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🖳 Escape from the Owl Walkthrough

🖳 Escape from the Owl

[REPLAY] Escape from the Owl is another new Japanese point and click room escape game from Maruho. In this escape game, you try to find items and solve puzzles to escape the room. Good luck and have fun!

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Lots of new games!

yippie, an escape game, I'm in desperate need! ;)
Hi adivawoman!!

Getting nowhere fast. Iron rod, sorta used, sissors used

hi leithian. You having any luck?

wow, you're definitely doing better than me adiva, got some white thingy (looks like an egg) from hat, scissors and battery, that's it... lot's of codes! where's iron rod?

oh and one battery.

oh, pop... not doing too good I'm afraid, adiva! you're my only hope!

combo to fridge---spoiler below!

on coat rack

on thing purse, hat is hanging on. I had sissors highlighted but don't know if that matters. Going to look for the egg even though I have clicked there 100 times.

Yep. POP.

       Anonymous  6/5/10, 7:41 AM  

use the hook with the rod to get key from hanging plant...

egg goes on small desk

Cant find any info on numbers needed in 2 boxes,egg I can't use, pink H, Blue S...

oh, thanks adiva, been blind, didn't even see the code on coat rack!!

Should have read comments before posting... You have been busy.

I'm sooo slow, where did you use scissors?

I meant to write that I should have read before posting.

       Anonymous  6/5/10, 7:47 AM  

key opens drawer, there is an egg...use scissors on purse to get a coin....use coin on gumball machine to get another egg

george, what hook?

I dont understand how to get the key from the hanging plant, I can go up there with the rod but there is no key and I have clicked a million times

thanks george, but can't get coin from purse... clicking like mad, but nothing!

       Anonymous  6/5/10, 7:49 AM  

you get the hook when you use the scissors on the painting/mirror above the cabinet with the gumball machine

       Anonymous  6/5/10, 7:50 AM  

hi all! cant use purse at all, it just keeps swining from side to side.. and where is the hook?!
help please!!

       Anonymous  6/5/10, 7:50 AM  

@leithian, use the scissors to get the coin

hi all. code for sideboard is on the


it is


you get a cup and a stamp from that.

       Anonymous  6/5/10, 7:51 AM  

the purse in the drawer...not the one on the coat rack

       Anonymous  6/5/10, 7:51 AM  

thanks george!!

yes, that's what I'm doing, but still no coin... where exactly did you click, do you remember? purse just goes up and down...

Thanks escapism. Never would have got that. No clue how you did, just glad you did.

       Anonymous  6/5/10, 7:52 AM  

aahh. that purse^^

Still cant get coin from purse, hook mirrow, think you might have to do things in order.

oooooooh! lol, thanks george! haha, told you I'm slow today...

       Anonymous  6/5/10, 7:54 AM  

thx escapism!!!...I couldn't figure out what the pattern on the umbrella was

Help!!! Hanging plant.....rod.....no key?

thx back at you, george. didn't find the hook until your comment...
now i'm stuck!
need the second battery for the clock...

       Anonymous  6/5/10, 7:57 AM  

found a second battery under the seat pillow of right chair

hook eludes me Thanks to all the clues and help, made some progress but behind yall.

POP got hook!

Where is the hook?

hey george! great find! thanx!

well, still no purse, but I'll keep trying... ;) I think I need a key, hm, I'm really behind you all!! but thanks for all the hints!!

where do you see a code on coat and on umbrella ???? I can't see any

found another battery under cushion

oops george beat me to it!

       Anonymous  6/5/10, 8:04 AM  

coat rack code:
move all things away and tilt your head to the right...you'll see Roman numbers

i like these kind of games~gotta run though!
good luck all!

the egg symbols are greek. triangle delta, h eta, M mu, don't know what it means or what missing egg is.

im quite stupid today...could anyone give me a hint for the flower code behind the mirror/painting ???please

Crap!!! Just refreshed wrong page :( gotta replay. going to smoke a cig first.

thanks george, got this one...need the umbrella one now...


george, please gimme a little hint for the flower code behind the mirror

       Anonymous  6/5/10, 8:11 AM  

no idea about the flower code or what to do with the stamp...

george, i thought thats needed to get the hook????

oh, and here is a HUGE pot of coffee to wake up this group!!! lol

out! that was a nice one! i'll stay around a while in case someone needs help...

