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Puzzle Trap 6 Walkthrough

Puzzle Trap 6

[REPLAY] Puzzle Trap 6 is another point & click room escape game developed by Michael Hibbert for CafeCafeGames. Interact with the environment by clicking on objects, find all the puzzle pieces and escape the room. Good luck and have fun! ☺

Update: Let's replay this game, while waiting for new games!

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I'm really sorry about what happened with the Cell 13 game.
When I decided to sponsor it I tested it by myself and from my point of view it was working fine.
I don't want you to keep that bad impression from Cafe Cafe Games so I'm releasing another chapter of Puzzle Trap today.
I hope you like this one.
Best regards.

love these, but usually get quite lost

Thanks @Claudia!

well lets play hope we get several new games cause it looks like i might be snowed in for a day or two

5 puzzle pieces so far

hmm - seem to be stuck on the 4th floor with a bouncing head. If this is a speed reaction puzzle, I'm in trouble

okay, could go down

Thanks Claudia!! ;-)

that's where I am Annaby - I wonder if we need to put something on top of it to hold it down

Only 6 puzzle pieces and stuck.

did anyone find any items??? I can't...

puzzle pieces stays on my mousse..how to get rit of it?

I've got 7 pieces and an iron ball you get if you push the sofa to the whole in the ground and then release the ball one stage up...


I restarted already :))

wonder where all these balls are going to

@Graham - when you go right, you can do down even though there's no ladder to be seen

alkmar, just put them back. But remember there are two inventories. So close item and open puzzle pieces. It won't go back if you have item open as well.

       Anonymous  2/1/11, 7:24 AM  

Move the sofa again and use the ball on the hole. The "window" above it will open for a while.

@James ... me too Im in NJ expecting huge storm what about you?

Thanks for the ball escapism.

found keycard and knive - got 7 pieces

the cannon ball was funny

move the couch and ladder is visible. Push down white pillar and quickly go down and right and puzzle piece is briefly available. flip ball and grab piece there before ball comes back.

@escapism - I didn't get a ball from that. Guess I'll try it with the levers in different positions

8 puzzle pieces, sword, and key thing

need one more piece. haven't used "drill press" thingie yet. any ideas???

Where does the ball go?

stuck in the room with this bouncing head where the knive was

key goes in thing next to chair for another piece

sword in statue for another piece too

missing 2 pieces

central ill. lokking at 16 to 20 inches

one room down - on very left drop it into the hole

@lovelygiraffe: thanks for that! Missing the last uzzle piece though...

just read your comment @Claudia and I appreciate it so much! Thank you for being so responsive, and so quickly - You never let us down!

@small tool..now it works fine....only missing some pieces..they are in inventory..but theu are to shy to show up :))

lol..speaking about them..they are back!!

10 pieces and nothing in inventory

What do we do with the machine that smashes things?

Has anybody done anything with the machine with the hammer/cutter? Still missing one piece...

Where did you find your 2nd to last piece, escapism?

lol@graham: double posting from different persons...

@graham: oh gosh, sorry, can't remeber them all... Maybe I'll open a new window and write them down... Seems that I'm stuck anyway.

Has anybody done anything with the two statues with the eyes?

       Anonymous  2/1/11, 7:36 AM  

Get another cannon ball and use it on the machine that looks like it punches holes in things :)
I'm out...

missing no 7 and 11 (starting to count top left)

I'm missing 2 pieces. I wonder what to do with the arrow / clock hand thing.

need 1 piece more...

I've done nothing with 2 statues, smashing machine or the bouncing head thing other than getting a piece from it...still missing 2

       Anonymous  2/1/11, 7:38 AM  

One piece is in a ball. Take another ball and put it umder the "hammer" to the right.

I am missing those 2 also, SwissMiss

my ball doesnt go into machine

       Anonymous  2/1/11, 7:38 AM  

I'm out.

pop now it worked - one more to go

       Anonymous  2/1/11, 7:39 AM  

Put the ball on the geey plate.

Dang Oscar - thx...I tried placing that ball 3 times before

there is second slot in wall where we put red "key card" and one view with only a small spot on the blank red wall. Still missing last piece.

now no 7 missing!

have done nothing with the bouncing head

my ball, won't go in that smashing machine?

one piece to go

small-tool - place it lower than you think

@swiss..you got to find the right spot..at the bottem of the machine

place ball 'at' grey plate not on it and get last piece. Finally out!

