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Train Station Escape Walkthrough

Train Station Escape

Rotuc Train Station Escape is another point and click room escape game developed by Rotuc. In this game, you try to escape from this train station by finding your lost ticket, better find it fast if you don’t want to miss the train. Good luck and have fun!

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Crowbar under the bench in front of the waste bin.

Only found crowbar but don't find a use for it.

hi,gonna try and help

Hi small-tool

Hi all,
stuck, only a crowbar.

cute squirrell pic in bin under right window

Yes, but I don't know where to use crowbar, and what to do with clue on windows...

help the fish that is drowning

I'm with you all. Just a crowbar.

only a crowbar

Used the crowbar under the globe.

Ah - lifesafer small-tool!!!!
I allways zoomed in, lol

ditto, we need a ticket to get on train and there is a number code needed for tv

also looks like a tap missing from one of the gas cannisters

great small-tool!

anyone here? So far I have a crowbar and no where to use it.

Got a blue card.

found sliding puzzle on bottom of water cooler

use blue card on the telephone

Blue card goes in telephone but need now number code :(

Used the phone card from the puzzle on the phone and now it's gone and nothing happened!?

phone card used, but we need a number

not number code, a letter code

solve puzzle get phone card

looks like we are gonna need two 8- digit codes.

Can't find that slider puzzle?

put card in phone now we need a number to call ?????

TV needs 8 digit number code,
phone needs a password with 8 letters.

how'd you use the crowbar under the globe?

The hint for the phone code is on the globe.

Gave wurm from phone to fish and he gave me a coin in return.

sorry wasn't slider puzzle was the picture puzzle you clicked and each piece turned thought was slider puzzle to start.

which country is missing?

Phone: Roemenia???

Used coin in green machine and again a puzzle.

It isn't a country, it's a sea.


There is no i in second from right.

where is worm?

Please share small-tool - don't know the name in englisch!

black sea for the phone.

This comment has been removed by the author.

Thank you so much small-tool, big hugh!!!!
Oh - a new slider puzzle!

Hey Submachine24, just wanted to delete my comment because it had no spoiler and now yours is deleted.

Does anyone know what the thing is from the second puzzle?

Ah the thing from the second puzzle is a tap for the gas cannister. Now a color puzzle there.

Thanks @small-tool - I didn't know that was a worm. And now another damn picture puzzle with no clue!

       Anonymous  8/31/10, 9:32 AM  

Hey guys, just started...where is this fish you're all talking about?

oh @small-tool, didnt think about that. Anyways, how did you put the coin on green machine? cant seem to find the hotspot.

pop, the power of posting strikes again!

George, fish is in the last scene to the right. Zoom in on the tree and then on the fountain.

       Anonymous  8/31/10, 9:34 AM  

Thx @small-tool...didn't see that there was another scene...lol

any help on the 2nd puzzle? I've got a sideways Eiffel tower, a puzzle piece, a card and something that looks like a book. Am I getting close?

Got a bee from the color puzzle.

Hi everyone! I think I caught up. Fed fish, did both puzzles, need color code for red tank. All I have is a crowbar again.

Got a bee from the colour puzzle

Used bee on the left hanging red flowers in the most right scene. Gives a money puzzle!?

Hello, i am trying to catch up, have solved the 2nd pic puzzle now !

Lol small-tool - exact the same words!

@small-tool How'd you do the color code?

nvm POP

       Anonymous  8/31/10, 9:41 AM  

where is the blue card?

Code for money is on the yellow machine (push all the buttons).

I put bee on flowers and now need a sign code.

hi all,

@small-tool where did you find a clue for the color puzzle?

Color code is the colors from the machine next to the blue machine.

Blue card you get when you solve the puzzle under the globe.

       Anonymous  8/31/10, 9:42 AM  

nothing happened after i solved the first puzzle under the globe

Got a working critter from the money code.

Blom, try to turn some pieces, sometimes it looks right, but then it isn't.

painting picture


I swear I clicked the yellow buttons a thousand times before. Think it only works after doing all the tings.

Used critter/mole (whatever it is) in the plant in the far most right scene. Gave me a key.

@Blom - if you didn't get a blue card, than you haven't solved it correctly. fidle around some more with the top pieces

Bee in flowers. Need $ code. hmm

Got a key and now need 10 digit code and I know where I can get it!!!!

I think I used the key in the bottom drawer but I still have my key. Anyway in the bottom drawer again a code needed (don't know if it was there before).

Got an axe

Thanks @Tosca!!! Just 2 pieces were wrong.

