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Hermit Rabi and and Wonder Fountain Walkthrough

Hermit Rabi and and Wonder Fountain

Robamimi Hermit Rabi and and Wonder Fountain is a new Japanese point and click type room escape game by Robamimi. In this game, you have to find your way out by looking for items and some clues to solve puzzles. Good luck and have fun!

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Hi all!

tape measure, slingshot, box, card

hi roberto! took chair too

marble for slingshot

hallo Roberto
found: measure(couch), marble(white pot), clue(book), panting down(code on painting

Tape measure, carot, blue ball, slingshot, scissors, chair (used) card (used (package (used)

Got a key

prepared slingshot, parcel, tape and hint from book

roberto - scissors???

clue behind fallen picture

Got a stick from bunny

clue on wall left of hutch

A Labirynth

Have clue from measuring wall heights and from behind fallen wall picture, but cannot use them on drawer. Also cannot keep wall open closed lever in the open position. Not sure If I need to ...

now downstairs

Where are scissors? Where is bunny? Where to use clues or slingshot?

scissors please?

Red marble from stick

Hi annaby - people dont seem to have time to help !

640 doesn't work on drawer?

scissors from card box, with height

can't figure out labyrinth! just keep returning to rabbit

insert card and input asked measure to get scissors

cardbox gave me key which I cannot use

shape code is for drawer, count ALL dishes

How do you measure?

Hey fellow players?!

where are you stuck swissmiss? i could use some help to get forward . . . join me!

still live? hi @all...try to catch up....

counted all dishes before... tried again... what am I missing?

use tape measure left side ob cb

st, tape measure on wall markings

Drawer code...


byebyecow, did you count mug on table with all in cabinet?

This bunny refuses to give me a clue

I had two brainy games today - too tired to think much
s-t measure next to cb where the names are - put the number in box - gives you key
dont know where to use the key

certainly gave me not scissors

i have red and yellow marbles, key, and still scissors (used). Rabbit just keeps nodding at me i progress nowhere through clicking side arrows

shapes code give scissors - dont forget the one in drawer

Thanks guys,
caught up now I think.

got now carrot

swissmiss, if key was cardbox then scissors must have been drawer on cabinet? with shapes code

dont know where to use slingshot, carrot and key - placed chair but ????

i'm about to take carrot back from bunny, he is making me mad

swissmiss do you still have empty box? check it out

Got a bottle and a bar

roberto! please tell

labyrinth -
L L R R R L R (I'm sure the first 5 are right)

Bottle and bar too.
Use the directions from the picture.

       Anonymous  5/28/11, 12:16 PM  

Hello everybody,
try to catch up, was stucked with drawer code, forgot the 3 other cups in drawer...

No Annaby,
Go back to the picture and click it.

got carrotjuice in the labirinth

use string from box to hold lever down... then use sling shot on opening of door out window... opens door in this room... go downstairs and give carrot to bunny... get stick.. take marble and use stick to open door in basement... opens to a maze... clue upstairs in picture that fell but there is no straight option..... hmmm

that way takes you to where the marbles go. There must be another way

Use scissors on bottle.

thank you annaby! no idea how you got that


Green marble from rabbit after giving him carrot juice.

got green marble now from the juice

Thanks s-t

4th (blue) marble from following the second set of directions.
Rabbit's ears are the directions.

In maze go RRLLLRL...

Where's the clue in what order to put the marbles?

Cannot open the door.
Stuck with key and bar.

need one more marble

if I follow 2nd set of direction it does not work - always going back to rabbit

I think I did

placed all marbles, what to do w bar?

i'm stuck with the second direction from the rabbit, RRLLLRL. Stuck here, appreciate some help, plz guys

remember the book clue R=L and L=R (it's left and right from his view, not yours).

My game closed itself. :(

Thanks Roberto.
Now I remember the clue.

clue for marbles is sign above chair

Starting from zero again :/

       Anonymous  5/28/11, 12:26 PM  

lol, warp button after the return button when blue marble taken.
if you miss yellow marble, it's on stairs when going up again...

