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September 5, 2010

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Obama Crazy Tale Walkthrough

Obama Crazy Tale

Obama Crazy Tale is a new point and click type adventure game created by Inkagames. The Great Fairy of Tales has been kidnapped by the evil witch Maratuja. Help Obama rescue her before it's too late. Good luck and have fun!

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morning, found a hook, a rope and a saw and a ladder(placed), need a chicken, have to beat the wolf and stuck

2 magic beans now

Hi Gabi - where did you find the ladder?

use turtle shell on tree hole ;)

ladder is near tree in first scene

Change position of the finish sign to make the turtle win the race.

also key to sleeping beauty's house and a "goal sign"

how did you get the turtle shell, megi??

nvm got it

Shell on the wolf leads to the sprinkler and tied wolf leads to muffin.

gabi put FINISH SIGN on the left of turtle

Plant a bean and water it to get the chicken from the giant castle in the clouds.

wow what a progress, have the sprinker and the muffin

Take a golden egg from the chicken and buy everything at the magic shop.

where to plant the beans please??

Plant the beans in the first scene, where the X is.

@Sean B, how did you get past the bread crumbs on the table to get the chicken?

in first scene - red X sign

rambler - use saw on hook with stick

NVM, walk round the back of the bread lol

TY Megi

Hello Rambler. I didnt responded because Im still trying to figure out how to wake the sleeping beauty up.

Right, I've got all the stuff from the magic shop, but I've got to go to work now.

Enjoy the rest of the game you guys and I'll check back tonight.

Still trying to wake up sleeping beauty and also to get the key from the mouse! Any ideas??

Refill the sprinkler with water and use to wake her up. She'll tell the name of the elf.

good morning
still live??

how do you get across the bridge?

okay i got the egg and bought all these lovely things and stuck again

Hiw do you get eggs from the chicken and where do you place the ladder?

small tool - there's a note on the barn door

I haven't gotten across the broken bridge. Give the hat, sword and boots to the cat to take the flaute.
Hello SwissMiss, it's an honor to play with you.

Morning Swissmiss, still live

okay - now just need to trap the witch!

Use the flaute on the mouse to get the key and free Pinocchio.

Thanks ping, but I don't know how to make it dark.

i can't get past the gnome... where's the key to the house with the heart? Pleeeez...

To trap the witch you have to kick her into the oven. Click somewhere around her hand.

place the ladder in the farmers house under the window

smalltool: close the front door and then put the ladder under the window, climb up and close the window, wait 5 secs and then open them again. Voila! Golden egg. If only it was tha simple

and out! very nice game

The key to sleeping beauty's house is on the left bush.
Make the barn dark by closing the door and the window. The ladder is needed there.

Where do I use the ladder, how to make it dark to get the egg from the chicken and how to cross the broken bridge?

Use Pinocchio to go across the broken bridge.

Thanks Sean B

@ ping - the key is on the house (by the left window)

seanB: her hand? oh no! I've already kicked her into the oven! Does that mean I'll have to start again? Aaarghh!

i am trapped in the cave of the witch, helllpppppp

No ping. You did well by kicking her into the oven.

gabi, escape the witches cave using the rag on the magic lamp.

Gabi - you need the magic lantern before you go into the gingerbread house

And now I can't pass the bread crumbs!?

ahhh yes, the key. Thanks all!

small-tool - go round the back of the bread!

Duscharoo, how did you use the muffin to set the trap?

Thanks Duscharoo.

TY Sean!!!!!!!!

small-tool, just don't step on the crumbles. As easy as that.

Sean B - make it "dangerous" first (you still have a magic bean) and then put it on the window sill

Great Dusharoo! I always wondered if the remaining bean was useful and now I see it is. Thanks a million.

there are sooo many things to do
I am hoplessly behind

where are the beens please?

got the muffin - havn't crossed the bridge yet

SwissMiss, get the beans for free at the magic shop.

How can i pass the goblin, i dont'know his name?

Hi SwissMiss - beans are in the magic shop

has anyone trapped the witch yet? How do you build a trap?

Gabi - wake up sleeping beauty and she'll help

gabi, sleeping beauty knows the gnome's name. Use water to wake her up.

put the bean on the muffin

gabi, wake up sleeping beauty with water, she tells you the name.

ping - you have to trick her, not trap her

thanks SeanB

nvm got it

out! great game and funny too!

How do I get into the witch her house without falling.?

Nvm. You have to fall (but only if you have the magic lamp with you).

