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Monkey and Secret Army 5 Walkthrough

Monkey and Secret Army 5

Minoto - Monkey and Secret Army5 is another very cute and funny point and click type adventure game created by Minoto. In this game, you search around for finding items and solving puzzles. Enjoy the lovely graphics. Good luck and have fun!

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       Anonymous  12/6/10, 5:46 AM  

MINOTO!!! But i can´t play :-(
Have fun all....

Yay! Minoto!

Hrmmm.. have key, fish, fire demon, coloured hair, busted balloon and sharp nippers... now seem to be stuck.

I'm stuck in a Minoto game. Help!

I have in inventory: key, shark, fairy of fire, colorful hair, and balloon.

How did you bust the balloon, Pierre?

Ah, the power of posting. lol

Helped End.

Only one method

       Anonymous  12/6/10, 6:00 AM  

So how DO you bust the balloon?

Haha, I got there in the end too. Was frustrating, had tried nearly every combination on everything.
And then bam, POP hit me too :).

What a great way to wake up. Minoto and coffee before work. Thanks Minoto!

Think of a hot air balloon.

What to do with colored hair?

Girl monkey [ It is very happy.]

The boy monkey returned.

Girl monkey [Where had you gone?.]
boy monkey [I was eating the banana. ]
boy monkey [Why was it happy?]
boy monkey [Are you a true culprit?]
Girl monkey [ ,,,,,,,,,,!!!! ]

Became silent girl monkey. Who is the true culprit?

Dam dam dam daaaaammmmm....

@ Nightkeeper - Insert in transmitterboxthingy.

Just who was the true culprit here?

Ah, I never did get that box open. Have to find a way to clean the key, I assume.

or just paint it up a little.

It's Minoto Monday!

Aha! Thanks Pierre.

yw nightkeeper

The culprit??

The butler did it, of course ;)

This comment has been removed by the author.

I really did not want to put Uncle in the guillotine LOL...But it did the trick!

The nippers are used for the wire in the box you open with the painted key in the first scene...

Minoto comes back with all the tricky ! i like it :)

You didn't have to erase the comment @marvale...it helps others to see the questions and the answers....Took me forever to figure the what to do with the turtle...
We ALL get stuck in a Minoto some time!LOL
Cheers! And Happy Minoto Monday...@everyone!

hahahaha! So cute and fun as always! I'm not gonna' lie, I got a little nervous putting "uncle" in the guillotine, but he was do for a hair cut I suppose.

how do you bust the balloon?

You cut the turtle down with the swordfish, then put the powder on the fire where devil is. Then zoom in on balloon and put fire on the balloon, and it pops...

Thanks, Minoto, for putting this into English for all your English-speaking fans!

I'll leave the fancy walkthroughs to others since I have a ton of games to catch up on, but here's one to help if your stuck.

Click the bottom right arrow to close the dialog so you can play
Get the key -- I know, it was so subtle, you almost missed it there
Go right 2 times to the gray box
Use the key on the box to get the fox lol
Fox from the box is an animal trainer so take him left
Use him to get shark
While there, take a look a the key in your inventory (it looks different after you used it)
It is all blotchy so use it in the yellow paint of the elephant’s painting
Get the much nicer yellow key
Go right and use the shark on the log to get a round wooden piece
Go left
Use your wooden coin in the vending machine to get the mini hot air balloon
Go right 2 times
Save the poor turtle from the house (saw him free with the shark)
Get the sawdust
Go right
Use the sawdust on the smoldering fire to restart it
Get the fire fairy
Open the about item view of the hot air balloon
Add the fire fairy to the gray part to get the nippers
Go left 2 times
Get Uncle Combover out of the ground by setting his hair on fire with the fire fairy
Seriously? You have anger issues with your family members!
Take him all the way right
No more ruined holidays with him! Put him on the guillotine
Phew! You were just helping him get a haircut
Take the hair and go left to the painting elephant
Use the hair in the red paint to get a colorful hair
Go left
Zoom on the locked safe
Use the yellow key
Use the nippers to cut the red wire (hopefully, it is the red wire this time!)
Use the colored hair in the empty hole
Back up to see you shut off the machine and freed the girl monkey!

