237-clock missing number 27=1013


       Anonymous  5/28/10, 8:09 PM  

@glynhappy got it up before me haha thanks

Ohhhh I get that clue now. Thanks glynhappy.

Got the pass word!!!

ok I just can't seem to find the darn key to the brown cabinet. Where am I not looking?

       Anonymous  5/28/10, 8:10 PM  

okay thats not cool. so we can get into the comp, but the only thing there is an empty folder that says mark of finger

       Anonymous  5/28/10, 8:11 PM  

where is the tool for the alum. powder?

Late in posting-Thought I was pretty hot getting the password-LOL

Ok looked all over for second glove and cant find it???

and out!

       Anonymous  5/28/10, 8:12 PM  

i know that one glove was in the top shelf of the brown cabinet

@tiff-zoom in on bottom of poster board with red circles

       Anonymous  5/28/10, 8:13 PM  

its at the bottom of the drawing board with all the circles

found it

@Serran look at the white nameplate that's next to the door

Tiff - Scan the prints. Now just stuck with the door code.

Got it. Out.

       Anonymous  5/28/10, 8:16 PM  

wat prints?

       Anonymous  5/28/10, 8:16 PM  

@ Tiff - Use the transparent sheet to get prints off of keypad, put on scanner and analyze

Thank you! Now I am getting somewhere.

       Anonymous  5/28/10, 8:18 PM  

i got all that, now i am just stuck with putting the prints on the scanner. i got the prints on the transparent sheet, but i cant put them on the scanner itself

       Anonymous  5/28/10, 8:20 PM  

i don't get how you use the transparent paper

       Anonymous  5/28/10, 8:21 PM  

You're not on the copier are you? The scanner next to the computer.

       Anonymous  5/28/10, 8:23 PM  

Yay! Out!

anyone figure out what the lipstick on mug is for?

Ok so the door code has to be with 3,4 and 9 right? because the right handed person is the woman according to the cup and we are looking at Mr. Akanbe's info. I think.....


       Anonymous  5/28/10, 8:25 PM  

The lipstick tells you whether the woman using the mug is right or left handed...

       Anonymous  5/28/10, 8:26 PM  

i still dunno how to get the print off the transparent paper =____=

Did you put the transparent paper in the scanner next to the computer and close it?

Woohoo! Out!

didn't think of the right handed thing wow

       Anonymous  5/28/10, 8:28 PM  

ya but the scanner tells me "preparations are necessary" and its not going in

(i didn't get wat the keypad thingy you guys were talking bout either >__< )

You dusted the keypad right? Now just think of the sheet as tape to lift the prints. Just select it and use it on the keypad after it's dusted to get the prints. Then you should be able to scan them

       Anonymous  5/28/10, 8:32 PM  

Voodoo, did you get the prints onto the transparency?

So, is she holding the mug with right hand and entering code with left or does she put the mug down to enter the code with right hand?

       Anonymous  5/28/10, 8:34 PM  


Where's the key for the brown cabinet?

Ok really, code is no greater than 399, I have tried all combinations for both righty and lefty prints but still cant get it

code is 394

       Anonymous  5/28/10, 8:44 PM  

serran thank u so much for the transparent thingy <3

now for some odd reason the 3, 4, 9 code is not working....

       Anonymous  5/28/10, 8:44 PM  

OUT Finally... X___x

       Anonymous  5/28/10, 8:45 PM  

OUT finally X___x

code is not working for me

       Anonymous  5/28/10, 8:48 PM  

TLC the code is 394

at first it wouldn't work for me so i pressed CLR a lot of times so it wud clear all my other attempts and typed in 394

so where is the key for the brown cabinet? please

       Anonymous  5/28/10, 8:49 PM  

I was going to tell you the same TLC, clear first, then numbers, then set

did u press set after code?

       Anonymous  5/28/10, 8:50 PM  

Jorge, I think that key was in the middle locker in the old bun/roll

Thanks for figuring out the door code. No idea how you did it. Couldn't have escaped with out your help.

@TLC, do you have all of the 6 clues?

I think that Key Opened the locker. I still have 2 empty slots for items and I'm thinking they are the talc powder for the tool and another key

Well, hit clr a million times, entered 394, hit set but still cant get out. I'm just gonna sit and wait for right handed girl to come back from her trip next week:}

missing #1 , didnt even realize, thanx Edgar, back on my feet

I think we're on our own, Jorge...

it appears that way

Sorry guys, I'm trying to restart but I got busy.

