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Selena Gomez and the Wizard of Oz Walkthrough

Selena Gomez and the Wizard of Oz

Selena Gomez and the Wizard of Oz is a new point and click type adventure game created by Inkagames. A tornado sends Selena Gomez to the magic world of Oz. Help her get back home safely. Good luck and have fun!

Update: English version is available now.

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i love these games but usualy wait for the english version, will have a go

Hey bigtank. I have axe, dog, stone, eagle, and bamboo. Need apple, oar and to scare the crow away. Hard to understand the Spanish.

Wow, got a ladder now.

Oh no, there is a timed challange. I am not good at these.


At the sign where the three men are is a rope. Make a ladder and lean that at the tree. Near the swamp. Then move quickly with the arrow keys to get the oar.

:)) thanks friwi

Any progress? Don't know, how to go on. I think the first man wants the axe to be sharpened and the third wants something exceptional.

Well I quite dont know exactly what I did but I think I just tried the give the oar to the 1st man and after that I was able to get the oilcan and after that oil the canman, now he is with me...

now my canman :P holds the axe in his hand :)

Thank you, I now also have tinman and oar still on me.

got the apple ( throw the stone to the angry tree and he trows the apple to you)but the crow doesnt want it :(

use tinman for the woods on your way

The tinman removed the logs, but the girlish girl gets scared by the lion.

cant pass the lion...wonder if I have to something else

girlish girl ?? lol, that was good Friwi...

I threw hundred stones at the tree but it doesn't react.

Placed the ladder on trre but don´t know how to get the oar

it was the same for me before I got the tinman but after that I was able to get the apple at my first try...keep trying

Got it!

Move with the arrow keys and grab it with yur feet. Don't forget to klimb down the ladder.

any progress with the apple friwi?

No, she says she hears something, but the tree does not react.

Got the tin man and lion now

yeah got all three characters now

give the apple to the third midget

lion? how Dayhead?

Any help with the apple? She says something like that he is angry about the stone. But even if I through more then, nothing happens.

i can't get tree to give up apple either

noone wants my apple, including the third midget :(((

The tree says she feels just a breeze. But don´t throw the apple on me.

Delight talk to him first for all three options of dialog then give him the apple he will let you into his house

yes got it...forgot to speak to him :)

friwi..did u speak to the tree first?

now trying to get across the river

yes just got it..thanks Dayhead

How could you get the apple from tree? I can´t.

When I get nearer the tree squeezes me to death, afterwards I can throw hundred apples again.

for the apple just keep throwing rocks at the tree after like 4 times it will throw the apple at you

once you get apple, give it to the third munchkin...

Got it! Threw the apples directly in a row, without waiting for the comments.

I´ve thrown about 20 stones on tree. Nothing so far.

AHHH stuck in the witch's room

I think I got the apple when throwing the stone on the left hand of the tree.

Good find small-tool. Got the apple finally.

How do you get (past) the lion?
Do you have to use the mouse? How?

u need to use the cord with the mouse...then wind it...then put it by the tree

Ah thanks, but I have no cord. Do I have to get the scarecrow first? Or is the cord somewhere else??

stuck by the river...have a log and used bucket with water and mud but can't get across

so u gotta give the apple to the third munchkin...he let's u in the house and u pick up a whole bunch of items...the cord is under the seat i think

Ah it wasn't a cord, it was the key like thing from the house you had to use on the mouse.

Stuck trying to get the rope in the tree (near the river)
I've got a "tower" with the lion and the robot(?)
Can somebody give me a hint?

ellinor you need the scarecrow too

that's where I'm stuck too...what tower do you have...is it the big log?

Use lion, tinman and scarecrow at river

How do you get the scarecrow?

under the branch, put the lion, then the Tin Man and Scarecrow and then you grab the rope

finally done yeahh

if anyone needs help just ask

how do u cross river

Please, I can't get the scarecrow?

Stuck inside a cage in castle.

use the stool on the empty post then use the eagle on the empty post

use the bench at the other cross that has no scarecrow...then put the eagle there. it will scare the bird and then put the bench at the scarecrow

roberto skull is the key

use stoll on base of right croos, climb on it and use the eagle to scare the flying crow.

can someone help me cross the river please?

Ah thanks forgot to take the stool.

Thanks Dayhead

real deal did you get the rope from the tree branch?