I'm missing #8 and #11...

lol..you already got it @swiss

ty alkmar - it worked with pop

but still 7th piece missing -

       Anonymous  2/1/11, 7:43 AM  

#11 ist in the ball.

Thanks guys, now I could place the ball.
Missing last piece, the middle left one.

missing two pieces, I don't understand what to do with the boucing head...

wich grey plate @evans?

Darn! I tried to put that ball in the machine one gazillion times and it didn't work. Now it worked and I'm out!

never mind, i found on in the inventory, only missing same as small-tool

out put ball diectly on the base not above

I miss the piece which has a part from iglo and face/schoulder eskimo

       Anonymous  2/1/11, 7:46 AM  


The grey plate under this hammer-chisel-machine.

I am not understanding where to place the last ball? base? grey plate? I have tried everywhere!

Could anybody explain what to do with the clock hand, please ?

alkmar - is this the 7th too (2nd row 3rd piece)
i dont have this one either

Finally out, missed the piece behind the ball eject machine.

       Anonymous  2/1/11, 7:47 AM  

For the head: push it down, then go very fast right down right, the picture is away and you can take a piece

Where was that small-tool? Was it the 7th piece?

       Anonymous  2/1/11, 7:48 AM  

Clockhand goes in the ear of the sculpture in the lowest floor.

thanks Oscar - that was the last piece

now out too

Thanks Oscar - finally out!

@oscar..I got that one from machiune..

       Anonymous  2/1/11, 7:51 AM  

Yeah, now you are all out?

got it... and out

and I did have the clockhand piece to :/

okay what am I missing: if i look at the puzzle, and count from left uo to right...it is 2nd raw..no.3


1. behind sofa
2. behind ball in machine on top left- be quick
3. by the 4 triangles behind glass, move lever first
4. behind cover at hole, move sofa above hole first, release ball one stage up, get ball, move sofa again, let ball drop into hole, be quick and get puzzle and move lever
5. behind chair
6. under pipe thingy down left
7. push statue head down and move out quick to cover that looks like statue head
8. under place where knife was
9. put red key card in slot at chair
10. knife in statue
11. ball under machine
12. under place where to put puzzles

hope that this was a bit clear and can help anybody...


@alkmar - thats the one where Oscar told us

press the bouncing head all the way down and go very quickly right down right and the cb next to the "hammer-machine" opens for this piece

@alkmar: what do you need?

       Anonymous  2/1/11, 7:55 AM  


Did you push the head?

lololol..it was all the time in inventory!!! I checked the hints from escapisme..lololol..so out too :))

that was fun - and not buggy! Thanks @Claudia! Can I help anyone somehow?

thank you all to stay here for a helping hand !!!! huggsss ;-)

@zoz..you can help me..my salon needs a cleaning :))

lol alkmar
and zoz - when you are at it - could need a helping hand too

umm, @alkmar and @Swiss, you wouldn't make such requests if you could see my house!

       Anonymous  2/1/11, 8:11 AM  


Thnx, this game was very much better then Cell 13.

never found key card...did anyone say where it is?

@nokra: if I remember it right, it was in the upper right room behind the stump with the knife... Hope that helps

nokra. I dont remember where exactly..but it was together with the clockhand...I gonna play it again..

forget my comment :D @Escapisme explained it very well!!

I missed that room!...I thought the keycard would GIVE the knife...I'll keep looking! Thanks!

@Nokra..this room you can see, after you put the handel at the view with the hole in the floor. the handele is behind the grey wall...you see it when it is open..lol..but maybe you already did that :))

@ZOZ..nvm what your house lookslike...you are always welcome... :P

Here is what happened!
I opened the grey door in wall with the ball and grabbed the puzzle piece and tried to get the switch...thought I missed it so got another ball and did the switch...apparently, I had already done it because there was no new place ....lol
I did the switch again and found the place for where the keycard, knife, etc.!
What a maroon!!!!LOL(bugs bunny lingo)

TY TY Alkmar and Escapism!!!!

Yes..yes ..yes!!!! you did it!! congrats!!!

