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Dozen Basement Escape

DozenGames Basement Escape is another point and click type room escape game developed by Dozen Games. Try to escape the basement by finding items and solving puzzles. Good luck and have fun!

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Me first....

Right finally some light!

Hi again...@leroy!

Hi Leroy :) Just joining in

Hi @nokra! Long time!

left twice for light switch...

Very nasty triangle puzzle!! Anyone solve it yet?

Hi! @mkganda...good to see you!

moved the washer with the wooden plank?...flipped a switch

Yes @Leroy. Start with the numbers given in the washing machine.

Left side top to bottom is 1682
Right top to bottom 1493
bottom left to right 2753

I think? If not exactly, close.

Thanks @nokra. Was wondering what to do with that plank. Got a fuse (?) from the tool box.

hit an add........ now have to start over (crying)

Got what I think is a chisel from the room upstairs, behind a box.

Awwww...dang!!! did the puzzle but it disappeared before I write it down!

fuse plug under wine cabinet upstairs. Can't open the box in there yet. Anyone work on the squares puzzle down the ladder?

Oh...I wasn't upstairs, I was in the room with the door at the top of the stairs. Sorry about that. :P

key in wine cabinet upstaies

Hi all, catching up.

key gives crowbar from chest
I thought I was upstairs???

Got tha Triangle!!!!

put fuse plug in middle hole in wall switch in washer view.

Oh great downstairs and another maths puzzle!!

Nokra, Im by the wine bottles and can't see a key there. help?
Found a cork under the wine cabinet though.

Hi! Getting in late, but solved the triangle, and the square puzzle downstairs (look at sum of digits).

I got from the colored #'s puzzle...g-8, o-2, r-1

Key is behind one of the wine bottles.

@nokra, isnt green =7??

Found my key :)

inside bottom of wine cabinet...on the right is key
crowbar gives wine opener

Thanks for the key @st! Got a crowbar from using it.

Is that base 3 on the triangle hint box?

Wow, hi everyone! I was having blogger issues again and now there's a bunch of us! :)

got cork from bottom left bottle inside ...the cork under is a fuse

I am slowly gathering things...but you all will soar ahead...lol

woohoo, got a corkscrew from box using crowbar. Let's have a glass, shall we?

Missing 2 more fuses...

took cork from bottom left middle bottle.

Lol @nokra, I'm still missing 2 fuses, didnt use my chiesel, cork or long thin fuse (?) and feeling very lost here.

Lol, @mk, that sounds like a good idea. Gonna have a break in here with all the bottles and my opener... but I don't see any glasses!

Missing one fuse.
Got one from under the wine cupboard and one from using the crowbar in the basement.

Opened the 6-dig drawer. Got a hammer.

Got another fuse from using vrowbar in basement.

need one more fuse.

Ty for the # correction, @ellie...lol
going back to check it gave me another fuse from down there with the crowbar

Solved the 6 dig box too by counting digits.

6-dig drawer goes like:
There's 1 number 1 (11)
There's 2 numbers 1 (21)
There's 1 number 2 and 1 number 1 (1211)...

Where's the long thin fuse?

thanks @Ellie! That was the one I needed. Still haven't opened the drawer. the 1's and 2's one.

@st, dont remember, but wasn't the thin fuse in the red box on the desk?

Hell, who needs a glass...I'm drinking from the bottle....mmmmmm!!!

@mk, where did you get your 3rd fuse? One from basement and one under the wine cupboard.

ahh...thanks @Edgar! I couldn't see the pattern. :)

Thanks Ellie, yes it was in the red box. Didn't try to open it because I thought I needed a key.

I used my hammer on the button in the OFF box, but there is no power! I need my 3rd fuse!

Still have a file unused...

what is clue for 6 digit drawer? I don't understand @edgar's explanation...LOL

@Ellie got one from tool box and put it in the cork I got from the wine bottle, basement, and under wine cabinet.

