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🖳 Kotorinosu Shadow Escape Walkthrough

🖳 Kotorinosu Shadow Escape

[REPLAY] Shadow Escape is another point and click type room escape games by Kotorinosu. In this game, you try to escape the room by finding items and solving puzzles. Good luck and have fun!

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hi im in

First !! Loading,hope it's good game ...

a bulb, 2 pieces

not gettin the key from the lamp

hi all

no clue how to open the box.

hi all, after first round:
4 shapes, bulb (used), roman number clue (used), a paper "sheet" and a box with 4 triangles you can push, dont know order
now stuck

very nice graphic,i don't understand the clue on table and on ceilling ,sorry bad english

I'm with you Sue, and an alarm clock whose numbers we can change....

I moved the head of the lamp on the desk and found another symbol..

what hint at ceiling? havents seen.

hint in green book ?? and on long sideboard are shapes of "duck feet" ?

if you use paper on signs of table.. you read morning and see some signs left, but cant make a time out of it

where is the 4th shape @Sue, i have blue, green and yellow ones

@ Shaheen: red one in middle drawer. open it and click again, another view appears

@ Shaheen, red it in the middle drawer, I think

@ Kez: what other symbol? the duck feet? or something else?

Clue from sheet is for clock above bed.. opens windows.

so hard game,and why we can zoom in under bed? how to solve roman numbers?


got alarm clock
use sheet on little grey table, you see morning
on left side look at the dark grey lines...they form a time if you turn your head

Pls michjean....we don't get the clue??

Roman numeral clue goes on safe next to trash can.

Roman numeral spoiler....

624 (put in as VI II IV)

oh, now i see it

silver key from window, got little figure

fits on desk, but you cant get it back
probably have to do something with it,
has something on back

Thanks michjean ,but how u figure that out?

got arrow clue for box, but cant open it lol

Does anyone get the clue in the book?

@ acymy, put bulb in lamp, turn on lamp, look at desk, there u see the roman number clue

Found a key :D

Can't open box...

Put doll on desk and tilt lamp toward it...

Can also view the shadow of the doll....similar to book clue....

ok opened box, got gold key, and changed doll
now stuck with ladder,

Oh,i see it !! thanks sue !

Shadow of the man on the wall gives the smiley face like the clue in the book. Not that I know what it means ....

Sue, how did u open box??

got figure on desk lit by lamp smilie face on wall behind, but can find clue for small box with buttons and dont understand what the window shadows on the floor mean...

@ kez then look at desk you will find arrow clue, its a bit tricky, from right to left and then turn it 90° to the left...
most right arrow shows right but on box it will be the up arrow
hope it makes sense

With the man on the desk and the lamp tilted gives solution to the button box. Use book for correct order.

wait, i see the pattern for button box gonna try it now..

Thanks SUe, got it....


have been stuck at the windows... what to put in hole...

ok so book seems to say we start pressing buttons from right to left...correct? but i'm having difficulty seeing which directions i should be pressing. the directions aren't clear to me evn tho i hv the pattern...

Heh, heh...my old partner in crime...Hi Michele :D

Martin, wasn't the hole where the key came from??

@michele draw the arrows on paper and then turn the paper 90 degrees left and input from top to bottom

Has anyone found a stick or something to put in the hole above the windows? I've been looking and looking (can't take the doll back).

Got box open, got key and coin.
used coin to change figure, which has now an arm streched.

Just when you think you are out...you're not :(

@Kez...not sure what you mean.

spoiler for the box

u r u d l l u r

Finally, nice game. Now to try and help.

It looks like x marks the spot.. but why? I can't find anything to put there... and where to make the duck?

michjean, what you hv said is very clear, but i still must be doing it wrong, box wont open. i think im doing it wrong is it....

south, east, north,north, west,east,south,east ????

@ Martin, I think that is where the silver key came from, the window??

@michele, see my spoiler for box.



thx all and shaheen got it open!

press near the doll's hand to see a button, get a ladder, use torch for symbols

What to do next?? Have four shapes and a torch, finshed arrow puzzle....help please??

