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Farmhouse Escape

Escape the Farmhouse is another point and click room escape game. The mission of this game is to escape from a farm house. You will need to solve a series of puzzles and follow clues in order to escape. There is a mysterious lock on the door which requires many shapes to be compiled to form one object allowing your escape. Collect whatever objects you can to help you complete your objectives and don't be afraid to break and cut your way to new clues and keys. Have fun escaping the farm house! Good luck and have fun!

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Escape The Farmhouse Video Walkthrough
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hello - anyone here??

I should be sleeping right now but all these live games keep showing up! Tempting?....I'm going in :)

Any luck Duscharoo?

Same here @meg...hope it is good!

I had a key used it on a door to get into the Fridge Room. I am now left with a knife, an arrow looking thing, a glass and some tongs.

That was a very odd looking plug for the microwave...

Does anyone know how to view items???I can only drag them.

Okay - left with the ice, a glass and tongs, and only need one piece of the door puzzle to complete it -and stuck!

agreed @nokra! lol
so far i have a blue parallelogram thing,a small bowl of something(from freezer), tongs, drinking glass, knife(used on pillow), 3 yellow triangles, and 1 blue triangle. no idea what to do now. i guess random clicking works ;)

in the bathroom activate the boiler and fill the glass with hot water , the glass will open on new scene , then put ice with tongs, you`ll get another figure. miss the big triangle on top

oh, for pete's sake! who locks a refrigerator?

OH! *slaps head* i didnt see the main door!

nothing left and miss the big triangle on top, help anybody...

I have missed the bathroom...how to get in?

thank you daf-schon that was the piece I needed - and out!!!

LOL...POP...found it...it wasn't even locked! They all look alike , these doors!

I still nee the red square and the big triangle *scream*

Duscharoo , could you help before you take off...

There is a triangle in the stove, zoom on the hotplates and turn a switch.

The red square is in the back of the chair to the right. Push the flower and use the knife.

Sure - what do you need?

I can't zoom on main door...how to put puzzle pieces?

wheres the center square?

Thanks Ellie!

@ nokra - use the arrow at the bottom of the main view for the door

This game is not cooperating...LOL POP again! I had to put blue first...the yellow would not go in first!

and out!

       Anonymous  7/31/10, 10:36 PM  

sigh, where do I find the knife? :(

Did anyone find the lower right yellow triangle? Mine was suddenly on the door after I put the blue triangle, zoomed out and zoomed on the door again. I never had to find it.

oh wow, the key i got from the puzzle didnt work on my door so i had to restart..out now!

@Luin, its on the glass table in front of the couch. In the right view, where the table is to the left.

OMG...I went searching for missing pieces and when I got back to door a piece was there that wasn't there before...

I can't even find the 'fridge. :(

@Meg, did the key from the puzzle work on the door the second time? I had to use the key from the puzzle in the kitchen, on a cupboard, to get another key for the door.

@DonnaLou, the fridge is behind the front door in the right view. Use the key you get from the chair in the first view to get in.

       Anonymous  7/31/10, 10:40 PM  

thanks Ellie. Game sort of buggy. If you go back to microwave, blue square and key are there again :(

I got nothing from puzzle!

I have nothing in inventory...puzzle finished ...not out!!!

@nokra, try to click on the puzzle lots of times... or restart. You won't get the key in every game ;)

@Luin, I got the key and the blue square again as well, and then the square was stuck in the middle of my screen lol.

I'm done with it , may play again later...almost 2am here...Goodnight all!

Thank you @Ellie! Was somehow thinking that was the same door as in the first view. Doh!

@nokra, or anyone else... I don't know if this is a bug or if it should be this way.

I NEED to go back to the microwave to get the extra "floating" cyan square. Then after placing the other shapes, click on that buggy square and the KEY will fall down!

Only have a knife left, and the middle piece of the door puzzle to find.

@DonnaLou, use the knife in the back of the chair outside the kitchen/fridge rooms. Push down the flower first.

Aha! Lemme see...what happened? I read Ellie's bit about going back to the microwave, which I did, and the stuff was miraculously BACK INSIDE! So, of course I clicked on it, and it all turned into a key! Used the key on the upper right cabinet, and got another key - not a middle puzzle piece. Sooooooo...went back to the puzzle door, tried the key on it, and...out! Kinda weird game, but fun while it was live. :)

Wow, didn't see your note, @Ellie, about using the knife on the back of the chair on the right, but I escaped, anyway. Bugs - gotta love 'em. :)

LOL @DonnaLou! I'm trying some things here, and now I got the key from clicking on "buggy square", but when still missing the piece from the pillows. It seems we don't need to find them all. Yes, sometimes bugs are great, right?
Hm... I still wonder if there is another way to get the lower right triangle than to place the blue one and zoom out.

