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Asha’s Adventure 3 – The Eiffel Tower: Remake Walkthrough

Asha’s Adventure 3 – The Eiffel Tower: Remake

This is remake version of Asha’s Adventure Part 3 – The Eiffel Tower point and click adventure game series. Asha has discovered a Magic Globe with which she can now travel all around the World. She’s now in Paris where a golden statue of the famous Eiffel Tower was stolen in a museum. Help her find the statue and continue her journey. Good luck and have fun!

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Another remake?

So far I've a telescope, a ladder, a bottle, a glass, a red circle and a hammer and I saw a puzzle on the window above the bikes

Combined the red circle (which appeared to be a lens) with the telescope

You can put the red circle and the telescope together. Stil don;t know what to do with it.

Knock against the tree (near the Eifel tower) a couple of times ... you'll get a little hand shovel.

I need a code for the wine museum ...

You can look at the left picture with the telescope (point at the eyes of the man) but all you see is a blank screen

I've got the ladder up against the Eiffel tower, otherwise I'm at the same place as all of you.

Found the code for the calendar above the bikes: BiSmUTh, now have a picture of the shovel, flowers and piece of paper

found a bottle in the garden with flowers ....

       Anonymous  5/31/10, 5:23 AM  

How did you find that code?
Why is it that?

Found the actual piece of paper by using the shovel on the pink flowers lower left

Well done Mamamia, got a scrap of paper now from flower bed. And stuck with code.

I was just playing around with the letters and suddenly the word "bismuth" came into my mind

Found a piece of paper in the flower garden.

@Rambler: what code?

Code for wine museum

@Mamamia, the one on the wine shop door.

       Anonymous  5/31/10, 5:31 AM  

That code is easy. It's on the wine bottle after you cleaned it.

How do you clean the bottle?

Eh! How do you clean iy? I've tried in the pond, but nothing happens. >*<

*it* lol

       Anonymous  5/31/10, 5:35 AM  

I cleaned it in the pond with the statues.

Where exactly did you clean the bottle in the pond. I've tried everwhere but zero effect.

Ah, just pass it over the pond on the RHS. Thanks small-tool :)

Okay, put a glass of wine on the statue under the the big pictures, something else needed I think.

Opened the drum with hammer inside the museum and filled my glass with whine

found a glass in wine museum, filled it with water from pond and put it on the pedestal right from the pond ....

Fill the glass from the museum with water from the pond

There must be something to do or get on the statue thingy in the middle of the pond, but I don't know what.

and I still can't climb up the ladder :(

Where's the galss in the museum? I pulled the switch in the doorway to get a code box in the far room, but no glass.

gonna try on this

Forget that, I think I must be blind lol

hahaha when the hand pointed to the tower top i was actually expecting to climb on it

Help with the bottle cleaning please.
Can't find the damn hotspot :/

Or maybe I should do smth first ?


Good luck everybody ... need to go and pick up my kid from school.

Côtes du New Villages, France, Burgundy, red?

Tried googling it, but can't get anything that works on the code box.

mirror in view with cars and the water. place it on the eiffel.

nvm - that one's really stupid to find...

tried to input 1880 in the code box (year of creation of Grand Marnier), no luck

Brilliant Yvon. Got FRKX now...

Well done, Yvon, now what to do with FRKX?

Well it doesn't work on the box. Gonna try different combos..

Anybody found a use for the scrap of paper yet?

Where did 'KX' come from ? :o

Wooo used the hammer in the cellar on the barrel and got the second glass with wine now :)

@Ghorre, have you got both glasses on the pedestal?

There should be the one with wine in it on the right and the one with water on the left.

That's where the FRKX comes from - now I see :P

@ Mamamia, still got scrap, I think the other half will be in the code box.

There are also two more spots where the hand appears, on the island statue, and on the lampost near the river.

help with the lens pleaseeeeeeeee :(((

@Delight, I think it's on the back of the van on the left of the lamp-post near the river.

oh..got it

Well done :)

thanks Rambler found it :)))

now stuck with hammer, clean bottle, telescope and half paper....saw the code on the statue FRKX..now what? Waiting for your kind reply Rambler :))))))))))

Haha, that's exactly where we all are I think!!

