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Spanish Room Escape Walkthrough

Spanish Room Escape

Rotuc Spanish Room Escape is another point and click room escape game developed by Rotuc. Escape from the room filled with different Spanish symbols. Solve puzzles and combine items to find your way out. But take your time, it’s not an easy thing to do. Good luck and have fun!

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hello all


Helllooooo annaby

Hi annaby, just finished Gazzy.
Let's see what this is.

...and EnJoy

Hello all!
Found so far: knife (used), gold key and blue key

Hi all, joining you now :)

Got an axe like thing.
And a knife (above sword).

finished gazzy, and now this one ...

Yet another game! Going in. Hi all!

Weapon, knife, a ball, a key

Found old axe and used it to get 3. key.

For the black key, use the axe/weapon under the little table.

Got the blue key from top of the black coat hanger, a red/yellow ball from the right painting, a thing from the floor in front of bed (forgot the name but you can carve with it lol).

Two keys now..

I only found a big sword type thingy!

A chisel yes lol...

Use the knife on the red pepper in the plant to get the gold key.

Use weapon on flower pot (red pepper)

got a golden key from the red pepper, used knife.
Thanks @Zazie! A chiesel it is!

Used SD on bed and got green key

solving pic puzzle ...

Oh no - found slider puzzle

Hi all
gold and blue key
knive and one billiard ball

Use chisel in plant in the right view.

there's some sort of knob on the side of the left bedpost

Oh no... clicked an ad. Restarting.

This comment has been removed by the author.

Sorry I meant where to use the chisel.

on to a slider type puzzle

Got a golden taurus from slider puzzle

Where is the screwdriver and where's the slider puzzle?

Hi all! You guys are fast! This game just now showed up for me.

where is the slider puzzle?

found another (purple) ball

where did you find the axe?

I almost caught up again.
@Truus, where is the screwdriver?
I haven't seen the slider puzzle.

@small-tool, slider puzzle is in one of the drawers after you use one of the keys (blue or black I think), you get gun after solving it.

axe is the corner right of bed
where's the SD?

Scredwriver between the cupboards.

where is SD please

Found a black key from the helmet under the table to the right of the bed (maybe you did already).

need number code after using blue key

Thanks for the SD @small-tool!

Thanks s-t!

I used the blue key, but didn't get a slider but a 4-digit code.

there is a ball in the guitar but I cannot take it yet

where is slider puzzle please

hm, need 4-digit code...any clue?

Thanks small-tool for telling where the SD was, I was trying to catch up on the other items.
Did anyone get the thingy from the guitar yet?

Second puzzle gave me silver taurus (used to get a tool)
All 3 keys used, have left: new tool, chisel, knife, old axe, pistol and one ball

Oh! Use the keys when not zoomed on the drawers!

used screwdriver now onto a puzzle with three circles made of dots...

Well I used all my keys now and no slider.

With new tool I got the ball from guitar

got 2. ball from bull-color-code drawer. (color hint is on guitar)

use purple ball in sword of arms to get another spanish flag ball

       Anonymous  9/3/10, 8:52 AM  

cool still live!

used the green key in a right drawer to color some bulls. Used the color order from the guitar strings to get my second ball.

...not sure if ive caught up or not, lol!

solved the dot puzzle and got silver bull thingy

what to shoot with my new gun?

how do u solve the dot puzzle??

got silver taurus from dots-puzzle.

finally got the gun

Any clue on the 3 circles of dots puzzle?

have 4 balls, and no idea where I am, lol

Still cannot find axe.

The code for the below left drawer is in first view when you click the patterns above window.

The guitar colors don't work for me. They are BGBRYR right?

Ornaments above the window are the clues for the bottom drawer (light and dark balls)

Hint for dots puzzle above window

Where to use yellow/gold key and how to get ball from the guitar? Way behind...I know.

My internet shut down, so I just restarted again. Will play behind you now.

dot code above window

guitar strings start in black. Third one is blue.

now have 4 balls, only missing one!

where to use gun???

