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Monkey and Secret Army 4 Walkthrough

Monkey and Secret Army 4

Minoto - Monkey and Secret Army4 is another very cute and funny point and click type adventure game created by Minoto. In this game, you search around for finding items and solving puzzles. Enjoy the lovely graphics. Good luck and have fun!

Update: English version is available now! ;-)

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Transmitter end!

This will be fun without the translations...LOL

I really don't know what I did, but it was the transmitter end. Looking forward to those formidable english translations.

       Anonymous  11/28/10, 7:11 AM  

Minoto...is it already Friday again?

ah, cant believe i am stuck!

gave the hammer to the racoon in hat, but he does nothing. Have a map, key and glove.
help please! :-)

Ziz. try lookin at ur map

Love Minoto, Thanks for sharing, Megi. Mine was all in japanese, though


I am stuck there, too...@ziz
Ahhhh thanks @nini...gotta love those transporting maps! LOL

       Anonymous  11/28/10, 7:20 AM  

Wow, this was a long one. Nice, sweet as always..Thanks Megi :-D


stuck with cooked patty/key/baseballglove/match....

Why not English...maybe later?

I am stuck, I have been to the other location, still have glove and stick.

Oh, stick was match, lighted it in fire and cooked stuff, put it in bowl.

What do we do with the map?

ahhh... and done...

Click on map in about item.

@Manja_70 - Thanks!!

Need more help?

There's a bug - I can keep on taking the bunny's parachute

Yeah...what to do with parachute?

Did you use the parachute?

The bunny on the cloud needs it.

no...I'm clicking on everything, but nothing happens...feel silly being stuck in Minoto!

no...I'm clicking on everything, but nothing happens...feel silly being stuck in Minoto!

Go to the other location with the map and give it to the bunny on the cloud.

pop...figured it out

Good job!

Not as much fun without knowing what is going on....

This comment has been removed by the author.
       Anonymous  11/28/10, 7:58 AM  

Battle with the police and the predominance of crab crab (Yuusei) was.

At this rate be brought down by the police, but all seemed a matter of time
Can concentrate on fighting like crabs in fact
It look like I was weak on purpose by the police.

仕掛Keyou has something special forces and a sec it.

Key- It is the key

Digital Pad- It has been projected on the screen map

Reverse detection system- I locate breaks the source machine

Acorn- I have nutritious acorns including the fat

Ball- I forgot to put the ball they were playing in the park someone

Glove- It absorbs the shock of the catch

Hammer- I'm a wooden hammer

Mushroom- I taste of autumn this year's bumper crop

The paste is also- It condensed fresh

Dry wood- I have very dry wood without moisture

Torch- I'm with a wood fire

Burger- I baked in a moderately brown iron

Hamburger- Pans and in one source, I have a deep flavor to burgers

Ladder- I'm fairly sturdy ladder

Black object- I'm wriggling creatures in Funyafunya

Parachute cloth- I'm using a sturdy sheet of newly developed synthetic materials

Special operative who opens the door to the enemy stronghold.

The transmitter was placed in the dark and lonely dark
The operation just sounded weird
I could not see the true nature of the enemy.

@Full -- Thanks for the "cheap English" (as Sakura calls it on his/her website). I like the "I" better than the "it" usually used!

And thanks NinixD for the "click on the map" hint. I kept trying to give it to someone for THEM to go to the site! It doesn't work until you put the Reverse Detection System by the transmitter.

lol Full,
I guess you used another translator. My translations ar a bit different;

Battle with the police and the crab was dominant ([yu] [u] consequence) of the crab. This way the police everyone as for being pushed down was visible in problem of time, but in order to tell the truth to be able to concentrate on fight the crab, in order for the police to be weak purposely, it is to have camouflaged. It has been about that the special force will set up what to the being less crowded.

Digital pad. The map has started projecting to the picture

Tracing of a telephone call device. It is the machine which pinpoints the dispatch origin

Ball. Someone playing with the park, it is the ball which keeps forgetting

Glove. When catching, impact is absorbed

Hammer. It is the hammer of the wood product

Acorn. Including fat amount, it is the acorn which has nutrition

Mushroom. This year it is the sense of taste of the fall of the large good harvest

The chip which dries. It is the chip which is not the humidity and is dry very

Don't you think? [ri] ones. The fresh food was condensed

You want, it waitsIt is the chip where the fire is attached

[hanbagu. With the griddle extent to burn well in fox color

Hamburger. Becoming [panzu] and the source as one unit, it is the hamburger which the tasting which has depth does

Ladder. Rather strong so it is the ladder

Black object. The creature [huniyahuniya] has wriggled among them

Cloth of parachute. It is the strong seat which uses the synthetic material of new development

The soldiers of the special force which opens the door of center of the enemy.
The transmitter which is placed in the dim darkness alone, just builds weird operation sound it could not do to look at the natural shape of the enemy.

