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Lady Gaga Saw Game Walkthrough

Lady Gaga Saw Game

Lady Gaga Saw Game is another point and click adventure game developed by Inka Games. The evil Pigsaw has kidnapped Lady Gaga and is forcing her to play his well known twisted game. She will have to defeat the craziest villains in history in order to survive. Help her escape safely! Good luck and have fun!

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Seriously, Lady Gaga?! LMAO! Can't wait to get into this one!

killed by letherface - outch

Hey Swiss Miss!

i have to make a pizza - need knive

Hi Rachel

bonk - killed again

Looking for knife, and meet someone with a chainsaw! Not the kind of knife I wanted.....LOL!

The Mask killed me!


I used the cigar through the grid to kill one guy.

this is complicataed - have to draw a map

trapped in a room with laughing gas now

I know have sleeping pills, paint, paint brush and baseball bat.

I'm also trying to make a map! The Simpsons Alien (Kang?) doesn't give me chance to get the gun!

Woo Hoo, thanx for the cigar clue, Small Tool!

ah - where the cement mixer is you can throw the cigar through the grill - it kills one of the monsters

woow!!! Rachel, Swiss and my favourite belgium friend, Small!!!!
I start to load...

Hi small-tool
you have not been to the kitchen yet (next to TV)
there is a whole lot of things - we have to make a pizza
but I need a knife first

Hi Alkmar

Killed the octopus with the baseball bat. But you have to enter the room from the right side.

Yep SwissMiss, got a lot of stuff now.

the Joker room has a puzzle board, complete puzzle and use flashlight on it for the code for the keypad.

Alkmar!! Yay! You made it!

Not one of the villians wants my present!?

opened the door with the laughing gas chap

make the puzzle - turn out the light and look at the puzzle again - should be a number

The joker room? Where's that?

from the tv room, click the "go back" arrow and then to your right.

from TV go down then right

darn it, gotta go and fetch Connor from school, and I was just getting into this!! Oh well, catch you all in about 45mins!

I try to let the guy with knife to fall down from the banana, I eat it first..but..nope..he wont step on it ( oh..and there are so many rooms..lol..where am I ? )

Thanks. My map was wrong.
But I don't see a number on my solved puzzle witht the lights off?

yess!! I camouflaged the bana with the brush and painting color..he did fall now!!!

clever alkmar

small-tool - it worked for me only the second time

found the key for to go out..but I have to scare the clown :)))

need help plz

How do you get pass the grinch. I get into the present, but as soon as i get to the grinch he turns around and sits on the box

dough, tomatosauce, ham and cheese and I still cannot make my pizza - what is missing?

Aha, got it. You have to use the flashlight on the solved puzzle.

pizza is ready!! yammi ;-)

fianally made Pizza
put it on the shovel than bake it
put slipping pills on and put it in box and give it to the guy with the dog

make the bread first flatt with a roller..put sauce, make ham in pieces, cheese in peices, put it on the shovel, than in the oven, when it is ready: sleeping pills on it and in the box :)

HOw did you get the key Alkmar. HOw did you get rid of the clown?

put hot water (from thermos) into gun - but have not used it yet

I am hiding in the present but I need to get those boots - any idea anyone

lol..lets hide in the box

Where's the guy with the dog I have to give the pizza to?

swiss..I am in the same place =)..lets use the water maybe in the ice room

alkmar - I think we need the boots from the present room on the ice

small tool - dog is right from TV

Ah thank, so it was the Mask, we had to use the pizza on.

cant go past chainsaw man
need boots from present man
scare the clown
and solve the name of the cat-man

only have watergun and present unused

Tried everything on the Grinch while hiding in the present but no go?

I really cant remember where all the rooms are..I am just walking around..and around..
@small..I dont have the key yet..I didnt have the stuff to scare him :))

The boots and the how water gun are probably for the Penguin in the ice room.
So now we need to kill Leatherface or find the name of the cat first I think.

I tried all the catsname and I think we need something else first

Hey, you can take the dog too. Did anyone use the dog?

same here swissmiss... dont know what to do anymore... getting tired of dying

I tried to scare the grinch to remove the box in the last second..only nothing :(

good find s-t
have not got dog - perhaps we can scare cat-man

in the Grinch room you can move when you use the brush with painting.. try it ;-)

Cat-man? Wtf is he and where is he?

lol..I got the dof from long time..tried to use it with the catman...

small..he is in on of the room..cant find him anymore..roflll

which is the grinch room alkmar

cat -man is the one after the puzzleroom

Ah I see, you guys call the Riddler catman.

Grinch-room is which one

unsolved - present, riddle/cat, chainsaw, and ice

Swiss..grinch is the green guy with the present and boots...

have to go and have some food - need to elevate my sugar-levels

I hope someone has a breakthrough in the meantime

back in a sec.

Grinch is in the present room
Penguin is in the ice room
Riddler is behind the Joker (with the gas)
Leatherface is all the way left and all the way up and then right.

I cant find puzleroom anymore..so..that means..cant find catman either

lol..got catman again :D

New find. I took the mask from the Mask an put it on the dog.

You can remove mask from guy and use it on the dog, but I don't know where to use him.