@sub, are u just missing how to use gun and number code?

By solving the dark and light balls puzzle I got the flag from the guitar (cut strings)

axe is in cupboard view in the corner right of red lamp (not zoomed)

The strings are black green blue pink yellow red.

yes @mayberry! have you figured out?

       Anonymous  9/3/10, 8:59 AM  

You can zoom in on tiles all the way to the right inthe right view.... but y?

WOW, Got a gun! Where to use it?

where to use the blue key? couldn't find it above comments

Tx for the hint on the light/dark balls.

How 'about the numbers?

@edgar, we have no idea, lol!

POP, use the gun in the light bulb right from the window, lol!

pop.. never mind.. now need four digit code

yeah, blue, i just found the tiles, there are 4 brown marks, but i cant get a code from them

4 flags now and a 4-digits code for me to find.

Gotta go! Hope to see you all live for Sakura! Have fun, thanks, and GL! :D

nice @edgar! :)

@EnJoy, hard to know exactly. Just try all the drawers and use the keys on the locked ones.

That's strange Edgar.
I got a bulls head by solving the grey and black dots.

just the code now

someone mentioned a purple ball and use it on the coat of arms in the drawer.. where is the purple ball?

I think I'm missing a flag most of you already got :(

Thx Miller, i just got aware that it is already in my inventory lol.

Missing one ball....

thanks edgar, just 4 digit code now

Ok, used the bulls head in one of the drawers and got the nippers for the guitar strings.

Have to go now :(
good luck and fun!!!!

enjoy, use chisel in a plant

ive got all 5 flags. but i still need the 4digit code :(

       Anonymous  9/3/10, 9:04 AM  

@mayberry, I was just looking at that. 4 numbers but the #11 on the clock-like bron marks does not add up...

Not strange at all @s-t, I just commented skipping some steps in-between. Eventually you'll get what I said.

has anyone used the purple ball

need the 4th striped one - probably from number code

       Anonymous  9/3/10, 9:05 AM  

@mayberry just saw those too, but the #14 in the clock-like brown marks doenst make sense in a 4 digit code...

thanks @ mayberry.
Have all the balls now

SwissMiss, purple ball goes in drawer with crossed swords.

@swissmiss, use purple ball on a crest in a drawer to get a flag ball

in coat of arms in drawer

Where is 5th ball ?

purple ball goes on sword of arms

wow, swissmiss has 3 guys ready to save a damsel in distress ...lol

@swissmade use purple ball on upper right drawer in the two two swords. sorry for bad english

Where is the purple ball?

Thanks for purple ball. That was my missing 5th flag. Now looking for the code.

thanks all for the last ball

now for the code.. five flag balls found, need the crown

There is a strange tile on the bottom left of plant (second view, zoomed in plant.)

Please, where is the slider puzzle?

@small tool

in plant, use chisel

I am honored - thanks all for help

just numbers now I think

hmm use gun in lightbulb on the left view

Ok chisel in plant for purple ball.
Thanks mayberry.

@zazie, that had to do with the purrple ball with the chisel

Just put all 5 balls in something that has the outline of a crown. So we need a crown. But I can't find where I put the balls!! Argh!

slider puzzle in 2nd drawer from top in left cupboard.
where is the purple ball, please?

one can zoom in to tiles right of mirror

Thank you Miller, must have missed clicking that drawer.

@Zazie.. used chisel there and it made a sound. ??

brb, hope u guys figure it out while i'm gone ...

that number code is giving me headache!

Ok thx mayberry for tile info and MC_T for the last ball !

@Miller.. in plant use chisel

where is the chisel?

@miller, chisel is in front of bed (If I remember correctly).

could the hint for the code be found in the paintings? number of arms??? etc.

Miller, chisel is on the (not zoomed) floor, left view.

And what with the zoomed view on the right ? (Two big tiles)

Phew! After restarting I dont know how many times I have the five balls. Need the code now.

ah, thanks Submachine! now for code!
anyone noticed the tiles right of cupboards?

Where to use gun please?