@Kez - The silver key came from the window area... the clue above the ladder lead me above the window (there's a dot I can't do anything with)

@Kez, yes silver key from window, you can see it's shadow on the floor when you face the desk.

check the window carefully :)

@Kez - have you cut free the gold key yet?

The clue at the top of the ladder is for the hot spot to zoom in on the floor under the desk. There is a very small dark spot to open the trap door.

OMG, thank you thank you.....just seemed a little lost....have it now.

ok yhis is embarassing, usually im the one figuring stuff out, but its 230am here and ive the dolls arm out pointing, but i cant find a ladder, any help all cause i have to go to sleep sooon. lol!

@michele, see my commen at 11;27

Out,i solved the rest on my own,well,hard game though :( but really nice

@Michele. Zoom in on the little man's shadow and click just right to where he is pointing.

duhhhhhhhhhhh thx shaheen i didnt realize you meant the "shadow" of the dolls hand....got it

i think it is the last step, but wat to do after placing the shapes on the slot on the door?

double duhhhhh- hhhha ......Martin! got it! lol

pop got it, now another key?

Out .... Just when you think you got the key and are out, there's a whole lot of other stuff to do. But they are rather easy.

BRILLIANT GAME and AWESOME ending(s)!!!!

what to do with the cards shapes?

and out. just when you think you've escaped, theres another puzzle to get key!!

Thanks @Martin - the shadow of something in the window was obvious but that small speck of dark was almost impossible to see!

Finally... ouT! This game was good up until having been teased about a possible escape and all of the effort after that. But at least I got a screwdriver and what escape is complete without one of those?

card spoiler pls.

Everytime you thought you were out....another clue to figure.....thanks for the help....

@ Shaheen....Club, Diamond, Spade, Heart

is it
spade, heart, diamond, club?

Club, Diamond, Spade, Heart.

wow amazing game, after ages, enjoyed it thoroughly, thanx for everyone's help

great game!!! Shuchun, where ever you are thx sooo much for posting it!
got out by randomly pushing the card suit symbols, didn't really figure it out.....anyway nite all!

Martin, hope to "catch" you again, was like old times!!!!!! hehe

Oh, screwdriver screwed me!!!

finally understood what the Club, Diamond, Spade, Heart mean.


Turn right.
Take bulb and blue shape from left cb.
Take green symbole below pic frame.
Put bulb in lamp and switch on to get roman number clue VI II IV.
Note feet symbol on right side of desk.
Notice hint in book in right cb.
Open middle drawer and click to get red symbol.

Turn right.
Use roman number clue in box to get clue paper.
Take yellow symbol from trash.
Take box from table and use clue paper on symbols on table to note clock time 7:30 (look from sideways).
Put time in clock and windows open.
Turn right twice and note something in middle window's shadow.
Go back to that window and take silver key.
Use it on lower drawer to get doll.
Place doll on feet symbol on desk and move lamp head to notice arrow hint u r u d l l u r (turn 90 degrees left and note from top to bottom).
Use it on box to get cutters.
Use cutters on chain to get gold key.
Use it on top drawer to get torch.
Use torch under bed to get coin.
Take the doll back and place coin in it to get its arm stretched.
Click where the doll's hand points to expose a button and press it.
Go up the ladder and use torch to notice shape symbol.
Use it and open a trap door below the desk (a tiny dark spot below the desk).
Take key and use it on the door.
Place the shapes on the slot corresponding to the pic frame to get bars.
Take sd behind the bars, go back to ladder, open the screws with sd and take the ladder.
Use the ladder on the trap door (not in the zoomed view), go down, right and notice symbol hint on left (club, diamond, spade heart), use it on right slot and get bird shape.
Place it on the slot on the door to get key.
Use key on bars, solve puzzle and out into freedom.

Smily face never brighter!!!
Love this game:) and thank for everyone's help.

Great game - I love it!!!!
Thanks for all the hints with the arrows!!!

this is a brilliant game
thanksalot Shuchun

Incredible game.

