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Dharma-Doll Walkthrough


[REPLAY] Petithima - Dharma-Doll Escape is another Japanese point and click escape game developed by Petithima. In this escape game, you are locked in a room and you need try to escape the room by finding items and solving puzzles. Can you escape from room successfully? Show your best escaping skills to escape from the room. Good luck and have fun! [Suggested by Peke]

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Dharma-Doll Escape Walkthrough

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hee a new one!

Still loading 50 %

just loading

so slowwwww

loading as well

so far i've got a knife(used), wire (used), cup, cookie?, brush and paper

im with u marit got a clue from paper

Hello- got cup, cookie, cutter and paper hint.

same place

wire connect with tv. tv shows to use knife on couch. get paintbrush from couch.

Oh and TV power cord

i thought maybe 576 was a clue too but i don't get it

       Anonymous  7/17/10, 7:25 AM  

Good afternoon all, let´s see....these games are useally very nice.
Thanks Shuchun :-)

i thought 576 was for safe left right left but didnt work!!

Good Morning Everyone! A cup of coffee and a live game! :)

it's for right left right but thnx amy

haha good morning Enjoy even though it's 16:30 here

       Anonymous  7/17/10, 7:29 AM  

there is a newspaper in the door, if you open it you get a code ( 750)

lol no probs

Turn cookie over

750 opens green cupboard get paint and have put paint brush in it

have painted on eyes now have another clue

paint the eyes and get another code

Have found so far:
Knife (used), wire (used), cup, cookie with snowman on back, paintbrush (used), ink (used), newspaper with note (used)

now in next room :)

maybe we have to make bubbles come out of the pig :P

Open the color-code door and in a new room.

have broken key and water used in the kettle

found another code behind the clothes

i don't get the color code??

Found in new room another hint, water (filled in cooker, cooker connect with wire)

Filled hot water in cup to get another hint.
Found spiral thingie

@Marit - 3 sides on a triangle ...

okay have water in the cup now

oh wait duh haha got it

Open the drawer in second room and got matches
@Marit: count the corners of the shapes!

And out!

Note that you cannot open the brown box until you've found all three clues (as per the painting) and the spiral object is a mosquito coil.

Used matches on spiral thingie = bubbles.
Used spiral thingie then on pig to get last hint for box.

Have now glue and searching for the upper piece of the key.

out too! nice game

You can Hermano, just brute force it. But did it only after I restarted and got out the long way the first time.

i didn't have the matches but knew the other 2 so i just tried something :P

out :)

Ok - need help with the safe - please!

i didnt have matches either but knew the cup and cookie symbols

out - pretty good game

Out with brute force.. never used the code clue in the second room and never opened the cupboard!

POP found the solution and out!!!

       Anonymous  7/17/10, 7:49 AM  

where do i use the glue?

how to open 4 digit drawer? SxOxD don't have idea how past it :/

The calendar is the hint for F=2, SxOxD

       Anonymous  7/17/10, 7:50 AM  

Ok, understand where to use the glue if i could only find the 2nd part of the key

thanks Christina :)

trying get safe code... many combinations with 5 7 6 and nothing... any clues? :)

safe: see numbers at piggies. But when you use them, number showing on the left is the moves you go right.

       Anonymous  7/17/10, 7:58 AM  

Same here AreS, i haven´t got a clue on the safe with the left - right arrows nor the 4-digit safe
( f=2 sxoxd ??? )

for 4 digit safe: think months

       Anonymous  7/17/10, 8:00 AM  

Thank you Yvon......................

       Anonymous  7/17/10, 8:01 AM  

Out, strange i never had to open the 4-digit safe

       Anonymous  7/17/10, 8:01 AM  

Well, not strange, brute forced the 3-symbol safe

       Anonymous  7/17/10, 8:05 AM  

Restarted, can someone help me explaining the F=2, S x O x D code? i´m really bad resolving codes, even the easiest ones

Full, think months. F = februari = 2

       Anonymous  7/17/10, 8:10 AM  

Thanks a lot again Yvon ! You see,i told you i´m am really bad in even simple codes

That's where this site is for ;-D

cute game. background music is soothing...

@Ares : codes for the door and drawer

1. code 564
2. code 1080

       Anonymous  7/17/10, 8:22 AM  

stuck with 3 brown symbols. I know the third one is snowman, but what are first and second. Filled cup w/hot water. Put spiral thing on pig, who is now blowing bubbles....what else?

       Anonymous  7/17/10, 8:23 AM  

POP, just noticed the cup has a cloud on it! doh....

