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Jan's Room 3 Walkthrough

Jan's Room 3

[REPLAY] Jan's Room 3 is another Japanese point & click room escape game developed by Jan'sRoom. In this game, again you are locked in a room and your aim is to escape from there by finding and using items and hints for solving all the puzzles in this room. Good luck and have fun! ☺

Update: Let's replay this game, while waiting for new games!

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Spoiler:   Use This:


Hi all!

got 3 n 5 thaqts all

Opened 1st door

Hi and bye again.
My anti virus software detected a virus on the game.

got 1st door open too

too bad small

Trying to figure out 2nd room 4-dig code

This is what my anti virus programm detected:
Embedded link to malicious site machine-movie.com

s-t close ur anti-virus :)

Lol Nini xD,
But I won't do that. I have to work on this pc as well and I can't let it be f....d up by some kind of virus.
Anyway have fun, see you all in the next one.

So.. on windows we have:



Got it!! follow the symbols and make numbers!

I can see shapes on pillars corners.. but they won't work for door code...
After I put 4dig code on box.. some pics appeared.. 2 are related to water and 2 aren't.

Thanks S-t ....I was having a slow load and read your post just in time to close it!

Ha opened 2nd door... I think we have to take the "amount" of water on each pic as the order

       Anonymous  2/20/11, 11:34 AM  

this site has virus it no good.

Opened wood panel w/ floor hint...

funny.. my Avast didn't detect anything...
opened 3rd door!

follow arrows on note and ur OUT!

"Got it!! follow the symbols and make numbers!"


All I can see is X / and back/

amanda.. like:


that's a 7

Don't get it.... How is that a 7?

link the X's (in the game.. link the symbols)

I dont understand the code for the 2nd door.

like: 1st one:


after u link it becomes a 1:


I can't see any numbers on the windows

Jennifer.. I'm not sure if what I did is correct but I used a crescent order in the amount of water in each pic.

Ok when drawing "backwards" I get something that could possibly resemble numbers... but they dont work with the code

I tried 1770 and now there are picture on the other side?

Anja now do what I told Jennifer.

I was close, was using 1779. So now I have the pics by the water sign too. But stuck again :(

       Anonymous  2/20/11, 11:59 AM  

Hi any idea for the third door, after the hint from the wood panel?

       Anonymous  2/20/11, 12:00 PM  

For the water, just follow the way used by water

0? 9?
I was trying to use 3...
still dont get how that last window is 0...
guess i draw my digits differently

nbnation turn ur panels over... u'll see numbers. then use woman sign to help u

for those stuck in shape code.. look at the corners of the pillars and then see what pic has the more water and do crescent!

LOL nbnation true! The "way".. lol... tottaly missed that... well .. got out using my wrong theory. :)

it's not the amount of water, but the cycle of water from the sky to the sea

       Anonymous  2/20/11, 12:05 PM  

ok thanks Nini!

Thanks a lot Nini - now in room 3!!!

       Anonymous  2/20/11, 12:06 PM  

I don't know if "the way of water" is the good word, my english is quite poor!

@amanda, if you follow the hint you have to start from the X, so the last window must be a 0

Opened cb in 3. room

       Anonymous  2/20/11, 12:08 PM  

nice game!

And... out... thx to some who tried to explain the 'make a number out of symbols hints' thingie...

I'm not out but in the 4. room, lol!

I'm a little bit slow today going to drink my second glas of champagne

Got it now...
use ONE x and then ONE backslash and then ONE slash and the the next X and the next backslash.

Got it 50 years too late ;)


Anja get the note by the floor and just do what it says...

Hi there...

I'm stuck in the 4th room (with stones on floor and pushable buttons on the right...), and I can't figure out what to do...
Any help ?

Thank you Nini - you're still here -

But I don't can guess what it means - maybe a third glas will help, hicks

@Yannoche: Look at flor and look where stones are (left center right). Click the buttons in order: center, left, center and so on

lol Anja!
Lemme explain the note has something written like:
just turn right or left as it says.

@Anja : Thanks a lot ! :-D

oh no - I guess it - but think: there's no square and no circle - that couldn't mean it!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks a lot - I'm out now!!!

or maybe that's the 5th? :O

... and out. Thanx Anja )

lol gratz Anja! the champagne helped! :)

Nini: It's a never ending story! LOL

Congrats Yannoche!!!

i can't open the first door LOL

Carrie look at left scene 1st window , then look the position of the blue tiles

       Anonymous  2/20/11, 12:45 PM  
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

but the water pictures?


       Anonymous  2/20/11, 1:32 PM  

Finally out. Seems that my brain is out of order (yawn). Was stucked almost everywhere...
Thx guys for your helpful comments. Bed time now!

