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African Lodge Escape

[REPLAY] African Lodge Escape is another point and click room escape game. Welcome to Africa! This is the room where the biggest African politicians have their secret meetings. Many huge decisions that has changed the human kind history have been done here in this room. Your mission is to escape this lodge before the security arrives. Good luck and have fun! [Subbed by Millie]

Update: Let's replay this game, while waiting for new games!

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African Lodge Escape Walkthrough
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       Anonymous  9/13/10, 10:41 AM  


       Anonymous  9/13/10, 10:50 AM  

When zoomed in on shield click up left for another view,use arrow from under beads on wall to get roll with colors on it.

       Anonymous  9/13/10, 10:52 AM  

I'm going to need help with codes.

       Anonymous  9/13/10, 10:53 AM  

I did get the color code from the drum in the corner.

Hey all. I hope you like this one. I am having a good time at it.

I need help with the rolls when you get to it though. lol

Yeah... finaly i can post comments...
I'm stuck like you... can't help with codes yet:(

Jesus!! you people live here, jajajaja

Have 7/9 squares and 1/3 rolls

Hi all. won't be much hwlp with codes though

       Anonymous  9/13/10, 10:57 AM  

Millie where are the other rolls?

used stool, knife and stick

I am here to help if you need. Have all rolls and tiles. all codes. just need to finish the last roll code and am pretty stuck :)

       Anonymous  9/13/10, 10:58 AM  

I have 6 of 9 squares.

@apricot- I will restart to help :) Hang on.

Ok, just got here, trying to catch up =o))

One roll in cieling, one in animal code drawer...

@Millie... i'm stuck. Where can i find one of the codes?

       Anonymous  9/13/10, 11:01 AM  

Okay Millie I'm hanging

animal code?

Ok, So Far I Have 7 Picture Pieces (I Assume Thats What They Are....)An Arrow, A Stool An A Knife. An Im Now Stuck :-(

3rd one in letter code cupboard

@frenee56... one cupboard is too high (on closeth with shelves)

Must do letter code first.

Stool goes in front of tall shelves (one zoom) Letter code drawer is accessible now :)

Oh my... you are fast Millie.... rewind please... where is the clue for the animalcode?

INside letter drawer ;) You have to do that one first. I guess you can brute force the animals otherwise... but inside that drawer is your clue.

I submitted the game. Had already started. :) No worries.

Ahhh. Ty Millie. What About Knife? Thats The Only Other Thing I Am Stuck With.

Ok, I´ve 5 plates, 1 roll, stool and knife and don´t know where to use any of it, help?

feeling so stupid right now... can't find any clue for the letters too... don't see any letters at all...



Opend drawer with 4 digit number code. Have now 7 plates and 1 roll

break the top of the djembe with knife...

Letters code is no clues. More like... very obvious. 6 letters....

Oh sorry 8 plates and 1 roll

Haha, thx Millie!!

this still live? Finally just went back and finished Abandoned. Just starting. Thanks in advance for all your help lol.

I used the stick on box but seems nothing to do

Rolls Spoiler

Ceiling above
shield and arrows
Letters Code
Animals code

7 plates, 1 roll - no idea how people are getting the codes

Oh duh... that was obvious... thanks :)

Are the plates for the middle painting...? They don´t seem to fit though...

@ STU- that is where I am stuck. Once you have 3 rolls, the bar has a use... but I am not sure what the code is,..... so I sit and wait... for a brainiac to help.
I am sure it is a simple code that I have overlooked.. But oh well!

codes are word code, numbers, animal shapes, and coloured blocks...

clue for animals is in letter code cabinet.
Clue for numbers is on drum and on corner shelf.

okay - I tried to use the knife on the drum a while ago. Finally worked - I'm not going to get along with this game, lol

Clue for colours


look at the arrows on the shield for the roll hint

I'm stuck and I'vnt got as far as you guys, don't know where to use stool or the bar... and the codes... uff, tricky this one =o)

I used tha bar on the box but nothing happend...

@kMILLER!! I am so dumb!! Thanks. I was looking at the paitning we made and trying to figure it out there... duh!

