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SSSG - Super Sneaky Spy Guy: Beach Escape Walkthrough

SSSG - Super Sneaky Spy Guy: Beach Escape

Super Sneaky Spy Guy - Beach Escape is a new point and click adventure game from Melting-Mindz.com. Help Sneaky escape the beach house! Collect items, solve puzzles and get out as fast as you can for a high score! Good luck and have fun!

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I have ladder (do not know where to use)
key (used)
wrench (used) lighter
ruby, emerald, two pieces of paper with code

Hey where is everyone, i m super stuck.

I'm pretty far. Didn't find the emerald though. Where was it?

Sisli....can u tell me where u found the wrench?

Help! I'm already stuck. I made it out of the first room but can't get any further without turning off the electric fence. Too bad I cant just use the ladder to climb over it.

I used the ladder in the bathroom, I have a key

Where is the wrench?

Ah, emerald was under the pillow.

emerald under a sofa cushion, drag
wrench not remember, sorry

Wrench is on the counter on the right of table and white chairs in room before pool

I hate spiders!

Code with colors... no idea how to solve it. Got the clue paper and an ivory-note on the table but...

@Acmer - same place as you

Hey, thanks for the game @selfdefiant!!!
It is so nice to have a real quality escape game and to be able to understand the clues, etc.
Loving it!!!

Solve the color code using the word "IVORY".....indigo, violet etc....

Thanks, I tried to make this one similar to the old SSSG games.

Missing the car key.

Not anymore. Out!

Thanks @Saima!

Lovely game Selfdefiant.....this is done in your excellent original style....

submit score was broken, it is fixed now though. Will have to refresh game, sorry ;)

finally out - I seem to have a hard time finding my way back to doors, lol.

where is the third gem?

pop.. found it

ok.. found the gem.. where are the keys to the car?

behind the picture in the bedroom (the last room you get to)

Still looking for the third gem. any hints would be helpful

on the bedside table in the last room

Still loving the game, but after many interruptions, phone calls and lunch...I am behind and very lost!
Have not found a place to use wrench, found clues to codes but no place to use them and am not past the SPIDER!
Have red and green gem, two papers, and wrench...anybody???

I love the classic SSSG games! Unfortunately, I'm not smart enough to figure out the color code.

Use the wrench on the left door of the nightstand for the lighter then torch the spider.

TY @lazyelk...

I have my notes together for te final code to get car key, but, I can't really see how the notes translate to the code.

@lazyelk just press the colors that spell out IVORY

I = Indigo
II = Violet
III = Orange

Does that make sense?

yay! I like these games. Too bad I missed it live.

By the way, can EG24 go back to making links that open in new tabs?

@Hey Holly - add up the columns

This comment has been removed by the author.

That's what I did, Annaby. But it isn't working I wrote it all down. Now I can't get back to where the note was on the wall to double check my work.

I came up with 9886, which doesn't seem to work.


@Hey - my code was 9486 - try that

my convoluted logic wanted to light up the colors instead of just pressing it(turning it off) ...completely opposite! LOL

Oh, nevermiind. I got it . Found my error...


DUH! I was trying to use the clue on the pillar along with the IVORY clue. I no wonder I couldn't figure it out. TY Hey Holly!!!!!!

on the night table - turn the lamp on

fun! and out

The only hard part was the colored panel. I thought the Roman numerals tied into it. It was much simplier than that lol

@Selfdefiant thanks for the great game, and thank you thank you thank you for including a map in the game!

@annaby are you doing the walkthrough?

I'll go ahead and start one.

@kitkatfox - no, it's all yours. (I thought the same thing with the color code)
There was a map? Oh brother, I didn't even notice that

help me
i m not getting where to use the wrench!!

@fab - the room you started in - the night table cabinet

Click the MAP button by the inventory to see the map of the place (very useful if you get stuck)

In the bedroom
Note the nightstand needs a 3 digit code and has a door bolted shut
The door behind you needs a key
Click the bottom of the poster on the wall to find a design. Look closely at it!
Click the top left door of the nightstand and enter the code
Click the switch and get the key
Take your cursor to the bottom corner of the screen (either one) to get an arrow. Click to turn around
Use the key on the door

In the dining room -- get the scrap of paper from the table by the white cups
Go left by the painting

In the living room -- move the middle couch pillow to get the Green gem/emerald
Get the ladder by the opening to the outside
Go through the door to the right of the white covered chairs

At the small table
Get the white paper scrap from the small table
Get the wrench from the right side of the counter
Note there is a switch on the pillar over the table (the white square) -- it needs a key
You can go left, but there is an electric fence so go down from this room

In the living room, go right through the door by the couch
In the kitchen go down so you are in the bathroom

