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SSSG - Stolen Treasure Walkthrough

SSSG - Stolen Treasure

Super Sneaky Spy Guy is at it again in an all new adventure from Melting-Mindz.com. This time some bandits stole treasure from the museum. Sneaky has been given the location where the bandits are said to be hiding the treasure. It is up to you to use your super sneaky skills to get back the treasure to the museum! Try to get the best score by finding the treasure quick! Good luck and have fun!

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right on, keep the coming :-) lazy friday...

yay! a new Selfdefiant game!

I used 2 keys and 2 darts so far. I need 3 more darts and lots of codes for safes/drawers

If you are new to these games, be sure to check your map for areas you may have missed.

Found perfume and shovel now.

This comment has been removed by the author.

found lighter and arrowhead. :)

Where are the keys?

I love these games, but I am a bit busy and need to take lots of breaks while playing :( Will start anyway!

Sneaky is sneaky - found key - got in the garden

loading..hello to all of you..

@kkf - where did you get second key - got the one for the garden, but not the house

I am blind! Can only find one key (under the stone) and the red dart.

And... Hi @all! (forgot to say that before)

Hi Ellie - finished "the other" one??

iirm you get the 2nd key when solving the statue puzzle (shades of grey)

key and dart..and blind..

@SwissMiss by solving the statue code with the grayscale bricks

For code pattern, look at the paper by the gate where you found the first key

sorry for the late answer!

I need help with the haiku. I thought I counted the verses right, but the code didn't work where I thought it would.

Hunting my last dart now.

I have working lighter, arrowhead, and statue.

lol...I was stucked, but than I realised to use the key..:D

@SwissMiss, no I didn't, but I am at the very end now, finally!

@kitkatfox... I cant get those buttons right. It seems to me like they have 6 different colors by the gate, and only four inside.

kkf - same as ellie - 4/6 codes??

@Ellie I made a screen capture of it, and used that to solve it.

I think it was 321241, but it took a lot of playing to get it right.

Ok, played with the colors and tried to see only four and it worked. Thanks!

Press 321241 (i think).

ellie code from four gry blocks:



Need to work, will come back soon I hope.

got a dog bone from locked drawer (count words in haiku)

nyuk nyuk @Alkmar!!

thanks kkf

@selfdefiant -- if we beat the game, can we all PLEASE vacation in the house? We will take good care of the puppy! :)

and an arrowhead from dart puzzle (got last dart in bathroom)

hmmm..still got only 1 dart and the new key..and not much time

hey! I finally got the haiku right!!!

bbl...customers are arrived...=)

put statue head in round slot on bedside table, get 2nd arrowhead

seems we need 4 arrowheads

I am still missing a dart -- I got the one in the bathroom unless it is well hidden :(

nevermind -- I found the dart. I forgot to check my map again. >.<

KKF where did you find the matches?

I got the last arrow head from the safe

Good morning... catching up now!

@SwissMiss the lighter is in the kitchen on the shelf by the sink

You need to fill it.

And out!!!!!!!!!!!!

where to use the shovel?

Hi Edgar - more like good afternoon here!

lol according to the game, I am the first to beat the game and save my score

thanks KKF - got it filled now

This comment has been removed by the author.

@SwissMiss you are fired up now ;)

@kitkatfox: thx, found it, now hunting for the last arrowhad

any hint on the clue on the drawer (have 3 arrowheads now)

can't even find the first key...boohoo and that on a friday afternoon!

@SwissMiss count the haiku. It is in the book in the hallway bookcase

KKF - lol - totally fired up

@Hazeltje go right from the front door. One of the stepping stones can move

Out now @kkf?
I think I'm almost out too.
A hint for a place to dig please?

missing the key for the last door.

thanks KKF what a mess this drawer is in - not Swiss cleanliness at all!!!!

Garden bed, I got it, thanks!

@Edgar go through the gate where you found the first key. Look for soft soil in the garden bed.

@edgar: 15:59 by kitkatfox

@SwissMiss I kept clicking trying to take flashlights and such. Then I realized it said I had the bone. lol

darn, it keeps saying the door is locked and there IS not even a door ...

@Kittikat: finally in, thanks!

@SwissMiss by the way, I was shocked to see Swiss bike lanes were in the MIDDLE of the roadways when I was there. I would be terrified to try that in the US. :O

You all are so very orderly. It was amazing!

@Rudi did you get the key from the arrowheads yet?

Arghhh, I overthought the haiku too much. Out now! :D

yay, Edgar! gongtats!

@kitkatfox: only NOW did a find that safe! and I don't have a clue for that one, didn't look for a apttern on my way round...

