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Country House Escape Walkthrough

Country House Escape

DozenGames Country House Escape is another point and click room escape game from Dozen Games. You find yourself trapped in the country house, try to figure out how to escape by using the items and solving the puzzles. Good luck and have fun!

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loading ...

Yay. Lots of new ones tonight.

Hi all, just starting

Good morning everyone!

found a 2 on australia onthe globe.

Yellow 3 on stereo.
Red 4 on phone.
Blue 2 on globe.

teal 2 (globe), yellow 3 (vcr) ,green 6 (clock). blue 6 (mirror)

Pink 9 in bed.

Open drawer with 6436

rhombus next to other vcr, sd in bathroom, and white 2 under bed.

Got a triangle from cupboard with using color codes.

Square from thing next to window.

purple 9 on bed, red 4 on phone. a rectangle from wood thing next to pcture.

Pierre, where is the other vcr?

have 3 shapes need rectangle

First game I can get into all morning...kept crashing or not loading...Hi all!

Nvm other stereo was next to window.
3 shapes now.

drained tub, got note

Rectangle was on thing next to window or picture.
Where was the circle?

Theres a safe behind the picture above the bed.

There's a safe behind the picture above the bed.

How to drain the tub?

wow, are pierre and s-t the same person? lol

lol small tool, almost exactly the same comment.

Put pieces over towels and get a new piece

This piece is for tube

stuck on laptop code and what to do with transparent note

Hi all
Need the circle, please, lol

lol Pierre.

cece, I'm missing the circle?

Ah circle is in toilet, use screwdriver.

use sd on toilet to get circle

I have the note now, but can't see it. Is there about item somewhere?

Ok thank you but where is SD please????

Ah you place the note on the little picture next to the bed.

I think the screwdriver was in the cupboard in the bathroom.

i'm out!

Thank you so much small-tool!
I don't believe that I missed this view ;)

use note on colr frame by bed to get laptop code

And use those color numbers to get in the laptop.

put plastic on pcture next to bed.

use laptop info plus other numbers from around the room to get safe code - you get doorknob and you are out

gl all, i have to go

what number colors did you use on the safe?

laptop code is SPOI79LER.

Gives code for safe I believe.

Yes - I'm out - thank you all for help!

and out.

I'm not out.
Isn't 4 supposed to be red, but I can't make that on the safe?

2 light blue
3 white
4 purple
9 purple

numbers that are colour changed on safe are SPOI23490LER.

and 0 white too @Stu

Ah thanks, out too now.
Of course the 4 was pink/purple from the laptop and not the 4 from the phone.

For the coloured rings, click green twice, red once and blue 3 times.

Oh you're right Edgar - sorry! :)

why do these games have to be SOOO DARK!

michele-with-pug have you tried adjusting the angle of your monitor? It usually helps...

My safe won't open, I wonder what I am doing wrong. I put 0 in white and 4 in purple, pressed the safe wheel and central button but nothing. Can someone help me please?

OK I must have missed a clue because I had to change colours to other numbers on the safe... I wish I knew where that clue had been, I feel like a cheat.

nice game. :)

I agree. Didn't like the safe code.


● Start by going to the left.

● Zoom on the stereo on the right and take the pentagon shape from the right of it; zoom out.
● Zoom under the left of the couch to see a WHITE #3; zoom out.
● Zoom in the top lamp (?) by the window and take the rectangle shape; zoom out.
● Go left.

● Zoom on the bed and again on the phone on the right to see a RED #4 on it; zoom out once.
● Click on the middle pillow to move it away and zoom in to see a PURPLE #9 on the left one; zoom back two times.
● Zoom on the bathroom door and again on the clock on the left to see a GREEN #6; zoom out once.
● Enter the bathroom.

● Zoom in the left sink and open the hot water (red tap) to read BLUE #6; zoom out.
● Open the second door under the sinks to find a screwdriver; take it, move to the left and leave the bathroom.

● Back to the comfy corner view, go to the right two times.
● Zoom on the TV on the left and again on the presumable DVD player on the left; turn it on with the top left button to see a YELLOW #3; zoom out two times.
● Zoom in the desk on the top right and again on the globe; click on it to see a LIGHT BLUE #2 and zoom back once.
● You might like to zoom in the lap top to note that you need a sum of 5 colors to log in; zoom out tow times and go to the right.

● Zoom again on the bed, but this time move to the right with an arrow on the bottom right.
● Zoom on the cupboard and notice that it needs 4 (colored) digits to open; use some of the numbers you’ve already “collected” and enter them to get the triangle shape (and you can dispose of these numbers now, since they won’t be used anymore).
● Go back to the (non-zoomed) bed view and enter the bathroom.

● Once inside the bathroom, zoom on the toilet and open the tank lid with the screwdriver; click on the handle to flush and get the circle shape from inside the empty tank; zoom back.
● Zoom on the wall to the right of the toilet and place the 4 shapes; zoom in the opening and get a handle; zoom back two times and go to the left.
● Zoom on top of the Jacuzzi and put the handle on its place; zoom back and see the jacuzzi is empty now; zoom on it to take a note with numbers on it.
● Zoom back, move to the left and exit the bathroom.

● Back in the comfy corner go to the bed view on the left.
● Zoom on the bed and again on the frame on the left bedside table; put the note with numbers on the frame and make notes of the numbers in the colored dots; zoom out 2 times and go to the left.

● Zoom again on the desk and on the laptop to log in entering the sum of the dotted numbers on the frame to see the HINT FOR THE SAFE.
● Additionally, see the WHITE #0 and the PURPLE #4; zoom out twice and go to the right.

● Back on the (zoomed) bed, zoom in the picture on the top left and click on it to move it aside; zoom in the revealed safe and click on the colored rings to make them like in the lap top. When done, proceed by clicking on the keypad to enter the remaining numbers with their respective colors (clicking once makes the number purple, once more changes to light blue and a third time makes it white). If done well, the safe will open for you to take the door knob; go all the way out and to the left 2 times.

● Zoom on the door where the knob should be and use yours there; zoom back.
● Click on the door to escape. Congrats! :)


Cupboard code:
Along the many numbers seen around, 4 of them had the colors to open the drawer: blue 6 (mirror), red 4 (phone), yellow 3 (DVD player) and green 6 (clock). Therefore, the code is 6436.

Lap top log-in
After putting the note with numbers on the frame, the colored numbers are: 1, 10, 20, 21 & 27. The sum of all of them is 79.

Safe code:
The remaining colored numbers are to be used in this keypad: light blue 2 (globe), white 3 (under couch), purple 9 (pillow), purple 4 and white 0 (both from the laptop).
As for the colored rings, it’s done by clicking the green one twice, the red one once and the blue one three times.

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