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School Room Escape Walkthrough

School Room Escape

123Bee - School Room Escape is another point and click room escape game developed by 123Bee. A teacher punishes a student by locking him in the class room. He wants to get out of the room. Lets help him to do that. Good luck and have fun!

Play School Room Escape

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Ruler in the green bag.
Knife in the red bag.
Flash drive in the blue bag.

Hi @small-tool.
Use knife on clock to get clock hand. click to make a hook, use on locked cabinet

Hi annaby,
Just did that and also paper on the table.

Used duster on bottom left of the blackboard.

.buggy...flashdrive wont go back in inventory...just floating in the air.

btw @s-t, meant to congratulate (if that's the right word) you on your record-breaking lack of government!

Trying to figure out a code for the safe; I was using red numbers: 1,2,20 but it doesn't work

123 buggy?? Say it isn't so. :P

maybe I haven't had enough coffee, but I can't make any sense out of any clues for either password or keypad

anyone know where flashdrive goes to see if i can get rid of it??????

got in computer - I think it was 2120

Got it.


and out!

Too easy after that. Kinda a dumb one ;) Sorry... ;)

Big J - you can use it after you log on

oh i am having trouble posting now hope this workd trying to catch up

@Millie - I agree.

These 123bee games are getting shorter and shorter.

annaby...thanks..blue screen lit up now

Well thanks,
but any idea why it was that order of red numbers?

I'm having Self-defiant withdrawals.

Out. Another simple one. This is one for those in school...for sure...grade school that is.

@s-t - no idea. I just got lucky

is it 2120 for the pad in the blackboard?..if it is mine's not working

@BIG J - that's the pc password. The folders will give you the keypad code

that was really easy

Finally managed to post, but out - how short was that?

The coordinates are 2,1. On the desk paper - you see the L shape and red 20. So it follows that the the code is coordinates 2,1 - 20. (At least it did to me) - Maybe I just got lucky at how I looked at it...

2120 not working on my pc

but there was also the red 1 on the ruler which wasn't used for anything else

pop now it worked!

2120 in computer...then what? nothing to push...nothing happens!

POP! but, of course...have to look at the ruler first!!!LOL

is it time for another Melting Mindz experience?

very easy this time :)

Of course he was being punished.

He's a knife totting, lock picking kid who also damages school property. LOL

lol Knotaklu :D
Out without help. I think it was a nice game.

If the code is not working for you, it means you haven't viewed the three different clues: the exam paper, the ruler and the graph paper. View them and the code will work. Then you should also be able to insert the USB and see the files.

what was the point of the ruler?

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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