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Basement Lounge Escape Walkthrough

Basement Lounge Escape

IchWillSpielen - Basement Lounge Escape is another point and click room escape game developed by Ich Will Spielen. In this game, you are locked in a room and you try to escape the room by finding items and solving puzzles. Good luck and have fun!

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hey! going in.

So far: Glue, food stick and phosphor powder

Vakuum Cleaner and sandpaper

hey Anja (Stu)! I got glue, phosphorus, vacuum cleaner and sandpaper which I can't use/click

and white powder under table

Hi guys.
Where's the sandpaper?

and something called "KCI03" under table

hi small-tool! sandpaper under sofa

use vacuum cleaner under sofar for a part of a key

Used vakuum cleaner under sofa and got a half key

Btw I put the lightning fluid in the fire place.

Used glue on both powders

Used white powder/glue on food stick

@small-tool: where did you get the fluid?

No half key for me? Same couch as sandpaper?

Hi, put glue on phosphor and liquid in chimney.

On the table it was.

@small-tool: no, click the bottom of right couch

@small-tool: no - under the right sofa

And BTW: Hey miller and hey small-tool!!!

Cannot move my sandpaper.

Found the fluid and put in fireplace

You can put the glue on the white stuff too.

@Zazie: me neither...

oh, I just noticed you can change the color of tv-buttons

i got a key peice using vac under liunge

put red powder on the stick.

Why can we look under the small table?

damn, accidentally refreshed. have to start from beginning again...

i got fire yeh

Red powder? I can put the white powder on the stick.

and now have a burning match..

light match off lamp above table

and out

get code of fire place

put the stick with white powder on the left lamp near TV.

Thanks got fire too.

weres the vacuum plz ?

And out too.

and red powder goes to stick. and another step to right lamp near tv.

Out too - thanks for the "lamp-hint" hottdogg!!!!

On the (top of the) stairs.

@york: Go upstairs!!

thanks! after that it was easy

Yep, the lamp part was tricky, thanks again for that hottdogg.

Have fire now in chimeney, thx Tadas for the lamp hint !

And out !!!!
Thx for the hints !!

got it thnx

Hellow again

where can I find the other half of the key?
I've found a piece uner the sofa.

I've got a code but I don't know where to use it ...

Btw. are there two places to use the stick on? I used the stick everytime on the lamp above the table. But Tadas said on the left lamp near the tv!?

Use code on the tv, click the buttons that many times.


I did but nothing happens!

Now I see a piece of a key is sticking out ...
Pfff ... an I blind or what?!?!?

After that the red button next to it and then the half key is on the left side of the tv.

Lol, just played again and you can indeed use the lamp next to the tv too.

Anyone still here? I can´t lit my red stick at the sandpaper...

And played again, not only the lamp left next to to the tv, but also the right lamp.
That's a nice touch from the game maker.

Horst K. use it on the lamp again and then you can.

oh thx s-t

and out! was easy

Phosphore + glue won't go in the fireplace ! Is it a pixel hunt ? The lighting fluid is already used in the fireplace.

Pascale, you have to use the glue on the white powder and then on the stick and then the stick on the lamp.
Then the glue on the red powder and then on the stick and then the stick on the lamp.
And then then the stick (now a match) on the sandpaper.

Cannot find the glue.

Under the stairs.

Thanks Small-tool!

Thank you Small-Tool. Why do we use the stick with white powder and glue on the lamp ? That is weird.
I'm trying to use my new match on the sandpaper, but it doesn't work !
BTW, I haven't found any half of key.

I didn`t do anything to the lamps but I got out anyway.

Pascale, you have to put glue on the red powder also and the put that on the stick.

If it doesn´t work just keep trying it on the lamp till it works on the sandpaper. Btw it has to be a match with a red head, not white.
First half of the key is under the right couch, use the vacuum cleaner there.

Thank you again, Small-Tool ! I didn't understand that I had to use the match once again on the lamp.
Now, I have a fire !

The TV gave me a half-key. I didn't find any other half under or on the furniture.

POP, the vacuum cleaner was useful, finally !

It´s under the ´right´ couch.

see you all later, bye.

Jumping in! Hope some people are still here!

Can't find the stick!! Help! :)

LMAO!...Who leaves a vacuum cleaner in the middle of a hall way or has a container of lighter fluid on the dining room table.

Hopefully only in escape games.

there is NO white powder under the table. I found everything else. Is this another bug that is only found in Chrome?

Glad I am alone here.... Not the coffee table with the red couches --- the white powder is under the DINING table.

what code of fireplace. and i better not get that fake virus edirect from this site again

1.take glue near stairs
2.take vacuum cleaner upstairs
3.take sandpaper under red sofa
4.use vacuum cleaner under other sofa to get key piece
5.take red phosphorus near TV
6.take lighting fluid from dining table
7.KClO3 is under dining table
8.take food stick from table
9.use glue on red phosphorus and KClO3
10.use KClO3 on food stick
11.use stick with KClO3 on right side of TV near lamp. it will spark
12.use red phosphorus un stick
13.use stick on same spot again, you will get match
14.use match with sandpaper to light it.
15.use lighting fluid on fireplace and then match, you will get code
16.use this code on TV. in right lower corner, press buttons. you will get key piece
17.use glue to put them together.
18.use key with doors upstairs.

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