Stamp? I'm still stuck on the umbrella. And no hook. And no key. And no purse. And no clue. ;)

haha that happened to me twice already and I went for a smoke too... and a coffee, but I'm afraid it's a lost case today. don't get it: need key for the purse I guess but where is this key??

Where do we use code from working clock?

Hello all - just joining a bit late.

welcome to my world Donna! ;)

escapism, can you tell me where did you the code on the umbrella ???

Look at the alarm after u put the batteries in the back

donnamyst, as far as i got it its like this: you need the hook, to get the key, with the key u can open the drawer, in the drawer there is the purse...then scissors....but im stuck without hook too ;)

flower code:

put both batteries in the clock, look at the time and mark the flower with the colors according to the hints (m,h,s)...

hints for hook, please?
at least: where is it?

the code of the umbrella (see my post at 16:51) goes at the left side of the white sideboard with the glass doors and opens this doors.

IM Back. on the line of egg symbols; o= omicron
So we have mu, omicron, eta and delta. No idea what this means.

       Anonymous  6/5/10, 8:18 AM  

aahh...the letters, H M S ...doh
thx Shuchun & escapism!

I was busy making this for the umbrella code:
a little small, though...

the hook is above the mirror whith the flower box. you need the scissor to get it.

I saw it escapism, but just want to know where you see these numbers on the umbrella ?

@marie: found hook, read comment at 16:49 from george... ;)
use scissors on string on mirror by gumball machine!

The symbols on the eggs don't correspond to the Greek alphabet. You'll get a hint when using the stamp on the colored paper.

omicron has a value of 70 delta value of 4 , eta 8, mu 50. still dont know how to use it.

You mean I did all that work for naught.LOL, I couldn't find where to use stamp except on hook. Head slap.

whaouuuuuu george, thank you...couldn't see it...

oh, sorry, sousou, they are a bit hard to see. i had to try several numbers. they are in the lower ornament when you open the umbrella. the first one is the easiest- a 5.

TY @shuchun and @escapism...It was staring me right in the face!LOL

But clever, adiva!

just saw flower code. thanks again escapism.

escapism, THX!!!!

@George - thank you! Went back to the umbrella, and still couldn't see those numbers. Never would have gotten that!

       Anonymous  6/5/10, 8:25 AM  

that was nice...and confusing..LOL

Now have clue for eggs , ready to exit, but missing X egg...where???

me too nokra...

       Anonymous  6/5/10, 8:27 AM  

it's in the fridge

@Diana, Thanks, what colored paper?

thanks george! today was definitely not an escape day for me, couldn't have made it out without you!! thanks everybody for the hints!!

Aw crap!!!POP!!! It was in the fridge...stopped looking after got water...LOL OUT!!!

where is egg with circle?

What a great game! thanks for all the help @everyone!

This comment has been removed by the author.

@skyjourney one from the gumball machine and one in drawer where the purse was that you get coin for gumball machine...

Green M. Blue S. Pink H. Eggs with X and triangle. Got a stamp, but no paper to stamp it on. tick...tock...tick...tock...

I don't remember where the colored paper came from......

Did that help? @Skyjourney...the other one is under the hat on rack...

This comment has been removed by the author.

adivawoman, you get the colored paper after feeding the owl with the apple.

wheres the other battery? got one off of the chair

@nokra...Ah, finally go the egg with the circle from the drawer with the purse. I just kept clicking on the purse, and didn't notice the egg.
These games are useful for heightening awareness. Now, when I'm driving, I want to click on road signs, and street lights! :}

Still cant work out flower puzzle and what apple for owl please!

jeannie, other battery is in top drawer.

@ Everyone...going to start writing things down so I can help in the future. Can't remember!

It would not let me post comment here. Had to close browser and restart. Hate that. but I wanted to thank every one for their comments and help. great playing with you and as always Suchun, its an honor.

Lol @ DonnaMyst we've gone click crazy!

d.adams, a spoiler for you ;-)

set the flower to the following time:
pink 9 o clock
green 2 o clock
blue 5 o clock

LOL @DonnaMyst ...Glad to help someone , at least...I'm always in need of help...

@jeannie, I think the other one is under the seat of that same chair...

