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Escape from the Pub Walkthrough

Escape from the Pub

[REPLAY] Escape from the Pub is a photorealistic point and click 3D escape game from Escape Games 24. In this game, you need to collect hidden objects to escape from the pub. Search around to find items and solve puzzles in order to escape from the pub. Good luck and have fun!

Update: Let's replay this game, while waiting for new games!

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Pub Escape Walkthrough
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ahh a canadian game yaah

What to do with screwdriver?

ah, the TV

got toonie, red square all used and half key

and used screwdriver

Triangle in safe. Code on cards.

Got rectangle from slot machine, used code from TV on the dart board, got circle..now just need to find triangle.

The safe says the numbers on the cards don't work, is there another hint besides turning them over?

trying to catch up...

yes...you input the numbers that are on the back of the card...and the order is by lowest to highest number on the front side of card (that has the suit)

Ah, numerical order

6,9,10,4,2 are my card numbers but can't figure out the 10

2 of diamonds has 8 on the back...
2 is the lowest #, so 8 is the first number on the code

lol thanks Amanda, had figured it out just as you were posting.

OK so now what? Have shapes in briefcase, can zoom in on restroom sign...

10 is the number 9...
10 is the highest # on the suit side...and 9 is the last numeral of the safe code

yw, day! :-)
now, I'm stuck. But I've been typing in here instead of looking. :-)

Ah took the head of the man on the restroom sign, fit's on broken key

And out :) nice game :)

Just click on the door after you put the key in the briefcase.

lol, thanks Day! I swear, I thought I had clicked all over that sign.

Me too, didn't even realize you could zoom in on it till it was the only thing left that I hadn't.

thanks all

Hi guys! Just catching up, don't get the hint for the TV and how to use it on dart board

need triangle which is probably in the safe can't figure out black jack which is probably safe code

read back about safe code and it all worked out from there. thanks Amanda!

@silver, all the cards have a value back and front. The red 2 is the lowest value card which equals 8, the next card in value is the black 4 which equals 9, continue the sequence

spoiler: 89329

@bet, do the math to get three numbers, then go to the dartboard and change the colors on the areas that match each number

almost out...cute game...input all the shapes and am left with half a key...where to put shape colors I assume for 2nd half

have done nothing with bathroom sign :(

It's on it's HEAD!!

out :)

       Anonymous  10/11/10, 3:41 PM  

i feel stupid i dont know that one math symbol

key not on door but somewhere else ;) bye

lol..which one?

oh dah!! thanks Zoz

       Anonymous  10/11/10, 3:43 PM  

the asteric lookin one

hmm 286 doe not work for me on the dartboard

the asterisk means multiply
@bet check your math on the last number

       Anonymous  10/11/10, 3:46 PM  

nevermind got it

* it's 9...that is a multipy sign...if i remember it is 289

OMG how stupid of me!! Thanks again Zoz and out!!!!!!!!! :)

too late i see...ill go all alone then. I know all u gamers have already found my way out so thx.

and TY Yalcin for the knowledge on how to comment. I really like it when I can interact with everyone

       Anonymous  10/11/10, 10:51 PM  

Little late to play as a live game, but i´m going in............

       Anonymous  10/11/10, 10:54 PM  

Haha, i like that poster on the wall.

FREE BEER! Tomorrow...

key fitted in the shapes box

       Anonymous  10/11/10, 11:01 PM  

Lol, out. Easy but a very nice game, thanks Yalçin :-)

yeah!! did it :DD Lovely game...

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I repaired the TV with the screwdriver (!) and found the 3 shapes, but I have only a broken key : I can't insert it where it is supposed to go.

Easy and nice game!

@Pascale, zoom on the sign on the bathroom door and take the head of the man. Combine it to make a whole key.

Zoom on the two bottles to get a coin.
Zoom on the barrel to the left and get a broken key.
Turn right.
Zoom on the left table for a screwdriver.
On the right table you see some cards.
Click to turn them around and see more numbers.
Turn right.
For the briefcase you’ll need a square, a triangle and a circle… and the whole key.
Turn right again.
Zoom on the right machine.
Use the coin and pull the black lever to the right.
Zoom out and click the front lower part of the machine for the square.
Click the restroom sign.
Take the head from the man.
Combine it with the broken key to get a fixed key.
Turn right.

Zoom on the TV.
Click on it to see it’s broken.
Use the screwdriver on it to get three equations and solve them:
(4x4) - 14 = 2
(21/3) + 1 = 8
(1+2) x 3 = 9

Zoom on the counter to the left or right of the bottles.
See a safe.
Enter the correct numbers to open and get the triangle (click the handle of the safe after the numbers).

To solve it:
- Use the cards on the table.
- Arrange them in number order from lowest to highest, and use the numbers on their back sides.
Diamond 2 = 8 (on the back)
Spade 4 = 9
Spade 6 = 3
Diamond 9 = 2
Heart 10 = 9
Code: 89329

Go to the dart board above the briefcase.
Click the correct black/white areas inside the outher circle to make them red.
Use the numbers from the TV-equations: click the areas inside number 2, 8 and 9.
Take the circle from the middle of the dart board.
Place the three shapes inside the briefcase and put the key on the black square to the right of “insert here”.
Door open – click it to escape.

really enjoyed the music nice change!!!!!!

Gonna try this in 10 min

nice and easy!

Escape from the pub.... who'd want to?... Mine's a double malibu and coke...

This comment has been removed by the author.

sigh. It just isn't my night tonight. caught this on the replay. Thanks for the walkthrough @Ellie. I kept trying to combine the TV with the cards. -__-

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