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Key Card Room Escape Walkthrough

Key Card Room Escape

Key Card Room Escape is another new point and click room escape game from Games2rule. You are trapped inside in a room. The door of the room is locked. You want to escape from there by finding useful object, and hints. Find the right way to escape from the room. Have a fun game play!

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Hi Players,

Finish the game first and post your clear walkthrough. The first person's walkthrough will be published in our website's walkthrough page with their name. Good Luck and Have Fun!

Games2rule Team

Hi all!

ooh a live one was just going to go to the supermarket

Stuck with Silver card and Golden card...

Cut the table using blade.
Got a card
Insert the card in pic, and got a key drawing paper

also stuck, but with some gum or glue on gold card.

nail in the book, used in the table
cloth on the chair, used to clean the table and the lion statue

Stuck with gold card with gum on and silver card...

Got a red light

And gum

@roberto, where's the blade...

wow that was easy

hi =)
ich komme nicht weiter, habe den löwen gesäubert und das grüne licht gefunden, weiß jemand wie es weiter geht??


Or didyou mean the nail? That's what I used to cut the table...

rambler put the silver card in the picture above the fire place

Hi, where's the gold card? i'm stuck with picture key, red and green light and gum...


I was trying to click on that pic forever...

The blade was actually the nail. duh!

@bigtank. Thanks for the POP :o)

ah, pixel hunting a picture. @bigtank...thanks

I`m stuck with gum and key paper

doesn't load for me - get only a black screen

no problem come and help me on mindskell now rambler, please, will send you a link if you want one


nope - ad - 100% loaded and a big black nothing
trying later

@bigtank, I'd love to, but I have until Wednesday to finish my last assignment. I can only allow myself short games for the moment...

Ok, so I'll wait for a WT to know what to do...

ok will send u a link on thursday, good luck with your assignment

Where are you stuck at valeria?

@valeria, did you place the red and green lights in the fireplace?

sorry valeria put the lights in the top of the fireplace where the empty black bit it s

Lol that was easy.

ok - where's the pixel for the gum?

@bigtank, I have it bookmarked ready and waiting :o)

@annaby, in a chair leg of course!!

POP - on chair leg

On the leg of the chair.

yep - that was a short one

LOL, just love POP moments...

thanks guys :)

A very special POP it was, just in between the two helping comments about the gum.
A sandwich(ed) pop?. A popped sandwich?

A POPcorn sandwich??

Nice, quick and easy escape :)

Zoom on the books in lower left corner.
Click the green book to find a NAIL.
Zoom on the front legs of the right chair and click a leg to find GUM.
Zoom on the small square table and use the nail to find a SILVER CARD.
Zoom on the upper part on the right blue chair to take the white CLOTH.
Zoom on the right painting and use the cloth.
Click the eyes to make red light beams come out.
Zoom and click the floor tile where the light point at.
Zoom on the lion on top of the fireplace and use the cloth.
Click the eyes to make green light come out.
Zoom and click the floor tile where the lights point at.
Zoom on the black tiles of the fire place, below the lion.
Put the red and green lights in the two holes in the middle black tile.
Get a KEY.
Use the key on the chest on top of the fire place for a GOLD CARD.
Zoom on the lower right corner of the painting above the fire place.
Put the silver card in the slot to get a KEY PAPER.
Click the gold card to open from your inventory.
Use the gum on the gold card.
Put the key paper on the glued gold card.
You made yourself a GOLDEN KEY CARD.
Zoom on the door in back right corner and use the golden key card to escape.

(power of sandwich)

HAHA, I'm getting hungry now.

Nice w/t @Ellie

Lol @Rambler, hungry too!! I went to make a cup of coffee, but need to chew on something as well :)

wow! out with no help on a games2rule. Usually I have trouble finding their hotspots!!!

@small-tool POS means piece of @#$% to me ;)

@ kkf and s-t,
Actually, "POS" in this case, works both ways. :)

In my experience, when having to do something distastful, "eat crow", apologize unneccesarily, etc., it's called "Having to eat a @#$% sandwich."

"Modo tum vere podem extulit horridulum"

@eggdott I've heard of eating crow, but never a sandwich of @#$%

Remind me to never let you make me lunch ;)

Lol guys, I know those expressions (including the crow one and the Latin one) and the pun was intended, but I meant something else too.
Let's just say more naughty than @#$%, but let's not go down that road. This is decent site.

'a decent site' I meant of course.

"But Mom, she started it!" LOL!!!

well now, I have to ponder that one @small-tool.
hmmm ...

@small-tool and where exactly did you learn your English?! o_0

A bit like Eggdott said, you started it with placing your comment in that 'position' :) But to take away the wrong interpretations; I'm talking about the comment and not about the person who wrote it. So just a POP comment that's been friendly hugged between two helpful comments.

And my English, well you guys are culturally invading my country for decades and decades now so tv, movies, music, books etc. combined with my bad taste were my teachers.

Oh my, this is getting good now. Before you know it, the "grammer cops" will come a'calling.

@ kkf, love that last emoticon, so appropriate for the post. No room for misinterpretation there...LMAO!

@ s-t, Yes, it's almost always a good idea to differentiate between the individual and said actions of that individual.
Well said indeed, however:
Non torsii subligarium!

lol, I never thought s-t was referring to me.

Yes, profound indeed
ond yn eithaf gwneud agor y cyfieithydd

*whispers* that looks like small-tool just found a fly in his sandwich ;P

EEEEW! I've just played this.
Did anyone else thing that was a finger- or toenail in the green book, or is it just me??? >.<

fun :)

Rookwings, Re: "fly in his sandwich" LOL! I noticed that too.
Based on the second paragraph, it seems that someone was just a little bit peeved. Hope it doesn't get all argy-bargy round here. After all, this is a decent site.

I'm sure the original comment was just a friendly poke, but the reply seems to have a very subtle undertone that could be taken as somewhat negative towards American/western culture. That's OK by me, we probably deserve it.

However, "you guys, invading, decades and decades, all sorts of media, bad taste, etc." Sounds like a shot across the bow to me.

Sorry for the misunderstandig guys,
Nothing negative meant. And the bad taste is all me, born with that.

Heh - that's the American power everyone hates, you know. We appeal to everyone's bad taste. ;-)

Kitsch rules... (note that isn't even an English word - we Learn from other cultures...).

i m stuck with golden card and the paper key

this was a cool one

Finished out the glue on the golden card and The key pic on the card :D and exit

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