Just got in from work and starting this, can't wait :o)

Hahaha, Combover Guy:

"Uncle, it relaxed in the soil"


Okay, who is the true culprit? Come on, own up...

If you think you know who the true culprit is, write it on a 3x5 postcard and send it to Minoto, c/o Miami Mom, Matchstick Stand, Minoto Land.

I guess girl monkey wanted to see which boy monkey
liked better -- her or the bananas she gave him!

Uncle's oh-so-important hair is getting weirder and weirder! Now it can be a fire cracker fuse and a power wire ... what next?!

lol TB, what's the prize?

Oh, don't tell me let me guess...

Hmmm (thinks). Oh! I know, it's a nice crab supper for two with Mr Minoto.

Recently, a manuscript was uncovered by Art Historians probing the depths of an image by M.C. Escher. The manuscript, whose author is unknown, is reprinted in its entirety below.

Surrealism in Minoto: A Scholarly Treatise on the Influence of Surrealism on Minoto (or the other way around), Using Monkey and Secret Army 5 as a Model.

Surrealist works feature the element of surprise, unexpected juxtapositions and non sequitur.

“Get Uncle Combover out of the ground by setting his hair on fire with the fire fairy”
- kitkatfox, The Walkthrough

beautiful as the chance meeting on a dissecting table of a sewing machine and an umbrella
- Isidore Ducasse

Monkey and Secret Army 5 opens with the statement, “If the transmitter is stopped, the crab will regain consciousness”, followed by a scene featuring a shark swimming in a small pool flanked by a Medal Machine containing a miniature Air Balloon and an Artiste Elephant bearing a striking resemblance to Man Ray (one of the pioneers of Surrealism). One also must not neglect the overt reference to Salvador Dali’s Elephants Click here for an image

The use of the Shark imagery is not new to Surrealism. In 1938, Marcel Duchamps created an exhibit which opened with “”Salvador Dalí's Rainy Taxi (an old taxi rigged to produce a steady drizzle of water down the inside of the windows, and a shark-headed creature in the driver's seat and a blond mannequin crawling with live snails in the back)”
- Wikipedia

In the third scene of Monkey and Secret Army 5, we unlock a box containing a fox dressed as a trainer who loves animals, and who proceeds to free the shark from it’s small pool. This shark goes on to perform several tasks that can only be described as Surreal. For example, use the shark on the log to get a round wooden piece
and Save the poor turtle from the house (saw him free with the shark)
- kitkatfox, The Walkthrough

The use of Surrealism in Minoto is not limited to plot, but extends to the way items are described, such as “Fairy of Fire: Fairy of reviving fire,” “Key: It is key,” and “Yellow Key: Key colored to yellow,” which describes the result of a Surrealistic transformation in which a key is used once, then painted yellow and used in an entirely different lock.
And who can forget the scene, so eloquently described by kitkatfox (above) in which Uncle Combover is removed from the ground by the use of fire and then described as “Uncle: It relaxed in the soil”?

(To be continued below)

Lost Manuscript: Continued

These and many other descriptions remind one inevitably of the Rene Magritte paining, “C’est ne pas une pipe.” In which a painting of a pipe is captioned (translated from the French) “This is not a pipe.” Click here for an image

A particularly disturbing scene is the one in which Uncle Combover is placed on the gullotine, only to have “A little long hair” sliced off. The infamous Surrealist movie “Un chien andalou” (Andalusian Dog) by Luis Brunel and Salvador Dali opens with just such a scene. In the film, a knife is positioned in front of a living woman’s eye and the scene is cut jarringly to a shot of the knife slicing open an eye, which happens to be that of a dead cow. The impact of placing Uncle Combover on a guillotine operated by a very dark Satan is surely no less traumatic.

