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Anticast - Adam and Eve Walkthrough

Anticast - Adam and Eve

Anti Cast - Adam & Eve is another point and click type adventure game. Leon, a regular student having a normal live. During class he somehow got thrown into a world known as Aura.. How did he got there, and why? The only way out seems to find Sara, a girl from class. Good luck and have fun!

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Anti Cast: Adam and Eve Walkthrough
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Ah... what do we have here?

Found crank and scissors in room 2B along with a cabinet that needs a key and a stuck desk drawer..

strange game

so far I had a metal bar but it is gone so I must have used it

crank placed and seemed to use but got nothing?

and have key and scissors

Used crank on toybox at top of the stairs next to the drink machine..

@michjean I think the metal bar was used to open drawer for key

key opens door to see a strange note and a doll with out a head

...got a doll's head but had to go find it (shot out of the toy)lol

I have 20 in the square at the top right, is that my money? I don't have enough to buy the one item that isn't sold out

Cool Jo-Ann... you go get the head, I'm heading for the body!!

doll head goes on doll in closet.. it comes alive and runs away! lol

Ok maybe that wasn't such a good idea.. did you see it take off??

sweet, I helped the creepy doll and now I have a friend!

lol doll just ate through some chains for me!

found a dude that wants a blue thing

I want that toothpaste!!! Holy Cow!

and now a blue fairy? can find hidden things for me

The guy can't dig out the treasure and wants a blue butterfly??? What!?!?

Heehee Miss Butter... this is just corny great!!!

I found a pendulum bob.. what the heck is a pendulum bob?

@michjean I know I had a giggle over that name!

I think I need a glass or two of wine to play this game! lol

Up to 70.

I'm going to try and get back to the drink machine.. want to bet you never hear from me again?!?!

mystery man has told me that we need to find the fragments of the mirror to unfreeze time

70 wow! I have 40

I'm being digested? Yuck!

You need 90 coin to get the drink.. it's the only way to get into the bathroom.. (there's a coin dangling from drop (lower right side of machine))

Another coin is at the top of the stairs to the left... the rest I believe I got in room 2B.

@michjean found the one at the top of the stairs, already had the one from the machine

now up to 50

going to look some more

did you get the coin from the dude's pocket?

This place is filthy and dark and completely YUK!

found one on top of crates, now have 70 but it says I don't have enough?

Jo-Ann - I'd say 2 more coins... did you trade the blue chalk for one?

nope haven't found blue chalk where is that?

I'm gonna sit tight until we get you enough to get into this bathroom... I have no idea if I got all the mirror pieces and I certainly don't have a clue what to do with them...

POP found it

Find your way back to the original room and face the board with the weird triangle dude on it (not room 2B) and go up to it (can't miss the bright blue)

Yeah!! Now go back to crazy land and find the thing with the stand (sort of) he'll talk to you and you get to ask for the coin in his pocket... he'll trade the chalk...

going into the bathroom now

how many shards did you find in the bathroom?

I found 2 in the bathroom and placed them in the mirror, said it was getting warmer

guess we need more

placing those mirror parts opens the door at the end of the corridor

ok, not liking the battle with the spider thing

I can't my 2 in the thingy!!

@michjean do you mean your shards? where are you putting them?

I am almost ready to quit, not liking this fight with the spider dude

Finally got them to stick to the mirror.. but stopping the ball on green is wearing me out! Spider guy is UGLY!

Yes!!! I got him... I waited to click when the orb was at the left green bar... then you click on the upper part of his eye patch.. our friend chomps away and after the 3rd time doing that... he went down for the count..

I was able to stop it on green 20 times in a row and nothing changed. I still just grab him and let him go

Ohhh get the freaky doll to chomp while you hold him... great find michjean!

going to try it

NOOOOO another spider dude?

Uh-Oh... this is the point I may throw in the towel...

and when you die from the second spider monster, you have to start again from the first one...

yuck, not liking this

When you lose.. you have to fight the first one again.. I didn't pay attention to how to beat the 2nd... I'm toast.. again.

I don't understand what it means when it says click both hands...

for the second one, it says to click both hands... no idea what that means

one time I was able to click both hands and I grabbed the things head for a second but not enough time to try anything else

You have to be really fast and click the top and bottom hands when they are close together... I've managed to do it a few times... but I still get the return quit screen.

Ugh.. this is completely infuriating!!!

Finally! took five tries but I got it

once you hit both hands (start with bottom) and you are holding the head, click the eye for our little friend's help

pretty good game...kinda confusing and strange ending

well that was a horrid end

poor sara

I am sooooo drained... my right index finger is sprained... and I thought this would be a nice game. That's what I get for thinking.

Thank you @Jo-Ann for sticking around (I would have given up if I was on my own) <3

YW but I'm not sure it was worth it... lol

Better follow the video WT whoever wants to finish the game.

at the end.. " To be Continue" ?????

Fighting the two monsters ruined the game completely! Especially having to go back and redo the first one over and over.

Well, was liking it, but now, not so much. Think I'll stop here.

Leon doesn't want to go to the toilets... I have only 40 (coins), a blue chalk, a doll with wonderful teeth, a blue fairy... And now, I'm stuck (I have used the crank and the metal bar).

Well, 60 (coins), there was one in the vending machine. Stuck anyway.


I have an easy way for you guys to fight which will help with the frustration. The first fight you have to wait for the slider to move to the furthest left and then click that way you will always hit green. Then just click a bit above the round mask thingie and our doll friend attacks him.

For the second fight tab is your friend. Just TAB ENTER TAB ENTER TAB ENTER real quick and you'll be through before you know it. :)

The rest is easy peasy. I loved the game. can't wait for part 2.

Use the fairy on the holes with the blue bubbles coming out of them. Also trade your blue chalk for the coin in the traders pocket at the desert world. You have to talk to him with the second option.

       Anonymous  3/25/11, 7:24 AM  

Too emo, too dark, too long between scenes, navigation bites, just did not care for the game at all.

       Anonymous  3/25/11, 9:06 AM  

I would never have figured out the way to fight the insect men on my own, once I knew how to fight them they went down pretty easy even without using tab-enter. I like games that create a mood. I will play the next iteration of this game and hope it's a little smoother.


Subtitles overlapping with other subtitles after battle scenes. 1 soundtrack overlapping with another sound track. Game tends to get laggy. It's too dark in some spots and it makes it hard to spot coins. Not to mention certain battle commands just up and disappear on you.

Oh well, I beat it.

I liked the story concept and the cinemagraphic quality of the cutscenes. That said, the nav could be better, and I would have had no clue that I needed the chain-chopper doll to beat the spider guys. Those fights they could have left out. No real puzzles, and the dialog boxes were annoyingly large. But an interesting ride. I would play part 2 when it comes out.

Fantastic game! No actual puzzles per se. But to figure out whats going on as you go is a bit of a puzzle in itself.

Intriguing story with clever elements to link events together. I especially like the room in which all the desks were on the ceiling!

I did not find it difficult but it was intriguing enough to remain entertaining. Not for the faint of bandwith :)

       Anonymous  3/30/11, 4:04 PM  

Where in 2-b did you find the crank


this is a strange but a provoking game although i didnt like the music and the classrooms.. unlike normal ones... but m eagerly waiting for the second edition... coz i guess its "to be continued" ... this possibly cant be the ending....

and btw is the second edition already out? pls do temme...

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