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Werewolf 3 Walkthrough

Werewolf 3

Minoto - Were Wolf 3 is another very cute and funny point and click type adventure game created by Minoto. In this game, you search around for finding items and solving puzzles. Enjoy the lovely graphics. Good luck and have fun!

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Upside-Down Text Spoiler Maker
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Hurra, Minoto

yeah - Minoto

lets go

out nice and cute like always

Hola SwissMiss
enjoy it

Yes, early Minoto.
Hi all.

oh the villagers began to think
was big mistake

Out. Cute as usual for Minoto

pitfall end

only one method

Hello everybody

where is zoz - waiting for a singalong

Now Minoto has really done it; collecting the fart of the panda (I'm still cleaning my mouse). And what about shooting a cat with a canon, that's not nice.

By the way at first I didn't get the end. I thought Minoto wrote the wolf was caught in the trap. But then I realised the 'It' in 'It got caught in the trap' are the villagers.

yes small-tool

big mistake - made villagers thinking!

lets just hope the cat was scared not shot - otherwise we have to protest

@small-tool, and I don't even want to imagine what that rain must smell like... even though that frog is still smiling.

       Anonymous  10/15/10, 5:33 AM  

I'm horribly embarrassed to admit I'm stuck on a minoto (blush).
I have the villagers looking at the honeypot, and the lattice in place over the pit, and tongs, shovel, driver left in inventory. Whispering for help.....

       Anonymous  10/15/10, 5:37 AM  

oooohh.... POP... I didn't realise you had to disguise the pitfall!

LOL @MaryD, "Whispering for help....."
Glad the POP worked!

LOL @MaryD! It took me a while as well to cover the pit :) Luckily I got it too, because it sure looked like those two villagers were just going to have cornered the wolf...

@SwissMiss, the cat didn't even look scared to me. Just went for a fun ride on the ball that has a black luster.

Liquid of dark-skinned viscosity that does sticky paste!? I'll hesitate to eat honey for a while.

Another great Minoto! Fun!

lol...not live anymore :)))

Playing it very late (always to late for being live), but have to mention: ROFL, have you read the screwdriver desription? Driver. Especially, abnormality is not found? A little bit of Sakura, he?

ok im stuck can't seem to get the screwdriver to work in top screw or do anything else

SingALong Minoto: Werewolf 3
(to the tune of "Urgent", by Foreigner

Click here for Song Link

You got tongs, the thing is placed.
Use on the leaves, get burnt potato and then place
It on a plate for Panda Bear
Oh, how rude! Now he has fouled the air!
Take Smoke (heavy moist smoke),
And it pours rain to refresh the air
The frog is gay, because today
He’s got rain in which all frogs love to play.
He gives us a toride, where the hook has adhered,
We take it, and use it, and this is kind of weird,
It makes black liquid form in the Bees’ little place
It has viscosity that does icky sticky paste

This is Minoto, Minoto, it’s so Minoto...
Just you wait and see, how strange one story can be, it's Minoto...

A little Bear with a big ball uses the paste
To make a dark lustered ball
Which is used by Mister Blue Mouse
As ammunition for the cannon, what a louse!
He fires that cannonball at Green Kitteh
Who runs, yes he runs, very far away
Yeah, there's one thing in common that Escapers share
That's a need for screwdrivers anytime, anywhere

A Pink screwdriver, let’s use it, I think we’ll use it
On the contraption to let Fox go free, ooh-oooh, let’s take his shovel
And get the active mole (who could not escape his hole here in Minoto)

BEST Saxophone solo EVER in the history of the World!!!
Performed by Junior Walker (must be played at full volume)

Mole runs the forklift, to release the Raccoon who
Runs off leaving a cage door, lattice ani with plastron… Now be quick
Cover Mole hole with lattice and cover that with some dirt and then
Little werewolf scares the people, those villagers…
It got caught in the trap and it fainted away, saving life Minoto style!

ooh-oooh, ooh-oooh ooh-oooh Minoto!
We love you!

Song Fact: The group wanted a "Junior Walker-style" sax solo for this record. When they took a break from recording, one of the members read in New York newspaper The Village Voice that Walker was performing that night mere blocks from the recording studio. Walker accepted their offer to play, and the recording of the sax solo was swift and without a hitch.

A Just In Case Someone Still Needs It Through

Go right and pick up tongs
Go left and use tongs to get potato from leaves
Go right twice and give burnt potato to panda...get his fart????lol
Go left twice and put moist smoke over frog and get toride of umbrella
Go right thrice and open honey jar and get black liquid
Go left twice and give honey to bear, get black ball
Go right, and put ball in cannon, cat goes for a ride, lol and get SD
Go left twice and use SD on right screw, click fox, then use SD on left screw and right screw and click fox....get handle/shovel
Go right thrice and dig up and get mole
Go left twice and put mole in crane to free raccoon and get lattice
Go right twice and put lattice over hole, use shovel and click werewolf...

"The daughter was attacked by the wolf.
This event was a misunderstanding of the villager.
The villager went out to hunt the wolf.
Villagers were going to have cornered the wolf. It got caught in the trap and it fainted. Villagers awoke after a while. The life was saved. Why were we rescued? Villagers began to think. "

Ha ha ha ha ha ...You are out!

       Anonymous  10/15/10, 8:22 AM  

ROFLMAO. @Zoz, you have excelled yourself. A perfect Minoto sing-through and a little bit of music history thrown in :o)
Magnificent! AAPPLLAAUUSSE!!!

WOW! @zoz...Super...I didn't see yours yet when I started mine...

Love the song too!!!!!

I don't think I'd be as happy as that frog was to be standing in fart rain.

Heavenly smoke! LMFAO! Minoto and Zoz.... Its the best! Thank Zoz for the laugh.

ROFLMAO @ Zoz..... *a little bear with a big ball uses the paste*......bahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!! I .... can't....breath....rofl!!!!!!!! You take Minoto to new heights of enjoyment ;) *still rolling in fits of uncontrollable laughter....lololol!!!!!* Minoto without Zoz ...????? It just isn't possible in this Universe ;) ;) you rock all things *doubtful* and balance *attemperation* with your eyes closed ....lol :)

I can't manage to get the fox to the ground

Classic @ Zoz...the best sax solo in the history of the world! Thanks for showing me this! I will smile forever listening to this sax solo!

       Subscribe  2/4/24 12:24 PM

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