U will need all rolls first :)

lol! I'm looking at the note under the rug and trying to memorize the first letters by saying them over and over. Took all this time to realize what I was spelling. *slaps herself HARD on the forehead*

have letter and animal code now

oh no - I tried to count the coloured perls in necklace
But it's easier, lol!!!!

Out! Finally. :) Thanks k miller!! You are a saint! Anyone need help? :_)

What bar is everyone talking about?

in side the drum :)

I need lots of help, please? Can't figure any code out and still don't know what to do with the stool...

@Millie YES! I have knife, 7 plates, and 3 rolls. Did 6 letter and animal codes.

Where is the letter???

Somebody please give me a spoiler 4 the animals! Ive Tried 2 Figure It Out But My Brain Isnt Workin At All!!!

I have the rolls on the bar but don't know what to do with it

@lina zoom once on shelves with the two locked doors and set it in front. Then you can click top of screen to reach the highest one.

@Lina- place stool in front of tall shelving unit when zoomed in. Then click up (u stand on it lol)

@mgkanda- I seems like a logical place to keep a bar, right?? ;) Never got out of mousey shower, btw. hah

got the bar, thanks Millie!

@frenee - the letters of the animals start with trgle

Animal spoiler


Don't understand the shield and arrow hint!
Please help
Have only one roll left

@annaby... on little box on table, there is a hole in top... put rod in there adn rolls on rod

@mgkanda... the one from the drum...

@Millie... Can't figure out the code on the drum and cornershelve... Know i have to do something with it... But what???

What do I do with the hunter?

Ty, My Blonde Is Showing.

@Millie - I did that, but don't know what to do with the arrows

@Stu, need all rolls first. did you see my spoiler as to where they are? :0)


@frenee the clue for that is in 6 letter cabinet. TR(ian)GLE use letters outside parentheses. Tiger, rhino, giraffe, etc...

kmiller said:
look at the arrows on the shield for the roll hint
13/9/10 20:15

Nevermind, he goes on the board on the table. But I only have 8 plates!

nevermind - got the box open

Thx Millie n mgkanda, I should've figured LOL! =o)) Where r the rolls, and I miss one plate aswell...

Yes Millie!!!
But I have only the roll from ceiling. Can't get anything from shield and arrow.
I placed all plates on wall but get nothing!

@STU Thank you for your shield and arrow comment! Have rolls on bar and didn't know which ways for arrows.

1 Square
2 tiangles
3 rectangles

now find bowl of shpes on shelve in corner

4 squares
3 triangles
4 Rectangles

multiply by clue and get 4 digit code

Still don't have color code or 4 digit code. Sifting through comments...

one roll is in the locked animal box and the other is in the locked word code box


I didn't try that one... so stupid... specially for a math teacher :(
Thanks Millie

@Millie thanks! Multiply by what clue though? Sorry, a little bit of a dingbat today.

@mgkanda- I just posted a hint for number code for Vosje, check there... the colour code pertains to the necklace on the wall. look for a different colour to start.

I have 7 plates and still need 2 codes.

Finally got out!!!

Thank you Millie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This comment has been removed by the author.

so confused. have my plates arranged correctly. have rolls done and hunter in table. now what?

I guess I'm really out of it today, but I don't get the necklace clue for the colors.

omg..nvm. Can't believe how easy the 4 digit code was. Waaaay over-thinking.
Hint for the color code?

Liz- look at the picture we made for your next clue about man

annaby, mgkanda===

necklace has two white beads. ;)

I just caught up.
I have hunter on table, but missing one plate; what next ?

oh. nevermind. got it. (SPOILER)move the hunter to follow the shape from the plates! (SPOILER)

Finaly out - thanks a lot for all your help!!!

Nor do I @annaby.

Zaz- you need that plate to know where to make the hunter guy go on table. :)



Thx Millie for the last hint with necklace, have all plates now !!

@Millie THANK YOU!

Stupid me - I didn't notice the 2 different shades of blue. Should have stayed in bed today!

On my own most of the game went smoothly, but when I got the rolls on the rod, I was stumped and that was a simple code! Lol... no dummies here, we just overthink stuff,

Where can i find the pattern for the plate puzzle ?