       Anonymous  2/1/11, 10:47 AM  

too much mouse dexterity for me. just don't need that kind of frustration today. :(

I've dragged and dropped the ball under the machine at lease 50 times and it will not stay. I'm done. this one is so very buggy.

hold the bouncing head down with your mouse... then while still holding it down, slide your mouse over to the right edge of the room... let go of mouse, click edge of room, click down at bottom of edge of new room, then click right edge of room... should see puzzle... holding the head down and moving your mouse to right edge of room gives a second or two so that can get that last puzzle piece... hope this helps!

just that bouncing head thing was a bit neuvrotic! My wrist literally ached tryin so much. And the most faulty thing was that, it is nearly impossible to figure it out by yourself!

A bad game. The design is stolen from "Submachine" and frustrating part with last piece of puzzle added.

I'm still stuck ! I can't find #8 (there is nothing else where the knife was), and for #11, what ball, under what machine ? If it is the machine that launches the ball, it is another piece of puzzle, because I've got this one.

Well, the knife in the statue gives #8.

I still need #11 as well. Not sure what machine you are referring to. If it is the ball ejector, then I already have that one.


I'm sorry you didn't like the game. However I think you went a little too far when you said it was "stolen" without proper knowledge.

I've been running this site for 3 years so far and never had a problem with game developers, advertisers or other game publishers.

With all due respect... Do you really think a stolen game can reach it's sixth part without being noticed?

Best regards.

Carlos "Cafe_Cafe" Garcia

C'mon man, this game "borrows" A LOT from Submachine

The least the "developer" could do is give credit for that

Sorry for not being clear enough with the hints for the puzzles...

The machine in number 11 hint refers to the machine with the hammer/chisel thing. You can smash a second ball under that machine. This part seems to be a bit buggy. I couldn't do it at first and when it worked for the first time, I didn't even had to use the machine, I just did put the ball in the machine and the ball just crushed and reveals a puzzle. The second time I had to use the machine too...

@cafe cafe: I wouldn't go that far and say that these games are stolen from skutnik, but they do indeed look a bit like his submachine series, but most games here do look a bit alike, so I think this is not so bad.

Well, I admit that the word "stolen" must be too strong, but this game does have much in common with "Submachine".

It's impossible to please everyone.
I love the submachine series, so it is nice to have a similar format, and be able to play someone else's interpretaion of that style. Thank you Carlos!
I also enjoyed playing Cell 13, with the challenges it presented. Yes, I had problems, but isn't that what these discussion communities are for?
Cell 13 was very different from this puzzle series, which only proves that Carlos is not stuck with his best idea, and I rank him with the likes of Skutnik, Bonte, Selfdefiant, Ainars, etc.; so up with the best.
As more people design games, there is bound to be a similarity, or overlap of ideas eventually. To use an analogy, there are supposedly only 5 plots for a novel, and for another, my cat, who chews mouldy bread when she has an abcess, has discovered penicillin, but I don't suppose anyone will be giving her a nobel prize.
To Carlos; just sometimes, faults we find with games are our own, so please don't take the occasional Grump's words too much to heart, and please don't lose your imagination.
To anyone complaining; until we are all fluent game designers, we really have no room to criticise the creators of these free pastimes except when it's constructive. We all know how to close a window, after all.

And the machine where you smash the ball isn't buggy at all. You just have to realise that it is a tray to hold the ball, rather than a solid block.
Put the ball onto the grey part, not the floor behind it!!!!

@ Tina:
Thanks for your kind words.
These are the comments that put a smile in our face when we are working everyday.

@ Everyone:
We love you guys. We do our best to give free games to enjoy.
Sometimes is really hard to balance quantity and quality. And trust me, quality is a little bit overpriced these days :)

Nice game!

       Anonymous  9/1/18, 6:31 AM  

caught this one for the replay - enjoy!

thx for all your creations, Michael ☺
& thx escapism for the puzzle tile list

When I click on the right of the game screen to go right It actually goes left and vice versa. So when I go down the ladder behind the couch I am trapped with only a small bit of game screen and unable to move.

Same for me Sue. Would have been fun playing if it could be played. Maybe I'll search for the game and play it on another site.

       Anonymous  9/2/18, 9:12 AM  

sue & mystery
just checked - click inside the game screen, not outside of the thin black lines left & right, then you won't have any issue

       Anonymous  9/2/18, 9:14 AM  

(as this is a replay, I unfortunately can't adjust the game screen size anymore that you won't have the left & right border)

Played it on the Cafe Games site without an issue.

navi is a pain in the @$$

       Subscribe  2/4/24 12:24 PM

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