KKF - only when there are more than one lain!!
I am stuck now
got rid of the dog and saw a coloured puzzle/where to use this - have the safe to play with but no clue - I am missing something!!

@SwissMiss look carefully at the tiles in the bathroom

but nvm, tzhink i found it in the bathroom tiles :-)

I stuck with 4 arrowhead and lighter. I see code... but dont know the clue

This comment has been removed by the author.

hehe, and out! thanks to all, was as great as usual playin with you folks

@Tadas check out the bathroom tiles if you need the safe's pattern.

@Rudi yay! I had fun, too. Thanks for playing live :)

@swissmiss: have a look at the bathroom wall...

I need code for 3 numbers in dinner room..

and finally out as well - missed those tiles

thanks KKF

KKF - up to you to do the WT

@Tadas - look in the bookshelf

@Tadas that is from the haiku-like poem.

The book is in the hallway bookcase. Top shelf near the left edge

Count the verses

Oh, thanks @kkf! lol, I'm rushing through the games now :P

@SwissMiss sure! I was just hanging around to help people. I can start the walkthrough now since you can answer questions.

any hint on last arrowheads or dart

Where's the fifth dart???

@tadas: look at the bookshelf in the hall, count the words from the haiku

Nm, just found it

I can't find the red arrowhead...

I'm back to go on for a while, trying to catch up... oh...wait, you're out :) Gongtats! I'll move on to join you.

No, has to wait... Sakura is here :)

I found this book at the start of the game, but Haiku code 575 unfit for use. Maybe I stupid:)

Tadas: Count the words in each line in the book.

i understand.

Well, that was a great game to wake up to along with Minoto!!! Keep on bringing 'em!!!
Happy Friday Everyone!

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You can see the map by clicking the button left of the inventory bar

Note the front door is locked (to the right of the purple-flowered bush
Go right (take cursor right until you see it turn to an arrow)
Get the first dart from the right side of the lantern thing on the plaid blanket (it has a red end and is at the bottom right corner of the lantern)
Move the second stepping stone (drag it) from the bottom of the screen -- get the garden key
Click the white paper to the right of the door (inside the little bamboo frame) to see a clue
Use the key on the garden door in front of you
Go inside
Click the flower bed in the corner of the garden wall in front of you -- not the soft soil
Click the statue to your left
Note the torches and the tiki statue (you can’t take it yet)
See the rectangles under the white statue? They are grayscale like the hint outside the garden gate
Click them in order and get the key that appears
Go back 2 times and left
Use the new key on the front door
Go inside
Click the blanket over the couch and see the safe
Go left
In the kitchen, get the second dart from left of the white sink (on the counter by the knives)
Get the empty lighter from the top shelf on the back wall (right of the door)
Go left
Click the drawer on the tall cabinet on the left side of the screen. See it needs a 3-digit code
Go left
Get the third dart from the leftmost screen at the top of the room.
Go on the balcony and click the table
See 5 holes
Your darts fit in them, but you only have 3
Back up and go left
Get the green bottle of perfume from the bathroom counter and the shovel from outside
Go right 4 times to the couch. No go down, right, and up to the garden
Use the shovel in the corner garden bed and get the tan arrowhead
Zoom in on the statue again
Combine the perfume and lighter in your inventory to make the lighter work
Light the 2 torches and get the tiki statue
Back up 2 times and go left and up to the couch
Go right
At the bookcase, click the top left shelf until you find the haiku-like poem
Note it
Go right
See the empty circle on the nearer nightstand? Use the statue there to get the green arrowhead
Go right
Get the fourth dart from the bathroom mirror
Note the odd tile pattern on the back wall
Go left 3 times to the couch
Enter the safe code
Get the yellow arrowhead
Go left 2 times
Zoom 2 times on the codebox on the tall cabinet’s drawer
Enter the code
Click around for the dog bone
Go left and go outside
Click the table and place the darts in the holes
Get the red arrowhead
Back up and go right 3 times to the bookcase
Now go forward
Zoom on the outside bench under the shelter
Get the fifth dart from the left tree
Back up and go left
Note the door here is locked (yes, it looks open, but you still can’t enter)
Go right
See the adorable puppy blocking your way
Give the dog a bone
Enter the pool area
Zoom in on the wall and see where you can place the arrowheads
Get the gold key
Go back and left
Use the key on the door and enter
Click the treasure and you win!!!!!!!!


here be spoilers!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Grayscale block puzzle
Click the blocks in this order 321241 (counting from left to right)

Safe puzzle
Repeat the pattern from the tiles in the far right bathroom.
X _ X X
_ _ X X
_ X _ _
X _ _ X

Drawer code
Count the words in the haiku-like poem. The first line has 4. Then 2 for the middle line, and 5 for the last.

I got a sapphire for no reason!

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