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Justin Bieber Saw Game Walkthrough

Justin Bieber Saw Game

Justin Bieber Saw Game is a new point and click type adventure game created by Inkagames. The evil puppet has kidnapped his girlfriend, help Justin get her back safe Good luck and have fun!

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Justen Bieber lololol

so far so good - spider glued to floor

on we soldier to the next room

hmm cant use boxer robot - but how to pass the boxer

now one there to help??

help I am stuck at the boxer!

wow - now I passed him - lol -

no gorging on Macdonalds


in McDonalds I cannot grab anything ???

oh Hi Edgar - I am glad for your help - hurry up

I am stuck in McDonalds lol

Hi SM! Struggling with Chuck atm...

chuck - which one is that

the one with the evil eye? - try the umbrella

The guy to hypnotize with the umbrella... Chuck Norris! LOL, got past him anyway. Moving on.

got a loaded straw but still cannot pick it up in MCD

argh finally overcome MacDonalds

Rocky is history now, am I close to you SM?

LOL, got a marvel... shouldn't it be a marble?

I finished this game, but I have a very, very hard time posting.
How did you guys get into your blogger account?

MacDonalds now!

I had no problems at all s-t.

no problems here either small-tool

I am trying to find the right card now

Lucky guys.
There are more people having problem with google account and live-journal takes a lot of time to post.
But I'll try to answer questions, but I geuss you figure it out, it wasn't hard.

Got the big M, but need something to reach the hole on the wall, hmm...

Duh... pop... nvm... etc...

Basketball, deck of cards, mattress and a card to guess now...

well I am at the basket ball - but it seems very hard in the timing to get the ball through the hoop

not good at basket ball

Got the missing card.

I am bored - there is no time to get that ball through the loop

small -tool is there a trick with that blasted ball

LOL, I could score the basketball (you have to be pretty fast), but died in the fall anyway...

Just be fast.
Edgar, put the matrass down first.

put the matress under Edgar - but I dont know where this pixel is - dont like it

pop - now it worked

@SM, as soon as you're up there, select the ball and click on the basket. No real hidden trick, just be the fastest you can.

SwissMiss, the ball must be placed in the hoop not on Bieber.

Phew! Rescued Selena on my second try, lol. Missed the red button by the door!

And for the last part, just push the button a few times and die. But then you know the code, it doesn't change.

thank goodness - he rescued her lol

btw... out!

thanks s-t - got there eventually

Well, s-t. I had enough time to click the button and to enter the PW without dying. Thanks anyway :)

Well, congrats and see you guys.
Gonna try a lot of things to get my blogger account back.
This is pure hell. For every comment I have to sign in again and then it still fails sometimes.

I'm stuck with the cards... is there any hint? or does my brain only need a cold shower? o_O

haha... got it... justin said, it's a secret how he got the right card... my secret is: try one after another until you go nuts...

Im stuck in mcdonalds,anyone who can help?

btw sorry for username is my brothers account.

Just finished this game. Lovely as all the inka games!
@Piteador, try to use the rope and hook to get the big M of McDonalds. Then place the M on the gound left of the door and use the straw+iron ball on the small round hole in the wall.

I had most trouble with the deck of cards... took a long time to find out which one was missing. I don't know if it's the same in every game, but my card was clubs 5.

Inka Games’ Justin Bieber Saw Game - Walkthrough

• Go through the dialogs to get the game started.
• Move forward.

• You have less than 5 seconds to get rid of the giant spider by using the GLUE on the floor.
• Get the BOXING SHOE 1/2, the ROPE from the wall and the HOOK from the bottom right.
• Use the ROPE to the HOOK to combine them.
• Move forward.

• Take the NITROGLYCERINE from the right corner and the BOXING SHOES AND SHORTS.
• Try to talk to Chuck Norris; use the UMBRELLA on him in less than 3 seconds to hypnotize him and to make him punch a hole on the door.
• Move forward through the hole.

• Moving forward will make you die punched out by Rocky, so instead:
 - Use the BOXING CLOTHING on the ROBOT (both the shoes, gloves and short) and add the NITROGLYCERINE to have an enlarged view of the robot.
 - Open the robot’s mouth and put (again) the nitroglycerine there to make it an explosive robot.
 - Click on the REMOTE CONTROL in inventory and choose ‘Control’
 - Make the robot move forward.
• Once Rocky is out of combat, move forward yourself.

• Take the MATTRESS.
• Move forward.

• Use the PARALYZER HORN on Bizarro before he gets you.
• Take the STEEL MARBLE and the AIR PUMP.
• Go forward.

• Get the SODA on the right.
• Click on the soda and select ‘Look’
• Click on the STRAW to get it.
• Combine the STRAW with the STEEL MARBLE.
• Use the ROPE WITH A HOOK on the GIANT LETTER of McDonalds and get it.
• Use this LETTER on the floor, left of the door.
• Click on it and choose the ‘Use’ option (hand) to climb up on it.
• Use the LOADED STRAW on Bieber to get rid of Ronald inside.
• Get in McDonalds.

• ‘Look’ at the deck of cards to see them all. After closing this view, Justin says one of the cards is missing, so you might like to have another look at it to see which the missing card is.
The ‘missing card’ changes each time, so there’s no way to spoil the solution. My advise would be to count the cards by suits first (there should be 13 cards by suit) and go through the one with 12 cards only.

• Go back and forward to the right.
• Go through the dialogs.
• Click on the TV and choose to ‘talk’ with it (mouth); click on the missing card and move through dialogs again.
• Go forward.

• Use the AIR PUMP on the BASKET BALL to inflate it.
• Place the MATTRESS on the right side.
• Use the trampoline to jump and, quickly as you can, use the BASKETBALL on the hoop to score and to open the door.
• Move forward.

• Now for the final challenge, you have 30 seconds to do the following.
• Notice the Rubik cube has numbers on each face/color.
• Notice the order of colors in the word ‘CUBE’ around the door.
• ‘Use’ the red button by the door to see all the necessary colors/numbers of the cube.
• ‘Use’ the keypad on the right and enter the 4 digits you’ve got from the cube (respect the spelling for the order); click on the ‘OK’ button.
• That’s it. You’re out… oh, but here a warning:
This final code also changes from one game to another (the colors order on the word CUBE and the numbers on the cube sides) so no spoiler here either!

That stopwatch is really helpful.

How do i get past the mcdonalds part?

Whats the missing card?

Whats the missing card?? so hard

how to defeat the DONALD..?

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