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The Ballad of Ketinetto 8 Walkthrough

The Ballad of Ketinetto 8

The Ballad of Ketinetto Part 8 is the eight episode of The Ballad of Ketinetto point and click adventure game created by Federico Rutenberg, who is also the creator of Esklavos and Doctor Ku game series. In this game, you have to point and click on right places to collect some things and solve puzzles in order to figure out the game. Good luck and have fun!

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Finally a live game! Long time no play! xD

Got lots of stuff.. trying to find where to use'em

So.. I've got 3 leaves, small rock, blue and red flowes and a cane.

Rope now.

My colors aren't working on pillar!

2nd scene now.

Got underwear and stuck.. Help?!!

Collect dry leaves. Put on branch. Hit big rock with soft rock. Get charcoal. Draw on stones.

Nini I can not get the colors to work. What did you do?

ah got charcoal, figuring it out now

lol monkey's gonna gimme a riddle to solve! :P

Amber died!! o.O

And I'm out!

Ahh this is falling on my nervs. I can´t help (myself) This eternal click click click to get rid of something....

I dropped this game, have to sleep now.
Maybe i´ll try tomorrow.
G8 to everybody !

What to throw..?

put branch next to heavy rock. now what?

nooooo! amber!

I have missed these!

This comment has been removed by the author.

okay, go back to cliffs, use noose on campsite to get panties. go back to amber and use the panties on the stick and rock to make a slingshot. use soft stone on slingshot. when that doesn't work out, go to cliffs and get banana from dog. go back to traps again and put banana on the platform on ground. answer riddles, get coconut, use it on slingshot again, and watch the end... sad!

push branch toward rock; put leaves on branch

I am always slow here...how to make the moon yellow, please...cannot get to the yellow flowers

on rock tower, click wavy lines on stones several times and you will see different pics

POP...got rope with cane...combined them to get the yellow flowers

crap...I thought I had posted this ages ago!

She is not really gone......

Can't seem to make a slingshot.
Trying to combine Branch & Underwear, and the other way around. No luck.

       Anonymous  3/25/11, 7:57 PM  

try putting the stick next to the rock (rock is to left and a little down of torch) then add undies

Hi everyone, joining! Hope all are well.

Can't get last leaf below cliff...grrr.

OMG, she just reached down for it! LOL

The game screen won't load.

Wow, that was fast.

can some1 please tell me where the dam rope is please

@lucydark - thanks! I will try that now.
@ tommy - I couldn't get it to load either. I went to Esklavos.com and loaded it from there. (For heaven's sake though, don't mispell it or you'll end up on some questionable web site!)
@ MiMi13 - rope is in the tree to the right of the bird. Use the cane

I have never gotten these (with the click click) help please... what is clue for stones - symbols or colors or both?

@michjean - only amber can talk to the crow. The crow will give you the clues.

TY - doh! only place left with yellow arrow....

can someone tell me how to get the yellow flowers....

i combined the rope with the can but cant pick up the yellow flowers...

*cane, not can..

Amber is not very good at fishing Michele. Maybe it's a job for a man.

omg nvm, as soon as i posted , it worked, even tho i had tried it a million times before.......

thx anyway amber lol!

great game as always, but too short!

Sad ending ... but not really an end. Now that I know how to combine and see what to use... I will be spending free time with ballads 1-7. ≥0^0≤

Thanks everyone for the helpful comments!


only have a blank screen noo game:(


Hello again,

I was too imppatient ;)


cant get to the next scene and where is the blue flower please

nvm I had it right along, I thought they were small stones duh

ohh. i'm sure he'll save her!

       Anonymous  3/26/11, 8:35 AM  

What do ya do with the banana?

bring banana to rock will meet monkey and answer question
1. history
2. wind
then you will get the prize to throw

take banana to the rock before you move left to the cliff


To pick things up, click the hand symbol by the inventory bar. To combine items, click the + and then select the 2 items to combine
Some actions can only be done by Amber and some by Ketinetto. Click each to switch between the characters.

Get dried leaf 1/3 from the base of the gray cliff
Get dried leaf 2/3 from right of the leaning pillar of 4 stones
Get dried leaf 3/3 from the right top tree branch
Get the cane stick from right of the tree trunk
Use the cane to get the rope wound around the middle top section of the tree
Click Amber and then click the crow in the tree
The crow will give the hints about the pillar of stones as a way to remove the traps on the right edge of the screen
Get the red flower next to the traps
Get the blue flower from the ground left of the tree
In your inventory, click the plus symbol
Now click the rope and then the cane to make a lasso
Click Ketinetto and then use the cane lasso to reach the yellow flowers on the beach
Add the dried leaves to the dead branch at the bottom of the scree
Click the branch so it leans all the way to the right
In the bottom right corner of the screen is a large stone with a round soft stone next to it – get the soft stone
Use the soft stone on the larger one in the corner to make fire – get the charcoal after the fire burns the branch
Use the red, blue and yellow flowers to dye the stones on the pillar like the crow says
top to bottom SPOILERred,blue,yellow,redSPOILER
Now use the charcoal to draw the symbols the crow mentions – click to change the symbols
SPOILERwater lines, fire, moon, and eyeSPOILER
Go right and Amber gets kidnapped!
Go right with Ketinetto (make sure your hand in empty by selecting the hand symbol)
Get the forked branch at the bottom of the screen in the leaves
Click the left edge of the screen to go left to the cliff
There are now debris on the beach since someone is camping there
Use the cane/lasso to fish up some underwear
Click the right side of the screen to go back to the kidnap scene (remember, nothing in your hands!)
Place the branch against the large rock by the torch
Add the undies and then the soft stone
Go left to the cliff again and see the dog has brought you a banana
Go right to the kidnap scene and place the banana on the leftmost platform stone (stepping stone)
Talk to the monkey and answer the riddles
You now have a coconut in your inventory
Use the coconut on the slingshot to save Amber
Or do you?!
To be continued...

I like these when you don't have to get the timing JUST RIGHT.

But what a tragic story this time! :(

MOST.DEPRESSING.THING.EVER! I miss Amber... Cant wait for next one to come out! ^_^

First, I cannot stand that the characters are constantly saying "I can't do that". It just infuriates me. I'd rather them just stand there without responding.

Second, I'd like to thank all of the people who ruined the story completely by posting the ending without so much as a smidgen of a warning before doing so.


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