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Grayscale Escape Series - The Basement Walkthrough

Grayscale Escape Series - The Basement

[REPLAY] Gray Scale Escape Series 2 - The Basement is sequel of Grayscale Escape point and click room escape games. You are trapped in a grayscale world! You are in a strange basement and you must find a way to escape! Look around and find items that will help you find a way out! Good luck and have fun!

Update: Let's replay this game, while waiting for new games!

Play Grayscale Escape Series: The Basement

Grayscale Escape Series: The Basement Walkthrough

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Hi, i am back and a new game. I just wanted to go to sleep, lol....

A string, apple, SD (used) and a white ball.

Hi Zazie - I'll give this a try

Another white ball and a key.

Huhu annaby :)))

Hi Zazie and annaby!

Key opens suitcase on shelf, it gives you a wheel.

Hi STU :)) Ahh good, i am not alone !

Hi @Stu
3 white balls, no key yet

gonna see if the trick or treaters let me play this one

Wheel goes on broken cb with smiley, smiley is a magnet.

Nice game - not too hard!

Ok 3 balls now, combined magnet with string

Are you out STU ?

hmm - the key I got opened the little door

I can't even find the key...

Yes Zazie - played it just a minute before by Nord

ok - both keys now

the white key from the circle/triangle puzzle opened the little door. still playing catch up

Hmm i am stuck, my inventory is empty, i need something to stick in the holes.. and second key for little door.

what good did putting the wheel on the cabinet do? And need a 4 digit code for box behind small door

@Zazie, look at the poster on the wall with two arrows - that is the clue for the circle triangle puzzle. where is key for suitcase?

After putting the wheel you can take the magnet.

I am stuck as well on 4 digit code

The 4 digit code is found by clicking one of the boxes on the shelf.

Now you can "drive" the cabinet under window and get something.

Hint for 4-digit code is on one of the boxes.

@zoz behind one of the bricks.

suitcase key appears on one of the bricks by the picture after doing the puzzle

Zazie, click on wheel of cabinet to move it.

fetched another ball by putting the smiley face on the clothesline

Thanks @Stu - just found the numbers, though I haven't been able to move the cart

I am dumb, i had the code already but i forgot about it lol...

thanks @Stu and @annaby; I must have mis-clicked!

Thx Yvon, i am out, cool little game before going to sleep !

Bye bye everybody !!
Cu tomorrow :)

and out! Not bad considering I was answering the door between finding balls

that was a nice switch from the aNIMaL and Usawasa games!

Good night to all!

4-digit code: 1708

Hi Every1

Fast'n easy, but very nice game. I like those who have their own cursor ^_^
No bug, not timed, no kill... not a Gazzy-Like ;)
Really nice Game !

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I don't find the key that opens the case on the shelf.

I found this key in a brick near the safe and got the missing wheel, but I can't push the tool chest.

POP, I'm out !

got all balls except 1.moved the bed put the apple by the hole, got the one from the hold using magnet n string, got the 1 from safebox and another 1, but still missing one

im out . i forgot about the other safe. i like htis game i just wish it had a different cursor. and and call me lazy if you want but i like when i click on something and it automatically goes into my inventory. i dont like doing it manually. *just saying*


Grayscale - Through

• Take the apple and the clothes line.
• Go right.

• Take the magnet on the top drawer and find the screwdriver inside the bottom one.
• Use the screwdriver on the screwed right panel and take a white ball (1/5).
• Go right.

• Click on the darkest brick on the wall and get a gray key.
• Click on the left part of the mattress to move it and place the apple on the mouse hole and take another white ball (2/5) in return.
• Look at the shapes in the picture and move to the right.

• Use the shapes from the last view in the picture to take the
white key.
• Zoom in the briefcase on the shelves and use the gray key to open it; get the wheel.
• Combine the magnet with the clothes line and use this combo in the hole on the floor (below the picture) to get the white ball (3/5).
• Click on the box to the left of the briefcase and look at a hint with some math [539(3)+91]
• Go right.

• Use the white key to open the little door on the stairs and click on the box inside. Enter the 4-digit box it needs to take the white ball (4/5).
 Solution at the end of the Walkthrough
• Go right.

• Use the wheel on the tool chest (bottom left of it) and click on the left part of it to make it roll under the window.
• Click on the darker metal bar to take it… and it turns out to be a metal bar (with the shape of a drill?).
• Go left.

• Use the metal bar (with the shape of a drill?) in the bigger hole on the wall to get the white ball (5/5).
• Go two times to the left.

• Click on the picture and place your 5 white balls in the slots, click on the handle to open the safe and to get the black key.
• Go two times to the left.

• Use the black key to unlock the door on top of the stairs and get out. Congrats!!
Solution to the 4-digit box
The code is the result of the math seen on the box on the shelves:
539(3)+91= 1708

I dont know where to put the 1708 code! plz help

I caught this on the replay. Fun. And I like the balls being called star bits when you pick them up lol

The bar from the window turns into a drill and the white ball from the mouse hole says its a star piece.

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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