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Puzzle Room Escape 40 Walkthrough

Puzzle Room Escape 40

Puzzle Room Escape - 40 is fortieth episode of Puzzle Room Escape point and click room escape. Test your intelligence and escape yourself from the puzzle room by solving the puzzles. Good luck and have fun.

Play Puzzle Room Escape 40

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Am I alone? what am I suppose to do with the one next to the door?

yes!! 2 doors

lucifers: write ONE ;-)

is that a sudoku game? next to the door

@adryana, you speak about the puzzle with all the colors? like a sudoku? Well, that one..I dont know :))

wish It was a sudoku..that isnt difficult..

I can't see the logic in it :(

Not a clue as to what to do on #3...anyone?
Not a sudoku?

the first 2 were done in seconds...this one...well...lol

Adryana..did you get the puzzle?

comin in

is it game like we did have in the yacht escape, the Rotuc game? a Kenken puzzle?

yep, it is a kenken..well, this has to wait..work is calling to! maybe SmallTool will leave a PT here1
See you!!

@shaheen....do you understand #3? please?

gr8 i was about to ask the same question to u guyz

@alkmar...what is a kenken???

@alkmar--- i dont remember that one, pls help

you have to google it @Nokra. I never heard of it before a few days ago. a little one I can make quick. But this is a 9x9...I need more time :))

we r waiting

googled it and still don't understand!!!LOL

Thanks @alkmar!!!
Not fun for me, I'll pass on this one!
see y'all later!

@nokra, a kenken is like the "sudoku's" in the Rotuc games. You need to fill in the numbers once in every row and column (in this case 1-9). Then, make the numbers in the same colored areas sum up to the pre-written red number in those areas.
I hope this makes a little bit sense. And I hope I'll have enough time to work on this now without getting interrupted.

yes @ellie. I believe u right. Like rotuc only more involved

You have to fill in the numbers 1-9 on each row (horizontal and vertical), NO same numbers on a row though. If you add the numbers in the colored squares, they have to be the number given. First fill in all the single colors, like top left is 8, so fill in 8.
After that, for example, you can see the first orange pair in row one have to match 11. But the numbers you fill in, can NOT be 3 and 8, because 8 is already in that row.

try filling in single numbers first then u will know what numbers u can and cant use

Oops, see Ellie already gave a clear explanation.

I'm back :) it sound easy now that I know what to do :P

It is the colors that really threw me...too many numbers and colors for me...
I find the rotuc ones and normal sudoku a challenge but fun...this one...not so much! LOL
Thanks @ellie and @truus for the very clear explanations!
I will still pass... LOL

this is really a tough one, I have to make dinner now, But I'll be back later.
Good luck @Ellie, I'm pretty sure you feel like beating this one too, go girl!

LOL @Truus! I just did :) The first time I was almost done when I saw a mistake, but this time I made it. Will post a screenshot in a while.

Congtats @Ellie, I just solved it too!

Gongtats @Truus!! I'm glad you made it too. A fun puzzle!

Yes, loved it too!!
Forgot I still had to do the first and second puzzle, but luckily they were a lot easier

thanks @Ellie - never could have made it without your pictures!!

Congrats to Ellie and Truus - I solved it too, but only with the help of Ellie's spoiler.

out with help. Much too lazy to do that whole kenken on my own. Thanks, Ellie for the "some numbers" version

what are the rules for the second puzzle? can anyone tell me? thz.

For the second puzzle you have to put the pieces in the grid with the same number/color by their sides.

@ Edgar
by their sides? wt does it mean?

@ Edgar

oh, i got it suddenly,thx!

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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