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Lost Escape

Lost Escape is another free point and click type escape game from PozzleGames. In this game, you are locked into the ship and you need to use your escape skills to get out and escape! Good luck and have fun!

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Is this a Gazzyboy-game in disguise?

Use the iron rod as a scredwriver on the barrel.

Stuck with
- 2 anchors
- 4 bags
- 8 nails
- hammer stick
- wood

Stuck with hammer, wood, 8 nails, 4 anchors et 4 bags

Small use hammer stick on hum soil ?? (first view, right side view with grey/black bags you can zoom n one of them)

You can drag the white bags away, have 2 extra anchors now.

LOL Smalltool, this looks very "Gazzy" indeed.

Thanks Drisana,
Now we have to make something I think.

froze while looking at the clock
have to start over

same here, small tool, been here for about 7 minutes didn't see any comments.

tryng to break everything with hammer...

I have four anchors, small tool, did you move the white bags?

Nails? Where are the nails?

Nina, sorry to hear that, but it makes it even more a Gazzyboy game.

Full, when you use the iron rod on top of the barrel you get the nails.

it didn't take long to pick up the things... but stuck at the same place
why can we zoom on the lamps and the clock? i can't do anything

Yep Lagolfer, see my comment from 13:14.

can't break lights ...

Dank je Smalltool, 'k heb ze

use key on the big door (no keyhole)

just got the head of hammer, scene 1, open bags, click on one and hammer stick moves something to expose hammer head.

turn the small handle of the clock and get a key

What key Megi ?

Ok so what handle on clock ?? :)

I saw, after I posted, started moving the hands of the clock, mine just locked up.

hour hand if i remember correctly

Gonna stop. My game froze as well when moving the small hand of the clock. Don't like games with bugs.
Good luck all.

key from the clock

I set the clock to 12:00 and now the screen is stuck :(

Ok gonna play on. After a while my game sort of unfroze again.

Where is the hammer please?

mine froze too but it worked the second time around

4 more bags and another key in the pink cupboard.

TC, you get part of the hammer when you open the barrel and push it over and the other part you get from the brown soil on the right.

Right Nina, it worked the second time ;)

Another anchor from one of the barrels.

Small-tool, how you drag the white bags?

there are a few anchors in the barrels but the lids open as they please... clicking like crazy.. i have seven anchors -think i'm missing one more

There are three barrels you can open, one looks empty and the other two have anchors.
Have 6 anchors now and stuck.

Use key on 4 locks, another room.
Put anchors and bag near english flag then new room withs rats !!

small tool did you use the key from the cupboard? what are we supposed to do there?

tried that drisana, but have only 7 anchors- can't put anything there...

flashlight in second room for room with rats !

Ok 8 anchors now.
It's a bit stupid, you have to keep on clicking till the lid comes off. If it's empty zoom out and zoom in again and try to open another one.

I didn't use the new key.
Where is that flashlight?

Out on my beautiful boat ;)

OH, i drag the bags, the game stuck so i couldn't do nothing.

in the new room i opened the trapdoor behind the flag, but can't do anything there

Flashlight click behind barrels on the left

Now I used the key, to open all 4 locks of the hatch thing.

Game crashes when you zoom out room where rats are?

light blue part above yellow barrels on left (looks like a "window")

small tool zoom left of the barrels in the new room (scene three) near the locks

Now my complete game disappeard in the room with rats. Defintely gonna stop now.

crashed in the rat room too i give up

Got flashlight and cheese but the game froze just like that and is gone now!!
Too bad Pozzle a.k.a. Gazzy, i'll go and do something else.
Good luck all

Full you were almost out :( just had to build the boat !

By the way, it didn't only look like a Gazzygame and had bugs as well, but I vaguely remember a Gazzygame that was almost the same. Something on a ship too, with the same hatch with 4 locks and also something with a flag.

Thanks Drisana, i had the feeling i was almost there, but i guess that after constructing that gazzy boat it'll sink anyways so i saved myself there, lol

full ;) :))))))))))

Yes - done it!

Thank you Drisana for hint with flashlight!!!

What about that bag in rat room? Do we have to get it? Clicking on it does nothing.
Fixed the boat and stuck!

I clicked all the barrels but still got only 6 anchors. Could someone please help me find the other two?

1 anchor from the chest
1 anchor from the box
2 behind white bags
2 in barrels

which ones am I missing?

Wanderer, when you turn around there are 3 more groups of barrels I believe. If I remember correctly you should try the farrest on the right. Those will give you two more anchors.

Drisana thanks for the light, you help me alot and i'm out.

Wanderer, there are two mor in the yellow barrels. look in all yellow barrels.

thank you @Cool
got them now

and out

@small-tool I think they stole the graphics from Pirate Ship Escape, by Gazzyboy, http://www.gazzyboy.com/gamedisp/276/pirateshipescape.htm and changed they play around a little. I will not play another PozzleGames Game if they rip off other games even if it is a Gazzybug one.

lol...great comments! Thanks for the laughs!!
I too remember having played that other very similar game before.
I managed to build the boat, but I'm sure you're right @Full and it'll sink any minute.

Lol Ellie.

The game you and Smalltool talk about was the "Gazzyboy Pirate Ship Escape", i suppose the one who created it got fired by Mr.Gazzy and made a remake under the name "Pozzle"


Or maybe this "pozzle" is another subsidiary of Gazzy (like ColorDressUp) to recycle their old (and still buggy) games and to make more money.

froze at the clock, kicked out in rat room. Definitely gazzy-ish.

I just finished it! It was alright!

who can help me?i only got 7 anchors whr to get the last one?

i got it..now in the room with rats..how?

whr to get flashlight for the room with rats?

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