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Grayscale Escape Series - The Attic Walkthrough

Grayscale Escape Series - The Attic

[REPLAY] Grayscale Escape Series 4 - The Attic is another episode of Grayscale Escape Series point and click room escape game. You are trapped in a grayscale world! You are in an old attic and you must find a way to escape the room! Look around and find items that will help you find a way out! Good luck and have fun! [Subbed by Myrdlebp]

Update: Let's replay this game, while waiting for new games!

Play Grayscale Escape Series: The Attic

Grayscale Escape Series: The Attic Walkthrough
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Stuck with 3 marbles. No good with codes.

Got a key from the skull!

Woot! A live one...

hi all!live on a friday night

I have Mr. Choads album


good morning
two balls razor blade screwdriver dustcloth and spray so far

Razorblade and key that won't fit anywhere...Oh, and three marbles...

stuck with 3 balls record and razor

where is key werner?

use razor on record

ok record says w m f but when u click caption says t s f

razor blade cuts of albums label

The marbles fit in the holes on the side of the speaker, but I only have two. I cant seem to find where to use the razor blade, and the handle fits on the wall next to the bookcase, but I dont have a clue about any of the codes.

Key's in the skull, right box in mirror view...

WMF, must be calendar

doorhandel opens trapdoor behind bookcase

How do the horizontal lines on the books work?

look at books on other shelf jenva

Werner thanks for that. I love the eye rolly thing with the skull...LOL

Carrieg thanks, I missed that, thought I was looking at the same set of books.

clue for the code with mannequin is in the mirror

safe comes down and you can use key with it

Figured out mirror code =)

Hurrah - 4 balls! Use telescope on moon!!!

WMF, first numbers below in the calendar

And out.... I like the Grayscale series...

Have to go kiddies are calling


I am stuck with the mirror code, I am not getting it at all.

what mannequin code?

eboc - hint please with the mirror code

@jenva... Count the points on the symbols in the mirror...

Thanks Werner I tried that, then went back and counted them again. I guess you now know I suck at maths...LOL

ok, i got the mannequin code, then the safe, but having problems with the 3 digit code

any help with the 3digit code on the chest?

nvm got it now

got it

and out
good game

im still missing a ball!!!

AHHH!! Need help with the code on the chest!

Somebody?? Anybody???!!

I hate when people ask for help and then say "nvm" and no one hints!!! I'm stck on the chest too!!!

Jessalyn, use the clues on the record in conjunction with the calendar... It's the first one, that isn't crossed out...

Thank you Werner!!!

Thanx but I still don't get it!!! Another clue??

This comment has been removed by the author.

Using the record..I think it was "W,M,F" the first wednesday that isn't crossed out is the 1st number, the first Monday that isn't crossed out is the 2nd...etc. I think it was like 643?

OMG!! I was thinking MWF not WMF!!! I'm an idiot!! Thank you! No more escape games with rum!!! HAHA

This comment has been removed by the author.

Played and escaped after a long while stuck with 4 marbles, one unused gray key and no keyhole anywhere.

Well, in case some other players are (or will be) stuck the same as me, use the gray key on the guitar case (white square on top).

Mirror code 7346

Stuck with 4 balls...where do I get the 5th?

Erika, look at the books above the record player, you can click the patterns to match the other books.

@tosca, thank you for the mirror code, but how did you get this ? If I count the angles, I get : 7 3 4 and 8 (not 6).
And where is the key for this locked box ?

You don't count the angles but the lines.
And what locked box?

@small-tool, no, I'm actually counting the angles...
When you enter the 4 digits code, a locked box falls from the ceiling.

That's what I said, you have to count the lines and not the angles then the bottom one is 6.
That key I don't rememmber. But it was the one from the moon or the one you get from doing the starcode on the skull.

Ok I played again. It is the one from the starcode. Look at the window and use the telescope on the stars and the order is from small to big. Use that order on the skull buttons and you get the key for that box.

I got the key from the skull box (I thought that this box was the place to put the marbles).

... and now I don't know what to do with my 5 marbles !

@small-tool, I'm sorry, I misunderstood what you said about the angles and lines...

Speaker under the window, turn it and there's the last safe.

I am missing one ball.....

POP found it in a wall panel behind pictures.

Thanks a lot, Small-tool ! Anyway, counting the lines of the symbols in the mirror gives 10 3 4 and 7... but it doesn't matter, I'm out, now !

Grayscale Escape Series 4 Walkthrough

We are in a dusty old attic and have to find the key

First, get dust rag from atop the speaker
Lift suitcase for a marble
Look at calendar, we will need it later
Look at old chest, it needs a 3 digit code
Open box, it is empty....Go left...

Grab handle from old car door
See that mirror need to be wet
Look out window and see 5 stars
Open the boxes and find a skull in a pentagram
We could brute force this puzzle, but let's look for a clue...Go left...

Get the spray bottle from the shelf
Open all boxes on the bookcase, find SD
Take notice of markings on books on middle shelf
Nothing in boxes or under the suitcase
Put handle in hole right of bookcase
Here we need 4 digit code, aka mannequin code lol
Go left...

Get razor blade from picture on right
get old record from turntable
Click books to match markings of books in last view for another marble
Use SD on the plate at right for marble #3
Look out the window to see the moon
Click bottom of right speaker to place the marbles and see we need 2 more...Go left...

Click the old record and see it has a label that won't come off...use razor blade on it and see WMF
written there...could that mean days of the week?
Try the earliest days that are not x'ed out and you get(((((((863))))))), put that in the chest for a telescope! Hmmm, let's get a closer look at the stars and the moon!...Go left...

Look out window at the stars, they are different sizes...going from small to large, will that order open the skull in the box?...Yes,get a key!
While here, use spray on mirror, then rag for a strange code...If we count all the points of the figures maybe it will open the mannequin code...
Go left...

Yes...the code works!(((((7346))))))and down drops a safe!...we have a key...use it! and get marble #4...Go left...

Look at moon with telescope and it teleports you to the moon so you can grab another key!!LOL
But where to use it?...Go left...

Try the key in the neck of the guitar case....get the 5th and last marble...Go RIGHT!...

Place the last 2 marbles and get a black key!!!

Go left, open door...You are free!!!Congrats!!!

Here's how you count the mirror code;

The code from the mirror

BTW....I only was able to do the WT after I got out with the help from wonderful clues left by all the players that solved this while I was sleeping!!!LOL
Thanks all!!!

@small-tool thank you again ! Now I understand that we had to count the number of line ends !

I got the skull code by trial and error - didn't see the stars until later, then wondered what they were for LOL.
And thanks to @Edgar for the guitar case clue - that was exactly where I was stuck. I'd clicked that case so many times and decided it was just set-dressing!

When I click the W.M.F, the caption says T.S.F o.O

@MaryD, that's exactly where I got stuck, too! A big THANK YOU to @Edgar!

out with no help, but the calendar code took me FOREVER. It didn't help that the game said one thing, and the in-game narration said something else.

I tried sooo many combinations to get the right code.

That bug was there the last time we payed this.

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