Y'know...at 2:00 inna morning...I think I hafta not care. Niters, all! zzzzzzzz...

i give up...i put all the puzzle pieces where they belong and not getting anything

       Anonymous  7/31/10, 11:25 PM  

Why am I not able to open the refrigerator? Where am i supposed to use the key from the microwave? i tried it on the microwave but nothing's happening. I am not able to get ice as well

       Anonymous  7/31/10, 11:33 PM  

Prachi, to open the microwave you need that 'firework' , 'arrow' looking thing from one of the cuppboards, it's a plug!! Plug it in at the wall next to the microwave

This WT is for a buggy version of the game. It might not work anymore if the bugs are removed, but it will at least tell you how to get most of the shapes.
Zoom on the plant and take the key.
Take a blue triangle from under the couch.
Move down to see the exit door and that you need to find 7 shapes.
That’s not totally true because if you place your blue triangle, zoom out and zoom on the door again, there will also be a yellow triangle in the lower right corner. A bug? Then, I don’t know how to get the “real” triangle.
Go back to the start view.
Turn left.
Zoom on the glass table and get a knife.
Zoom on the plant.
Click on it to push it down.
Use the knife in the back of the chair to get a red square.
Zoom on the right door.
Click on the handle to open (no key needed).
Zoom on the 2nd cabinet from the left.
Open it to take a power cord (looks like fish bone).
Take the tongs from above the cupboard.
Zoom on the left hotplate.
Turn the switch and get a yellow triangle.
Zoom on the microwave and use the power cord in the wall.
Open the microwave to get a key and a cyan parallelogram.
Go back out from the kitchen.
Turn right.
Use the key from the microwave to open the door in front.
Zoom on the pillows.
Use the knife on the middle pillow to get an olive triangle.
Zoom on the lamp on the table.
Click on it to move it and get a key.
Back out from the bedroom and turn right.
Use the key from the chair to enter the door in front.
Take the empty glass from the table.
Zoom on the freezer and use the key from the bedroom to open.
Get ice cubes.
Back out of that room and turn left.
Open the left door (no key needed).
Zoom on the water tank in the upper right corner.
Click on the right white switch on the wall to turn it on.
Zoom out and zoom on the sink.
Fill your glass with warm water and take the glass back.
Drag the glass into the game scene to view it.
Drag the ice cubes to the glass.
Drag the tongs to the ice cubes to fill your glass.
Get a green triangle.
Go to the exit door (down arrow from plant on the chair-view).
Place your shapes.
If you placed the blue shape before you should already have another yellow triangle as well.
If not, zoom out and zoom in again and it should be there.
After you placed all of your shapes you should get a key.
If not – go to the microwave again.
Get the cyan parallelogram once more.
It will now be buggy and float around in the middle of the game.
Go to the exit door and click on that “buggy shape”.
The key should fall down (you don’t even need both of the middle shapes for this to happen).
Go to the kitchen, zoom on the middle upper right locker.
Use the key and get another key.
Use this key on the exit door to escape.

@Prachi, the key from the microwave is used to open the door to the bedroom. Move the lamp on the table to get the key to the fridge.

@Lauren, go to the microwave again and get the shape. Go to the exitdoor and click on that shape. That might give you a key.

       Anonymous  7/31/10, 11:41 PM  

Cool Elie, thanks for the walkthrough. Especially on how to find the very last key, totally missed that spot in the kitchen.

       Anonymous  8/1/10, 1:17 AM  

Thanks Ellie! Nice WT, although it wouldn't let me use the last key at first. Then the key floated around and I had to use all of the keys that didn't get used like the cupboard and then finally it let me out. Thanks again. Is that acute or obtuse on the parallelogram? lol nice one.

The last yellow triangle is in the right part of the room. There are 5 light switches on the backwall. Zoom in and click the most right one.
Zoom out and zoom in on the lamp on the top right of the backwall and there it is.

Thanks for the last triangle @small-tool!!
I'm pretty sure that those light switches didn't do nothing when I played the game. I couldn't click the right switch. Maybe it's a bug that is fixed now. (Or... I might be wrong lol).

So, I played the whole game now and it seems that the bugs really are fixed. You get the key directly when placing the shapes on the door now. No need to get that buggy shape from the microwave anymore.

       Anonymous  8/2/10, 3:53 AM  

Well I just played it and the bugs are there for me - the door filled in the bottom right yellow triangle without me finding it. I took the key and blue diamond about 3 times from the microwave, now have the blue triangle floating around, but can't get the key to work anywhere. Can't be bothered to restart!

I couldnt pick up the tongs and the blue cube from the microwave is buggy

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