       Anonymous  11/28/10, 11:26 AM  

Love these cute little games! They make my day each time they come out. And this one was super easy. Happy Sunday, all! :)

The link isn't working...can't play :- (

       Anonymous  11/28/10, 8:11 PM  

how to start?? just have beginning screen with japanese text, tried clicking everything else, but nothing else happens!!

       Anonymous  11/28/10, 8:12 PM  

ah, never mind...don't know what i did, but now it works?

lol the girl monkey is starting to look rather comfortable in the crab's pinchers haha

yhay Transmitter end^^

I ove how Minoto is starting to "mix it up" and put a few more things to do...like the map..that was kool...:D

       Anonymous  11/30/10, 5:08 AM  

English version! Thanks for the update :-D

Btw @Small-tool, the two of us we didn´t really succeed in translating, minoto beats us with their original English, lol

"hamburger that nice flavor does"
English version?? lol

I waited for the English version. Wonderful game, as always.

lol @Full, your translations were very close. You can get a job in Minotoland now!

-Same as before, grab the key on the ground. Take note of the baseball at the special agent's feet and the emaciated Sun Boy. Go right.

-Pick up the GPS lying on the ground. Take a close look at the slide...something seems to be missing. Go right.

-Okay...this guy thinks he's a Hammer Brother. Also, the assembly line seems to be missing an ingredient. Open the chest with the key and grab the tracking device inside. Go right.

-There's a barbecue pit, a cannon, and a bear and a sasquatch who want to play catch but have nothing to throw. And the bear needs some Clear Eyes. Grab the acorn on the ground and go 2 screens left.

-Place the acorn on the tree stump. Nothing happens...yet. Go left.

-Use the tracking device on the satellite dish to...make the agent place the device on the dish. (Funny, I don't remember giving it to him.) Now check your GPS. Click the flashing blip.

-At last, we've pinpointed the location of that crab-controlling villain! A crack squad of birds and oni have surrounded his warehouse hideout, but he's barricaded the door and there's no way inside at the moment. Just grab the mushroom on the ground and click the arrow at the top of the screen to return to the park, then go right.

-Place the mushroom on the tree stump. Still not done here...go all the way right.

-Give the baseball to the bear...whoa. That's a lot of power for a pitch that moved slower than walking speed. Take note of the fire on the ground. The sasquatch won't be playing baseball again for a long time, at least until he gets out of the hospital, so he won't need his glove. Take it and go left.

-The noise of those flying hammers is annoying me. Put a stop to it by grabbing one with the glove and go left.

-Give the hammer to the mole. He'll mash the mushroom and acorn into a paste, breaking the hammer in the process. pick up the paste and handle and go all the way right.

-Put the acorn-mushroom paste on the grill and light the handle on fire. Use your makeshift torch to light the grill, cooking the paste into a patty. And I know what you're thinking, but you can't fire the cannon yet because it's not loaded. Take the patty and go left.

-Pace the patty on the assembly line bun. make sure you do it before the top half comes down. Take your ALM (Acorn, Lettuce & Mushroom...where'd the lettuce come from?) burger and go all the way left.

-Feed the ALM to Sun Boy to fatten him up. He'll break the monkey bars, giving you a ladder. Take it and go right.

-Place the ladder on the slide. The rabbit gets caught in a black tarp, looking very similar to a cannonball. You can see where I'm going with this. Take the rabbit-ball and go all the way right.

-Load the rabbit-ball into the cannon and NOW you can light the fuse. The rabbit is launched high into the air, but parachutes to safety. (He kept that parachute in the same place where Max keeps his gun.) Pick up the parachute and go back to the warehouse.

-Give the parachute to the oni on the cloud. This was all they needed to complete their wind-powered cloud battering ram (Minoto Land is on the cutting edge of crimestopping technology). Click the now open door to reach the end...OR IS IT?

Could someone give me a another link to the game, because the game wont work.
If i click start and then the upper right arrow it does nothing.

       Anonymous  11/30/10, 9:16 AM  

Femenin21, it´s not the upper arrow to start the game , but a place at the bottom right corner, somewhere between the sun and the volume icon

I had the same thing, thinking it wouldn´t load ;-D

Thnx Full! :BigHug:
Finally i can play th Minoto game!

       Subscribe  2/4/24 12:24 PM

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