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Imagia 2 - The Dome Walkthrough

Imagia 2 - The Dome

[REPLAY] Kayzerfish - Imagia Part 2: The Dome Escape is another point and click adventure escape game developed by Kayzerfish. In this game, you try to use your point and click adventure and puzzle solving skills to figure out the mystery and escape the dome. Click objects with your mouse to pick them up. Navigate between rooms by clicking on doors and passages. Click on inventory objects for a closer look. Some inventory objects can be combined. Good luck and have fun!

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Imagia 2 Walkthrough
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anyone playing? Have sketches 1 and 3, snippets 1 and 2, 3 inlay parts, frame and (used) rope

joining in Annaby

Hi @Enjoy - need help!

i'll give it a try. looks like another game that will really challenge those of us (i.e., me) with no sense of direction

I'm in too, have snippets 2 (1 piece) snippets 1 (2 pieces, 2 sketch 1 and 2 , 1 inlay part

Hi all im stuck with snippets 1 and 2 sketches 1,2 and 3, the frame and 2 pieces for the frame cant find the other bits for frame

I think I might pass on this one.. not my cup of tea.. going around in circles picking up pieces of stuff..

Good Luck!

rope on floor to right of miniature bldg.

I i have lots of papers, rope used and two blue/green tiles and in the round hole down rope is a crown on wall.

based on snippets 2, I think we need to push those symbols around the tower in a certain order for something to happen. When you push them, there is a sound

I'm in! Have Frame Rope 3 sketches 3 inlay parts 2parts of snippets 1 and 2 of 2

I have snippets 1 and 2, 3 sketches, a frame, and inlay parts....hmmm

I pass this one too, have a lot of stuff, but don't like it when games are a maze.

where did you use rope please

placed the frame in the view with the yellow beam of light on the floor

click the flowers like the picture to open 2 panels.

I can't seem to open the rest, so either you can only get the ones that are directly facing you, or there's another pattern.

use rope on bent railing

If you place the purple sun thing on the pole in the sun, you can place the frame with inlay pieces across from it.

I think from the sketches, we need something for the miniture church -- a cross that will be a key when we turn the handle correctly.

Fourth tile of a puzzle now (colourd tiles which are put together in inventory automatically)

And a frame...

pop - found it and a new view
this seems to be complicated - have not got the time

good luck to the patient ones

I have 4 snippets, 3 sketches, one purple sun, one rope (used but it doesn't seem to do anything helpful), and handle, and frame with 4 inlay pieces

Where to use rope? And kkf do u have the whole page of flower's hint?

Missing 2 tiles and got a lever from panel when clicking the flower as on the paper.

crank goes on side of building model

@Nini use the rope on the bent rail

have 4 inlays in the frame, 2 snippets, 3 sketches and a crank

could only open one flower door... must have missed a view somewhere

Rope is used one step back from miniature building.

lol found another snippet on the table with the miniature church. I didn't even see it there.

used crank on miniature building, heard a sound but not sure what happened?

Don't underatand flower code. Help?

I can only get 1 panel to open. Where is the sun thing?

Which flower do you click? and you can go right at bottom of the rope

opening scene is where the lever can be found. clicking flower petals in other scenes didn't help

did turning the crank turn the tower?

I've only been able to open 1 panel too.
@Nini - click in the order of the dark petals

Thanks @keldos - that gives another petal order

annaby but where!?!?

I opened 2, with the same pattern, I think (unless I misclicked). Both were in scenes where the panel faces you straight on. Not the ones where the arch/panels are angled.

one had pink sky to the left and orange in the "doorway"

Where do I input flower code??!

prism from another panel

the other one has the sky royal blue (if you back up, the next scene down has golden light hitting the floor.

Sorry, I don't know how to be more specific than that in this game.

@Nini - on the tops of the columns

Click the flowers like the long piece of snippet. Top petal, top right petal, down left petal. You want the lighter petals (the darker ones aren't clickable -- they are in the background)

I found the last snippet on the middle view of balcony - never saw it.

