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Alice is Dead Episode 3 Walkthrough

Alice is Dead Episode 3

[REPLAY] Newgrounds - Alice is Dead: Episode Three is another point and click adventure type escape game developed by Hyptosis and ImpendingRiot for Newgrounds. Is this the end of Alice is Dead? For someone, yes. Be sure to have played the other two in the series. Use the mouse to solve puzzles. Good luck and have fun!

Warning: This game is not suitable for young players!

Alice is Dead Chapter 3

Alice is Dead 3 Walkthrough
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got a penny - but cannot get into hideout
but have to go unfortunately
good luck whoever is going to play

Gotta try this when I have more time. Found a penny and a brick on the street and got in. Later.

Smash the keypad with the brick to get in.

I have a bell and a brick

hi all, need help

Went inside after smashing the keypad and called both Ann and Hatter, don't know why though... Also found some sort of number code in a book

That's as far as I've gotten

also 2 messages on answer machine

got bell, brick, paddo, and pipe. need to loose some of these to be able to go through metal detector

oh - now you can go down the street

went outside again and bought a mushroom with the penny

put pipe in dumpster, go in club

put the mushroom in the guys drink and killed (?) him

tnx annaby, why didn't i think off it myself?

And out

At least, the end, can't call it out really..

Looks like I missed this live while I was off reading? aw

I think it's still alive dayamayii

I tried ringing all numbers in toilet and put temp up in kitchen and play the slot machine but got nothing

Where's the guy with a drink to put the mushroom in?

cant find the queen, i feel stupid

I don't think the tape Rulio gives you is the one you want...

@small-tool - go right at the dumpster view

what to do after the slot machine?

oh let her sing another song

@small-tool he's in the alley, on the right side. opposite of the dumpster

Annaby did u win? I have but not sure where the prize is

Thanks Truus and annaby, but is that the guy in front of the club? I can't put anything in his drink. Maybe I already killed him with the pipe!?

@purdey - how? She just goes on and on with the same damn song.

Ive got to find 3 tapes on watch them i think

@small-tool - did you buy a mushroom from the guy to the left of the dumpster?

called the rabbit ~~access granted~~ (??)
not sure if that number was on the mirror all the time or after "using" the water....

i think i hit the guy in stead of giving him the mushroom in his drink

aha! back to rightmost toilet and now door to lab

Think I did the the same purdey, so what to do with my mushroom?
And by getting the heat up, there was a number on the mirror. I called and now I have acces granted. But where?

and what's with the blinking fish ad outside?

I'm not sure if thats the ending im ment to have lol

@small-tool: same here, what we'll do now??

and what about tapes?? didnt see any!

@small-tool - you now have access to the file below the slot machine

have only one tape

@small-tool go bk to kitchen click aroud slot machine

Yep annaby,
just found out and hacked the slot machine and now through the right toilet into the lab.

""the toilet seems loose"""??? i tried my brick on it, wont work

Are the tapes in the lab, or somewhere else?

Ok found one in front of the singer and one in the dumpster.

Maybe I did this in the wrong order - supposed to find tapes - sounds like you all were finding them before the lab?

@purdey - you have to work the slot machine before the lab door opens

And the third from the mushroom guy.

@dayamayii - no, the tape appeared on one of the tables after I went into the lab

Thanks s-t!!

got one from the guy who sold the mushroom

You have to answer the phone or else the tapes won't appear.

Use all 3 tapes (left side in the lab) and answered the phone again. Now looking for a present.

Yep it did for me too. And the mushroom guy had one.

found a gun under the tab

tnx annaby, did it, now searching for tapes

went in the elevator and killed the rabbit....

Lol, Under the tab Truus!?
I found the gun under the sink.

Present in the bathroom. Thanks Maryann.

and out! alice is dead again

Now I think I'm out.

Hm. I guess the queen found me.

LOL, @small-tool, should have been tap (or sink,lol)

ohmy i think i killed the queen

ok i got the txt from unknown then went left saw dead guy got txt and now i click everywhere where people are saying they tapes are found in but i still dont get them.

thanks for playing with you all.
btw this was my first murder and didn't like it

Wist ik wel Truus, gewoon een LOLletje.

and now EG24 made me a killer!
not so fond of violent games

Ehm.. where is the mirror with the number on it? the only number I got is on the door..

not sure @udayapu's blog, but maybe you have to turn on the hot water to see it?

oke . I don't get it.. where are the tapes ?

thanks Truus I got it lol.. and now the tapes..

nothing appears on the tabble.. I went to the mushroom's guy , and he said "I think we've talk enough" .. and there is nothing in the duster..

hmm, I know things happen in a certain order, maybe you're still missing something??

I don't know .. Same with michael , I got a text from unknown , and went left,found a dead guy,got a text, and nothing appears..

ooh I got them

I could go in again and see, it might take some time though before I get to that point again.
I'll give it a try if you like

o.k. !!! You're close to the end now!!
I'll stick around

oke I don't like the end.. anyway thanks for the help :) I'm out

Thanks for your help Truus!

didn't like the end much either...
but Congrats! on getting there.

you're welcome udayapu's blog!
See ya!

