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April 20, 2011

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Cutaway House Escape Walkthrough

Cutaway House Escape

Cutaway House Escape is another new point and click room escape game from Games2rule. You are trapped inside in a cutaway house. The door of the house is locked. You want to escape from there by finding useful object, and hints. Find the right way to escape from the cutaway house. Good Luck Have Fun!

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Cutaway House Escape Video Walkthrough


Hi Players,

Finish the game first and post your clear walkthrough. The first person's walkthrough will be published in our website's walkthrough page with their name. Good Luck and Have Fun!

Games2rule Team

Well this is a first!

hey! just found a bottle and a key (used). really lots of spots where a new website opens...

hmmm. if the walls are all cut away, why can't we just walk out?

Neat linen cupboard! Key in one of the piles

found and used 2 water running and don't know what to do with the golf ball

there is a hole in the ground next to stairs (hint from blue book). can't fill the bottle with water and I don't know what to do with the open wardrobe (top floor)


clue in a book

what's with all the ads? nearly every time i click on something i get an ad

golf ball probably in hole next to stairs (2nd floor)

i'm right behind you all. everytime i start to post something, someone beats me to it, lol!

yes, this is a really annoying bug.

tried it, @miller...didn't go....

need password for computer

password is five letters, but don't know what yet

I am very thankful for the ADBLOCK app!!!!!

now I'm stuck as well with book, empty bottle and golf ball

I love adblock too. Golf club lower level

there seems to be a note or something in the bottle

it looks like there's something in the jar, but can't break it with golfball or fill it with water... i suppose the pw could be numbers, but i haven't seen any clue. and what's behind the wall in the bathroom???

Where did you get the key?
I'm stuck with book, bottle and golf stick from somewhere around the kitchen counter.

got the jar, blue book and golfball...can't zoom anywhere else....

one key under pillow of bed and another one inside wardrobe

Oooohhh @therese...TY for golfclub... !

Thanks Miller. Got the golf ball now too.

i found a table brush under one of the sofas. you can plug up the water with it

i think we need a golf tee now?
Hi @No okra!

great finds @therese and mazomi!

It took ages to get that darn club!!!!!!!

I wish the game maker woudln't cause the game to pause everytime you go away from the page.

My sofas are non responsive!

can't find anything under sofas. pixelhunt

Password inside bottle. Although it doesn't seem like much help to me.

i can't find the exact pixel for the brush either :(

The brush is under the green table's leg.

it's under one of the sofa legs. sorry can't remember which one

something near front right of small green table

thanks aitch! found it now

Getting very frustrated with the ads popping up!!!!

Can't find the pixel for the, please?

use that brush in bathroom sink and turn on water and put jar in water

thanks @aitch! now have pw for computer (look at jar filled with water) and another, number code

       Anonymous  4/20/11, 7:34 AM  

There's a drawer under the computer desk that needs a 5 digit code... I'm stuck with everyone else

then 'use me' as password

got password from bottle and got a number from computer

Out ! pixel hunt game ...

Ads....and other places I click cause my game to pause!! Are these bugs or is this intentional to tick me off?? LOL

I found the "something" at the coffee table...not the bigger green table...hmmm

@Shazzie: thanks for the drawer. out now.

       Anonymous  4/20/11, 7:36 AM  

After you plug the sink with the "table brush" you can fill the glass. The paper floats and says "use me"

You guys have fun with this one. I can't get into it with ads popping up with every 3rd or 4th click and my game pausing every 10 seconds!

       Anonymous  4/20/11, 7:38 AM  

Aha! that's the password for the computer. Then use numbers on the drawer for tee.
Now if only I could find the golf club!

Out too. Thanks @Shazzie.

thanks @Shazzie! Irritating little game, though. I think we should have just walked out through the open walls and been done with it.
Fun playing with you all!

       Anonymous  4/20/11, 7:39 AM  

YAY!! I was actually able to help!!!! :)

@Shazzie, click the empty area left of the sink...

catching to find place for code from the computer??? can't click under desk!

@nokra, just left of the desk chair is the hot pink drawer...

@nokra: left side of yellow chair

Is it a game ? Hotspots only open another page ! I give up.

POP! just left of chair!

too damn pixelly! this game doesn't deserve 60 comments, imo.