Thank you Escapism !

out! thanks for the help!

My bad ...always check before you speak...Battery in drawer under gumball

Have three eggs, X, circle, triangle. Missing fourth. Found green M, blue S, pink H. Stuck. No paper, no apple, no hope. wahhhhhhhhhh... and I SO wanted to do some housework today.

donnamyst, the square egg (weird word) is in the lower drawer, just beside the purse where you found the green m

donnamyst, and to get the apple, you have to open the green drawer. for this, and for doing housework sometimes, you need a good cup of coffee... ;-)

Please help me with rack code...I thought it's 3 4 3 but not working then i thought 3 1 8..still not working.... Help me....*hiks*

@escapism...where's the cross egg? that's an even weirder word lol

bunga, try to remove one of the bars from the rack first, you will need it...

Rack code is 342

And.... where is the circle egg?

@escapism: also, I never found the second battery...where is it?!

       Anonymous  6/5/10, 9:21 AM  


- click on the hat and take the white egg that's sticking out
- move the clothes and the purse to get one of the rods and to see Roman numbers
- click the pink umbrella and open it to see numbers
- move to the right
- zoom in on the table and chairs
- zoom in on left chair, move the pillow to see a pink note with an H (for hour)
- lift the pillow and cushion on right chair to get a battery
- zoom out, lift the right curtain and zoom in to see a blue note with an S (for second)
- zoom out and move to the right
- zoom in on the cupboard, click the left side and use the code from the umbrella
- zoom out click the tree pot and take scissors
- zoom in on the cupboard again and open the doors
- use scissors on blue box to get a stamp and take a cup from the right side
- close the doors open the upper drawer and take second battery
- zoom out and in again on the mirror
- click the mirror to move it and use scissors on the hook to get it
- move to the right
- combine rod with hook and use it on the hanging plant to get a key
- zoom in on the fridge and open it with the Roman numbers from the coat rack
- take the water bottle and the second egg from the left
- click on the clock to zoom in, insert the batteries and take note of the clock hand positions
- move to the left and use the key to open the bottom drawer
- take the egg and click on the purse
- use the scissors to get the coin and open the purse to see a green note with an M (minute)
- zoom in on the gumball machine and use the coin to get the last egg
- zoom in on the wall where the mirror was and use the position of the clockhands according to the notes with letters on the flower [H (pink)=9, M (green)=10, S (blue)=25] to get the coffe
- move to the right and zoom in on the coffee machine
- use the cup, the water and the coffe on the machine and click the green button to get the cup with a key back
- zoom in on the cup to get the key
- move 2 times left and zoom in on the table to use the key on the drawer
- open the drawer and take the watering can
- zoom out, move to the left and zoom in on the tree pot to use the watering can
- zoom out, take the apple and zoom in on the owl
- place the apple in front of the owl and zoom out after it's gone
- take the paper that's lying next to the tree and use the stamp on it to get a hint for the eggs
- move to the right, zoom in on the top of the table and place the eggs according to the colors on the paper
- click beneath the eggs to get the key
- zoom out 2 times, move to the left, zoom in on the door and use the key
- click on the arrow and you're out!

ginger, one is under the pillow on the right chair, the other in the top drawer

@ecapism: thanx...I finally found it, after clicking that spot for about a million times lol...

where's the cross egg please?

@Escapism & Abigail; thanks a lot...(why do that one bar needs 2 b there then?)

Oh my God, I saw that egg under the hat a 1,000 times and thought it was the chin strap for the hat :( THANK YOU!

very good walkthrough, george. now i can leave... ;-)

i thought about writing one too, but due to complicated reasons i don't have a real keyboard at the moment, only a virtual, and writing a whole wt with that would drive me crazy...

so bye and thanks to all!

You're welcome bunga :) I cant believe I never saw the circle egg...

ah silly me...it's THE rod :)

       Anonymous  6/5/10, 9:33 AM  

@escapism, let's hope you get a real keyboard soon...although you might still be faster with a virtual than me with a real one...LOL

@george: LOL! i really doubt that. virtual keyboard feels like typing drunk with one (not two) finger system while wearing mittens...

but the new computer that occupated the real keyboard will be ready in one or two days and then i can type like in the old days!

love this game..very cute graphics :) but very difficult umbrella code...i can't see the code :(

Now i can go to bed in peace *LOL* Bye everyone...thank you all for the postings...