Can't open the door in the newest room?

LLRRLstraightL(pick up carrot juice)RR(Get bar) press button

can take marbles back even after placing correctly . . .

i don't have red marble, thanks ST

how to unlock door when keyhole is outside?

ty small-tool - in front of closed door now

Have red, yellow and blue marbles... where is green one?

red marble was on stick from rabbit

Aban Adk Jrl Jr.
The red marble comes from the stick. View it and click it.

       Anonymous  5/28/11, 12:29 PM  

a closed door after taken the elevator / lift...

I'm missing the red marble

Red Marble was on top of rabbits stick I believe

green marble from rabbit after giving opened juice

ah - got it - thanks

Take back stick and use pole to open door downstairs... then warp back to pool of water and place stick in it... get pole.

Tried to combine key and bar to reach the keyhole via the window, but doesn't work?
I think there's one place left in the inventory (very bottom left), maybe we need tape?

       Anonymous  5/28/11, 12:32 PM  

we can take the rabbit stick from whole back for the closed door (?), but need something to replace it...

Thanks scorpiosphinx and Small-Tool

The hint says "The stick into the spring and..." What spring?

stuck at the elevator

Ahhh open carrot juice with scissors and give to rabbit for green marble... :-)

or rather, door

Thanks Byebyecow,
great find.

The sprig is the pool of water at the end of one maze path... that is where the rabbits stick becomes a long pole with green ends...

We can take thread back

@Premiere - there's another stick somewhere

spring was what turns around to reveal elevator? i can't get it back . . .

Swiss, u have to cut the rope off the box and tie the lever to chair, then shoot the slingshot through the little window where picture was

have to make a move and sleep now, its 3.30am now in Malaysia. bye

Cannot find the spring anymore. It spinns to show the elevator.

where to use the metal bar??

       Anonymous  5/28/11, 12:38 PM  

lol, annaby, this somewhere is where exactly?

fiver - I am way beyond that - trying to find a pole to replace the stick to open the last door

metal bar replaces the rabbits stick to open door so you can bring stick to pool of water (AKA SPring)

taking and replacing marbles shows spinning wall but only ends on elevator side :(

Have this long poll now but no idea how to open door or where to use poll...

tried taking the marbles back but the elevator is still where the spring was

My pool of water is behind elevator now. How can I bring it back to use stick?

metal bar was at end of path shown by picture hint, after bottle

pole, key and string together opens the door... this game was gorgeous... but have not noticed, that it is live... bad mistake...

I can't get my pool of water back either.
It keeps turning back?

I realized that after I posted my comment Swiss, like 20 more comments appeared before mine that weren't there before!

roberto you and i have same problem. frame in rabbit room does say there were two ways . . . two ends?

not two endings, but one way for getting the pole, if i remember right and one way for the place of the marbles and elevator...

Ahh I need a kay.... never found a card so is that what I missed... needed a card to open that thing on the desk to get a key?

Ok, where did you guys find the card for card box please.

@byebyecow - the card was under the hutch

THANK YOU annaby

Restarted the game and used the stick in pool. Now stuck with the key and a door that refuses to open.

yes, you need a card... i think it was under the cupboard

How do you guys, get the spring (pool) back?
For me it keeps changing into the elevator thing!?

I know I tried to look under there dozens of times.. but sure enough it was there and the first click the view came up!!1 Thank you Annaby!!!

Tie the key at the end of new stick

cannot open the door after using the elevator (

roberto, look closer at that stick... in about view

And out!

I'm free. I'm FREE!!!!! LOL, thanks for the help everyone.

why do you need the spring again @small-tool?

well...I am hopeless here...started then had to leave and don't understand anything!
I have tied the switch yo open position but I can't find what is open!!!!

st i'm restarting, don't know how we did that wrong

       Anonymous  5/28/11, 12:49 PM  

finally found bar...