Put the purple gem thing in front of the sun now

if anyone wants to post where all the sketches, snippets, inlays are, that would be invaluable!
I only have 3 sketches, 2 parts each for snippets 1 and 2, and four inlay pieces...

I need 2 more inlays for the frame

Got pirsm and crank now! Thx all!

i have all snippets, 3 sketches, all inlays in frame but not sure where I found them

purple prism can go where frame goes and you can take them both back

Need one more inlay piece - found another in view of church on floor to the right

Put frame on wool piece on the other side where sun is (to the right)

Put prism where sun is. What position do I leave the lever?

*wood piece

And I'm missin 2 pieces for the frame.

from the sketches it seems that the frame goes on when the crank is turned to the dark triangle and the prism goes on when the crank is turned to the dark circle

I tried that and didn't see anything different

need 1 or 2 inlay bits the bottom left hand corner

Oh, got crystal key!

turn crank so you have light triangle with dark circle, then go to floor where rope is

keldos me too.

crystal key goes on top of church

Nice @Jo-ann!

Still need one more inlay piece

Jo-Ann mine was in this position since I got the lever lol. But nothing changed down the dome.

i can't seem to get the panel to open in the royal blue sky scene, so no prism for me!

@Nini, put the frame with all inlays in scene where you found it, then turn crank until you have light triangle with dark circle. Then the floor opens up where the rope is

key goes on top of dome

Hm.. My floor changed now to a circle.. but no key.

@Zoz, the pattern for the second flower is different. try bottom left petal, bottom right petal, top petal

I'm missin inlays Jo-Ann 2 on the bottom left of frame

@zoz - try changing the symbol using the crank as on the snippet

@Nini, there are two triangles, crank it once more

thanks, Jo-Ann. I didn't think of checking the floor.

I still only have 4 inlay pieces. :(

Got it!

found a symbol down below on top of first port hole... was it there the whole time?

looks like we're all missing the bottom left of the inlay

For crystal key the lever must show to the left !

@Jo-ann - yes

I wish I could remember where all the inlays were... the last one I found was down the rope to the right Thanks @ keldos for that one!

you can click the key to change how the sun reflects

Thanks @JoAnn, now have prism and another inlay piece. I must be missing the snippets with the clue for that flower

Sorry i cannot remember where i found all tiles but one was was in the hole down right of the rope.

and OUT! Put the frame on the other post and click on it when you change the beams towards it.

Have 5 inlay pieces.. and stuck!

It says I only found 1 of 6 secrets.

zoz this snippet also was in the same hole right of rope end !

I noticed when I was looking for the inlays they were generally out in the open in different views and I just didn't realize it.

ah, the old "down the rope to the right trick" , thanks again @JoAnn!

thanks to Keldos and Jo-Ann for that green piece. I had missed that comment.

Out too with one of 6 secrets.

I have to eat now, GL all of you !!

@Graham - how many inlays did you have - 6 or 7?

I guess the 1 secret we found was the crown thru the hole??

@Graham what color is the bottom left piece. Maybe that will help?

@Graham, I am stuck with key on top of church, not sure what to do...any hints?

I think it was 6 annaby?

and where do we use the hint from the 4-part snippet?

@Jo-Ann - take the frame off the post it was originally on and put it on the other one that you can place it on in the other view. Click the key until it changes the beam to go to the frame and then go click the frame.

there are 6 inlays, bottom left is green

hint on 4 part snippet is just showing the order of the symbols

Last piece plz? lol @graham cmo'n! Use ur brain! remember where it is!

@annaby that was the hint to find the key

New game is out.. Maybe I'll go there and check u guys later.

@Graham... didn't even realize I could put the frame there! does the prism need to be attached too?

