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Escape the Tree House 4 Walkthrough

Escape the Tree House 4

Escape the Tree House 4 is the fourth chapter of Escape the Tree House point and click type escape the room serie sponsored by CafeCafe Games. Again you are trapped!!! Find items and clues in order to escape from this place. Good luck and have fun!

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If you insist mtmadrid ;-)


have saw, garden hoe (used), sickle and rope (used) and potato (used)

Is this another escape the tree house that isn't a tree house game? lol...

Jo-ann theres also and egg and tomato and milk jug?

used sickle got tomato and used it

Bucket filled with water.
Where's the rope?

thanks kara, I thought i clicked all those eggs already...apparently not!

and im stuck


same here

I hate games that have cursors like this one :(
Anyway got milkcan, saw, egg, and something that looks like an axe.

rope in bottom corner of screen not sure which

And the potatoe, which I put in the basket.

piece of wood where?

Thanks kara,
rope was in the view with the cow, bottom left corner.


are we supposed to saw a branch and get an apple? frustrating when the item goes back after one click and you have to find the right pixle

egg goes in basket too.
Trying to milk the cow, but it's not very co-operative. I might need the bucket for that.

bucket of water? when I added the rope the sickle came up with the bucket...am I supposed to fill it iwth wather?

and the egg and the apple all in the basket thanks Cool

okay, add the rope to the rope at the bucket above the well and get a pickaxe

Where is bucket and sickle ?

I filled the milkcan at the cow.
But no potatoe for me. Don't know where to use the garden hoe, rope or egg!?

Ok thx Cool.

I give water to the cow and now shes up

I used the rope on the well, and got a sickle, but can't add the rope to the sickle

Hoe is used below red flowers.

Bucket is under the mushroom in the garden and well view.

mtmadrid is it an apple or tomatoe and how did you get it, if its an apple

out.. preety easy

rope goes on bucket at well, makes the rope longer
egg goes in basket
hoe goes on garden for a puzzle to get potato

how do you fill the milk can?

And out - nice game!

Also, put the milk can in the basket - can't take it out now....

use bucket on the water trough and give to cow

now a tomatoe in the basket

@st missed that bucket! ty

kara, saw axe . use stick on apple tree

that's one happy cow! lol

I think we need something like a chair to milk the cow

Ah that was a potato from the puzzle. I thought I had a piece of soil.

and out... pretty sure I could have just climbed that fence though

the cow needs water before you can milk it

I think I use the bucket with water on the cow and then the milk can.

there was a glice you can take the tomatoe again

How do you get the apple?

thanks daz and anyone else who helped

@cool saw axe

Kara the apple with the stick i cut from de axe in the view with the farm house

Cannot find tomatoe.

I tried that a thousand time kara. Where?
Btw, why is the fly buzzing around my cow?

after milk the cow put the milk in the basket i am out

Where to use the sickle?

POP found it ! I thought this were flowers lol.

Zazie use the thing from the well and cut the little plants

On the tomatoes small-tool :)

Small-tool on the tree with apples

give the cow some water and then u can gat milk

Thanks Zazie,
Was hard to find the right pixel.
Out too now.

OUT too !

I still need the darn apple.

Use saw on axe, to get a stick. Use stick on apple.

@Cool, me too! Any hints as to where the right pixel is? Plus... what tool to use? My English is not good for farming tools... :P

pfff got it finally ....

Cool use the stick from the axe in the view with the farm bodega cut with the saw and then go to the tree

Oh, thanks small-tool!!! That was easier than I thought! (I know what an axe looks like, lol!)

Stick from axe which is sticking in the wood. And use stick on apple.

i don't remember which apple i can go back in and try if you want

Feline, use the saw to saw off the handle of the axe in the tree stump. Then use the stick to hit the apple from the tree.
I kept thinking: what the **** is a saw axe.
But you actually have to saw the axe :D

going in

Lol @Cool, a sawaxe...not bad rofl !

sorry its the apple closest to the basket

Yeah just laugh Zazie, I looked all over the place for the damn thing :(

sorry cool and fel, my bad

@ Cool,I am just laughíng tears :) I imagine you erring around looking for the sawaxe, shaking and scraping your head and pulling out your hair :)


- Take the SAW and the EGG.

- Take the BUCKET (under mushroom, bottom of the screen).

- Take the GARDEN HOE (in the door) and the MILK JUG (in the back).
- Use the saw on the axe to get a STICK.

- Take the ROPE (bottom left of the screen).
- Use the stick to get the right APPLE.

- Use the garden hoe on the garden, make the puzzle and take the POTATO.
- Put the rope on the bucket in the well and take the SICKLE.

- Give the cow water and then use the milk jug on it to get MILK JUG WITH MILK.

- Use the sickle on the biggest tomato in the garden to get the TOMATO.

Put egg, apple, potato, tomato and milk in the basket and out.

@kara, no problems, lol! Just a minor case of "Have they come up with new words in English that I don't know of while I was asleep?". :P

I saw an axe too.

"I thought I saw a pussy cat"? LOL! :P

Sawing a pussy cat is just animal abuse, Tweety.
That's more Itchy and Scratchy style.

This comment has been removed by the author.

Thanks for the humor, y'all...makes the game worthwhile! LOL

Sorry s-t. I saw yours before posting mine but it was just so fun to make that I couldn't resist posting it anyway. :)

No problem at all, Edgar, keep on posting, keep up the good job.

The difference between Tweety and Itchy&Scratchy;

Tweety Itchy and Scratchy

Well, since that was kind of a 'prototype' of a walkthrough on the run (or should I said a runthrough on the walk?), a couple of errors got unedited and managed to sneak through. Therefore I give you now...

Written While Played - Through (director’s cut)

Take the rightmost egg.
Take the saw.
Go left.

Take the rope.
Go left.

Take the hoe.
Take the middle milk can.
Use the SAW on the AXE to get the stick.
Go left.

Use the ROPE on the well to get a sickle.
Use the SICKLE on the leftmost plants for a tomato.
Use the HOE on the cultivation ground and solve the puzzle to get a potato.
Take a bucket from under the near bush.
Go left.

Fill the BUCKET with water from the trough.
Go left.

Give the WATER to the cow and use the MILK CAN on the cow as well to fill it with milk.
Use the STICK to get the rightmost apple on the tree.
Put the APPLE, the TOMATO, the MILK, the POTATO and the EGG in the basket to open the gate and escape… Congrats!

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