Do I have to start over and do the stick in the pool first (before I do the marbles)?

a door @nokra... the door to go downstairs...

guess I'm stuck, can't get back to the spring

nokra use slingshot now at window

I thought I needed to put the stick there to get a pole? Isn't that right?

You have to restart and use stick in pool befor place marbles.

don't feel like starting over. I don't like games that leave you in limbo if you do something out of order.

And the picture with the angles will not come down for me...I am following the angles inside it...right?

no... wait... look out of the window... it was the hole, that opened... use slingshot there

Thanks Roberto,
But I won't restart.
That's just plain stupid when you have to do things in a certain order without telling you that first and without being able to replace your steps.

oh... small-tool... you haven't done that? that's bad... and not good for the game that it could happen

       Anonymous  5/28/11, 12:54 PM  

I have stick attached to key but can't open door???

Don't use every angle.
The things are different shapes together. Only use the angle of a shape, not the angles between two shapes.

yes nokra... thats the hint... should go... and then don't forget to turn that picture around

@coconut, don't forget the string

Obviously the slingshot will not work till I get the picture down...I have always loved these Robamimi games...but not getting this one!

I think you have to do that via the window and then zoom in on the keyhole.
But not sure, never got there.

coconut... you have to go upstairs again and use the key on the stick at the door through the window

I am certainly not starting over -

nokra, do you have the blue marble from the cup on the desk?

well, finally out after replaying. too bad about glitch w rotating wall, it should have turned again when marbles were removed from slots

       Anonymous  5/28/11, 12:58 PM  

Thanks @sabine, didn't even realize I could take it back :)

You're very right Scorpiosphinx.
I consider myself out without replaying.

also, i didn't even notice when the "hint" box appeared . . . wish it were within the rooms and didn't look like part of the surrounding game screen

I still can't tie the key to the pole or put pole and stick together. What do I miss?

I see what you are trying to tell me, @s-t...but I need a spoiler....all I can see is tl, tr, bl, br...can't separate...not getting it!

cheers for us anyway :)

my slingshot is loaded...TY @sabine

Top left
Bottom left
Top left
Top right
Bottom right

kees key goes on pole, with rope that you tied to chair

I have the stick that opened the door, a bar, a rope and a key. Neither of these things can put together. What is the trick please?

This comment has been removed by the author.

lol... noooooo.... again that left-right disorder...

TY s-t...it is one of those things, like an optical illusion...I saw it one way...couldn't change the view in my head!!!LOLOL

I'm pretty sure, it is like what I posted.

kees when game is palyed in correct order, you need to first use the "stick" to open door until you find the "bar" then take "stick" and use "bar" to keep door open. Follow second path from rabbit through maze, place "stick" in pool where it becomes "pole." You attach key to "pole" with rope

no small-tool... i mixed up once again left and right =)

Aha! Thanks scorpiosphinx. I'll try.

       Anonymous  5/28/11, 1:20 PM  

As I like the music, I also replayed & finally out, used the right order now... apart from that order problem a very nice game imho.
Thx all for your help!

I never found the card...so don't have whatever it gives you...I HAVE...carrot juice and the rabbit won't take it...the bar is in the place for the stick, so have stick, string, scissors, measuring tape...Am i hopelessly lost now???LOL

       Anonymous  5/28/11, 1:26 PM  

the card is under the cupboard with dishes, it gives the blue marble for the slingshot for opening the cellar door...

oh...and yellow marble...guess I'll go over all the hints again and see what happens....

Then I don't need it because I am there already!
Got red marble now, too! TY @premier

well, the card box gave the key...I guess I do need that to escape finally!!!LOLOL

card under cupboard will give you the key nokra, without which you will be stuck forever in hermit rabbit's maze!

       Anonymous  5/28/11, 1:34 PM  

omg, nokra,
so sorry, (slapping forehead), the key, not the blue marble, I think I also need some carrot juice for my eyes or even brain, lol.

