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Bela Kovacs and the Trail of Blood Walkthrough

Bela Kovacs and the Trail of Blood

Bela Kovacs and the Trail of Blood is another point and click investigation-adventure game developed by extropisgames. "Murder, mystique, melancholy. Film Noire investigation in Eastern-Europe. You know them well. The eyes watching from the shadows. Fingernails scratching in the attic. The monsters under your bed, ghosts in the closet. A secret. All of them are real. Good luck and have fun!

Warning: This game is not suitable for children!

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salam all

Hi all. I am stuck trying to find the 13th clue, at least I think there is a 13th clue at the crime scene.
Does anyone have a hint please?

go to the bathroom jenva

i am stuck in second part i don't remember the previous scene.

i have found photos a note and open pc now what

i also have scaned the fingerprint

jenva did you check the pc and the mouse or the keys left on the door left in living room

what do i do after scane the fingerprint and found photos a note and open pc now what///

look at words near computer
wanted, dracula, kidnapped ..... try one of them

same place i can't do anything else for a long time ihave click everywhere i thing i will leave this game

i have already open pc now what

Here trying to catch up!!

Missing clue no 9 in 1st room? Not bathroom!

I have for the database password
7 attempts to go.
What is the name ?

Found it

This comment has been removed by the author.

Whoops I meant clue 4. Hard to read the numbers on the photos!!
Hope Im right this time as checked the yellow cards on the ground.

the name in my game was KATIE

tanya i not working for me

I think it changes, for me the lady password was EMILY.

Now I'm stuck on this computer screen trying to find some word or phrase for the press and case file database. I've tried many words but nothing is happening. There's no clues on the wall behind the computer.

..ola until now and 6 tries. any guess

I can't find the 1st clue.Please help.

I found it :).

at last viola was mine

Never mind, entered the fingerprint file number (after you scanned it) into the case file database to bring up a report.

tommy case file try the number under the fingerprints on pc

I still can't find the first clue in the living room. Please help!

Nvm found the clue and am nearly thru chap 3 now

i am with you leroy

missing clue #10 at the old warehouse

Hmm got 9/10 lemon. tomato jucie and 3/5 fruorescent paint. Still looking....

He He terrible spelling

Where is the last paint so I can take shaker etc from the bar?

Damn found it and a few other things when I finally found the toilet pixel LOL

@Leroy - Did you find the one in the bathroom?

Where do I look for the lemons?

What to do with the paint and toilet paper?

@Cobaltcat on the edge of all the glasses!

someone help? i'm having trouble with what to search for in the press files

@Leroy - Use the TP in the bathroom to do something that will get the bartender away from the bar.

Ahh got it! Done this nasty trick years ago in my youth LOL

@Muhlisuh look at the year of the murder and then look at the press file numbers!!

i found some things in bathroom leroy

POP! bogdan! i spelled it with an e the first time! whoops..

Bloody hell what do I do with the mixed drink? Do I have to find a glass?

Ahh now to chap 5!!

Hoe to distract the bartender?

Looking for something to break the door. What am I missing? Have readied it with newspaper.

@Antonia - Use the TP in the bathroom to do something that will get the bartender away from the bar.

The code door is going to drive me nuts!!

@cobalt should be a metal bar in the scene!!

I can't find the metal bar. I must be going blind!

Code door a little trick! The 4 numbers are the same but rearranged every new try

Where is the password for the police computer, please ?

@Cobaltcat cant remember exact but it was leaning against a wall. to the right of the door or right in the previous scene. You know you can go back?

the door code is combinations of 5,7,7,1

@Pascale try anything and then you get 10 tries to work it out!! Use your KB enter key!
Trick!! appears to be random but it always seems to be a 5 letter girls name!

thanks anyway leroy, for the help, i figured it out ;). now i am missing one drink in the bar.. can't seem to find it.. any suggestions?

And, by the way, out just like @eatezel but the code is not necessarily his!

I have tried everything I see : DRACULA, MISSING,... There is no girls' name here.

@muhlisuh one I had the hardest time finding was extreme right and lowest.
Hope that helps?

@pascale did you press enter on your keyboard when putting the password in?

@Pascale - The girl's name is not written down. Think of it like a game of hangman - just put a letter in, hit enter on your KB and see if it shows up on the screen.

Thanks, CobaltaCat. I slayed the vampire.

pascale are you talking about the first password code on the PC? or the one for the girls name? if it's for the girls name part, you just guess letters and it fills it in below, kinda like "hangman" game..

@Leroy - I had the metal bar in my inventory the whole time! It was just too dark to see it. Dur!

thanks leroy, i found that one already.. any other tricky ones?