Out! Nice game. Thanks for the help.

if you got that combine the log with the tin man and then the rope to make a raft

sorry my typing: stoll=stool and croos=cross.

How do you take the skull?

Ah nvm. Throw the oil can at it.

awesome thanks

small-tool, just throw the oilcan to it

put the bucket of water over the door and got stuck

nevermind, got it

stuck where you were @Delight, with bucket over door - help please!

then talk to the door.

@Juliac....go near the door and talk...witch comes and opens the door and get wet :) Dont forget to collect the items from the room

after bucket over door - talk to door.

OK, found it!

Thanks, @s-t,@Delight and @lapis!!

anyone here?

need any help anabeatriiz ?

How do you get past the flowers??????

before crossing the river you could fill the bucket with water and take sand/soil there as well. Put the sand in the bucket with water and you have mud. Use that on the flowers.

how yhu cross the river?

Put the lion and then the tinman on him and on the tinman the scarecrow and then you can take the rope.
Use the tinman (with axe) on the log to make it pieces of wood and then combine the rope with that wood.
Then you have a raft and with using the oar you can cross.

make the tinman chop the wood then use rope on the logs

got you...thanks

ohhhh I know the trick with the rock and apple tree... you have to click on the tree's left hand for it to get mad and then throw the apple at you... You can't just click anywhere...

where is eagle

sorry have eagle just havent been able to place it

I need to scare the crow how?


Dezza, put the stool in 2nd cross. Then put the eagle on cross.

I adore the lion's comment "Y ahora quién podrá ayudarme?" from the serie "El chapulín colorado" and another comment at the Oz place "Exijo una explicación" from "Condorito" magazine. So tender!!!

how do i get the oil can?

I can't get the oilcan or the tinman

aww you show the first munchkin your axe

which tree has the rope that u have to use on the mouse? looked all around.. just cant find it.. someone help plsss...

oh did it! we have to wind up that mouse.. silly me! got confused.. out now.. good game..

I have got the lion and the tin man stacked in a 'tower', but I haven't got the scarecrow yet, and there is no back arrow to go and get him, and I can't take my friends back. Help :o(

how i get out of the witch room????

help pls :)


After the tornado, take the dog and the eagle.
Go out.
Talk and then go right.
Take bamboo behind the first house and vine on the sign board post and combine them to make a ladder.
Go left twice.
Use the ladder to climb the tree.
Use the arrow keys to move along the branch and take the oar and come back.
Go right thrice.
Pick up a tiny stone and throw it on the tree and take the apple.
Go left.
Talk to the third man, give him the apple, and go in.
Take the bucket, toy mouse, bench, and toy mechanism under the chair.
Go out and right twice.
Talk to the scarecrow.
Put the bench near the other cross, get on it, and put eagle on it to scare the crow.
Get down, take the bench, and talk to the scarecrow. Give him the bench to get down and talk to him and take him.
Go right.
Take the axe.
Go left thrice.
Try to the oil can and then talk to the first man, then show him the axe and take the oil can.
Go right thrice.
Give the oil can to the tin man and talk to him about the wizard and take him.
Go right.
Use axe with tin man on the logs to clear them.
Go up.
Combine the toy mouse and its mechanism, wind it and use it on the tree to scare the lion behind it. Talk to him and take him.
Go right.
Tke the log and soil. Use the tin man with axe on the log to chop it.
Put the lion below the branh, then the tin man on it and then the scarecrow to get the rope.
Combine the chopped log with the rope to make a raft and put it in the water and use the oar o cross.
Fill the bucket with the water and put the soil in it.
Go right.
Pour the mud on the flowers.
Go right.
Go to the castle.
Knock once, talk, knock again, talk, knock again and talk and go in.
Talk to the wizard, u will go the witch's place and Selena is behind bars.
Use oil can on the skull.
Take the hourglass to stop the time, candle, magic book, and water bucket under the table.
Put the bucket on the door and call the witch, it will fall on her and take the hat.
Go to the wizard.
Know his reality and watch the ending.

I have to give up on this one. Spent WAY too much time trying get the stupid oar. Not Fun.

How do you get off the branch and onto the ladder?

How do i get the apple from the angry tree? and how do i get the scarecrow???

Hey Friwi how does we scare the lion I put the mouse there and she says we need to do something first

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