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Chocoland Escape 2 Walkthrough

Chocoland Escape 2

[REPLAY] Chocoland Escape 2 is the second part of this point & click escape game series developed by GiveMeToPlay for KolmenaGames. Again you are trapped in this sweet house and you need to find objects and solve puzzles to get out of there. Good luck and have fun! ☺

Update: Let's replay this game, while waiting for new games!

Play Chocoland Escape 2

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after a long time a live game for me yippeee

Cakebrush (used) and scissors.

Call me blond, I really don't know what to do here.

Lollypop and blue key from microwave.

Nothing works for me, no matter where I click...

Suggar by solving the doghnut code.

got the brush but where to use?

Marie-Louise look at the bottom border of one of the screens to find cakebrush.

Shaheen above a window...

oh thanx @Zazie

Yellow key from using suggar on cookies.

Yeej I got a blue key out of the microwave finally. Now where do I use it?

I did not use it yet.

Thnx Zazie. Now I solved the purple arrow code by using the ice-cones

And I lost the game. Have to start over again

There is a trapdoor under carpet.

I never got lost in these games, but now I am.

Marie_Louise, me too but i tried all combinations of the ice-cones, how exactly ?

wow another lollypop

Use blue key on trapdoor for yellow lollypop.

spoiler RURL for cones

Hi everyone! Iced the cake... zazie, what clue did you use for the donut? Use the cones for the arrow code:



how to solve donut and cb?

Ohh i managed the arrow code....the tip of cones are not the directions, it is the inverse.

Used scissors to cut a lollipop

miles look at the cake with "?" this is the hint, make the maths.

tried that zazie... but apparently i need to go back to grade school!

Use container on the silver vessel to the left.

When I do the maths the number is too high for the donut (sigh... feeling blond again...)


miles :


120 : 10 = 12
12 X 120 = 1440

Ok, left out a zero and now the donut gave me another key

120x12 - thanks zazie!

got 3 of 4 lollipops placed

and out with the forth lolli

cb with colors look at the right cake!

Yeah Zazie, I got it, thnx
Somehow this game doesn't quite fit me...

Yellow cream on middle brown cake.

and out after uising sugar on cookies for key to last lollipop

finally out

Great game! The colors on the cake work for the cabinet code.

I didn't get a key from the donut!?

SM there is no yellow on the cb code.

Zazie - start at the pink on top !

Got the code, it is from the middle cake.

s-t - did the donut pop open?

zazie - I used the stripes in the middle cake

And out !!
Funny game :)

lol - I guess you did too!

I apologize it is the middle one - ty zazie

stripes only show up after icing the cake

It did pop open but got something else (sugar or container). I think I got the key from the cookies.
Anyway out now.

Yeah, blondie has left the building... Thanks for all the help :)

where are the scissors?

Scissors above window after using cakebrush.

LOL @Marie-Louise :)

ok where is the cake brush?? lol..

Look at my post at 8:30.

never mind. I had to restart.. I think I had a bug because it said my brush was in my que but invisible! lol

hmmm... i fell like stupid, but where is the *'#*#
cake brush?!

pop here it is :)

screen just keeps goin gray n wont load?

Easy game but the clue from the 120 X 120 cake?? Why the slice off the end? To tell me to square the number? Too obtuse that clue as was looking at 25 strawberries and fractions myself!! ie 2/25 strawberries and 1/10 of a cake!!

now I feel stupid...what's the code for the microwave?

       Anonymous  5/3/11, 11:31 AM  

Cant get the microwave open,,,tried counting lil men candies?

       Anonymous  5/3/11, 11:33 AM  

AHAH!! its the top number on the thermometer

If I remembered corectly it was the top numer of the thermometer.



- code for microwave comes from the candycane thermostat by the door. 136. you'll get blue key.
- blue key goes into trap door in the floor under the rug. you'll get yellow lollipop.
- at the bottom of the screen with the three cakes, you'll find the cake brush.
- use the cake brush at the top of window in the scene with microwave. you'll get scissors.
- use scissors on the red lollipop.
- arrows code for cabinet is RURL. you'll get container.
- use container on vanilla bucket under window.
- use container with vanilla on middle cake. you'll get the colors for the cabinet above the burger. PBRG. you'll get pink lollipop.
- code for burger comes from first cake. 120/10=12 12X120=1440. you'll get sugar.
-sugar goes on cookies under purple cabinet. you'll get yellow key.
- yellow key goes into chocolate cake door. you'll get blue lollipop.
- lollipops go into chocolate brownie by door. it opens and your free.

oops! I wrote a walkthrough while playing, I didn't realize there already was one. I guess I'll post it anyway

Go right
Enter the code into the microwave for the BLUE KEY
Turn right 2 times
Get the BRUSH from the floor (very bottom of the screen near the corner
Go left
Enter the arrow code below the purple cabinet
Go left
Use the brush at the top of the window for the SCISSORS
Go left 2 times
Use the pastry bag in the left bucket for icing
Enter the code into the donut for the SUGAR
Click the left edge of the rug for the hidden safe
Use the key for the GREEN LOLLIPOP
Go left
Use the icing bag on the middle cake
Go right
Enter the color code into the wall cabinet for the PINK LOLLIPOP
Go left 2 times
Use sugar on the cookies for the GOLD KEY
Use the scissors to get the RED LOLLIPOP from the brownie
Go left
Use the key on the cake chest for the BLUE LOLLIPOP
Go left
Place the lollipops in the brownie by door

The thermometer by the door has the temperature on it SPOILER136SPOILER

The ice cream cones on the floor tell you the directions to set the arrows. The open tops of the cones are the "points" of the arrows.

When you iced the middle cake on the cake stand, the colors appear

In the view with the 3 cakes on stands. Zoom on the left cake. Solve the math for one slice:
The cake is 120x120=14400. There are 10 slices: SPOILER1440SPOILER

The math on this game is horrible. The cake gives a really vague idea of what you're supposed to do.

The only way I was able to solve it was by multiplying 120 x 120 and then "cutting off" the last section of it....as indicated by the cake.

So you get 120 x 120 = 14400

Cut off the last section of the answer gives you: 1440.

no...the math is correct. If you look closer, it is 1/10 of 120 (10 pieces of cake) and that would make one section 12. So 12 x 120 is 1440. Hope that helps!

       Anonymous  8/15/18, 10:10 AM  

caught this one from the random section & decided to post it as a replay (just to show you, what sort of daily mass-produced games we had in the past - so let's be thankful for the quality of the games we have today...!)

thx for all your creations, GMTP ☺
& thx Azian & KKF for the WTs

didn´t like either the graphics nor the music. On my first turn wandering around through all rooms just saw two puzzles w/o hints - 1 star!

       Subscribe  2/4/24 12:24 PM

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