In yet another scene that could have been conjured by Dali or Max Ernst, the “little long hair” is painted red by the ElephantArtiste so it can be used as a wire to short out the transmitter. All of these non sequiturs ultimately lead to a scene where Girl Monkey, still sipping her refreshing beverage, is released by the Crab as Boy Monkey enters the scene in a Superman outfit.

The following conversation then takes place:
Girl monkey [Where had you gone?.]

Boy monkey [I was eating the banana. ]

Boy monkey [Why was it happy?]

Boy monkey [Are you a true culprit?]

Girl monkey [ ,,,,,,,,,,!!!! ]
Finally, the Girl monkey becomes silent, and we are left to wonder, “Who is the real culprit?”

Like Minoto, Surrealism embraced idiosyncrasy, while rejecting the idea of an underlying madness. Later, Salvador Dalí explained it as: "There is only one difference between a madman and me. I am not mad."

There is only one difference between Minoto games and all others. The others are not Minoto.

The manuscript ends here.

zoz, that was epic.

And a very, very accurate observation.

Mind you, it was very funny too lol

Great one zoz, but I have to think it over some more. Although surrealism is the first thing you think about with Minoto I think there are more modern trend of arts that could fit.
The first association I have with art and 'This is not a pipe' and the shark in Minoto is 'A dead shark isn't art'. It was one of the art objects on the 2003 Stuckism International Gallery.
By the way 'Stuckism' isn't that a great artistic trend for escapers?
Anyway maybe later more thoughts.

@small-tool, wow! I wish the author of that manuscript had known about Stuckism before writing it. I went online and saw "A Dead Shark Isn't Art". Awesome!

You guys are surreal -lol!!! ;-)

oohhh! I knew there would be fantastic comments to come later. How wonderful!

@zoz and @small-tool great explorations of surrealistic art. I absolutely love it!

@TB Tabby too funny. I have my personal suspicions that the girl monkey is in on it. She's too comfortable with her drink while in the crab's clutches


This is pretty obvious but, take the key as shown.
Turn right 2 times.
Use the key on the silver box, dunno how he survived in there... But there's a trainer. Take him with you.
Turn left.
With the shark constantly going round and round (doesn't he get dizzy?!) Use the trainer on the shark. Take shark.
Turn right 2 times.
There's a turtle on the roof... How did he get up there no one knows, use the shark on him (DONT WORRY HE IS NOT GOING TO EAT THE TURTLE!!)
Take the powder from the wood and turn right.
Put the powder on the fireplace by the cute demon and it will make a fire. Take the fire (dont burn yourself!) and turn left 2 times.
There's an unusual lantern... Put the fire on the lantern and.... OH UNCLE BILL I'M SO SORRY!! But why were you buried? ....
Take uncle bill and turn right 2 times.
Now, minoto is turning kinda scary... Put uncle bill in the gullotine... Oh, it was just a unusual haircut, and hes pretty happy!
Take the hair piece thats fallen off and turn left 3 times.
bonjour, elephant! put the hair piece on the red part of the painting elephant has painted and he will paint the hair piece red!
Also, put the key on the yellow side of the painting and he will paint it yellow!
Turn right.
Use the shark as a saw again on the wood. a coin- like piece of wood will fall to the ground. Take it and turn left.
Put the piece of wood into the coin slot and a balloon pops out (pretty small)
Highlight the balloon and click on the "?" button. a zoomed in hot air balloon will come up. highlight the fire and put it on the balloon. It bursts and a sharp nipper will appear. Turn left.
Put the key on the lock on the box thing and then use the nippers to cut the red wire. Use uncle bill's red hair piece in the hole to replace the red wire and then...
Helped end.

       Subscribe  2/4/24 12:24 PM

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