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🖳 Robamimi Who am I? - R20 Walkthrough

🖳 Robamimi Who am I? - R20

[REPLAY] Robamimi Who Am I R 20 - is a new Japanese point and click type room escape game by Robamimi. In this game, you have to find your way out by looking for items and some clues to solve puzzles. Good luck and have fun!

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live one??
good morning
anyone with me in this

very nice music - soothing for early morning
lots of hints and papers so far

We need to fix the water pipe to get those balls and the key out I suspect!

I need help - anyone???

tried to click the rams like the hint on the star but doesn't work

I hate that your comments page doesn't go back to the end as before - you have to scroll down all the time!

Playing with you but sich so don't know if I'm able to be any good.

sick, nog sich. That's how clear my mind is ;-)

Hi Christina

sorry to hear you are sick - hope it is not too bad
but all help appreciated

Found translucent sheet with star, sheep in starshape (that must match), 2 scraps of paper end wrench.

Hi Guys - have 10 mins to spare so might as well jump in!

A Robamimi game! These are usually pretty good.

Star and sheep (aries) are for box near laptop, have faucet now.

Same as you Christina, but the star shape doesn't work on the sheep :-(

Hi Rambler and Duscharoo

pls help
we got paper clues - faucet and wrench and need somehow to open the cellar door for a pipe

it does but you have to start where you end, ie. click 6 x

It does Rambler, it's pointing to left or rightfacing sheep for the box on the table (press 6 times)

paper says NiSi wich is 2814 but doesn't work on door that way.

I have no clue for the SE=7 and 00NiSi

Ahh, got it. Thanks Christina :o)

So far:
2 notes (put together), note with star (used), wrench and facet.
Se, Ni and Si = Selen, Nicel and Silicium????

How is NiSi 2814???

Okay - I thought the code might be 0096 (using 1st letters of each number) but no joy ;(

se=7 (seven), ni=9 si=6 0=1

Se = 7?

Got it!!!!


Errr, I mean 1196 :o)

Yay, got ladder and pipe, orange, pink, blue and green, but no key.

and out!! stick for help

Damn, got to got to work :o) Good luck all..

stuck on the code downstairs - thought it was wine but nada

put ladder on tank and activate pump from comp

Oh - that was short!
But out!

can anyone pls explain why 11 and why 9 and 6
sorry for being daft!

code for flower panel: the nr. letter from the colour words - 1 orange, 1 pink, 4 blue, 5 green.

@SwissMiss - o(ne)=1, ni(ne)=9 si(x)= 6

first letter of number 1-one = o ni- nine=9 si-six=6

Have only two hintsheets. Thougt final answer was Europe or European, but nada.

thanks Duscharoo - overthinking again -lol-

but who was born in 1145??

Wiki in 1145 gives a lot of rubbish - nothing that works (pope, halley comet, etc.)

stu - any hint please

@ Christina - the answer is


but now stuck again!

pop! and out - nice game!!

It is Wine, but for me it didn't work until I used CAPS. Sigh, early morning and upset stomach and thinking......:-)

got the flower box open - but what now with that button?

Wine is correct - but I think you must find all 5 hints first!

Last bit is easy if you read the hint. Now a replay to find hint 3-5

finally out - I am not having a good day I think!

just hold it down until you get to the right number

Found 3 and 5 now, still looking for 4

POP, should have looked there :-). But you can finish even without any hintcards, just the hint from the bottom o.t. screen.

4 is behind red box (with code OPEN)

i am stuck with box near laptop ,i clicked the button 6 times but it didnt work ..help pls.....:(

Use the note with star on the sheeps right side of desk:
left, right, right, right, left, left

@gamegal use direction of sheep heads... then follow the lines of the star...you should click 6 times

out:) good game, but way too short

@ stu and @sue thank u so much for ur help got it now ...:)

another excellent game! tnx robamimi!

What a wonderful game! Robamimi knows how to make a good game!! Did get out only with the in game hints.

I want to play it but, I can't get it to load. Earlier I was getting the "page not found" msg. and now I have a page but, just white box for game screen. Is it chrome?

nvm loaded in FF. It is chrome.

can't figure out the box downstairs. Which one is wine? It looks like I need to type in the one which I can't right now and the other I scroll through and choose letters. There wine isn't working. The hint button says "what number letter? Back to the top and check it" Maybe I do need all hints first? Can't find 3 or 4. Idk. If anyone comes back will you leave me a hint? I have to go but I'll come back a little later. I really like the graphics. Smooth game.

If I remember correctly (can't open the game now!?). It was the color hint combined with the 4 digit number hint (wich letter of the colors yo uhave to use) in the basement.
You don't need all the hint cards to go out.

canot load in IE or FF

can't get the code for both the boxes downstairs.. can someone help, pls?