@Rambler: code box? Did you solve the red panel code?

let's try this one...:))

@Mamamia, that's the one I'm on about! I'm getting frustrated now, grrrr

@alkmar, come and rescue us please :)

I'm another one stuck on the red code box !

lol, rambler..but I am afraid I have to leave you all...I did a quick run..only..work is calling..grrr...wish you all luck!!!

hope to see you in another life game...:))

Bye alkmar, see you in another one :)

       Anonymous  5/31/10, 6:26 AM  

The red code box was easy in the end.
It has nothing to do with the years of wine or something like that. Just take a good look at the words.

@small-tool, I'm looking and looking, but nothing reveals itself. Give us a teeny weeny hint please : )

       Anonymous  5/31/10, 6:29 AM  

Count letters of words.

Tx, small-tool got it now!

       Anonymous  5/31/10, 6:33 AM  

Hi all...where is the telescope? and the lens? I can't see FRKX, but I think that might be why...

hahaha..yes that was silly..thanks Small-tool :)))

       Anonymous  5/31/10, 6:35 AM  

I found the scope in the pond view, but not the lens.

hai @zoe.. i gave up on this game :((

can see the map..should be somewhere near the river..but couldnt solve it :(

Ah, got it, thanks small-tool:-)

Zoe..see Rambler's reply to me on 15.10

i think we must fill in the blanks on the puzzle.

@zoe net sucks here!! and this place supposed to be one of 4 metros in india but i guess net works better at my home!! i wil return only tomm night so i guess i wil have a bad time playing here sob!!

@Zoe, if it's the red lens you need, it's on the back of one of the bikes.

       Anonymous  5/31/10, 6:39 AM  

@Delight - that's where I found the mirror for the eiffel..is the telescope lens there too?

zoe, anyways i need to leave now this is first time for my sister in law at this place and she got struck up at a place some 3 km from here so i have to go rescue her (lol sounds like an escape game) and bring her home so i guess i wil return in half an hour and i hope some good live game turns up!! bye

       Anonymous  5/31/10, 6:41 AM  

All I can see with the telescope is FK..that's why I think I need a lens...but maybe I'm wrong?

       Anonymous  5/31/10, 6:42 AM  

nanthini - don't forget your screwdriver!!! lol!

@Zoe, have you got both filled glasses in place on the pedestal?

       Anonymous  5/31/10, 6:43 AM  

Rambler - thanks!!..I just saw your post

Hmmm, FRKX won't work on the sun box!!!

sorry was confused, yes Zoe you re right..Rambler just answered you :))

rambler, it works for me. Small letters maybe.

use capital letters Rambler

       Anonymous  5/31/10, 6:46 AM  

Rambler..yes. I've got the lens and can see the whole thing FRKX now.

mine worked but cant remember small or capital..sorry :(

@Delight, thanks, but I just realised I had it open all the time lol
Ididn't see the scrap of paper sticking out of the box in the inventory, I expected something more dramatic :-)

I put capital letters and works. See your box in inventory, it's open

       Anonymous  5/31/10, 6:49 AM  

so...you pull the lever in themuseum and then type in the four letters?

Any ideas for the solution of the paper?

@Zoe, not the letters, that's for the sun box you get after opening the wine code. See small-tool @ 15.29 for hint. Top row ;-)

@Zoe...first you have to type something else which is related to the writing above . ( numbers of the letters) then a box appears on the wall, then you type the four letters onto the box

@Mamamia, I'm working on it, seems like it should be something to do with the street next to the river. I don't know for sure though!

saw that in a earlier episode they used a chess move.

       Anonymous  5/31/10, 6:57 AM  

@Rambler...thanks again! I didn't know what that meant at the time I read it!

       Anonymous  5/31/10, 6:58 AM  

@Delight - thanks! It's nice to play with people who actually give good hints!!!

@Zoe..sometimes I write so fast to give a quick reply to people but when I read , even I dont understand what I wrote ...sorry :P

Hi all,
Used to be here, left (my computer didn't like the changes to the site), now I'm back.
Stuck with the map.

       Anonymous  5/31/10, 7:02 AM  

@Delight - well I understood you just fine! No need to be sorry - and I appreciate your help!

and now...anyone solved the map please?

Hello liat, welcome back. Wer'e all stuck with the map, I've checked GH and Nord, but there's nothing :-(

       Anonymous  5/31/10, 7:04 AM  

Does the map have something to do with the lamp posts? Also, on the street there is painted a crosswalk, the word "bus" and a pic of a bicycle...something to do with the bicycle screen?