Jorge, do you have a kind of white strip next to the gloves in inventory?

Wow... I totally thought I clicked on that a bunch of times...

Well, if you don't take it from the frame left of the door. That thing IS the key. Examine it well in About Item.

Thanks, Edgar. Now all I need is to find the aluminum powder!

yeah how do you get the powder out of the bomb thing?

That's inside the bomb thingy @Christine. Open it from the right side entering a code on the left side of it.

OK, for bomb. You need 4 digits, each standing for colors of cables. Look at the colors of numbers in front of the bomb.

awesome thanks man

No problem Jorge. Out now?

Thank you so much, Edgar!
(I wonder, if I spin the mouse in the chair enough times, will he throw up?)

@TLC, are you around?
Clue #1 is the fingerprints analysis in computer, in case you still need it.

thank you!

lol @Christine, you mean the mouse? ...or me?

You're welcome muhlisuh.

lol once you get out and click on the screen, you come to a hallway with a mouse in a rolly chair... if you click on it, it spins!

Oh sorry, lol. I missed that part refreshing right away... have to see that!

I'm out of here if you're done.

@Tiff, wherever you are by now... getting that LoginPW was outstanding! Thank you so very much! I'd really like to have started playing along with you and the rest of the live players.

I need a walkthrough.

where did the "poster number" 101237 come from?

Open the window on the right of the door and click a poster thats on the wall.

hahaha thanks! i swear I clicked there a million times though! :P

what's the transparency sheet for? and i've been trying to use the aluminum powder/swab on the scanner, but it's not working. am i supposed to do something else first?

Where is the bomb and the key for the brown cabinet, please?

Never mind, I already had the key in my inventory, sheesh!

the key for the brown cabinet is the name plate to the left of the door with the black words. examine it in the ABOUT view. the bomb is in the brown cabinet

The transparencu sheet its for the key pad thats next to the door, but first you have to use the aluminium stuff on it.

@Castlerock oh my goodness! thanks so much!

how do I use the alluminium on it? I have been clicking on the keypad with the alluminium highlighted but nothing happens...

nvm needed the cottonette found it

Anonymous - WALKTHROUGH (Part 1)

Zoom in the window right from the door, open the roll curtain and zoom again on the movie poster on the background. Notice the NUMBERS.
Notice the door switch by the door, which you can’t operate now since you’re barehanded.
Zoom in the nameplates left of the door and take the one with black characters.
Magnify the nameplate, turn it around and click on the lower character to make a key out of it.
Zoom in the tea set and take the greenish coffee cup.
Examine the cup in About Item, click on the handle to turn it around and see marks of a lipstick of Ms. Mugisawa, who also is right-handed. You have now the Clue #4.
Move to the left.

Zoom in the coat rack and take the hat.
Magnify the hat and take “your” locker key from it.
Zoom in the gray locker in the back and open it with this key. See Mr, Turumi’s jacket, standing for the Clue #6.
Zoom in the bottom doors of the brown cabinet and use the first key (the one from the nameplate) to open them; take the “bomb-like” thing.
Open the “bomb” in About Item. Use the right blue button to start/reset the counting and the left red button to stop it. Notice that some numbers (4 of them) have different colors. Click on the left side of the bomb to see you need to enter a code. Use the color of the cables to figure out the code from the numbers you saw in front of the bomb and enter it. Click on the edge of the bomb to go back to the front and again on the right side. Open the bomb from that side and take a bottle of powdered aluminum.
Zoom in the upper doors of the brown cabinet, open them and zoom on the top shelf to take one rubber glove.
Zoom in the computer monitor on “your” desk and on the little drawers on the right to take a paper with a hint for the PC Password and the second rubber glove.
Zoom back twice and move to the left.

Zoom in the clock on the wall and notice it has 2 MISSING NUMBERS.
Move to the left.
Zoom in the set of three lockers and take the bag from under the desk.
Open the bag in About Item and click on it to take the security system manual; read the instructions for the door keypad and you’ll have got the Clue #2.
Open the left locker and take the spray of lubricant.
You can’t open the middle (rusted) locker. Use the lubricant on it and take a rotten bean-jam bun from inside.
In About Item, remove the cover from the bun thing and click on the right protuberance to get an escape key.
Open the right locker and take a broom; close the door btw.
Zoom in between the lockers and the right wall (above) and use the broom to take a barely visible thing from the top of the locker. It’s a schedule; see it in About Item to have the Clue #3.
Zoom back and move to the left.

