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Rose Room Escape Walkthrough

Rose Room Escape

Rose Room Escape is another new point and click room escape game from Games2rule. You are trapped inside in a rose room. The door of the room is locked. You want to escape from there by finding useful object, and hints. Find the right way to escape from the rose room. Good Luck and Have Fun!

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Hi Players,

Finish the game first and post your clear walkthrough. The first person's walkthrough will be published in our website's walkthrough page with their name. Good Luck and Have Fun!

Games2rule Team

Metal piece next to the books.
Flower petal from the flower/plant.

Piece of the blinds from the window.

Turned the picture on the left nightstand and then I could take another petal from the lamp on the right.

Hi all, 4 flower petals, iron bar (used) 4 white parts from window.

Petals go on pedestral.

Put the two drawers like the numbers on the photo and then you can put the petals on the pillar.

come to help or hinder you s-t

Hi Zazie,
Where did you get the other two petals?

Use parts on blind again for another petal.

Hi Bigtank.

s-t, one from using ironbar where petals go (pedestral) and the other one from using parts on blinds.

Can't figure out where to use the metal piece. :(

Ah thanks Zazie.
And I have no hint for the picture puzzle or for the hanging things puzzle?

I put puzzle like the pattern on bed border, but nothing happened.

Got it. Thanks Zazie!

After you change wall hanging. Look at the bookcase.

the running men puzzle as you would set off and then run, does that make sense

Ah thanks Szarra.

Got picture puzzle.

Ahh ok, so i have got the petal from hanging puzzle.

Well, I think I did the running man picture order because the screen switched to the pillar, but I can't do anything there!?

Ah, after that you get the key from the bed leg.

And out !
At least no bugs lol.

not sure which i am missing or how many we need , got the hanging ,the running,the drawer,the blinds,the metal rod, the lamp,the flowers

One petal was also in the bookshelf over the books i think.

and out too ty s-t

right bottom bed leg turns

Well, not really difficult but in case somebody needs the running man order;


ouT! Got stuck - here's a hint - go to the blinds TWICE. I kept looking for yet another area.

Lol, the room almost completely pink should have been a hint it was a girly game. And now I see I only played with girls here.
Well, it was fun. Thanks for letting me play with you all.

I am confused about something... my key came from the flower petals and not the bed leg. Hmmmm??

im stuck...ive done all the puzzles but still seem to be missing petal

- Zoom in on the flowers in the corner and take PETAL #1 (the pink one).
- Zoom in on the blinds and take 4 BLIND PIECES (the ones that are not straight) and then put them back on the empty places. And then some rose petals pop up on the little pillar.
- Zoom in on the books and take the METAL PIECE (next to the books) and do the picture puzzle. The goal is to make the order so the man is going (from top to bottom) from standing to running to the right. To change the order click a picture and then click the picture where you want it to go. If done correctly the screen switches to the little pillar and another rose petal is added there.
- Look at the front side of the bed for the color order hint. The dots are in the order: Dark Pink - Very Dark Pink - Pink - Dark Pink - Very Dark Pink - Pink - Dark Pink.
- Zoom in on the hanging thing above the bed and make the little cubes in that color order by pulling them down. (start with the left one, that one has to go all the way down and then the top cube is the first of that color order).
- If done correctly, zoom in above the books and pink box has come out. Click that box and take PETAL #2.
- Zoom in on the right leg of the bed and click the bottom part till another petal goes to the little pillar.
- Zoom in on the photo on the nightstand and see the numbers 5 and 8. Click the photo so it turns a bit and a light beam pops up from the mirror. Now you can go zoom in on the lamp on the right side of the room and take PETAL #3.
- Zoom in on the top drawer and remember the number hint. 5 was on top, so pull out the drawer till the 5 is next to the little black arrow. Zoom in on the bottom drawer and do the same but now it has to be next to the 8. And if done correctly the screen again switches to the little pillar.
- Zoom in on the little pillar and use the metal piece on it and another petal pops up. Now put in the 3 petals you collected and the KEY pops up, take it.
- Zoom in on the door, use the key on the keyhole in the knob and you're out.

oh, ok. thanks! i just didnt have the 5 and 8 lined up perfectly.

hi lauren....!!!!
hi all....soory i am the last

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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