I don't think everyone got the story line here....

Ok this is what I did (incomplete)

1) Go into town (click the black club arrow in the distance)
2) Get into town receive Text Message, click phone and read message press the red cancel button on handset to hide it. Pick up brick and coin on the floor.
3)Click on the red club arrow pointing at the door of the hideout locked by a padlock and panel, you zoom into the panel.
4)Click on the coin in your inventory and click on the panel to break it, and expose the circuitry.
5) Click the red wire, (click all three until the message appears its the red wire always the red wire.
6) Click the padlock to smash it and your inside the hideout.
7) click the answer machine in the far right corner on the desk next to the potted plant, click play to review the messages.
8) You will notice a piece of paper next to the answer machine. Click on your phone and dial the numbers written on the notepad and press the green button.
9) Exit the answer phone view by clicking the arrow on the left you will recieve a message fro the hatter telling you what exactly your suppose to do.
10) Leave the hideout, by clicking the black arrow on the left
11) Click on the book on the floor and read through it (take note of some numbers in red on a page in the book.
12) Click the black arrow in the far distance.
13) You appear near a closed garage, and green door opposite a dumpster, click the red club pointing left.
14)Talk to the green guy in that strange outfit and enter dialogue seeming interested about this product he's talking about.
15)Give him the coin you found he'll happily trade it for the product he spoke about, and a mushroom will appear in ya inventory.
16) Click the red club pointing right and you'll appear back in the dumpster click the red club again and you'll appear outside a sort of nightclub.
17) Click on the mushroom in your inventory and click on the drink on the table infront of the rope gates, and click the red club pointing left to disappear shortly.
18) YOu'll appear back at the dumpster, click the right club again and you'll notice the guy standing there has been poisoned and dragged to the side you can enter the nightclub clicking on the door.
19) Entering the nightclub you recieve a text message with instructions of what your suppose to do, click your phone to view the message.
20) Click the club pointing to the left, and click the thermostat between the stove and safe(below the poster) and click the up arrow until it reaches 90f
21) Click the red club pointing to right twice and you will be in the male rest rooms, notice someone has left you a personal message on the mirror. Get the phone and call that number.

and thats how far I got ^_^

Calling Boris gives you a message:

Alive Slice

Meaning: Alice Lives

You find the first tape in a random place in the night club.

The story here is that this whole thing was a set up to get the Scientist, Burr, and the Red Queen for employing odd experiments on people and betraying the hitmen.

So the person you see at the end is Alice. She never really died and Hatter kept it a secret from you so that she'd go unnoticed.

Thanks Catalyste for all the explaining.
Knowing Alice is not dead will help me sleep tonight, but - although only killing 2 bad guys (but then again was the bouncer a bad guy?) - I'm still a murderer, right?

What's the secret award gettable on Newgrounds? The first two you get based on whether you solved the puzzles or smashed things, the next one is for beating the game, but nobody's talked about getting or unlocking the secret award and I'd love to know what the heck that is.

-well i called boris, and after a bit, i got a strange message.
-3rd stall, secret passage to a lab.
-2 messages: you need 3 tapes, and you cant use the elevator until you find them

-the only reward so far is Brain, for puting the mushroom in the drink of the guards.
-after rigging the slot machine and winning, i dont know what i won.. nothing? no slots?

-was messing around with the thermometer and the slots.. suddenly discovered a tape (#2) on the floor of the bathroom..

hmm that was very disturbing

anyone still playing?

notes: tape will come at randome times. here are the locations i found. apparently, you need to watch them one at a time, to find them all.
-one will be on a table, the front left, with the singer.
-one was in the bathroom floor(last time i played)
-one was received from the green mushroom dealer.
-in the dumpster.
*before you can go to the elevator, you will me messaged again: a gift for you, int he middle lower drawr of the sink*

boris: calling boris and going into the 2nd stall gives you a mystery message: alice slive

the lab: win the slots

multiple options: there are multiple ways for you to unlock doors. for example: your hideout? you can use a penny and cut the wires.. or use that brick. the guard? you could give him a mushroom for an achievement, or you can hit him with the pipe.

you can call hatter, and going back to your hideout, you will get a little message from him..
an automatic medal for useing the elevator

is the only way to get out to die ?

can't find the coin on the screen in the beginning

The coin is in the drain in front of the hide out.

Wait, in my game the thermostat doesn't have numbers. Is it a bug? ANyone knows a solution?

Sounds buggy :( You can try just hitting the up button and see if he talks about revenge being hot (which means you've hit the temperature).

@Wind Lane - It's called Lucky Rabbit's Foot, with a description of "You win fair and square." if that helps any. :)

Also, I don't think anyone has said this here yet - there's a bonus cut scene at the end of the credits :)

awww. I liked this series until the end. :(

I found it confusing. So Rabbit pretended to kill Alice, or was he tricked? What did the little girl--kitty story have to do with anything? Did she kill daddy, or did the assassins do it?

I is all confuzzled :S

I'm pretty sure he was tricked - I think so that the Queen would think Alice was dead and let his guard down.