@nokra, count the numbers.
111221 has three number 1, two number 2 and one number 1.

Thanks @mk!! Never tried to construct a fuse from those items lol.

@nokra you have to count the 1s and 2s in the previous number from left to right. In the last one we see 3 ones, 2 twos, and 1 one. So...312211

Homemade DIY fuse! Ty @MK!! :)

1 11 21 1211 111221 ......

Now, my power is ON, don't know what to do with that info though lol.

Thanks for the hammer trick @Ellie! Finally got into little doors behind washer! :)

After power is on, you can get a broom and a flashlight from behind washer.

Now I got a torch and a broom from behind the washing machine (using plank and lever).

Thanks Mkganda, for the cork/fuse combination.

Ty for the spoiler...but I never saw the 111221 anywhere ....or just don't remember....lol

Guess I'm gonna do some cleaning... but where??

Used the broom on the blue paint, see number 95 now. And now what?

@nokra, that clue was on top of the white box with the triangle instructions (left of washing machine).

hmm...got a flashlight and a mop now. Ohh...the paint. Here I go

Did somebody use the chisel already?
And did we get something from the wall under the 6-digit drawer?

Thanks @st! I never tried to look down by the ON/OFF box! Now I'm only missing 4 digits lol.

Great. Thanks for reminding me that @MK. 2 white digits now. Missing at least 3 more...

@small I was wondering the same thing. I don't remember getting anything there, but my chisel doesn't seem to work there.

@st, use the torch on that wall under 6 dig drawer.. but I dont see anything lol.

use torch under workbench.. use chisel for key

ST, zoom below desk. First use flashlight, you see a small X at the bottom. Then use chisel for gold key.

Lol, there is an X on that wall, used the chiesel for a key!

You can use the flashlight on the wall below the 6-digit drawer. But for what?

bottom right is a small "x" use chisel there

Hi @EnJoy and @Yvon too!

LOL...that was the first thing I saw in the game...I have a short memory!!!!LMAO!

Aha! Use your flashlight under desk.

AHA!!! Thank you Ellie!! Used the chisel and got a key :D

cleaned the paint up and got a number!!

Thanks guys, didn't see the X.

Haha, now I need a keyhole! It's not working on the wooden chest.

lol...I was a little late on that one. :P

Dont know what to do with the cross under the 6 digit code!!

Who keeps moving the dang washer back in place whenever I turn my back on it?????LOL

Hi Ellie.. following along until I could contribute something.

Code and key not working for me in the door!


Oh... I'm out. You don't need blue digits. Use only the 6 around and having the key will do.

This comment has been removed by the author.

My key doesn't work in door, but I think we need to have our numbers right first.

@Leroy, use the chisel there!

@EnJoy, I never actually used the key, just had it. And we only need the colors of digits 1,2,3,5,7 and 9.

Oh.. I think I am missing a few numbers.. back to searching

Sorry @nokra, I think I accidentally moved that washer around a few times.

Oh! I don't have the colors for 3 and 8. Where are they?

@mk, no 8 needed...

Number 1, 2 and 7 are from solving squares in basement.
Number 5 and 9 from cleaning blue colors.
Number 3 from inside the washing machine.

I am missing something.. where to use the broom?

Ah thanks guys, out too. Guess we just had to have the key.

Oh, yes, the washer. I forgot all about that one. Thanks @Ellie and @Edgar. :)

@EnJoy, when you face the OFF-box on the wall, there is a down navigation arrow. Use that to see color to clean with your broom.

@Ellie.. thanks, never saw that view

okay, out now too! Yay, I got to play a live escape game! It's been forever and ever.

Hi @EnJoy! I meant to say that earlier. Miss you. :)

Slowly but am oooout!! LOL

Very nice to catch you in a live game @mk (except from riddles lol)!

I am missing too many things to ask for help...maybe one of you are doing a WT???

I was great playing with all of you!!!

Yay, congrats @Leroy!