       Anonymous  2/20/11, 2:21 PM  

btw, checked whole pc-system with luke filewalker from avira and didn't find any virus...

Just checked again. Virus is still there.
Maybe not all anti-virus software is as good and updated as mine.

Am I the only one who doesn't get the water code?
Tried hexagon-square-triangle-circle but didn't work...

@Gina B. It is the 'life cycle' of water. It falls from the clouds (square) on to the mountain (circle) to make a stream (triangle) that flows to the sea (hexagon).

how do you get out of the first room?? 2 papers with 3 and 5 Switches next to door?? No idea??

Don't know what number room I'm in but followed order of stones pressed the circles in that order and now a panel opened with a drawing of woman and an arrow down How does that give a 4 digit number?? please

I needed help with the X \ / code. I had trouble seeing the symbols at all, and made the 7s into 4s.

Other than that, it was easy.

Room 1
Go left
Note the colorful windows
Go right 2 times
Note more colorful windows
Go left
Zoom on the levers by the door
Set them to the correct heights and press the blue button to unlock the door
Solution below
Go through the door to Room 2

Door levers
There are 4 blue levers. If you look at the windows, there is only one that has 4 blue squares. Those are the heights – its on the leftmost window.

So using H for high and L for low, the pattern is SPOILERHLLHSPOILER

Room 2
Get the HAT CARD and the PURSE CARD from by the door
Get the PAPER from the right railing
Open the paper using the about view button and note the odd symbols
Turn right
Look at the window. You can see the same symbols faintly
Zoom on the codebox and enter the code. Press the button when you are done.
Solution below
Turn around to the WATER clue
After entering the numbers into the windows codebox and hitting the button, there are now pictures of water in here
Note that each picture is on a pillar with different shapes in each corner
Turn right to the door, zoom on the shapes codebox and enter the shapes in the correct order
Hit the button when you are done and open the door
Go to room 3


Window Shapes Number Code
This is hard to see since you can’t zoom in on the shapes. But you need to go from the X to the \ to the / in each window. The N shape on the paper tells you to start from the upper left, go to the upper right, then lower left, and then lower right window.

-The upper left window is easy to see – just go from the X at the top straight down to the \. If you linked those with a line mentally, you would see a | like a one. So the first number is 1.
-The upper right window starts at the X in the middle of the left edge, goes up to the top, across to the right corner, and down to the X in the bottom corner. This makes a 7.
-The lower left window is the same as the upper right, so it is also 7.
-The lower right window starts in the X in the upper left, goes right to the upper right corner, down to the lower right, across to the upper right, and then back up. So it makes a 0 shape.

So the code is SPOILER1770SPOILER

Shapes Code
After solving the window code, pictures of water are on the pillars under the water sign. At the 4 corners of each sign are the symbols you need to use. You need to put them in order of the water cycle. Start with clouds, then the rain would hit the highlands, travel down to the rivers, and then out to sea.

So the shapes are SPOILERsquare, circle, triangle, hexagonSPOILER


Room 3
Zoom on the right pillar with the 3 buttons
Click them in the correct order
Solution below
This opens the wall to the right
Click on that wall and see the image of a woman
Back up and zoom on the codebox by the door
Enter the numbers and press the button
Solution below
Enter room 4

3 Buttons Puzzle
The walkway between you and the door out is the pattern. There are 3 columns of round steps – left, middle, and right. Start from nearest you and go toward the door.


Door Code
The woman picture appears after you do the 3 buttons puzzle. It tells you to go from her head to her feet. Look at the back of each of the 4 cards you found. When you flip them over, there are numbers on the backs. With the accessories going from head to foot, it would be hat, glasses, purse, shoes. So the code is SPOILER6325SPOILER

Room 4
Get the PAPER from the floor and see the triangle, square, and circle shapes on it
Oddly enough, the only other thing in the room is the START clue
You need to navigate the room correctly and then press the button
Solution below
Click the ladder to escape!

4th Room Puzzle
You need to start facing the word START on the wall. Now you need to use the left and right arrows on the screen to follow the pattern on the card. It starts < > > < > < > >
So go left, then right, then right, left, right, left, right, (if you got to this point, you are facing the right hand wall and a new right navigation button appeared) and finally right
You are facing the back wall (and the door you came in).

Now the card tells you square – so push the square panel to the left of this door, and then circle – so push the circle button

       Anonymous  8/21/18, 12:44 AM  

caught this one while searching for games worth a replay - enjoy!

thx for all your creations, Jan ☺
& thx KKF for the WT

       Subscribe  2/4/24 12:24 PM

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