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Escape from the Strange House Walkthrough

Escape from the Strange House

Escape from the Strange House is another Japanese point and click room escape games,the same creator of Escape from Ordinary Home. In this game, you try to escape the room by finding items and solving puzzles. Good luck and have fun!

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Great! New game... hope it's not too hard.
Thanks Shuchun.

Notes under the rug and under the blanket.

wow brand new!

Used the stool to take the flower in the first view.

Anyone coming?

Hi Edgar.... are we alone???
Have 2 papers with hints (front and back) and stool.

Oh, not alone now :)
Hi carrieg!

And one leave of flower.

Aha, and a rabbit in the mirror which turns out to be a cabinet.

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Hi,had to start iver


the petal on the wall opened the mirror/dresser for the bunny to give the order to click on the 9 buttons.

And stuck after getting a little guy.

Have fun, off to catch up on other games,Minoto!!!

There's a third (yellow) note under the bunny's hint.

@Edgar, found that too, and on the back of the notes it gives 1, 2, 3 so that will be the order of numbers the hints relate to.... 4 numbers needed to open box on closet beside bed.

thats what i think testsite... numbers on the back are the order for us to come up with 4 numbers for the safe. I have a few ideas though.

Black note (#1) is math i think.

Yup, but is 3x3 (number on wall next to vase) or 3x4 (number of flowers) or 3x7(8)(number of leaves?

And what with the 8 2 5 in the cupboard where the little guy was?

HA! I got it!

the order for notes is black (1), blue (2), yellow (3), right?

black - do the math.
blue - check the numbers from the 9 buttons (825) and get the correct one.

yellow - it's alphabetical (A=1)

4 digits safe opened!

and out :)

Thnx Edgar! got it open too now.

Ha... out too.... but is it a good end??? Grey rabbit????

I guess it is @testsite... only one ending, make it a happy one :)

haha.. would have given that rabbit an other color... but happy end it is!
CU in a next one!


That was cute! Nice ending to my day...goodnight :)

Hm...don't get it. Pretty vague hints guys!

825 : middle number is 2
u is 21 letter from alfabet

code 9221

super cute game.


Examine the items by selecting them and clicking on the magnifier on the right of the inventory.
The numbering of the notes can be seen on the back of them when clicking on them in the ‘about item’ views.

- Notice a number 3 on the wall by the flower.
- Go right.

- You can zoom on the ‘mirror’ but can’t do a thing yet.
-. Zoom in the rug to find the blue note #2 [X О X] under the right side of it; zoom out.
- Take the stool and go back to the left.

- Put the STOOL by the vase and zoom on the flower again, but this time (thanks to the stool) you can take the flower with you; zoom out.
- Examine the FLOWER and click on it to get a petal.
- Take the STOOL back and go right.

- Zoom on the flowers on the wall and put the PETAL on the bottom flower (notice one of its petals is white); zoom out.
- Click on the now opened ‘mirror’ and a bunny will show you the 3X3 GRID CLUE; click on it to have it (or a copy of it) in inventory. Also, click on the bottom of the bunny’s note to find the yellow note #3 [U]; zoom out.
- Go right.

- Find the black note #1 [× 3] under the bed blankets. This note has a drawing of the flower seen in the first scene, so both clues should be combined.
- Zoom on the bottom part of the cabinet and press the 9 buttons in the correct order, using the clue from the bunny’s note, and finally click on the yellow button. Once the door on the right is open, take the little man and see some numbers written inside [8 2 5]; zoom out.
- Place the STOOL to zoom on the white safe upon the cabinet and notice that it needs a 4-digit code.
- Use the 3 notes/clues in your inventory to get the code and enter the correct numbers; click on the button and again anywhere on the safe to open it and turn the switch ‘ON’; zoom out.
- Is that sort of a protective shielding devise protecting the bed? Anyway, notice something shining on it.
- Zoom on the white safe again, shut ‘OFF’ the “protective screen” and zoom back.
- Select the LITTLE MAN in inventory to make him take the heart on the bed… follow him around.

- Click on the LITTLE MAN standing in front of the door and get a blue key from him.
- Use the key on the door to escape.
Solution to the 4-digits safe
The first note (black) says [x3], and combined with the number 3 seen on the wall by the flower in the first scene makes it [3×3]. Therefore, the first digit is 9.
The second note (blue) says [X О X], showing what you don’t need [X] and what you do need [О] from the 3 numbers [8 2 5] on the bottom of the cabinet in the bed scene. Therefore, the second digit is 2.
The third note has only an [U] on it. The letter U is the 21st one in the alphabet. Therefore 21 are the last 2 digits.
The code is then: 9221.

       Anonymous  10/10/10, 2:22 AM  

Lol, what a cute funny game that was. Thanks people for the hints for the codes, solving codes is not my strongest point.

ditto what Full said, lol

Very fun game, although I had lots of helps from the fellows gamers here. The cute sentiment is ditto'd a thousand times. :D

How do i get the third monkey and how do i use the hose

How do i get the third monkey and how do i use the hose

How do i get the third monkey and how do i use the hose

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