I know the feeling @mk!
It's been so long!! Always a pleasure playing with you (and many more).

@nokra, I thought about starting one, but it will take me a long while lol. Keep asking!!

Thinking numbers 95 were blue because of the colour of the paint... Forgot that the numbers are white. Finally out.

Ahh...the love here. Awesome.

@nokra what do you need?

okay, off to mindskell, but I'll check in on you nokra :)

@ Yvon.. thanks, I had blue numbers too.

Hi @ Mkganda. Nice playing again with all the "regulars"

@EnJoy!!! Hugs!! :D

@ nokra.. what do you need help with?? I will stick around

@ Edgar .. Hugs back. So happy for you! "Gongrats"

okay, I have 2 fuses, (one from under wines, and other using crowbar in hole under washer) according to comments, there should be 4? and where to put them? I used hammer on the on/off box...but cannot open it, I thought that was where they went!
put the long fuse in the cork...but why?

Once I lose the thread of a game...I kinda get lost with the comments...lOL

Am I missing something?
Are E and E gonna get married?
If so, congrats and wishing you guys all the best.

The long fuse in the cork is your third fuse. You only need 3 of them.

Which way is the switch behind washer supposed to go...I don't remember what happened when I first moved it??/
see, I told you ...too many questions...LMAO!

@nokra, you only need 3 fuses. The one you're missing you get from combining a cork from a wine bottle and the long fuse thing you got from the red box on the desk.
Place the three fuses on the thing on the wall, left of the white box with triangle and 6-dig code clues.

@st, yes we are, but no date set for that yet. Thanks!

Put the 3rd fuse in as small-tool posted. then you will have power to the switch behind the washer

Yes, s-t they are engaged...
thanks for the only need three comment, I have them but where do they go, please?

nokra, switch only works after you put in the fuses. Fusebox somewhere on the left of view (don't remeber with view). Zoom into it.

After you put all 3 fuses in, hit the on/off button with the hammer and then push it you have power and after that the hatch behind the washing machine will open when you pull the lever.

@nokra, the switch resets itself. It's down from start, and pushing it up should open the thing once you have power on.

Lol, ok... many people helping here! Great to see! I'll go back to writing then.

better to many then to little

That was the nudge I needed....TY, Ellie! I had the fuse place almost out of view...kept missing it!
I was so sure it was in a box , like in my world...lol

I am soooo feeling the LOVE!!!! TY for the help!!! all of you!!!!!

All the solutions are shown at the end of the Walkthrough.
The room is dark, so look for a light switch:
Turn right twice and click the switch to the right of the green curtains.
Click the green curtains to see more rooms.
Inside the wooden cupboard is a vertical WOODEN BOARD you can take (right side in the cupboard).
Turn right.
Zoom on the white box on the wall to see two different clues: the numbers on top of the box and the “triangle text”.
On the left side of the wall is a fuse box, missing three fuses.
Click the red washing machine and click again to look inside of it.
Another clue for the triangle, and a red number 3.
If you like, you can use the wooden board on the washer to move it and see a switch behind, but you need power for it to work.
Zoom out from the washing machine and move the wood on the floor (left of the desk).
Click to zoom on the floor and solve the triangle puzzle, using the two clues you’ve seen.
See a ladder going down.
Follow it to the basement.
Turn right and zoom on the left corner of the floor to see a color square clue.
From solving this puzzle, you should know the three different numbers of the colors green, orange and red.
Leave the basement for now.

Zoom on the desk and open the red box on top of it (no key needed).
In front part of the desk you need to enter the correct 6-digit code to get a HAMMER.
Use the clue from top of the white box on the wall (that also gave you a triangle clue).
Zoom out and turn right.
Zoom on the box on the wall telling you OFF.
Use the hammer to the right of the word OFF and press the red button.
You are told there is No Power.
You need to find 3 fuses to have power.
In this view with the “OFF-box” there is a down navigation arrow. Click it to see blue color on the floor, but leave it for now.