Thank you for your help, Leroy... Yes, I tried to press Enter on my keyboard and to click on Login, but I don't see the password. I also tried MONDAY, but of course that doesn't work.

pascale, try dracula, with no caps.

@pascale Just went back to that chapter to have a look! Ended up after about four login fails before getting the next screen on the PC. And sorry did note you dont need the KB!
So I think it needs 4 failed login attempts before that screen will come up!!
So just try passwords (any) one after another!

oh man. i have been looking for the stupid last lemon drink thing for like 15 minutes. i have everything else. gah!!

Or the PC doesnt like caps? Thanks @muhlisuh

This comment has been removed by the author.

@muhlisuh under the arm of the drunk on the table?
I think therre were two in that area.

POP! zoomed in and FINALLY saw it on the stupid pool table. i have NO idea how i missed that.

Thank you Leroy ! That's true, I could access the computer after failing several times to enter a password. My previous mistake was to zoom out (I wanted to check if I didn't miss a hint somewhere else in the room).

I am in chapter 5 and don´t know what to do with the door. silent opening? any hint?

@Pascale will go back and look again myself.
Could be it needs 4 different words from the bulletin board in front of you?

Now I can see where the girl's name is required (mine was Paula), I was struggling with the previous screen !

Horst K. put the paper and hit with the metal pipe

@horst you need glue newspaper and something to hit it with!!
Trying not to give it all away too badly.

Thx AFRO. but where to put the newspapaer?

i can't do anything with the hole on the ground

glue on newspaper and then on the door

ahh the glue... THANKS

Out of interest anybody getting error 503 at EG24?
Ive been getting them all day and they relate to theEG24 site.

Chapter 3, now...

@AFRO do have a pipe, rope and fuel and lighter?

@AFRO forgot the blanket from the drunk in the lane?

i have the same problem always i just refresh the page leroy

i don't have fuel

TY @AFRO Been going on all day so I did send a message about it to EG24. Googled error 503 before I did though!!

just found it was in front of me

that was pretty fun, finally done. thanks for the help and tips, everybody!

at last out thanks all for help looking for another

I'm out, and I would never have succeeded without help ! Thank you !

where is a pipe and lighter?

I have piece of cable,blanket and scarft and I´m stuck

pipe(metal not smoking!!)should be leaning on wall right of door or on right wall in the lane. I think the lighter is in the lane somewhere.
I assume the cable is rope, the blanket from drunk and the scarf? is probably the newspaper.
You also need glue....

any more clues in basthroom i have 11 12 13. where is clue 9

clue 8 and9 please chapter1

Clue #8, the door around the left part of the crime scene (if you have already the "ghosts" of the characters, find it in between of them).
Clue #9, Photo frame, around the bottom right side, I think.

For the final Chapter:

- Find scarf, adhesive and cable scattered around; plus, get the blanket from the drunk men.
- Use the blanket on the wire.

- At the yard, get a pipe, lighter and a newspaper.
- Combine adhesive with newspaper and use on door; pipe goes then.

- Inside the facility, get a gas can, and combine it with the scarf, the pipe and the lighter to make a torch.
- Torch and cable go into the hole on the floor.

Out, nice game, maybe I can have a job CSI :)

Cannot find clue 4...1st chapter

List of clues, chapter 1:

1. mouse of laptop
2. wristwatch
3. glasses on table
4. window sill (right)
5. blood on sofa
6. blood on table
7. broken bottle
8. door (left)
9. photo frame
10. laptop
11, 12 & 13. In the bathroom.

where to put the bloody mary mix? I can't figure out how to mix it? any help?

Wow! Great game!

To solve final door code, see that buttons 157 are used. push 1111 and note correct positions, then try 5555, and then you can extrapolate answer.

I still really can't find what to do with the Bloody Mary ingredients....clicked everywhere. please help

@ flash - Look for the silver drink shaker at the bar, add all ingredients...

oh my gosh thank you! i had missed the shaker.....

That was AWESOME!

I can only find 4 UV paints?

POP....found it!

I've played 3 times now, I love this game.

how do i find out the computer pasword in ch. 2

As far as I remember it's trial and error with the words on the notes in the back (on the backwall).

hey, how do i get the press info in chapter 2?

hey whats clue 10 for chap 3?

hey need help with chapter 3 clues

what is bogdens last name?

What do you do with the bloody mary after you get it mixed together?? totally stuck!

Where can I find the scaf?
Please help!

how to get through the door..using what?

It would be helpful if you could explain more about what you need to type in to find press information.

Nevermind. @ihavemonkeysinmybutt, you search BOGDAN.

wow thanks for all the help. wouldnt have done it without u guys

The password for the computer is "missing" .

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