And more progress. While in the present talk to the Grinch and you can go behind him and then scare him out of the window.

Use the boots (from the Grinch room) to go in the ice room and then use the hot water gun on the Penguin and you can take the umbrella.

       Anonymous  1/19/11, 3:28 AM  

hi all, anyone remember where the paintbrush was??

We'll need the magnifying glass from the chainsaw-room to get the name of the riddler's cat from the picture.

We can use Dog-mask to defeat the chainsaw-guy, but something extra is needed for the surprise. Maybe need to sneek up from behind?

I think in one of the rooms on the left. Maybe in the octopus room?

       Anonymous  1/19/11, 3:30 AM  

and out. didn't use chainsaw. and the cement mixer, grinch picture and microphone were useless.

great find Small!! that was hilarioussss

thanks for the help small tool...

       Anonymous  1/19/11, 3:31 AM  

thanks small, how do u get the cigars off the shelf?

lol, You can jump out of the window in the room with Leatherface, but died again.

lol..where is the ice room??? hurt my legs from walking and runninggg

Can't use hotwater gun on Penguin, is there any trick?

Use both boxes there to go up.

First put the boots on to go in. And did you put the water from the thermos in the gun?

from tv 2x left, 1x down and then right.

       Anonymous  1/19/11, 3:34 AM  

aha tried that earlier didnt work lol thanks :)

Ah, I used the 'open' umbrella after jumping out of the window.

@devillete..use the 2 boxes to climb up..than you take the cigar

Then back in the building and then scare Leatherface with the dog.
Now where to use the magnifier?

Ah, use umbrella when falling out the window.

yeah I did everything, but gun does not work for me.

What picture did you use the magnifier on?

power of posting

I did it

cant melt the piguin man...and my thermos is empty..but the gun is hot...

That's strange. I just used the gun. I think at him or maybe at the ice he is standing on.

@erika..tell me, what did you do???

Yay!! Back, and I've got a lot of catching up I see!

@Smalltool The picture from the room of the joker.

got it!!! lol POP :DD

Thanks Roy, just found out.
But don't look at the picture, but combine magnifier with picture.

got a headache from the game..but I keep on going..almost finished it

Welcome Back Rachel :))

@alkmar shoot penguin

Well, I killed the Riddler with the cat's name and took a stick from him and now what?
I killed all the evil ones didn't I?

can't jump from the window? Which room? the room with presents?

Ah, finally out. Use the stick to lock up the clown in the closet and then take the key.
Never used the chainsaw!?

The room with Leatherface.
up from the kitchen and then right.

ok...now I need to find the room with joker.. ahum..@small? can you grab my hand and lead me to the right room?

The Joker was from the tv one down and then right.

thanks small ;-)..but i just figured it out...fluffy =)

up from kitchen? there is only room to the right from the kitchen

Free at last!!! Thank you all and thank to myself :P

Sheesh, I hate The Penguin! LOL!

That's the room. Quickly jump out of the window before leatherface kills you and then use your open umbrella (open it before you enter the room).

thanks s-t, got it

@urby..when you are in kitchen, go right :)

Looking for brush to cover banana peel

aha..you already got it

       Anonymous  1/19/11, 4:02 AM  

grrrrrrrrr cant get passed riddler or kill leatherface :(

       Anonymous  1/19/11, 4:03 AM  

rachel, behind the chair in the gangster room

the brush @Rachel..it was somewhere in a corner...I think i restart the game..and help you to find it

lol..my posting is toooo slw!

@devilette..first you have to use the magnificier glass at the jigsaw puzzle you made..and than enter the riddle/catman room

Thanx Devilette and Alkmar!! :D

You can only pass the Riddler if you killed Leatherface first to get the magnifier. Kill Leatherface by jumping out of the window (use open umbrella) and then go back and scare him from behind with the dog with mask on.

and for leatherface: jump out the window from his room, and than use the umbrella ( it must be open in inventory)

       Anonymous  1/19/11, 4:06 AM  

tried that small, will try again :)

lolol..you see..I am slow with posting :P

btw,,@small..thanks again for the help :)) and it is good to see you live again :))

Meet your Doom, Sideshow Bob!!! MWAHAHA!

       Anonymous  1/19/11, 4:10 AM  

the dogs not doing anything, got its mask on but wont place anywhere

       Anonymous  1/19/11, 4:11 AM  

nevermind, bit his butt haha

On Leatherface himself when sneaked up from behind.

Yep, it's good to be back. Missed a lot of live games because all of those riddle games I was playing.

Mask-Dog Max is for Leatherface?

Yep, but from behind.

       Anonymous  1/19/11, 4:16 AM  

and finally out!! thanks everyone

Whoops, missed that post about jumping out the window! Now for an umbrella!

yep @rachel..attack leatherface from behind XD see post up..from SmallTool

Congrats @devillete!!!

ok, got the Grinch out the window, and got boots. Whats the directions for going behind Leatherface?

Rachel, first get the umbrella from the Penguin by using boots and hot water gun.

Thanx S-T! Sitting starring at the screen wondering what the hell to do with the boots, when it dawned on me! LOL! It's like 30 degrees C outside, and my brain is melting!