:)))) Thanks for your understanding Zoe...Any idea for the code on the map?

       Anonymous  5/31/10, 7:06 AM  

the map doesn't have the pic of the bicycle...

And out!

Easy code map but illogical for me!

Do you want some hint?

Oooooh, share please cec - and well done.

       Anonymous  5/31/10, 7:09 AM  

I guess cece knows!

*cece*, sorry :-)

Number Pi

       Anonymous  5/31/10, 7:10 AM  

Congrats cece!

Out!!!, thanks cece :-)

haha..yes its saw silly....but thanks cece

       Anonymous  5/31/10, 7:12 AM  

Oh...now I see the dot on the map: 3.14

And thanks for all the other help too.

Thanks cece !!
How did you come up with the number though ? :P

Oh well - some people can think out of the box!!
unfortunately - not me. Thanks!!

       Anonymous  5/31/10, 7:14 AM  

great game! Thanks for all the help, as I clearly needed it!

       Anonymous  5/31/10, 7:21 AM  

When you look at the map, there's a dot between the 3 and the 14...the beginning of the number for "pi"...just google "pi" for the whole number...

Please help me. i don't understand the wine code.What do you mean count the words?

I found a glass in the wall outside the wine museum, but where is the other glass?

       Anonymous  5/31/10, 7:29 AM  

@lannixxl - count the LETTERS in each word above the code - the first line...need more?

       Anonymous  5/31/10, 7:30 AM  

@taippy - There is another glass in the museum it's little and it's on a table in the hallway..

@zoe thanks a lot !!!!!

oh, I m blind, thank you Zoe.

       Anonymous  5/31/10, 7:40 AM  

you're welcome..

I can't find the tool box?? any pointers??


The box is in the wine museum (or restaurant or whatever it is)
You have to solve the red code panel there to get that box.

finally found the switch in the doorway!! DUH!! found the red code box for the frkx...no idea what to count or enter?? a really BIG hint would be nice :)

On the red code panel, the first sentence has 4 words. The code is 4 numbers so...

so.....??? can ya just tell me plz :'( been at this game for far tooo long!!

OMG!!! I got the box!!! now to figure out the code for the box......

Thought my hint was enough (and was gone for a while), but you found it. Well done.
By the way, the code for this box you already got.

got the second part of the paper...now stuck..again...looked over others posts and not a clue as to what to do now?? anyone still here!!

On the paper you have to fill in the missing numbers. All together (top row first and then second row) they make a special number used in math that starts with 3,14.
Do it on a place that looks like the paper ( a street).

so on the piece of paper you add the missing number of Pi...this was tricky because I didn't know you could do that!!! and I can say....OUT!!! :D

Well, you're welcome.

I need help on the map. I have read all of the things ya'll have said to do but i am sorry I have been out of school for a long time and don't understand. Thank you

       Anonymous  5/31/10, 2:22 PM  

@kmoorer - if you haven't found out yet, on the blank squares on the map you can enter numbers - just complete the number for "pi"...its



click on bottom of lamp post....

Thank you so much Zoe. I would have never got that!

anybody still checking this? I can't seem to place the mirror anywhere near the eiffel tower!

You have to place the ladder against the Eiffel tower and then put the mirror on the top part of the tower.

This walkthrough is based on the wonderful comments and hints left for me by others. Thanks all!!!

You can navigate by moving your cursor until you see a giant hand pointing in a direction. You can interact when you see a small hand.