And I think that the Queen killed Daddy. On one of the tapes it sounded like one of the cats got the girl, but I'm not sure. I thought Daddy was working for the Queen?

I watch too much sci-fi. I thought the experiments done on the cats infected the girl. And she turned to a monster and killed daddy. But nothing else in the game seemed to relate.

thanks for trying to un-confuse me @lexiana. I'll warn you, that can be a full time job. ;)

Am I the only one who doesn't understand where to watch the tapes? I went to the safe house and tried to play them on the TV, but it doesn't work. Help please.

@Kitkatfox, do you remember the weird cat monster at the end of episode 2? I reckon the daughter accidently set that free, and it killed her father.

SPOILERYestheolnywayoutistodieSPOILER Just as in life.

Great song!!

If that was Alice at the end who shot the Rabbit, then who was the person in Alice Is Dead: Episode 1?? It's Alice, and The Queen shoots you at the end. At least, thats what I think. Great game though.

Wind Lane:

You get the Secret Medal by playing the slots without toggling the odds. So you have to play them as is. The original odds are 1 in 100. I ended up getting mine on the 40th go.

Someone asked the maker of the game (and to my delight I guessed right) and he said the Cheshire Cat is what happened to the girl and cat during the experiment. So all those calls from "unknown" are from it. He explains that the Cheshire Cat has the ability to disrupt electronic devices.

Also the one who killed the Rabbit was "The Queen" and the one who killed The Queen was Alice (sans typical Alice disguise because she placed it on the dead body in the first game).

Alice Is (Not) Dead Though - Through

● Start by moving forward into the city.

● Click on the cell phone to read the incoming SMS from Queen to all the Guards; click on the hang (red) button the put it aside.
● Get a coin from the sewers and a brick from the sidewalk.
● Use ANY of your items to ‘take care’ of the keypad:
 - You can use the coin on the keypad and then click on the red wires;
  then click on the padlock, or
 - Use the brick on the keypad and just click on the padlock.

● Inside the apartment, you can read the JOURNAL on the floor to find some numbers (the combination of a briefcase).
● Go to the answering machine on the table, hear the recorder messages and notice the phone numbers on the note.
● Feel free to dial both Ann’s and Hatter’s numbers… only if calling the Hatter you’ll get an SMS from him (but only inside the apartment; if you call him outside, you’ll get this reply after coming back here… if you ever do).
● Leave the apartment and walk forward down the street.

● In the dumpster view, get the pipe from the floor and go left.
● Have a conversation with Rulio in order to buy a mushroom in exchange of your penny; go right twice.
● You need to get rid of the guy(s) blocking the way into the club.
 - Use the pipe to knock him down, or
 - Use the mushroom on his drink, go left and back here.
● Whatever the case, you need to go to the dumpster to dispose of the pipe, due to the metal detector at the entrance… go inside the club.

● New SMS from Mary Ann on the cell phone. Go left, into the kitchen.
● Zoom in the temperature panel and raise it the highest possible (90 °F).
● Go to the right, into the washroom and see a message with a phone number (555 4513). Dial this number on the phone and get an ‘Access Granted’ response.
● Go back to the kitchen and zoom in the panel on the bottom of the slot machine to change the odds to ‘1 in 1’ and play for sure to win.
● Play the slots machine, win on the first try (of course) and win… what?
● Go back to the washroom, enter the third stall and now there’s the entrance to a secret lab; go in.

● Inside the secret lab, go to the left and get an SMS for you to find 3 video tapes.
● When going to the right, to the elevator, you’ll get another SMS as soon as you try to use the buttons saying you must first find and see those tapes.
● Leave the secret lab and find the tapes around.

● The location of the tapes changes from game to game, but you can find them in any of the following:
- Inside the washroom, on the floor in front of the door.
- On top of the right table, by the singer.
- Outside the club, on the table where the Guard’s drink is on.
- Inside the trash dumpster.
- With Rulio the mushrooms dealer.

● Once you have them all, go back to the secret lab and play them on the left scene with the VCR/TV combo on the head of the dead scientist.
● Go to the elevator on the right and get another SMS from Ann, who has a present hidden for you to find.
● Go out from the lab and find this ‘gift’ (a gun) inside a panel under the washroom’s sink.
● Return to the elevator in the secret lab, get a new SMS, and click on the (now functional) buttons to escape… by dying.

Medals (found so far):
BRAIN: for using the coin to get in the apartment AND the mushroom on the guy outside the club.
BRAWN: for using the brick to get in the apartment AND the pipe on the guy outside the club.
SECRET MEDAL: For winning in the slot machine without altering the odds (win playing ‘1 in 100’ odds).

Forgot to mention the...
OUT WITH A DING medal, for entering the elevator/finishing the game.

None of it makes sense! What is oystercloud?! Who authorized it! What happened to Burr's daughter?! Who is Boris and the Stranger?!HAVE NONE OF YOU PEOPLE THOUGHT ABOUT THIS?! I mean seriously. There has to be something more then just dying with this game. And what does Alive Slice mean?! Come on people seriosly!

@Riki Fresh: "Alive Slice" becomes "Alice Lives" by moving a couple letters.

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