Great game. It was very fun to play my first live game with such an icon of EG24 like you SwissMiss. Thanks for your valuable help Duscharoo.

smalltool: you'll need the magic lamp

Yes indeed small-tool, just as it has been told in the previous comments.

Great game,
But we never used the short rope did we?

don't leave me in the cold please - you out-ers!!

how can I give the cat the hat.. the goblin is in the way

SwissMiss, you get past the gnome by telling his name. Sleeping Beauty knows it, but you need to water her, if you know what I mean.

i am at the house of the green witch and have a dangerous muffin, now what to do??

First ask the name of the goblin (Go to sleeping beauty and wake her up with water) and then talk to the goblin.
Take the cat and then give it all the stuff.

gabi, walk around the house and put the muffin on the window.

Put muffin (with bean) in the right window (outside the house).

You're fast with answering Sean B.
By the way, I did read all the comments but I only read that Gabi was trapped, but not that you had to fall.

ah got it

and out thank you all for your helpfull comments

I posted saying you needed to use the rug on the lamp to escape the witch's cave. How could you escape the cave if not falling into it?

oh I havn't come across sleeping beauty yet
I am at the whiches house now trying to trap her

Sorry Sean B,
Now I see, but still; it's hard when you try to catch up and read all the comments very fast, So I didn't make the connection between falling and cave.

somewhere I missed the key for the sleeping beauty house

Do I have to go past the goblin before I can free Pinocchio and cross the gap?

Better go back (you need the flute there too, not to trap her, but still).

That key is outside her house, if I remember correctly. Somehwere left I think.

Don't be sorry small-tool. It happens to everyone, even to those who make the same questions and you answer them by saying to go back and to read the posted comments. Ironic, isn't it?

lol small-tool I am walking miles and miles and miles here!

A pleasure to have played this game and I look forward to another one. The day is still young if you follow me.

Sean B,
I only make those comments when the game isn't live anymore and when the answers are 'very clear' in the previous posts.

Any help here please

I cannot get Pinnochios key
have not got Sleeping beauty's house key
and not flute

No you don't, but anyway. Work awaits.

Started again, the key is in front of her house, under the left window.

Reading to children is educational.

We get to relearn all the Fairy Tales of our youth.LOL

thanks small-tool for sticking around!

@SwissMiss key in bush at the feft of her door, splash water in her fave.

she was NO sleeping beauty!


then you need to get the Pied Piper's flute.

thanks for help - I am trying to saw the branch off but so far no luck getting the flute

Her face is probably her fave (favorite) so it actually wasn't a typo.

Let the cat do the work.

ah got it - aren't cats handy??

Get Puss N Boot's help for that.

So true S.T. especially with the 'Princess' of today. LOL

we are getting somewhere - freed Pinochio

and out - finally

thanks for all that help

I like these stories

See...Music has charms to soothe the savage breast.

That was by far the best game out of the last 1/2 dozen or more.

cu around chaps - have to do some serious stuff now!
always fun playing with you

Where did my previous comment go?

I found it @Small.. =)) I'll send it to you...1 moment...

Cute game!

OH an Incagame! I have to play it right away! :D

Man, that was fun!!
I'd like to write a WT for this one... enjoyed so much!

       Anonymous  9/6/10, 7:20 AM  

I've played twice: with FF and IE... Got stuck both times in witch's cottage: can't find window to put dangerous muffin :-(((
And can't go out either...

Please help if you write a WT !!!

Argh! @Talie, I started writing a while back but got distracted with other games... really rushing now!!!

Standing for Really Rushed Run-Through
(Forgive if any wrong information is given due to the lack of review/editing)

● Start by looking at the sign, and notice that somehow the cross on the floor has something to do with going to the castle on the clouds.
● Take the ladder from the right tree and go right.

● Enter the barn and take the saw, the stick with a hook and the rope. Leave the barn, read the yellow paper to know how to make chickens put an egg fast and go right.

● At the roads crossing, go to the top right.
● Take the FINISH sign and place it behind the turtle; talk to the turtle to get the shell. Go back.

● At the roads crossing, go to the top left, into the woods.
● Use the SHELL on the left hole of the tree to knock the wolf down and take the sack.
● Click on the SACK in inventory and choose ‘Open’ to free Little Red Riding Hood and to have another rope (and an unnecessary ‘empty sack’) in inventory.
● Use the short ROPE to tie the unconscious wolf up and take the now harmless wolf.
● Go to the right.