       Anonymous  3/30/11, 1:32 AM  

There is another free game on the website called Shape: http://kotorinosu.tubakurame.com/shape.html . Sadly I am stuck and it doesn't seem listed here yet. xD Help!!

       Anonymous  3/30/11, 1:33 AM  

Oh nvm.. google works better than the site's own search engine. :P


This comment has been removed by the author.
       Anonymous  3/30/11, 2:15 AM  

What a great game - I really enjoyed playing this one. Couldn't have got through without that terrific walkthrough - thankyou, @Shaheen!

sorry, I can't open the arrow box!!! Please help me!!!

Really great game!

@Giulia: hress triangles in this order:

▲ ► ▲ ▼ ◄ ◄ ▲ ►

woooooohoooo... i'm out !!! cant' believe... after the last step i was afraid to click ahead, because i thought that another puzzle would appear :D
that was a really good game... thanks shuchun for posting it...

beautiful game with a perfect challenge factor!

that was GREAT! Straightforward puzzles, but many of them. The attention to graphic detail was really well done. More!

       Anonymous  3/30/11, 7:18 AM  

wonderful game, thanks Shaheen for the walkthrough. I never seem to get the tilt your head clues to see numbers (alarm clock) nor could I figure out the card shapes. No good at that. But all in all it was a brilliant well made bug free challenging escape game. Thank you to the game makers and please make more soon!

What a great game. Very challenging. Way to go!

Great game! And I was able to do it with just a couple of hints. Would love to see more games of this caliber!

       Anonymous  3/30/11, 11:02 AM  

EXCELLENT!!! That was a joy to play!

Wow, impressive game.

That was a great game!!! Not to easy. Not drive you crazy hard. lol

Wonderfully logical game! :))

Great game so am going to test my posting skills for the first time. (think it may be harder then the game!)

Thank you @MaryD and @alice.

i suppose this is a dumb question.. as nobody seems to have a prob with it.. but for the life of me i can't decipher any card shapes from those colored blocks nor how to place them on the door :(( .. pls can someone help? plsssssssssssss

Wonderful game! And thanx for your walkthrough @Shaheen!
@Radhu: there are no card shapes to be found in the colored blocks; just use them to copy the bird picture on the desk (note: use the blocks to make the outline of the bird).

Good luck!

wow! thx a million ginger.. didn't think of that at all.. now am done! lol..

this is a great game ,l just need help on the symbols, cant make it like the picture, have problem putting them in. help please

@Sherry...I just helped Radhu with that...don't try to make the picture of the bird, but the outline of it...

Good luck!

The shapes themself don't make the duck (or what is it). They make the outline of the duck.

The sha[pes should look like this;


@s-t thank you. after seeing the image, then i can see the outline. thanks again that imaage was a big help

out, thanks for your help, really enjoyed this game, after seeing the image of the bird, it made it easier to finish. thanks

Thanks @Shaheen for the great WT. Nice game but I needed your help.

What a cool, cool, cool, game!!!!!

Wow! Great game!!!! Logical, good graphics, great puzzles...all around I'm a fan. Thank you! :)

where is the red shape? there is nothing in the middle draw :(

Nice game, a bit hard but I was able to get out in the end.

wonderful game!

Nice game, very stimulating, and an helping appreciate the character of Sherlock Holmes

Thanks to Peke for suggesting this game


Pixel hunts (unfortunate):
1) In middle drawer, in back after opening
2) Can turn around duck if you examine in inventory and click the correct place
3) In middle window sunshine after opening shade
4) Tiny tiny black spot in "X marks the spot" zoom
5) Use ladder on unzoomed trap door

really enjoyed this game. Lots of different puzzles. Thanks for all of the hints, I wouldn't have made it out with out them. Thanks for posting.

This is one of the best games I've played, I thought so the first time round and still do, well worth playing again. All totally logical except for the red piece that was a bit sneaky.

After everyone has finished--- if you study the round shapes at the very end you will notice that the nicks in them look like the bottoms of the symbols' shapes. This gives the order in which to press.

Probably all have sussed the above already but wanted to add my two-penn'th to a great game. Many thanks to all who posted or suggested.

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