Gosh, I thought I was doing so well

@nini xD...haha I wish I could help you. I know I got 1 or 2 from the right side of the rope. There was one in the view of the church on right side of floor and I think there was one on the floor of the balcony in the view to the right where you go down the rope but before you go down.

do I click the key or the crank?

yes - leave prism attached

I am quickly replaying and found a gold medal where key was

@Jo-Ann crank is for the key in the floor

Click key to turn the sun's angle.

Thx Graham!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I think I clicked both so I may have gotten lucky but I know at the end I clicked the key to change the beam...just not sure if I had changed the crank before or not.

thanks @Jo-ann and @kkf.
Now if I could just find that last inlay piece ...

Prsim goes on the left pole by sun


just discovered the gold florin, but i think i'm still missing one inlay...


Man, I am confused! the frame can go in numerous places around the circle... which one does it go in? And does the prism need to go there too?

have the gold florin now too... what to do with it? you can't place it anywhere, seems to be a clue?

There are only 2 places the frame can go - where the sun is and where it is dark. Place it where it is dark & then click the key to change the beam to shine to the dark place.

Prism left side by sun and frame right side on the opposit side (right pole)

Then play with the prism on church to put the rays horizonal.

actually I found three places the frame can go

Damn i really have to finish meal, my family is crying !!

CU later and good luck for the other 5 secrets !!

k, I had the frame in the wrong place. out with 2 of 6 secrets....

may have to go back and find more!

Thanks for all the help!

Yeah finally found the last piece of the picture got the coin too but still had it when i got out and still only 1 of 6 secrets

for those still playing...

in the end, prism goes in on the post in the sun on the left
crank has to be on circle
frame goes on post in scene in the NE (not the scene where it originally came from)

@Keldos, I think one secret was the coin and one was finding the crown on the top of the port hole down the rope

the last inlay piece is in the view of the rope. It is under the right arch on the floor

Sorry if this was already posted. I had to step out for a moment

Think ill try again later for the other secrets

I am attempting a walkthrough but I only have two secrets if you find others, post them and I will include them

OMG thank you so much @kkf for the last inlay piece!!!!!!!!!

Out with 4 secrets. Check the back of sketch one and the second round window from the left on the model.

i only had two secrets also, but i'll settle for that now!

@TJ thankyou! I will include those in my walkthrough

oooh! Glad I came back to the comments. I was doing a walkthrough as well, but think I will leave this to Jo-Ann.

Have fun!

Location of inlay pieces

1) Your view is dark with gold light hitting the floor (where you found the frame) -- middle right inlay piece (green) (1/6)
2) Same view as above -- middle left inlay piece (white) (2/6)
3) Bent railing and bird droppings -- bottom left inlay piece (dark green) (3/6)
4) Inside the dome -- upper right inlay piece (blue) (4/6)> from the right edge of the screen
5) Click the bottom of the rope to climb down. Repeat until you are at the round window.
Click the right edge of the screen to swing right
Click around the bird’s nest to find the bottom right inlay piece (light green) (5/6)
6) From inside the dome, go right (click the dark pillar at the right edge of the screen). Your view is facing directly at a doorway with dark blue sky. Click the flower by the doorway to find the upper left inlay (light blue) (6/6)

@Jo-Ann there is also a sketch on the back of sketch 3

And behind sketch 2, as well. I haven't re-beaten the game yet, so I don't know if those are secrets or not.

thanks KKF, this walkthrough is tough....getting there!

yep. The backs of 3 sketches are secrets 1-3. Minitature window is 4.

Coin is 5 (didn't find that).

Crown at the top of the frame of the round window when you first go down the rope is 6.

pop! found the coin.