The colors upstairs are;
The numbers in the basement are;
So from orange the first letter etc.
After that you can do the other box with the clover you get and there just type the word in (use hint cards to find that word, but already given in comments above).

ty so much small tool... out now.. :)

thanks @small-tool! Yes, I had trouble getting it to load too. Had to close chrome and open in FF, click "HOME" and find the link from their site to get it to work. weird.

Awesome. Loved it.

Yea! It finally loaded for me....
Since this is the first time I have commented in a few days....
Let me just say that I love the new,clean format of the page.....But I miss the avatars!!!!!

       Anonymous  9/21/10, 7:56 AM  

But, wait. What is the deal with the last number?

Hold down the button...ok. But what number???

       Anonymous  9/21/10, 7:58 AM  

BTW, inmho the reformatting of the page did not in any way make posting comments less cumbersome.

In other words posting comments on this site is still a pain in the ass!

Can I get a walkthrough, please?

Missed the live game and now I can't even get into this one.. game screen is just white!!

Here it is Cyberjar88.

some code solutions at the bottom.

- See CLUE #1 (SE=7) on the door.
- Go right

- Open the drawer and take HINT CARD #1 and the SHEET (looks like a stick).
- Open the sheet in your inventory to make it really a sheet.
- Zoom in on the bottom right side of the desk to see the sheep. Put the sheep over it and now you see (following the arrow) sheep facing; Left, Righ, Right, Right, Left, Left.
- Zoom in on the box on the desk and click the buttons in that order. The box opens and you can take the FAUCET and HINT CARD #2.
- Zoom in on the keyboard and take CLUE 2a from the bottom middle of the keyboard (the little note).
- Go right.

- Zoom in on the plants and lift the middle one and take CLUE 2b. Lift the right one and take the WRENCH.
- Go right (2x).

- In your inventory; combine clue 2a with 2b and you see O, O, NI, SI,. On clue 1 you saw SE=7 and with that you know enough to open the door with the code. Do so

- Take the LADDER.
- Go down.
- Close the door and take the PIPE (on the floor behind the door).
- Take HINT CARD #3 (on the closed door).
- Open the door again, go out, go left.

- Zoom in on the tap. Put the faucet on, put the pipe on and use the wrench on it.
- Go left (2x).

- Zoom in on the computer and click go.
- Go left (2x).

- See CLUE #3a (the order of the colors from top to bottom; Orange, Pink, Blue, Green ).
- Put the ladder and go up and take the KEY.
- Take the ladder back.
- Go left.

- Zoom in on the trapdoor in the floor and open it with the key.
- Put the ladder and go down, go left, go down.

- Click on the floor to the bottom right of the big red box and take HINT CARD #4.
- Go right

- See CLUE #3b (the numbers on the wall 1, 1, 4, 5). Combine this with clue 3a and you have the code for the big red box.
- Go left.

- Zoom in on the red box and put in the code, click ok and take the golden CLOVER.
- Go right (2x).

- Click on the floor to the right of the stairs and take HINT CARD #5.
- Go right.

- See CLUE #4 (the 5 on the wall).
- Zoom in on the little red box and put the clover in to open the code panel.
- Use the information from the 5 hint cards for the code. Put in the code word (upper case only / CAPS).
- Now you can click and hold the right button till left is on the right number (use clue 4) and then release and you're out.


- On the door was SE=7 and this is the clue to see that SE means seven.
- On the paper was O, O, NI, SI, so with that same method (first or first two letters of the word) it's One, One, NIne, SIx, so the code is 1196.

- The colours of the colored balls are;
- The numbers in the basement are;
- Combine this by taking the letters of the word according to the numbers.
- So first letter of orange is O, first of pink is P, 4th of blue is E and 5th of green is N.
- So the code is OPEN.

- All 5 hint cards are about wine, so the code word is WINE.

- There was a big 5 on the wall, so hold the button till the number on the left is 5.

On the right side of the desk it's of course 'put the sheet on the sheep' and not 'put the sheep on the sheep'.
Sorry about that.

can't get it to load in ff just have white screen

yeah loading now

       Anonymous  9/21/10, 5:51 PM  

Very cool game and great graphics. Only need help once this time! Yeah!!!

I escaped the kegger! lol

Why was I slow on picking up 1145...geesh. Out on my own. Pretty short. :)

got out of the wine barrel. lovely game :) I wish it was longer.

Beautiful game! Thank You

Lovely game took me a while to figure word on big red box so obvious when you get it ty for posting

Thanks for reposting this excellent game!

That Se=7 was a mean trick, I think I wasn't the only one thinking about the periodic table and digit sums. Se (selenium) with atomic number 34 and 3+4=7, thence O (oxygen) 8, Ni (nickel) 28 => 2+8=10 and 1+0=1, Si (silicon) 14 => 1+4=5. And -- damn it! 8815 does not work!

Perhaps some of you can call it a serious case of overthinking, but I don't think so, that was game designers trick after all.

       Subscribe  2/4/24 12:24 PM

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