Turn right and move forward (passing the green curtain).
Turn right to see a wine cabinet.
Zoom under the cabinet to find FUSE 1/3.
Open the lower part of the cabinet to see wine bottles.
Click the 5th bottle in 2nd row to move it and find a KEY.
Use the key on the wooden chest left of the wine cabinet to get a CROWBAR.
Turn right and zoom on the crate in the corner.
Click on the wall to the left of the crate to zoom behind it and find a CHISEL.
Use the crowbar to open the crate and get a CORKSCREW.
Back to the wine cabinet and open the lower part once again.
Use the corkscrew on the 2nd bottle, lower row to get a CORK.
Combine the cork with your long part of a fuse in inventory to make your FUSE 2/3.

Turn around and leave this room.
Go back down inside the basement.
Turn left and use the crowbar on the manhole cover to get FUSE 3/3.
Leave the basement and turn left.
Zoom on the fusebox to the left on the wall.
Place your three fuses in the holes.
Zoom out and turn right twice.
Zoom on the “OFF-box” on the wall (use your hammer to the right of OFF if you didn’t already).
Press the red button to see the power is ON.

Go and zoom on the red washing machine.
Use the wooden board to move it.
Zoom to the right of it and pull the switch.
This should open the hatch in the wall and you’ll find a FLASHLIGHT and a BROOM.
Zoom out.
Zoom on the desk, and zoom in the space below the 6-digit code.
Use the flashlight on the wall to see a small cross in lower right corner of the lit up area.
Use the chisel on the cross to get the EXIT KEY.
Now, you only have to do some cleaning with your broom.
Turn right to see the ON/OFF box.
Use the down navigation arrow to see the blue paint on the floor.
Use the broom on the paint to see two white digits.

Time to leave this room!
Go right, move forward passing the green curtain.
Zoom on the door to see a code panel.
Click 6 of the buttons to make them the correct colors.
Drag the exit key to the keyhole, and you’re out!

Triangle puzzle
The number in the three sides of the triangles should add up to 17.
Inside the washer you see the placement of three of the numbers: 8,4 and 5.
Use each digit from 1-9 only once.

Color square puzzle in basement
For the colors pink, yellow and blue you can add up the digits in the four squares and will get 21.
pink: 12+2+3+4
yellow: 3+6+8+4
blue: 5+2+4+10
Do the same for the other squares and you’ll find your numbers:
green: 11+1+2=14 (you need 21-14=7)
orange: 3+7+9=19 (you need 21-19=2)
red: 6+2+12=20 (you need 21-20=1)
Numbers: green 7, orange 2, red 1

6-digit code
The clue gives you: 1, 11, 21, 1211, 111221
You need to see it as:
It starts with 1
Next two digits tells you there is one number 1 (11)
Then you are told there is two number 1’s (21)
Now what you see is one number 2 and one number 1 (1211)
You have one number 1, one number 2, two number 1’s (111221)
And, for your code: there is three number 1, two number 2 and one number 1.
Code: 312211

Door code.
You need to change the color of digits number: 1,2,3,5,7 and 9.
Number 1, 2 and 7 are from solving squares in basement.
Number 5 and 9 from cleaning blue colors.
Number 3 from inside the washing machine.
Solution: 1=red, 2=orange, 3=red, 5=white, 7= green, 9=white

A bit late and a bit premature (no date set yet) at the same time but

Congrats to Edgar and Ellie

Hahahaha... WOW, I'm ugly!!! Thank you @small-tool!! Really appreciated. You're good with pics!

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can´t play dozengames anymore. How can i come into this games. Have no idea, why i can´t play this games at time.

@ s-t,
E and E pic = Brilliance!!! LMAO!
Gongtats to the lucky couple. Where are you registered at, Big Fish games?

lol @s-t and @Bumjelly!

thanks @Ellie - needed your wonderful WT - and congrats!

OUT ! yeppyyyy....

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