That was a super cool game!!!!!
TY @all for the great help!!!
I did not have to start over....muddled my way out eventually...really enjoyed it!!!!

whooo what a great game, loved the warp button :)

glad I saved before labyrinth. so i could start over and put stick in pool

i have a few questions. first, how the hell do you knock down that picture? and what is the code number after you insert the card? because none of you ever said that. and yes, i have used the measure on the left side of cabinet, and i've tried 150, 160, 170, 174, 175, tried to add 150, 16 i 170 i nothing worked, so i'm wondering. oh and yes, what door by the window????? i don't see any doors... ty

How to knock down the picture: The strange pattern of lines in the picture show you the left-to-right sequence of CORNERS to click.
What's the code number after card: Well, the card belongs to Ume. After using the tape on the wall left on the cabinet, check for Ume's height, and that's the code.
What door by the window: Once the picture is down, you'll see it.

picture: just click the corner according to the corners of the picture's "line" (start with top left, bottom left, top left top right, bottom right)
measure code: insert card and see the hint "UME". After measuring, UME is SP1O6I3LER
door: appears after cutting box (get string), combine string to lever & share and use sling shot

P.S.: add some vodka to that milk

thank you :) the picture drove me crazy... but i had to restart the game, because the sling became unusable. don't know why. i really need some vodka...

This comment has been removed by the author.

i have attached the pole and the key with the rope but cant open the door. please help

nvm, back and forth between the upstairs and downstairs, i'm dizzy and out!

Awesome game + Original

The only thing that threw me was the re-use of the picture corners clue. I expected the rabbit to show me the way, of course he did, eventually

I came here for help and got knocked down in the rush of players stampeding through the game! I'm still wiping the dust from my eyes!
Halfway down the comments, and I've had just about every part of the game spoiled before my eyes, except for the stinking pixel hunts!!!!
As far as I can see, if your name begins with a "b" or "g", you were invisible for the first half of comments when this was live.
One question by 'byebyecow' was repeated by annaby, then someone gave her the WRONG answer.
No one said where the card was, or the rabbit, rabbit hutch, spring, stick, string, bottle, downstairs, bar, other marbles... the list is huge.
I did find the card by myself in the end, but really, with all the puzzles spoilt, I'm not sure why I'm bothering to continue.
I'm tired, okay?

OOOOO! I know, let's see if I can start a trend of walkthrough-writing for this site!

Lift the cushion on the couch and get a tape measure.
Go left.
There is a zoomable device on the wall with a pull-down switch that won't stay down, with a circle of colours in the centre.
On the floor beneath here are some marks on the floor.
Left of that is a table.
Zoom the book on the lower shelf and see two clues for puzzles.
There is a vase/flower pot container on the upper surface of the table with a blue marble inside, so get that and note the hexagonal shape of the vase.
The device next to the vase seems to take a card of some kind.
Zoom out and go left.
Clicking the chair makes you pick it up.
There is a board on the wall with a pattern on, and the pattern looks like the four corners in a sequence, so click those according to the pattern and watch the board drop, revealing a letterbox-type opening to the outside.You can peep through, but aren't able to do anything except see a keyhole by mousing over the handle.
Zoom in on the fallen board and see a clue: Hexagon - square - circle.
If you've read this far you'll already know what the clue means, so start counting crockery - so far, hexagon=1
Go left and see a cabinet with glass cupboards and drawers.
Clicking every spot you possible gives you four round plates and six square dishes. Inside the lower left drawer are three more hexagonal vases, so the clue for the 3-digit code is hexagon 4 - square 6 - circle 4.
Enter this on the top right drawer and hear a click for success. Inside is your pair of heavy-duty scissors.
[I've got a pair exactly the same, and you can cut tins open with them =) ]
In the bottom right drawer is a parcel, so use the scissors on it [overkill, I thought, haha] and get a carrot.
Top right drawer contains a slingshot.
Back out and notice the marks to the left of the cabinet.
Every mother knows what this is, but to the uninitiated, it's a family height comparison.
Get the tape measure out and check the heights.
Izou =159, Ume = 163, Hatu = 169-ish and Taro = 174.
Cursor changes beneath the cupboard so have a snoop under there and find a plastic card.
You will recognise Ume from the height chart.
About-face and zoom in on the card machine. Use the card on the slot and the screen comes to life. Press keys for Ume's height and click Enter.
Click the drawer and retrieve the key.
Back out and zoom into the marks on the floor, pop the chair down, and give up.
[ - after checking the comments for some idea of what to do next and failing miserably]

If someone wants to take up this walkthrough and complete it [please? small tool? <3 ] , I'll be checking back here tomorrow =D

I know sacrcasm is the lowest form of wit, but it made ME laugh, okay?