       Anonymous  7/17/10, 8:24 AM  

got glue and out...thanks for all the hints!! Cute game!

       Anonymous  7/17/10, 8:28 AM  

didn't put the cup and cookie on the table, though...

       Anonymous  7/17/10, 8:29 AM  

I think I'm talking to myself! lol!

i cant open the safe. is that where the second half of the key is?

figured it out. and out

Could someone please explain the times on the note clue? I thought if I rearranged the numbers on the clock to have 2:00=60 and 3:00=5, 4:00=10, etc. it would give me the combination to open the green cabinet. After many attempts and finally resorting to looking at the walkthrough I find that it's 750, how did you get that number and does it correspond to the hours shown on the piece of paper?

@peanut thats how i solved that hour code:
if 2:00 = 60, than 1:00 = 30, so 6:00 = 30x6=180, 8:00=30x8=240 11:00=30x11=330
and than 180+240+330=750

I not sure I understand why 1:00=30....I'm putting 2:00 at the 12:00 position, 3:00 at 1:00 position, etc. I'm sure I'm trying to figure this out the wrong way and it's probably obvious.

Dont thing of it as of time, nothing to do with the clock :D 2=60, so 1=30, 3=90,4=120,5=150,6=180 and so on

that was think of course, not thing, lol

think of you facing the same way as the 3 pigs 5 r 7l 6r start at 12o clock then go to 3o clock then count 7 counter clock wise then 6 clock wise i hope you can understand ;>)

Dharma-Doll Walkthrough

I missed this live but I was determined to play this game without help...but I did have to resort to the very good hints a couple times to finish the game.
Thanks to all the great players!!!

Click left of screen above flowers to get cutter

Click right chair seat for cable

Click door mailbox for a note in the newspaper
2:00=60...I'll call it 60 degrees so that every
hour on the clock =30 degrees starting with 1:00 and ending with 12:00=360 degrees
Therefore we have:180+240+330=750...
Where can we put a 3 digit code?

The green door above the flowers looks good...do it and get a pot of ink

There are many other clues in this view but nothing else to do here now...

Go down...Use the cord on the TV by clicking the lower left of the screen...get a clue where to use cutter

Do it and get a writing brush...you have ink, view ink and use brush in it

Go back to other scene and paint the egg guy's eyes for a clue

While you are there, pick up the cup and cookie on the table in front of him

View the clue from Egg guy and see that triangle = 3, so a triangle has 3 points...therefore a star has 5, hexagon has 6 and square has 4 ( went with points because the star has too many sides to work here)

The door has three colors...let's try it there!
Yea! it opened! Go see what we can find in there!

Another code behind the clothes, a water bottle, a closed box...open it with cutter and get a spiral thingy...right door gives a part of a key and left one needs a 4 digit code

Okay, maybe we can put the water in the kettle, but it needs a cord...go back to TV and get it.
plug it in and back out so it can heat up.

Let's solve some other puzzles...
The safe ont he floor has a left and right code...do you see any clues that are left and right? Yes, the cats on the shelf are holding #'s...but use the hand they are holding instead of the side you see it on...Therefore we click the Right arrow 5 times, the left one 6 and the right 7 times...did it work? Yes ! it is open and gives us the other part of the key.

Go to the other side of room and look at the box on the left chair...the symbols change... but what is the solution? A clue is on the picture to the left.

The kettle should be boiled by now, try the cup on it...oh, there is a cloud...click cookie in inventory and turn it around...a snowman?...Now we need to do something with the spiral thingy!!

The 4 digit code! behind the clothes...F=2?...
There is a calendar on the wall ...Hmmm...If F is February, then S=9, O=10, and D=12...
Do the math and we get...1080...and get matches

Light the spiral and get bubbles? where are there bubbles? Try it on the pig on the table and we get a sun!

Open the box, get superglue, repair the key....

Use it on Door....And You Are Out!!!!!!

Why won't the brown box open! I have cloud, sun and snowman! Please help, anyone?

The order of the symbols are sun, cloud, and snowman. I could not open the box until I found all 3 symbols.

Thanx, OrangeIceCube! It's a big relief to finally be out!

@Egle. Thank you for explaining Egle. For some reason I never thought about shapes and angles, I went immediately to thinking about a clock. Now when this problem arises again I will then have to choose from both options. Thank you for helping me to understand :)

       Anonymous  7/18/10, 7:17 AM  

very cute !

Still great after 9 years! 5 stars.

       Subscribe  2/4/24 12:24 PM

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