@Miller in front of bed on floor in 1st view

Okay, didn't leave. Is everybody out? I have all my balls (lol)and need a crown and 4 digit code.

       Anonymous  9/3/10, 9:15 AM  

@Enjoy, it look sliek teh hint is in the 2 tiles on the right.

still no hint for the 4 digit code =(

@day_dream, on light bulb above window.

@mgkanda, nope, still stuck on code!

The red parts must be the code....

Thank you submachine.

lol @mgkanda, save your balls for later (oops). It's not even brains now I think, only maybe luck to use the right thing on the right spot...???

Did we use the inside view of the lamp (in the first/left scene). Maybe we have to combine that with the tiles?

@day_dream Use gun on bulb in light to the right of window in first view.

The crown we are assuming is from finding 4 digit code?

Can someone remind me where I put my balls please? ;) Where to find them, with the space for the crown.....I lost it.....

I'm pretty sure the tiles give the code. because four areas are marked...

@Edgar Balls later...noted. Now for these tiles.

@s-t, I dont think we have used that view, or the straw-hat one.

@allison_g, click on the down arrow in navigation bar for the place for balls and crown.

@allison, there is a down arrow in 1st view

@allison_g 1st view you can turn around to place balls.

I have 2 4 5.5 and 7.5 - obviously wrong...

on the first view you have a down arrow!

huh...no nines in # code.

if you look at the tiles.. the center flowers have different color petals which are not consistent left vs. right

Thanks all. got it.

So far, from what I can remember, we haven't "used": tiles on wall, sombrero/hat, all pictures (only used 1), dagger mounted on the wall. Anything else? Also, I can zoom in on the second picture, but from the left view.

Correct that on the picture zoom, make it the right view.....

If you divide the tiles in four parts there is one brown "leaf" in each of them. Maybe irrelevant.

I tried 1234 for the 4 quarters where the brown petals are, nope...

       Anonymous  9/3/10, 9:24 AM  

only numbers 1-8. that should help, right?! lol

there are 16 petals - starting north and clockwise it is number 3,14, and 7,10 which is colored

tried all sorts of numbers for position of brown in each quadrant - getting very frustrated

Lol @Zazie, I tried that too, but I think their positions within the quarters are important too... if i shall go on with this theory.

hmm...thinking cap on but I think it's on the fritz.

tried counting the green leaves in between the brown ones but, nope. Numbers get too high.

lol @mgkanda

LOL@Ellie i know this would be too easy, but one never knows.

yep got the crown

Maybe the brown petals show direction (corners) to click on something else. I hate to leave you all now, but I really gotto go.

Good luck all!!!

and out!

@swissmiss, how?

I also tried counting the positions where the brown petals are pointing (in the center)...

Lebananas helped with the comment on only being numbers 1 to 8

@swissMiss WHat?

@Swiss Can you expand on that please?

the circle has 16 petals - so half the circle has 8 - the 8 petals are in top and bottom tile
4 - numbers 4 x 2 tiles - counting

sorry sounds complicated
I try again
take the first 2 tiles on the left (above not sidewise) count the brown leave
go to the next two tiles etc.

       Anonymous  9/3/10, 9:32 AM  

glad i could help but how?!?!

And out.
Thanks @SwissMiss

@leb.. you said in the code are only numbers up to 8 - there are 16 petals, i.e. 8 per 2 tiles - so it had to be connected

Thanks SwissMiss, out too.



still cant figure it out.. thought it might be 2736, but that doesnt work.

Great job @SwissMiss!! Congrats! Lol, I'm still counting and counting... trying to do it the right way.

I don't get it. could someone please make a spoiler? maybe this way i understand it...

       Anonymous  9/3/10, 9:35 AM  

oh ffs spoil the code already.

Thanks Swiss! WTG!

thanx @swissmiss

@sub.. count clockwise

Thank you SwissMiss, i am out....

       Anonymous  9/3/10, 9:37 AM  

lol i guess i was counting the petals wrong. thanks!

Thanks @SwissMiss! - never would have gotten that

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