I'm lost... missing green marble in basement... where is the carrot juice please???

As usual POP..... did have to go back to painting and use the hint button then go to maze again...

Lol @Rookwings! I'm sure many more people agree that a bit better way of playing is: "i found a ball in the cup on the desk" etc.
I love when people tell where they find things and how they solve things. It's so much nicer to catch up in a live game that way or to play it later and look for clues. It happened several times that I didn't go to a live game when the 10 first comments were lists of items found and used, but nothing about where or how.
I really wish I had more time to play live and to write walkthroughs, but it's been a pretty busy time for me the past weeks(/months). I'll do what I can to help when I have time.
Thanks a lot for writing the WT!!

Lovely game!

       Anonymous  5/29/11, 4:15 AM  

Yesterday I started to make a WT, then being too tired I pushed the false button & it was gone... :-( & I was too frustrated to start again.

But now it's already the half way written, so I'm motivated to complete it... 8-D
Thx @Rookwings for the first part! As my first language ist not English, may be sorry about some creative use of it...

Second WT-part - Carrot Juice For Better Rabbit Eyes:

- After putting the CHAIR down on the marks on floor, don't give up yet, there is certainly a way out!
- Zoom on handle & note order of colors
- view parcel / box, take ROPE & use it with handle & chair to hold the handle in position
- zoom out & go to letterbox-type opening to the outside behind fallen picture
- when you peek through it, you see the coloured circle is now open
- combine slingshot from cupboard drawer with blue marble & use it to the open circle on door outside
- what a shot - open sesame!
- zoom out & go left & all the way down in cellar and take an overlook:
- on the wall a pic with clue
- presenting you Mr. Hermit Rabi (he may be a relative of the Alice rabbit?)
- a closed wooden door & a cylinder with hole right to it...
- go one step back to cellar stairs & take the YELLOW MARBLE
- go back to rabbit & give him carrot
- take rabbit's STICK (does he want curry with carrot, as he says that clicking on him? ;-D)
- view stick to take RED MARBLE from top
- go to wooden door & put stick in cylinder hole
- open sesame again to a maze, of which rabbit knows the second route as pic clue tells
- first maze route seems to be try & error (didn't find clue... RRLLR/AHEAD/R)
- take CARROT JUICE & open it with scissors
- go further LL & take BAR
- push return button to go back to rabbit, give him juice & he gives you a GREEN MARBLE
- click on rabbit to let shake his ears (second book & cellar pic clue - LLRRRLR)
- exchange stick with bar in cylinder hole
- go the mentionned second route & take BLUE MARBLE back
- go forward to wonder fountain & use stick in water - THIS MUST BE DONE BEFORE PLACING MARBLES!
- abracadabra, a POLE - take it back
- turn left, zoom on square pillar & put the marbles in the order from coloured circle on handle / ouside door
- abracadabra again, the pool wall turns & shows a little balustraded stage - it's a lift / elevator
- turn right, return with return button & go all the way back up to take the rope again
- put key on top of pole and fix it with rope
- what a trick! now you can open the outside door through the letterbox-window from fallen pic
- go all the way back to maze & use the warp button (hi trekkie-fans!) to go back to room with fountain
- use the lift / elevator to go upwards & as you already opened the door from upstairs, you can go out now...
- you deserve now some recreation listening to the relaxing music & you may also have a carrot juice drink now...?

This has to be the cutest game in a long time :D The rabbit is soooo adorable <3

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