Hmm...how to move hunter? Or am I just clicking the appropriate spots.

I ran out of games on here so I went there but wanted to share it b.c it is much more fun to play alongside others. :0)

@Zazie think "tree"

@zaz. if you have all 9, they will just go up there.

@mgkanda. just click where you want him to go :)

huh. thanks. he's not budging. Maybe my "tree" is wrong lol in which case Zazie better just ignore me.

aah! he won't move! I have to go get my son from school. See you all later! Thanks for all the help! :D

Ok working on a tree lol.... Feeling dumb with this, i could solve most of the codes but now i am stuck with this stupid tree.

Look at where he starts then look at the pictue you put on wall

- -
/ \
- -
/ \
- -
| |

That worked a lot better in my head, whoops. Lol

hmm - that doesn't look anything like my "tree". No wonder he won't move.

Zazie and annaby,
If you can't move the pieces anymore, then you have the correct picture.
Kind of a christmastree with bottom left the red square and bottome right the yellow square.

Ohh i am out, a wonder !!

Thx Ellie my life saver :)

This was a strange tree btw..

finally out! Thanks @small-tool - I think maybe all I had wrong before were the red and yellow squares reversed.

annaby, I remember that tree starts with horizontal line top left, than try to make a christmas tree but inversed and the black square was on bottom center

can someone please explane what to do with the arrow and the coffe table and where is last roll?

With the arrow you can get the roll you need;
Zoom in on the shield above the couch, then zoom in on the top left of the wall and there you see that roll. Use your arrow to get it.

woo hoo thanks small-tool!!!I totally missed that view!now I'm out!

Can not figure out the number code for the life of me. Not sure what the "clue" is that was referred to. Anyone still here who can help?

Number code was;

On the drum
1 Square, 2 tiangles, 3 rectangles

On the bowl on shelf
4 squares, 3 triangles, 4 Rectangles

Then multiply
1x4 (squares) and 2x3 (triangles) and 3x4 (rectangles)

I'm lost with code as well....
I get a 5 digit number.... please some one helP!!!

aaaaaaaaaaaaaand out! 'twas a lovely tree, I think. lol I had my red and yellow backwards. Thanks everybody! :D

Ha thnx smalltool.... why do I always overthingk codes???
And out!

Great game! Thanks @Abroy!! Smooth escape until I spent lots of time looking for the last roll (the one in the ceiling). Finally found it due to a lucky click.
Thanks for telling the first animal was a tiger! I got the clue and the other animals. Opened the drawer, but I couldn't for the life of me figure out the name of an African animal looking like that, starting with a "t". Turns out it wasn't African lol.

Hi @testsite! Congrats to escaping!!

Ah...Thanks Small-Tool

how can I open the box with the rod and how can i get the last roll about the shield ( in the celeing)? please help

@Speedy, to open the box you need all rolls and place them on the rod (then solve them).
To get the roll in the ceiling, you need to shoot it with an arrow (from the wall below the necklace).

Speedy, with that last roll you can open the box with the rod (use the direction of the arrows behind the shield).
And that last roll you can get with the arrow you can take from under the hanging beads.

tyvm @Ellie, got it.

tyvm @small-tool, without your all help, i can`t never get out, lol.
I like escape games, but without all your genius WT´s i am very helpless. Sorry for my english.

@ellie - good point! Tiger didn't even register with me - guess I was just thinking large animals and forgot we were in Africa.

and that reminds me, this game was a bear, lol

When you think you solved a code, nothing will happen until you close the “code box” and click on the drawer – it opens if the code is correct.

Zoom on the front corner of the carpet.
Get tile 1/9.
Zoom on the arrow and necklace on the left wall.
Get the arrow.
Note the colors of the necklace.
Zoom on the drum in the back left corner.
Get tile 2/9.
Note the colors and shapes on the drum.
Zoom on the plant in the back right corner.
Get tile 3/9.
Take the stool.
Zoom on the cupboard in the back.
The left locker needs a 5-color code
Solve it for tile 4/9.
You have seen the clue.
Solution below
*Hint – necklace - Hint*
Place the stool below the shelves (when zoomed).
Zoom again on the upper lockers.
The middle locker needs a 6-letter code.
You can solve it now.
Solution below
*Hint – word related to the game – Hint*
Get roll 1/3 and a clue: tr(ian)gle.
Take tile 5/9 from the upper right locker.