Anonymous – WALKTHROUGH (Part 2)

Zoom in the bottom part of the white board and take a cotton bud-like thing, called here the tool; zoom out.
Zoom in the visible part of the door behind the board and use the Escape Key to open it.
Once outside in the balcony, zoom in the bottom of the screen (do not click the navigational arrow) and again in the left to take Mr. Akanbe’s notebook. Open it in About Item and examine it to get the Clue #5.
Go all the way back into the room and move to the left.

Zoom in the photocopying machine, click on the lid and collect the transparent sheet.
From here you can zoom again in the door keypad. It’s time to use some stuff.
Magnify the bottle of powdered aluminum and combine the tool (cotton bud) with it.
Magnify the gloves and click on them to WEAR them, making you able to examine the keypad.
Use the powdered aluminum on the keypad.
Put the transparent sheet on the keypad to collect some fingerprints. You could notice that the fingerprints belong to two different persons, for the angle of them.
Zoom out and move 2 or 3 times to the left.

Zoom in the SCANNER on the desk, open it and put there the transparent sheet.
Zoom in the computer monitor and enter the password to log in. The password is taken from the HINT IN THE PAPER, combining both the numbers from the MOVIE POSTER and the missing ones on the CLOCK.
Click on the “mark of finger” file and wait for the fingerprints analysis. Once done, you have the Clue #1
Now, making use of your detective skills (which I don’t have), you know (I don’t) that you’re looking the fingerprints of a male person, and since the (only) woman working there is right-handed, you’re after the red (vertical, not diagonal) fingerprints, and the keys that man touched in the keypad.
Zoom out and move to the right back to the scanner to take back the transparent sheet.

Move to the right back to the door view.
“All OK!” says the caption when you zoom in the keypad once again (LOL).
You might not need to use the transparent sheet on the keypad again to know the left-handed male person pressed the 3, 4 and 9 keys, and according to the security system manual, the door password is no higher than 399; that leaves two options: 349 or 394. Well, the second one is the one you are looking for. Press those keys and then the SET key… the blue light is on… the door is open… the door handle is clickable… and you are escapable.

Solution to Bomb-Thing
The colors of the numbers in front of the bomb are:
1 blue, 4 yellow, 6 red and 7 green.
The order of the cables in the left side is:
Red, yellow, green and yellow.
Therefore, code for bomb is:

Solution to PC Password
Numbers on the poster: 101237
Minus missing numbers on clock: 2, 7
Equals password: 1013
Thanks Tiff!

Nice game :) and thanks Edgar for the time and effort of that walkthrough I did need that cabinet key and the code for that computer hehe to all that contributed THANKS! you make escaping fun :-)

349 or 394 gives me "It´s not correct"???!!
I don´t see "ALL OK!" on keypad. What am I missing?

@roberto, for the keypad to work you need the all of the 6 clues got together (they are in your screen game as yellow circles in the bottom right). make sure you have them all... that might be the problem.

Okay So first off is there any way to switch this into English???

I don't want to say that you are all stupid, but it's hard not stating the obvious. On Mr. Akanbe's laptop the mouse is on the left side. Therefore, he is left handed. Who cares about some lipstick and the lazy chick that forgot to wash her mug! And how do you know Mr. Akanbe doesn't like to wear lipstick, not that I have a problem with that ...

Hee hee never mind I figured it out.

       Anonymous  5/29/10, 4:58 PM  

I can not get at the digital copier, help !!

       Anonymous  5/30/10, 10:44 AM  

OMG! after many hours! OUT!

       Anonymous  5/31/10, 6:44 PM  

Hmmm - I got the solution without discovering Mr Akanbe's seemingly pointless notebook but until I'd found that I couldn't enter the code. Nice game but the notebook - while necessary to concluding the game - added nothing to it.

nice game. Out with a couple of hints. I didn't get the computer password without help. I guess he hopes they don't change the decor? lol And I was too nervous messing much with the bomb because the game had a save feature.

I will point out I am left handed and have my mouse on the right side, and I switch hands when drinking depending on what I am doing (If I am writing with a pencil, I hold the cup in my right hand).

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