● At the scene with the gnome sleeping under a tree, try to take the CAT… but you won’t be able since the gnome will wake up and will give you a chance to escape punishment if you know his name. You’ll be turned into a pig, so just go BACK TO GAME.
 Interestingly enough, and differently from other games in the series, you have to “die” here in order to get his name eventually in the game.
● Go back to the right.

● At the roads crossing, enter Grandma’s house. Give LITTLE RED RIDING HOOD to her and take the sprinkler in gratitude. Go out.

● At the roads crossing, enter the Magic Shop; take only both magic beans. Go out and back to the bottom left.

● At the barn scene, fill the SPRINKLER with water from the container.
● Move to the left.

● Starting scene; plant a BEAN where the X marks the spot and water it with the SPRINKLER to make a giant tree grows. Climb on it to go up.

● Enter the giant’s castle by the hole on the door.
● In inventory, use the SAW on the STICK/HOOK and combine the hook and the ROPE. Use this rope with a hook on top of the table and use it to go up.
● If you walk on the crumbs, you will wake the giant up, so walk around the bread instead and get the chicken (don’t forget to go back down without stepping on the crumbles!)
● Go all the way back down and move to the right.

RRR - THROUGH (Part Two)

● Enter the barn and put the CHICKEN on the nest.
● Close the door; put the LADDER under the window and use it to close the window too.
● After 5 seconds, the chicken will be asleep. Open window and door to wake the chicken up and get a golden egg.
● Leave the barn, and FILL THE SPRINKLER AGAIN before moving to the right.

● Enter the Magic Shop again and use the EGG to buy all the stuff: magic lamp, a pair of boots, the sword and the hat.
● Leave the shop and go to the top right.

● Move forward to see Sleeping Beauty’s house. Open the door with the purple key that is on the left bush (bottom let of the window) and go inside.
● Use the water in the SPRINKLER to wake her up (you might have to get a bit closer) and talk to her to know the gnome’s name (Juanito).

● Go all the way back to the left to face the gnome again (across the woods) and try to get the cat. The gnome will threat you again (but this time you know his name) so get rid of him by choosing his name from the options.
● Now you can take the cat.
● Move to the left.

● In inventory, give the cat the HAT, SWORD and BOOTS and use this puss in boots to take the flute hanging from the tree.
● Go right 3 times (to the roads crossing) and to the bottom right.

● Enter the piggy’s house and give the HARMLESS WOLF to them; get the muffin in return.
● Leave the house and go right.

● At the scene with the gingerbread house, knock on the door and ACCEPT the witch’s invitation to go in… you’ll fall down into a pit.
● Take the rug from the floor and use it on the MAGIC LAMP. Use the genie’s help to go out the pit.
● Click on the witch (busy by the oven) and click on the hand to trap her inside the oven.
● Now ‘LOOK’ inside the mouse hole and use the FLUTE on the mouse to get the yellow key.
● Use this KEY on the padlock to free Pinocchio; take him with you
● Leave the house and move right.

● At the scene with the broken bridge, place PINOCCHIO on the ground; talk to him 3 times to make him lie and use his enlarged nose as a bridge to cross over; move right.

● At the scene with the witch’s cabin, don’t enter but move to the right window. Combine the MAGIC BEAN with the MUFFIN and put this dangerous muffin on the window sill.
● That’s it! Just go through the final scenes and texts and consider yourself OUT! Congrats!

       Anonymous  9/6/10, 8:20 AM  

Oh thank you TY TY Edgar I was missing this part:
● Click on the witch (busy by the oven) and click on the hand to trap her inside the oven.

Thanks @edgar...I needed the was perfect!

yvw @Talie & nokra! TY back :)

I love these games! Got out on my own. Well, almost... I needed to know about using the sprinkler to wake the girl. I tried it before, but didn't find the right spot (click on her face).
Thanks @Edgar for the walkthrough!

Yay! An Inkagame! I haven't been online for a long time...

Hehehe @hot_shot, I knew this one would bring you back for a while :)
Glad to see you!

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Umm, Maratuja's death kind of violent, lol

       Anonymous  9/24/10, 2:46 AM  

Great game

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i cant push the witch i tried to click her hand but it didnt work help me

@Mommy Jam, did you enter the house of the witch and fall down the pit? Then you should take a cloth and use on the magic lamp to talk to the genie. After that, he helps you up and when you stand on the floor to the left of the pit there should be no problem pushing the witch. It's not HER hand you should click but the "action hand" (you choose from eye, hand and mouth as always when clicking things). Use that "hand" on any part of her body.

hi how to get a golden egg pls tell??

wait were to find the key of sleeping beauty house?? :/

how do you get rid of the gobblin
spelling is terrible

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