The paper reads square x circle triangle but this doesn't work. Hint please...


Opening screen...clicking, clicking, getting nowhere... Oh! Got a pole from the hat rack
((((3rd from bottom))))
Oh, Look! now the rack looks like roman numerals... make a note...(((III IV II)))
And what is that thing in the hat?
Can not get it ...Aha! Got it!
An egg with a O on it...Bet there are more of these... There looks like a code on pink umbrella but just don't see it...yet...

If I turn right I can open shades... a blue paper with an "S" on it...and an pink paper with an "H" on it under the green pillow
The seats lift and you find a battery... need a key for drawer and there is one on top but I can't get it...
moving along...

Right again and looking for something else to put in my inventory...Oh! A pair of scissors right of planter....What can I cut???!!!
That mirror is hanging by a wire...will the scissors cut it? Yes! And now I have a hook!
And what's with the daisy? the petals change colors...must find more clues!!! Need a key and a 5 digit code...

Go right and find a mini fridge that needs a code I have!!! Get water and an egg with an X!
I knew there would be more of those...
That pole goes to the plant but does nothing. What can I...Oh ! Add the hook to it and it gives you a key! The alarm clock needs batteries and I only have one. There is a coffee maker with instructions. I need a cup and the coffee...I want to use my key now!!!

Go left and open top drawer, there is other battery, open bottom drawer with key...get another egg. click purse and use scissors to get coin, open purse..and Voila! An "M" on green paper...making note... Put coin in gumball machine to get 4th egg. Now where could I put 4 eggs???

Go right and put batteries in alarm clock...
Let's see, the hour is 5, the minute is on 2 and the second is on 9...

Go left twice to top of table and place eggs...they fit! But what order? I want that gold key!!!

Time to solve some puzzles! Go left to umbrella...if you look real close the squares can look like numbers....hmmm ...5 ....2 .... 9...8...6. Go right twice and click left of cabinet twice and input 52986...push button...
Now the doors are open and we have a cup and a box to use the scissors on...which gives us a stamp??? Okay , we are almost there!

Another code to break, the clock...Click box above cabinet to get daisy. It has 12 petals ...and a clock has...you get the drift...
Make the 2 green...5 blue and 9 pink...Now we can make coffee!!! Go right and follow instructions, get cup and blue key.

Left twice and open drawer for watering can. water a needy plant...in first scene with Owl.
Zoom out and pick apple that has miraculously grown, and give it to the wise old owl.

Zoom out and see the clue he has left you!
Scissors don't do anything so use the stamp!
Ahhh, now we know the order of the eggs...
Do it, click it! Yes!!!You have the key...

Use key on door...
You have escaped from the OWL

Just in case ...@fred...the paper also has colors...

Thanks all for the hints on the umbrella (I figured that had to be numbers but wasn't seeing it) and the hook. Aside from that, I was able to find it all myself.

A really nice game!! I had some trouble seing the numbers on the umbrella, and just in case anyone needs it I made a picture of them.

Click here to see the numbers on the umbrella

Sorry @george! I just went through the comments and saw that you already posted a picture. Well, two WT's and two pictures... no one should be left trapped inside this room now :)

Happy End: After opening the door, get the flower from where you've found your last key before you leave.

       Anonymous  6/6/10, 1:08 AM  

Nice screenshot for the umbrella code Ellie, well done!!

After playing this I'm gonna go and make me a cup of hot blue key.. wait.. WTF... How the..

TY for Happy End @ruff...
I had looked for another end but obviously missed it!

awww...second ending is cute.

Thanks to Ruff, Nokra, and George for help with both endings. That unmbrella code was so hard to see. I thought it had a 4 instead of an 8.

Overall, a good game, but please make the codes a touch easier to read.

thanks to Peke for suggesting this game

A bit of pixel hunt, but still a good game 9 years later.

Nice ad involving game, thanks to the feeling of "working out together" left by previous players - how fine that it was, I'm missing it a lot, only video walkthroughs now -
Thanks especially for the umbrella code - could never make it out on my own.
The main problem with this game is that you have to click everything many times and I had to search back for the x-egg in the fridge, had already done that a couple of times before it suddenly came out.

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