Go right
Note you can do something with the lamppost, but not right now
Get the mirror from behind the white van on the left
Go straight
Note the small puzzle down right of the red flower pot in the window (the brown square thing)
Solve it
After solving it, back up and the puzzle should now be black -- click that and see a hint about a trowel/small shovel
Get the red reflector from the rightmost bike tire
Get the hammer from by the leftmost bike tire
Go left
Note the wine store door blocks you from entering (click the left side of the bar across the door and see a place for a 4 digit code)
Get the wineglass from the ground right of the wine store
Go left and then down
Go left to the starting screen again
Go forward once
Use the hammer on the left trees to shake the screen
Repeat until the trowel/small shovel falls down -- get it
Note you can do something with the bottom of the Eiffel Tower, but not yet
Back up
Go left
Note there are 2 places in this scene that you can interact with, but not yet
Go left
Note there you will be able to do something later with the fountain
Get the telescope from the foot of the lady (left of the rightmost cherub)
In your inventory, combine the reflector with the telescope
Go forward
Get the ladder from the base of the right tree (up left of the cyan flowers)
Get the wine bottle from the plants left of the left pink flowers
Remember the hint about the trowel/small shovel? Use it at the base of the tall grass-like leaves
Get the paper
Go back
You need to clean the wine bottle. Wash it in the right side of the fountain water by dragging it back and forth until it is clean. When you release the mouse button, it will return to the inventory
Go right 2 times, and go up to the Eiffel Tower
Place the ladder at the bottom of the tower
Place the mirror at the top of the screen
Back up and see the beam aims left
Go right, forward, and left
Enter the code into the door (type it in)
After you enter it, back up and the bar is off the door

Walkthrough part 2

Go inside
While in the first room of the tunnel, get the water glass from the small table on the right
Go forward to the barrel view
Use the hammer on the top of the left barrel
Fill the glass with wine
Note the black screen in the upper left corner, but it isn’t useable yet
Go back 2 times, go right, go back, and go left 2 times to where the light is hitting the ground from the mirror
Place the filled wine glass in the statue’s hand
Use the red-lensed telescope to see where the red light hits the wall
See the hint R X
Go left
Fill the empty water glass in the fountain
Go right
Place the water glass on the statue to see the rest of the code
Go back to the wine shop
Right 2 times, forward, left, forward
Inside the shop, stop at the first part of the tunnel
Flick the switch on the left side of the arch
Go forward
The screen is now on
Click to see a puzzle about villages
Type in the 4-digit answer
Back up
There is now a box in the wall to the left of the Grand Marnier sign
Get it
Enter the code
After entering the code (capitalization matters!), back up and the box should now be open in your inventory
Click to get the paper inside
Drag one scrap of paper piece to the other to repair it
Click to see it is now a bus stop map with missing numbers
Leave the shop and go to the lamppost (back 2 times, right, down) since it is at the bus stop
Enter the missing numbers into the map
After entering the numbers, back up and click the bottom of the lamppost
Get the treasure



Elements puzzle (bike scene)
You can spell one of the elements using the abbreviations you are given. The 1564 hint seems to have to do with the Boiling Point of that element being 1564 °C. SPOILERBismuthSPOILER

Door code
After washing the wine bottle in the fountain, click it in the inventory for a slightly larger view. Drag is up so you can see the date at the bottom of the label. SPOILER1768SPOILER

New Villages puzzle
Count the letters in the top line of words. Cote=4. De =2 etc. SPOILER4238SPOILER

Grand Marnier puzzle
Letters from the wall with the wine and water glasses SPOILERFRKXSPOILER

Bus Stop puzzle
Enter the missing numbers. The ones given look a bit familiar perhaps? Be sure to note the tiny dot between the 3 and 1. 3.14… is pi. Pie is 3.141592653589793…


'Pi' is 3,14..
And 'Pie' is 3.141592653589793…
Then what's 'Pier' and 'Piece' ?
And what about Cake or Pastry or Apple Pie ?

Sorry kitkatfox, had to make that joke because you gave the opportunity to make it.

By the way, although I still do not understand why you all make walkthroughs when a game is done, I think this is a very good one and Jimmy will be very happy.
And of course my walkthrough-like-comment on the other game was not ment for you (or others) but just for Jimmy.

@small-tool lol I didn't notice the walkthrough typo until you mentioned it. Now I am hungry for pie.

I was just kidding about the Jimmy comment. I knew what you meant. I was just being silly.

We make walkthroughs for finished games because people play these long after they are released. It is terrible to get stuck days, months, or even years after a game is released and there is no one around to answer questions!

We pride ourselves on walkthroughs at EG24 lol

We sure do ;)

Thanks Kitafox and you are right about people getting to play these games late like me lol, thanks for all yours and everyone elses brilliant walkthroughs, withoput which I couldn't do without.

       Anonymous  6/2/10, 4:59 AM  

Many times I've played "old" games and have been extremely grateful for the walkthroughs. It would, indeed, have been very frustrating if there was no waklthrough...so I greatly appreciate all the WT's you guys do on a regular basis!!

       Subscribe  2/4/24 12:24 PM

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