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Entertainment Room Escape Walkthrough

Entertainment Room Escape

Entertaintment Room Escape is another point and click type room escape games developed by Ich Will Spielen. Try to escape the room by finding items and solving puzzles. Good luck and have fun!

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Any one here in this room with a whole lot of couches LOL

hi @Serran! got a couple of cables and some batteries... at least this isn't a dark room like most of them have been lately!

I am stuck with 3 cords and 2 batteries.

there's a remote in one of the bright corners, behind the couches

oh, and a note tucked into the couch as well!

Thanks! Have batteries in it, and stuck again :P

237 on vcr, not sure how to work remote...

hmmm, found a place for a code on the left under the tv...

and places to put cables on the back of the tv...

another cable in hanging lamp above black sofa in "bright" corner

Stuck. Batteries in remote and 4 colored cables

Hi all, trying to catch up!!

at least i have a blue screen on the tv now, but i still don't know how to operate the remote

Zoom on top of the TV to use the 4 cables there.

@testsite and ShellzBellz, help us, pleeze!

Edgar, too! Now we're cookin'!!!

zoz what do you need help with?

tried using note for code to no avail....

@shellzbellz, pretty much everything, lol. any ideas on the code under the tv (with "C" in front of it and a yellow button above)?

hahaha @zoz, I wonder...

hm, is this game a bit buggy or what?

I noticed "zamjung" on the back of the TV. That name also appears on list. But code from list doesnt work as PW...any thoughts?

I think I am in the same place, 4 cables placed, tv blue, two batteries in remote

do we need the numbers from the paper to work the remote?

I wish I could help.... still searching for cable(s). Have 3 (placed), 2 batteries placed in remote, saw paper with codes and found place to put code..... clicking like mad again!!!!

Good find, re: the zamjung, @ShellzBellz
i'm thinking that the colors on the remote are significant, but i'm not sure where to use them.

when i push ok on the remote, it takes me to the spot for the code... clue or a bug?

Im pretty sure I have pressed every button on that damn remote.....

And got the blue screen also!

where is the note please?

hot spot on lamp pole

Use the zamjung number on the remote and click on the [update] button the have a 'TV' on the top right of the screen.

Joann pretty sure you are hitting the arrow button under the remote. And whats with the light switch. Can zoom in but can flip. Also can zoom in on drk gray couch and under tall lamp

hot spot behind speaker (under light switch)

@Melissa, note is behind the beige couch in the bright view.

hmm, @Edgar, that isn't working for me...

oh, wait, POP, got "tv" on the screen!

got tv too thanks Edgar!

Now what lol

wish I could take that paper with me...

lol Jo-Ann, wish i knew!!

not sure what I hit but I have a show on tv now

wow.....is it really this difficult to figure out?!

I think i pressed the play button below the green button

thanx so much Edgar

@Jo-Ann, is it at least a good show?

very top right button while faceing tv turns on a show

Thanks Jo-Ann!! You hit the play button ►

click tv on remote

not really... lol

no clues that I can see, just a vehicle driving up a dirt hill and jumping...

oooh, no, it's kind of like skateboarding but in a car!

Where is update button on remote???

play button and tv button make it play

stumped now

there is also a hotspot on the black couch

pause button works to freze screen on tv...maybe a hidden clue on there soewhere

@testsite, its on the left, almost at the bottom. It says UPDATE.

And did you notice the pause button works?

update button is two below the 7

you can pause the show too. now what?

hot spot behind speaker by front door also

and I wonder why the button to the right of the "vol" button says "PR" instead of "CH"

I can't see anything on the show. There must be something else we can do.

i think ive done everything.......except the right thing...lol

Thnx.... looking at movie, mmmmmm what does it mean??

I know what I can do, go and get a glass of wine... lol

oh, how I hate being stuck :(

got the code and out!

Best idea I've heard so far, Jo-Ann. LOL

NOK...please share a HINT

Oh do share Nok!


pause when the car came down from the hill then click on the car tag! ^__^

how did u get it Nok

NoK I have no idea how you figured that one out. Thanks for sharing!

what a pain! out now

I'm clicking on it and nothing. Is is supposed to zoom on it or something?

That was it. Thanks for the help. Enjoy.

Sweet! @NoK! Great find!
(Although I kind of wish there was more to the game than that. I guess I've gotten spoiled by the more complicated games we've had recently.)

YOu are a friggin genius NOK!!!! Thanks so much

I just accidentally clicked on the tv at the right moment! good one though lol

Ok had to let it come down further. Thanks!

@ zoz PR is on european remote. we have program instead channel :)

@seran, did you get the video and get out?

@Adamantia, TY, I had a feeling it was a language thing ;)

now we can all go to sleep feeling all smug that we're so very clever, lol

Good work NOK!!!!
Thnx for helping to escape another room!!!!!

My pointer is going crazy back and forth from hand to arrow and I can't get the tv on with either button so please just tell me the code so I don't have to restart. I got all this way myself :(

Strange after I commented the pointer calmed down but tv is just blue and buttons still won't work

Didn't see Edgars post but am sure I tried that...oh well...thanks Edgar, once again!!!

Oh I see, I did the number then play but not update...out :)

This comment has been removed by the author.

good one! :)

can't find the fourth cable! Please help?

@evans: yellow cable on floor
green cable in brown couch view in right lamp
red cable in same view under black couch
blue cable in tv view in lamp under ceiling


Take the yellow cable.
Go right.

Zoom under the left of the couch for the battery 1/2.
Zoom back and go right.

Zoom on the top left of the beige couch to read a note; notice the names and numbers, and the [*update] at the bottom; zoom back.
Zoom on the top corner of the beige couch to get the remote; zoom back.
Zoom under the right side of the table for the battery 2/2; zoom back.
Zoom in the lamp on the right wall and take the green cable; zoom back.
Zoom under the black couch to find the orange cable; zoom back and go right.

Zoom in the lamp on the ceiling to get the blue cable; zoom back.
Zoom on top of the TV to get a rear view of it and plug in the 4 cables; notice the word ‘ZAMJUNG’ written on the bottom right and zoom out; now the TV has a blue screen.
Drag both batteries to the remote and click on this one to enlarge it; click on the numbers in the remote to enter the ones with ‘zamjung’ on the note and press the [UPDATE] button to have ‘TV’ on the top right of the TV screen.
The UPDATE button is one on the bottom left of the remote.
Click on play [►] OR on [TV] to watch a show on the TV; just when the car in the video has come down the hill and you can have a front view of its license plate, click on PAUSE [▐ ▌] to freeze the image.
Click on the TV screen to zoom and to see the car’s plate series of numbers and letters.
Zoom back and close the remote view by clicking on the X in the inventory slot.
Zoom in the bottom left box of the TV table to have a code pad with a yellow button; enter the numbers and letters from the car’s plate and click on the button to get a yellow key; take it and zoom out.
Go right.

Use the key on the door to escape.

Zamjung code from the note: 656.
License plate: 652MKL.

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