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Murder on the Moredie Express Walkthrough

Murder on the Moredie Express

Murder on the Moredie Express is another point and click type adventure game from Stillbeating Pictures. In this game you must solve the murder on the moredie express. Good luck and have fun!

Play Murder on the Moredie Express

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What exactly do we have to do?
I'm running back and forth with my guest list to find something from the missing passenger...but can't find anything.
I clicked all over the place (coin, crates etc.)...nothing happens.

Use space

Still nothing to find other than I can walk on air at the end of the train...I'm outa here.

How can I get the coin?

Short Game:

Use space and tab-key and talk with the people.

look at blood, look at numbers on chest, use number on safe, take paper, arrest the murder

@Oscar, its not a coin, its a safe. Find the safe code on the boxes in the back of the train and use it to open safe.


Thx, I found the number and arrested the murder.

bland little game. Not hard; just a lot of going back over the same areas and talking to the same people. I didn't like how hard it was to click items -- I kept moving the character instead.

what the??? how do i click on the safe to open it and put the combination in? ...

i quit...
(someone tell me who the killer is.)


1. Examine the splatter of blood with the letters
2. Talk to everyone by clicking on them and reach the far right end of the train.
3. Talk to the conducter.He'll give you a guest list.
4. Talk to everyone again and fing that Mr. Steven Eliss is missing.
5. Go to the cargo box on the left and click on the small box with numbers on it.
6. Go left. You will find that there is blood on the railing corner.
7. Now you must pay attention and look beneath each table. You will find one with a kind of lemon beneath. Click on it.
8. It is not a lemon it is a code. Use the numbers on the cargo box we found earlier toopen it. (46-78-30-9)
9. There is a photo of Evelyenne Grey with a diary entry.
10. Go to the conducter. He will suggest asking everyone where they were at the time of murder.
11. Now after you have done that, go to the table with fruits and some purple coloured juice. You will find another diary entry which clearly states that Mr. Arin Mand too fancied Evelyenne.
12. Go and talk to him.
Mystery Solved.
Hope you enjoyed it.

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