       Anonymous  4/20/11, 7:43 AM  

Zoz (hi :) nice to see you!) I've clicked around there a gazillion times. I guess I'm just missed the exact pixel. I'll keep trying. But like you, I wonder why we can't just walk right on out. Your comment was too funny!

Oh, and happy Passover, and a joyous early Easter wish to everyone!

nokra i think it was the drawer left of the desk. i'm not sure and i am not playing this game again :)


I just don't know about the game, but all those hotspots that turn out to be ads annoyed me to much. 1 star and that is 1 to many.

Thanks guys!!! out , and so glad of it!!!!

       Anonymous  4/20/11, 7:47 AM  

Finally out! biggest question about this game (and trust me, there are many) Where the heck did the little chick come from??

game kept closing; pop-ups while playing were extremely annoying; I agree @Christina... 1 star is 1 more too many... annoying game and really not much fun

All we all need is Selfdefiant... Where is he????

...or a Miller game.

where is the golf club..ive got the t and ball..ive clicked everywere?

This game sucks!. Too many stupid pop up ads. Can't even play properly!

BIG J: left of kitchen, click at the edge of cupboards. Nobody seems to have problems to use the key from under pillow. But I have. Bug? Do I have to use it at the cupboard near bed or at the wardrobe?

siverfish,,,thank's for pretty sure i used that key on wardrobe

thanks BIG J, but my key doesn't work, neither POP works... I give up ... maybe I'll give a try later....


bj? to left of yellow cab bottom left

Wow! Very pixelly!

Thanks for all the hints!

Zoom on the right orange pillow on the bed
Click the pillow for the FIRST KEY
Zoom on the tall cupboard on the top left corner of the house
Use the key to unlock it
Zoom on the red shirt on top of the clothes on the second shelf from the bottom, left side
Click it for the SECOND KEY
Zoom on the nightstand to the right of the orange bed
Use the key here for the GOLF BALL
Zoom on the faucet of the washbasin in the bottom left corner of the home
Get the BOTTLE
Look at the bottom of the right leg of the bluish sofa table – there is a blue object under it
Click to zoom in for the TABLE BUSH (thanks, mazomi!)
Zoom on the washbasin of the bathroom
Click the faucet handle to turn the water on
Now put the table bush in the sink to stop it up
Use the bottle in the full sink
Click the bottle in your inventory, and you can now read the paper inside
Zoom on the computer monitor
Click the button in the bottom right to turn it on
Enter the password
Click the folder for the number code
Zoom on the computer desk drawer that is left of the computer chair (thanks, Shazzie!)
Enter the number
Get the GOLF TEE
Click the left end of the bottom kitchen cabinets in the bottom left of the house
Get the GOLF CLUB (thanks, Therese!)
Zoom on the left books on the shelf over the green bed
Click the book in your inventory to see the about item view of it
Click the right side to turn the page to see a hint
Click on the spot to the right of the bottom of the stairs
There is a hole in the floor
Place the golf tee in the hole
Add the ball and use the club
Zoom on the broken pieces in the bottom left of the house (left of the cabinets)
Get the DOOR KEY
Zoom on the door in the bottom right of the house
Use the key to escape!

pixel hunt

replayed on laptop instead of PC and now it works, hmmm, strange

       Anonymous  4/20/11, 12:38 PM  

REALLY really annoying all the hotspots taking you away. I couldn't be bothered to finish it.

Hmm -- I picked up a book, then turned on the PC and got "A Roaring Escape"! Buggy.

okay, i give up. the constant pop up advertisement for their game makes it unplayable for me. nearly everything i click is a lick to another site. its just not worth it...

I officially hate this game due to the popup hot spots all over the place.

too unnecessarily pixelly

       Anonymous  4/21/11, 10:06 AM  

I will not play this game - too many links to another site - how annoying! Thumbs down!

computer drawer code is 08900

got the golf tee

i´m free!!!

hey guys!listen to this: i was reading all of this then when i went bck on it seems that the game ended and i scored 600000!! how weird. maybe it will work on urs?
amyway cya around guys

I won it thanks to all the comments :D
Thanks people!

^ above comment
It says u posted on 12/12/12 at 12:12

Or below comment!

pixel hunt!!! i hate those. if you have to go to the comments or a walk-through then what's the point on playing? you might as well watch it being played on youtube.

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