In the bathroom -- get the red gem/ruby from the mirror on the right side of the screen
There is a key by the ceiling under the left nearer skylight
Use the ladder to get the key (place the ladder by clicking the key with it)
Go out the door in the closet area to the kitchen again
Go forward down the hall to the bedroom

In the bedroom -- click the bottom left door
Use the wrench to remove the bolt
Get the lighter
Turn around and enter the kitchen
Go left into the living room and then forward by the table

Part 2
In the room with the white covered chairs, click the pillar and use the key to turn off the power
Go left to the pool view
The power is now off so you can go forward to the pool view with the chair
Go right to the living room
Go right

In the second living room view, click the note on the pillar
Make note of the 4 sets of shapes

Go right to the…
Gah!!!!!!!!! Giant spider!!!
Use the lighter to destroy him
Enter the second living room

In the second living room -- click the clipboard on the table to see the IVORY clue
Go right to the second view of the dining room

In this view of the dining room, get the paper scrap from the floor by the chair
Note you can click forward down the outside hall to see a codebox with colors and can click right to see a door that has 3 places for objects

Click the colored codebox and enter the code
Click the gray button to see if you have it right

Solution to the codebox
Pass your cursor over each color to see the name of it …red, indigo, violet, yellow, and orange
Click the colors in order of the ivory clue (5 letters, 5 colors). Click the top box in the indigo for I, the second box (for second letter) in the violet for V. etc.
So IV in red, I in indigo, II in violet, V in yellow, and III in orange

Enter the bedroom
Turn on the light at the nightstand for the blue gem/sapphire

Go back and now go right
Place the gems in the door lock (they only fit in one place)
Click the door handle and enter the master bedroom

last part

In the master bedroom, move the blue painting on the left wall
Click the hidden safe and enter the code
Get the car keys

Solution to the safe
Click any piece of the note in your inventory to see the completed note. Use the shapes from the pillar and the note to give Roman numerals.
For example, the first box of shapes was a # and a triangle in a circle = that is III and VI according to the note.
Add them (3+6) = 9. So 9 is your first number.
Do this with all 4 sets of shapes and get 3+6=9, 1+2+1=4, 3+5=8, and 4+2=6

Go forward through the door by the painting and find the lovely sports car
Click it with the keys and escape!
Seriously question why you wanted to escape a lovely house by the beach!

a gem of a walkthrough @kitkatfox! Especially since there was so much navigation in this game.

Thanks kkf for the WT...wonderful, as usual! I love the SSSG escape games soooooo much more than the crystal and numbers/letters hunt games. Please make more of these "true" escape games for us poor addicted souls....thanks!!!

@annaby thanks. Now let's cross our fingers that I didn't mess up left and right lol :D

@Zoe I hope selfdefiant hears your plea. He makes good escape games. :)

(although, I personally also do love the crystal hunts)

Thanks to all! I will be making more like this, I have to make the crystal hunter games too though, too many people play them!

I don't know what i am doing wrong! I can't seem to get the color code right. i have done it every way that ya'll have said. Do I mash some button after i put it in are what? Help Please!

@kmoorer: first row click indigo (the light will go off), 2nd row violet, 3rd row orange, 4th row red, 5th row yellow. then push the button - I think it's gray

Thank you annaby! Goofy me kept turning all the colors on then mashing the buttons!

yw @kmoorer - a lot of us had trouble with the color code


Hi everyone...doesn't let me play...blank screen appears... :(

@SelfDefiant...thank you thank you...love your original style games :D I especially love the longer games, i.e., Abandoned, etc.! I play the Crystal Hunter games but I always look forward to playing these...love the SSSG series!!! Keep them coming :)

@kitkat...lol! thank you again for the clarification on the final code...excuse me as I indulge in a Homer Simpson moment *doh* ...having too many of these lately...gah! I found all items and clues and had added up the columns to arrive at the #9485...rofl...couldn't figure out why it wasn't working so I peaked at your solution and realized I had placed a *1* by the square instead of the *2*....pfttt!!!! *makes more spiked coffee*

Thanks for one of the SSSG games that I love!!

And this is how I get even with my missing games so far... phew!
Thanks for this one. Enjoyed it a lot :)

Great game finally escaped : )

i don't know how to get past the spider and i only have 2 pieces of paper

@Jaime, from kitkatfox's WT:

"In the bedroom -- click the bottom left door
Use the wrench to remove the bolt
Get the lighter...
...Use the lighter to destroy [the spider]"

what is the sequence of colors?

This comment has been removed by the author.

LOL especially kitkatfox you were a great help LOL

"Congratulations! You escaped the beach house!..." this is just awesome.

Can someone put this on youtube because I'm having trouble with the colors of IVORY. It really DOESN'T make sense at ALL. :(

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