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Submachine Network Exploration Experience Walkthrough

Submachine Network Exploration Experience

Subnet - Submachine Network Exploration Experience is not actually a game but allows you to explore the "subnet" of by Mateusz Skutnik' Submachine world. "This is NOT a game. This is NOT Submachine 7 either. It’s a project I’ve been working on for two years and it’s my best representation of what the submachine net is. You can freely travel between different locations, read some theories and observe how things work inside this network of submachines. There are locations that you might recognize from previous submachine games, there’s a lot of new yet undiscovered content, there are even locations that you think you know, but they’re somehow different. Surely worth a look. The best part – it’s an open project, which means I can add more locations later on and it will all work together smoothly. So, tinfoil hats on and start exploring if you dare, because there are some dark places inside." Enjoy!

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is this -not- a game ?

Tinfoil hat on! And I'm exploring.

got numbers from computer and used them as codes. now stuck

I can't help myself, I am still looking for a screwdriver :-)

@strika, you'll find more numbers in the different locations, for example on the small signs on the walls (hold your cursor there and you'll see a number below the game screen).

lol @tribble!

yeah i found them.. and im only moving from a room to another. cant take anything..... what r we supposed to do?

@strika, it's NOT a game :) We are only supposed to have a look around. Did you play the submachine games? You should try them if you didn't, great games!

nop i didnt play the submachine games, i think ill try them.... thnx ellie :D

I love the submachine games though i always needed help to finish them!

YAY a live one?

       Anonymous  6/9/10, 9:57 PM  

Yay! love Mateusz' games. The whole submachine world is fantastic. I'm off to wander aimlessly. Perhaps I'll bump into you guys as I roam around. Just, Ellie, try not to scare me with the tinfoil beanie! ;)

I love submachine and will explore this later on. I hope this means a new game will be coming soon.

I came to a dark "undifined" place after putting "304" in the machine and stuck

O.K restarted and it saved my progress

Anyone's playing? I'm pretty stuck in the 404 zone with the bells...any idea what to do next?

Oh! now I get it... Exploring, not playing... I love the submachine world and enjoyed the travel.

You can put in about any number on the machine and find a zillion new places and things to do.

It says I disabled the defense system when I got to the happy little house thing. Got a crimon key and went to hell along the trip.

AnyOne Still here Ima Join (:

       Anonymous  6/10/10, 7:00 AM  

Awesome. Just the other day I was wishing for something new from Mateusz Skutnik. Seriously, I think this guy is amazing. Incredible talent.

HELP!!! Keep getting a room with a bed - can't move from it. What can I do?

POP! OK now

found pi at 314 and a rly creepy room at 666 and 1-8-something sent me to to a dead end black screen. are their any more numbers people have used to find new rooms?

This comment has been removed by the author.

*sobs* I had a huge list of numbers and locations and I accidently posted it before it was done, then i copied it and deleted the post and opened ms word and it wont paste and now its GOOOOOONE TT_TT

okay, I have a couple


I'm going to post the last final dimension code, that leads to a message from "L." (the Death Note fan inside of me is flailing with happiness) who I don't remember from previous games.


feel free to post more numbers, or even a walkthru :)

and we shall (not-so) patiently await subspace 7


all the rooms......he beat me to it :(

       Anonymous  6/10/10, 4:36 PM  

Seriously - wow!!
It's actually refreshing to have a ... game? event? piece of art? ... that unashamedly has no real objective. You can choose to wander around aimlessly and just enjoy it or actually try to follow the logistics of the piece. So many 'room escape' games have an objective that is so well hidden that you don't know what you're trying to achieve ... it's often just a matter of randomly clicking on objects and hoping that some sense of logic will prevail eventually.

With this it was just so much sheer FUN to explore.


here are some more coordinates....


a couple of more...


There are 50 rooms in all,please post any new rooms found!

Well it's taken more than 6 hours to explore what i think is all of the network,with the help of the link above.I forgot how long the games take i should have known an exploration of the submachine network would take forever,not that i didn't enjoy it.All the notes were fasinating!

I actually found 69 rooms...
carrieg, if you want me to post them all, then just tell me when.

Ok, here is the rooms i have found by blind.jumping:
000, 001, 002, 006, 010, 011, 043, 051, 076, 100, 103, 104, 128 157, 185, 218, 232, 241, 258, 277, 291, 304, 324, 317, 355, 378, 299, 411, 442, 452, 461, 462, 472, 523, 529, 541, 550, 551, 552, 553, 555, 580, 596, 601, 613, 628, 642, 666, 672, 690, 712, 728, 747, 757, 770, 777, 800, 806, 815, 837, 859, 875, 902, 917, 923, 947, 966, 98, 992. That wass all i found, if you find something else by blind-jumping, write it here...

and belive me, this wasn't easy.

@fakkface666: typo in your list above: 987

       Subscribe  2/4/24 12:24 PM

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