I think you already had it Jo-Ann, but it is under the spot you find the crystal key

Imagia 2 Walkthrough

Navigation is a bit tough, you are walking around a circle on the outside of the building, this walkthrough will take you around the outside clockwise first

First scene
Click through doorway on left
Note flower symbol and door above archway

Click through second doorway
Take Sketch #1

Click through doorway now on right
Take snippets #1 (piece #1)

Click through doorway on right
Take Sketch #2
Take Snippets #1 (piece #2)

Click bottom of screen to continue around the circle
Note flower symbol and door above archway

Click bottom of screen to continue around the circle
Take sketch #3
Take frame
Take inlay #1 and inlay #2

Click bottom of screen to continue around the circle
Take snippets #2 (piece #1)
Take inlay #3
Note 2 hotspots in this scene, #1 the bent rail, #2 the circle on the floor

Click the left doorway and you have completed the circle
Now to go inside

Click the dark space on the right side
Take inlay #4 on far right side near the bottom
Take rope near bottom right of table

Click miniature building on table
Take snippet #1 (piece #3)
Note symbols on bottom of table
Note 3 hotspots, hotspot #1 top of church, hotspot #2 circle, hotspot #3 second round window from the left, click it, then click again. You will see a symbol and hear a sound. That is secret #1
Go back once

Notice on the floor 7 planks. Those represent all the rooms you visited walking around the outside of the building. Use these for navigation

Click doorway to the south (bottom of screen)
Attach rope to bent rail

Go down three times
Click porthole
Notice marking at the top of the porthole, click it for secret #2
Click down twice

Click to the right of the rope
Click porthole
Take green inlay #5
Take snippets #1 (piece #4)
Take snippets #2 (piece #2)
Click down
Click rope
Go up three times

Go forward into building

click doorway to the west
Now examine snippet #2 it is a clue to open the doorway above the arch on the top half (answer below)
Take crank
Click doorway on the right

Click miniature building
Attach crank at hotspot near bottom of table. Now you can rotate the building.
Examine snippet #2 for clue to second door to open (answer below)
Go back then directly east
Open doorway and collect inlay #6 and prism
Take inlay parts and attach them in frame
Go left back into room

Examine sketch #1, 2 and 3
Turn them over for secret #3, 4, and 5

Click on miniature building
Turn crank so light triangle and dark circle are showing
Go back once, then south
Click on circle on the floor
Take crystal key
Click bottom of floor where key was
Take gold florin. Click on it in inventory for secret #6
Go back

Go forward into room
Click on miniature building
Place key on top of church
Note you can click it

On your sketches, it shows the frame is on a dark triangle and the prism is on a dark circle. Snippets #1 shows location of symbols in relation to the sun
Turn crank until black square is facing forward
Go back

Go northwest into sun
Place prism on post
Go back into room

Go northeast
Place frame on post
Go back into room

Click key until sun shines from prism to frame (four times)

Go north east
Click frame

You are out with 6 out of 6 secrets!

Snippet #2 first half clue
Press the flower petals (top, top right, bottom left)

Snippet #2 second half clue
Rotate building using crank until light triangle, dark square symbol is in the front. Go to east doorway, press flower petals (bottom left, bottom right, top)

@KKF, how do you bold text? I tried in Word but it doesn't transfer to here. would like to bold important things in the walkthroughs

Wow cool Jo-Ann and kitkatfox ! Thx for the WTs.
I am out with 6 secrets now !!!

You rock !!

@Jo-Ann <b>words</b> gives bold words

@KKF thank you! will add that next time!

@Jo-Ann lovely walktrhough!

@Zazie gongtats! :)

whoops, couldn't get the last piece to work no matter what I tried...even with the WT..sun just would not go from prism to frame. I must have missed something...sigh.

       Anonymous  12/8/10, 5:32 PM  

A bit too confusing for me darn I enjoyed the first one and was really hoping this would be just as good wom wom lol

as i read some of the posts: wandering in circles / in a maze; picking up lots of stuff and can´t do anything with it; and the horrible long WT => naa, won´t play it

I just noticed that the comments are from 2010!! Anyway, I tried playing, got stuck and used the WT above but something happened, the key disappeard and then appeared....stuck

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