....* give some coffee to Rachel *...

Anyone making a WT?

Ah!! Thanx Alkmar!!!

Yep, I am.

I have my aircon on now, and that coffee was welcome! Now back to Lady Gaga before I attempt that new game!

you are asking me???? lol..I was lost several times in thaT home..I think I wont be the right person to make it...If you like Rachel..you can give it a try :))

I think I'll leave it to the experts ;) Small Tool is on it! Besides, I'm not even out yet! LMAO! Enjoying my coffee.......;)

okay..yes!! Small is making a WT..I didnt want to ask you..but for some reason...I knew you were working on it!!! Huggss S-T ;-)

hellooooo... i'm so late... as always... and i don't know what to do with the brush in the grinch room... i still "wear" the present...


- Talk to the evil joker on the tv to find out you have to escape.

EMPTY ROOM to the left of tv

- Take BOTH BOXES and put them on top of each other on the floor under the shelf, go up the boxes and take the CIGAR.
- GO UP.

- Take the PAINT (backwall).
- Use the cigar on the vent in the right wall to kill the gangster in the other room.

- Take the BRUSH (behind chair) and the BASEBALL BAT.

- Kill the octopus with the baseball bat.
- Take the WATER GUN (bottom left on the screen).

- Take the big pink PRESENT.
- GO UP (2x), RIGHT (2x), UP.

- Eat the banana and now you have a BANANA PEEL.
- Use the brush on the paint and then on the banana peel and now you have a CAMOUFLAGED PEEL.
- GO DOWN (3x), RIGHT.

- Put the banana peel on the floor before he attacks you so he slips over it.
- Take his KNIFE.
- GO LEFT, UP (3x).

- Use the roller on the dough and now you have FLATTENED DOUGH.
- Use the knife on the ham and the cheese to make little pieces.
- Put the tomato sauce on the dough, then the ham and then the cheese.
- Put dough with all the stuff on the shovel and open the oven and put it in. And now you have a PIZZA.
- Put the sleeping pills in it and then put it in the pizza box and now you have PIZZA WITH PILLS IN A BOX.


- Give him the pizza with pills and he falls asleep.
- Take the MASK and the DOG.

EMPTY ROOM between the mask and the grinche.
- Use the present, wait a little and you're in the present.
- GO RIGHT and act quickly.

- Talk to the grinch so you're able to move behind him. Then he's scared and jumps out of the window.
- Take the BOOTS.
- Use the thermos on the water gun so you have a HOW WATER GUN.
- GO LEFT (5x), DOWN, Put the boots on, GO RIGHT.

- Use the hot water gun very quickly on the penguin (belly) so he freezes. Take his UMBRELLA and OPEN IT.
- GO LEFT, loose the boots, GO UP, RIGHT (2x), UP, RIGHT.

- Now you have to act very quicky.
- Jump out of the window and then use the open umbrella on falling lady gaga.
- Put the mask on the dog, so you have a MASKED DOG.
- Go in the building and now you're behind Leatherface.
- Use the dog on him (on his butt).
- You can take the CHAINSAW, but you don't need it. Take the MAGNIFIER (right corner).

- Take the PUZZLE BOARD and the PUZZLE PIECES from the table. Combine them and make the puzzle.
- Take the FLASHLIGHT from the floor.
- Switch off the light with the wall switch and use (combine) the flashlight on the solved puzzle and see 2978.
- Switch the light on again and use that number on the keypad at the door so the Joker will get the gas instead of you.
- Combine the magnifier with the solved puzzle and see the cat's name is FLUFFY.

- Answer his question with 'fluffy' and take the STICK from under the big question mark that fell down on him.
- GO LEFT (2x), DOWN, RIGHT (2x).

- Put the stick on the cupboard so it will stay shut when you take the KEY.
- Use the key to go out of the right door and you're out.

lol..you looks good in the present..it fits you very well ;-)

oh... i think i've missunderstood something in the comments... THANKS SO MUCH @SMALL-TOOL for your excellent WT... it saves me at the last moment :D

slow posting again..

@Sabine..you got your WT!! now you will survive!!

Great job S-T

You're welcome Sabine.
But not that excellent. Somehow I made a HOW WATER GUN with the thermos and the gun. And the T and the W aren't even close on a keyboard!?

thanks @alkmar... i got it right from Paris... weared it at the catwalk there... i can hide a lot inside ;-)

@small: i didn't realize such mistakes... i only read the solution and you make it very clear :)

how water is better for the little kids here..they might burn their hands otherwise

Lol @sabine!!! you got food and drinks also inside of your new..new..ehh..new dress?


Loved the HOW WATER too! LOL!

@alkmar: i've all i need inside... i'm out of the scary house now, but i kept my new dress... the best clothes i ever had xD ... thanks for all the help @all

Are any of you guys on Facebook? Not sure if you can find me due to my settings, but here's my link: http://www.facebook.com/Smurfbunni Add me if you can! :)

Out with lots of help. Thanks!

how do u get da knife and paint brush

Lady Gaga Saw Game walkthrough

Whats the riddle guys cat name?

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