Turn right.
Zoom on the shield and arrows.
Take tile 6/9 from the couch.
Click above the shield to get another to view.
Use your arrow to get roll 2/3.

Turn right.
Zoom on the shelves in the back right corner.
Get tile 7/9.
Note the colors and shapes in the plate.
Zoom on the shelves below the paintings.
Take tile 8/9 from a shelf.
Get a knife from the right shelf.
Zoom on the drawers in lower left corner.
Top left drawer needs an animal code.
Solve it now.
Solution below
*Hint – tr(ian)gle – Hint*
Get roll 3/3.
The lower right locker needs a 4-digit code.
Solve this too.
Solution below
*Hint – drum and plate with colored shapes – Hint*
Get tile 9/9.
Place the tiles on the empty middle picture on the wall.
Click on two different tiles to make them switch places.
Solve the puzzle (nothing happens).
Solution below.

Go back to the drum.
Use your knife on it (on the edge, below the blue circle) and get a bar.
Turn left.
Zoom on the box on the table.
Put the bar in the hole in the box.
Place your rolls on the bar.
Click on the three arrows to change them.
When you do it right you can click on the lock and get a statuette.
Solution below
*Hint – look for other arrows – Hint*

Zoom on the table in front of the couch.
Place your statuette on the circle, upper left.
Click on other circles to move him.
When you do it right, you’ll get a key at the end.
Solution below
*Hint – middle painting – Hint*
Zoom on the exit door and use the key to escape.

And... yes, there are tigers in Africa. The organization Save China's Tigers runs a project that includes breeding and rehabilitation training for tigers in South Africa. The offspring of the trained tigers will be released in reserves in China. Once again, there is something to learn from Escape games :)

Color code
Look at the necklace on the wall.
In the middle string are two white beads.
Between them are 5 colored beads.
Use these, from left to right.
Code: green, yellow, cyan, red, blue

6-letter code
Look at the name of the game.

Animal code:
Use tr(ian)gle.
Remove (ian) and you have: trgle.
These are the first letters in the five animals you can choose between.
Code: Tiger, Rhino, Giraffe, Lion, Elephant
Click here for a picture of the animals.

4-digit code
On the drum: 1 red, 2 green, 3 yellow
On the plate: 4 red, 3 green, 4 yellow
Now, some multiplication:
Red: 1 x 4 = 4
Green: 2 x 3 = 6
Yellow: 3 x 4 = 12
Use the order of colors from the drum.
Code: 4612

Small red triangle upper left, small yellow triangle upper right.
Big red triangle middle right, big yellow triangle middle left.
Red square lower left, yellow square lower right, black square lower middle.
Click here for a picture of the solved painting.

Arrows on rolls
Look at the arrows on the opposite wall.
They point: right, left, right.
Do the same on the rolls:
yellow: right, red left, green right

Statuette movement
Name the dots like this:
He starts at 1.
Move him like this:
-> 2, 5, 6, 9, 10
14, 15, 11, 12,
7, 8, 3,4
Click here for a picture of the path on the board.

There is another way to get that 4-digit code. Maybe even easier :)

       Anonymous  9/14/10, 11:27 PM  

Wow Ellie, you did it again.. very clear and helpfull walkthrough! And once more... i really needed it!! Thanks again

This comment has been removed by the author.

thank ye got out

This comment has been removed by the author.

Wow, that was an excellent one! How could I miss this one last year!

OK, one addendum: the "Africa" code has nothing to do with the game title. Yes it could be guessed that way, but the game maker had another thing in mind :)
Because, under the rug you can read:

(a)nimal (f)urs
(all kinds)
(r)egistered (i)ncorporated
(c)olored (a)pplications

= a-f-r-i-c-a

Wow I would never have figured this one out without these helps here! I don't usually need tip but this one really stumped me...glad it's over :)

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