       Anonymous  8/31/10, 9:48 AM  

i got blue card now; thanks

How did you guys get the $ code? Stuck

10 digit code is from the windows above the roof line after 1 turn right.

A hint please, where to find the hint for the 10 digit code.

Thanks evans.

mgkanda, push the buttons on the yellow machine.

I used axe to get a wooden stick

Can someone help me with the money code? Feeling really stupid right about now lol.

hahaha! POP!!!

still have nothing for squirrel in garbage can and dont have tv code. Also can zoom fire hydrant far right but nothing works there. No use for stick either.

Yep got the stick too.

look at the windows for the 10 digit code

Okay, got a stick. Going to poke things.

grrr, did I get the wrong ticket??

Gave stick to critter in the bin and got ticket!

squirrel in garbage can takes the stick.

@Truus use #s from ticket on tv get wrench/spanner

use number on ticket on tv, get spanner

Ticket is code for tv.

ticket has code for tv on the bottom. Got spanner and used on fire hydrant and now have two keys

used stick to get a white note looking like a ticket - but don't work!

Used spanner on hydrant for key and key in top drawer. Need to enter time. :)


lol @mgkanda!
got another key now

And another key after using the wrench all the way to the right, on the fire thing.

I am OUT!!

And out too.

@Truus :D

Thank you Truus
I'm out now - nice game!

Thanks for playing together!!!!

I really love these ones. No bugs, no battles, no time limit. A straight forward code cracking good time.

out too, thanks for that last hint @mgkanda

Thanks @small-tool for the $ code help. POPed it right as you posted the answer lol. :D

@Truus Of course! :D

I have to say THANKS to @small-tool too for a lot of hints!

I am out too, with the help of your hints, thank you everybody :)
I needed so much time to catch up, that i even had no time to post lol :)

and out - whew! that was a tough one - thanks to all for your help.

@Zazie I usually give up on catching up on these if there are more than say 15 comments but, I actually got lucky with this one. Sorry to have missed you. :D

and out, thanks for all the help!

Thanks guys...I forgot all about the TV...been running around for 1/2 an hour.
Really fun game.

@mgkanda, it´s normal, i was rather invisible in thisone :)))

For the time: click twice to the right at the first frame and have a look at the clock :-)

Sorry, but I can´t with the crowbar in the globe
How I can do this? Help me please
And sorry by my bad english!

@ferchu, use it not IN the globe, but under it. On the cabinet where the globe stands on. Don't zoom!

Thank you, very much Edgar!

Just starting. Hopefully i can figure out most of it


■ Zoom in middle benches; get the crowbar.
■ Zoom in middle benches; use the crowbar on the bottom locker
 under the globe; zoom on it to solve a puzzle and get the phone card.
■ Additionally, zoom on the globe to see a hint.
■ Zoom in middle benches; zoom in left phone; use phone card and
 use the hint from the globe to enter the letters code here to get a worm.
■ Zoom on the right side; zoom on the little fountain; give the worm to
 the fish and get a coin.
■ Zoom on the machines to the right; zoom on the left one; use the coin
 and click on it; solve the puzzle to get a valve.
■ Additionally, zoom on the vending machines to see a 6x6 color clue.
■ Zoom on the left benches; zoom on the tanks in the corner ant out the
 valve on the left one; click on it to enter the color code from the
 vending machines and get the bee.
■ Zoom in middle benches; zoom on the video game and press the
 6 lateral yellow buttons to see the currency clue.
■ Additionally, look at the upper 10 windows; figure out the 10-digit code.
■ Zoom in the left side; put the bee on the red flowers and click on
 them to enter the currency code and to get a mole.
■ Zoom in the left side; zoom in the pot on the back; use the mole
 on it; get the yellow key.
■ Zoom in the left side; zoom in the left desk; use the yellow key on the
 bottom drawer and click on it to enter the windows code; get the axe.
■ Zoom in the right side; use the axe on the tree and get a stick.
■ Zoom in middle benches; zoom in the trash bin; give the stick to
 the squirrel and get a not so special ticket
■ Zoom on the left benches; zoom twice on the TV; use the bottom
 numbers on the ticket as the 8-digit code and get the spanner.
■ Additionally, notice the time on the clock next to the TV.
■ Zoom in the right side; zoom on the hydrant; use the spanner on it
 to get the silver key.
■ Zoom in the left side; zoom in the left desk; use the silver key on the
 top drawer and click on it to enter the time code; get THE TICKET.
■ Click on the bottom navigational bar to turn around and use
 THE TICKET to escape.
■ Congrats!

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