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Loony Escape Walkthrough

Loony Escape

Loony Escape is another new point and click room escape game from Games2rule. You are trapped inside in a room. The door of the room is locked. You want to escape from there by finding useful object, and hints. Find the right way to escape from the stairway room. Good Luck and Have Fun!

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Hi Players,

Finish the game first and post your clear walkthrough. The first person's walkthrough will be published in our website's walkthrough page with their name. Good Luck and Have Fun!

Games2rule Team

What a mess!!!

Tempting, hehe.
Just no bugs please... and a little sense too?!

Book on the right and cassette inside the book.

Numbered books. Can´t find a logic so far.

What's with the numbers on the books???

too many numbered books!

Have two train cars, oil can, blank paper, cassette, and rubber stamp

Found 2 wagons a a rubber stamp

GREEN and RED train cars placed. Need a third one...

Where blank paper. I need that!

plugged in what I thought was a computer, but it is a tv and cassette is a VHS tape for color clue

also placed one train car on track

POP! Found it!

Symbol in chair , under cloth.

RUBBER STAMP (drawer under computer) used on the STAMP PAD (left shelves) and then on the paper.

I think blank paper was above chair beside bookself

I too made a mess with the oil on wall hanging, thought I could put it on the rubber stamp and stamp the paper, but no

YELLOW CAR of train behind the rocking chair.

placed all train cars and got number code

Got 4 numbers from the train.

Got a stamped paper with G2R logo and a Roll stick

Stupid question... do I need a 4-digit code??

going in :D

LOL. Plugged the computer a long time ago and never turned it on. Did that now and put cassette in (?). Got colors code.

Hi i caught up, third train is behind chair to the right.

Code from 3 trains...combined numbers with colour code.

tried combining color code and number code wit books, but didn't work.. at least the way I did it

Sorry. This is as far I could go. Have to leave now. Good luck!

fish symbol behind rocking chair

@Zazie, how?

And a 5 digit code from stamp on white paper.

Jo-Ann, i still have no clue where to enter the codes. I put 3 trains behind the other train on bottom and they moved forward and showed me the numbers.

@Zazie, you said you combined the color and number code? how and where did you use it?

You can move the ceiling lamp to the books....

i'm right with you, but i'm missing one train :(

Hi all :)

I just looked at the train colours (each with a number) and got the code 7834 (y,g,b,pi) - colours from TV.

where's the other train?

when you move the light, some of the greenish books seem to glow... but nothing happens when you pull them out

gotta stick

@Zazie, I have that too, did you use that information anywhere? I thought if you pulled the #3 yellow book, #4 green book, etc something would happen but no go

looks confusing this one lol

where is stamp pad, please?

did anyone figure out the box code by any chance? lol

Jo-Ann, i am playing also with the books, but nothing so far.
Did you also get the 5 digit code on paper ?

@marijo, on the bottom left shelf, close to the red bag

@jake where did you find the stick?

Don´t understand how to combine numbers from train and colors on TV. My numbers are 3478 all in red.

I have the stamp on the paper, but it just sets there, doing nothing?

@Zazie, yes, have 5 digit code, wonder if it is a hint for the symbol box, the order based on what color the number is

have two symbols, the half circle on aqua and the fish on brown

POP, had to unlock the little red button before the stamper worked.

Stamped paper but can see only a logotype

How did you get the 5-digit code on the paper? All I have is G2R logo.

@Roberto I am just guessing that the 4 digit code and color code go together

#3 yellow, #4 green etc

@ Joann on top of the book case

@Jo Ann, thanks! I already had it but thought it was a laptop jajajaja

ahhh - thx Seawall!

the green books are glowing

@Jake, which bookcase? when I try to look at the top of the left I just get inventory and the one on the right nothing happens?

POP found it, top SHELF of the right bookshelf

@ Jo-Ann, the one with the little train in the shelf that i can't pick up with the rocket on top of it

i have two trains... am i supposed to be able to get the one on the bookshelf?

Jo-Ann the upper shelf of right bookcase.

poking everything with my roll stick...

@Jo-Ann - the stick is on the shelves below the rocket, if I remember correctly.

jake one was hidden behind the rocking chair to the right.

@jake I can only remember one being in behind the rocking chair...

Use rollstick on thing on wall where we used the oil.

New code there.

have to restart... stupid ads :( i have no idea what to do with the stick yet

@Zazie, I tried that but not high enough! Thank you!

and stuck again. lol

missing yellow train?

i gotta code from the stamp this time: 23678

Thanks, @Zazie; took a while to find the right spot; just had to keep clicking on the wall hanging for the code to come up.

two trains one from each chair... its the third i can't find :(

Tried to take out the books 5 7 10 and 17 but nothing :(

POP found it the yellow is at the bottom of the chair to right of the screen Fab

code on wall hanging (from roll stick) is the same color as the green books but they are only numbered to 10

Where to use oil and stick?

@Zazie, sounds like we are thinking the same way lol

You can click on the handle of the red dot bag for a view; but nothing happens.

nvm. Already did that.

Jo-Ann how did you use the roll stick on the wall hanging?

@roberto on the pink wall hanging by the door

@Jake, click the stick higher up on the wall hanging (after oil was put there)

jake, you have to use oil there first.

@Seawall, I think we got something from that view ... a train car maybe?

ok thanks :D

@Jo-Ann - yes you are right; forgot that's where one of the cars were.

I am completely stuck with 3 codes.

this is frustrating!

thanx jake

yw Fab, I tried to put the numbers with the book numbers and the color code, but there is no yellow #5 book so i'm still stuck

yup, stuck with three number codes, a color code and two of 5 symbols

oh and a locked drawer with no key in sight

I hope the developer didn't forget something; this one is really tough!

there is a book that is 'sort of' yellow with a 5 on it on the shelf above the locked drawer

Wher to use roll stick again???

bet the key is in the locked red box that i can only find 2 symbols for :(

Jo-Ann where did you see the 2nd sign (i only have the one from chair)

@Zazie, one is behind the white thing on the aqua chair, the second is on the arm of the rocking chair (click the farthest arm, close to the edge of the screen)

Thx Jo-Ann found it but still stuck.

all I have left in invitory is the paper w/23678 on it

I took all the books out except the 5, 7, 10 and 17 and that didn't work either.

I need a little break.

That's all I have left in inventory as well, jake.

getting something to eat and coffee, this is a mess :(

in inventory I have paper with 5 digit code (in blue)

have 4 digit code on train
4 color code
5 digit code on wall hanging (in green)
and two symbols (half circle on aqua chair, fish on brown rocking chair)

and am very stuck

same here Jo-Ann

ditto Jo-Ann

HI all! I am stuck with you, but... how did you get the number code on the paper? No matter how many times I use the stamp on it, I only get the logo!

Yep, Jo-Ann, exactly what I have. And no more clues in sight!

double click Franza

Press the little red button first - on the stamper

@franza, unlock the little red button.

@franza, I think you have to press the red button on the stamp

I am back and still no progress ?
Getting bored by this game....it would be better to read a good book instead of pulling them out and in again...lol

There are only two shelves with 17 or more books, correct?

Now I feel very dumb: the first time I click (or double-click, it's the same) on the paper the stamp, it goes on the paper without doing anything... if I click (or double-click) on it again, it just stamps the logo and goes back to the inventory. If I click (or double click) on the logo nothing happens...

Y G B Pi colors
3478 in red
23678 in blue
5 7 10 17 in green
B Y G glowing books

What now ?

TK Marijo! I AM really dumb, I didn't notice the red button! Well, now I'm where you all are... Even I tried to push out a yellow 5 book, a green 6, a blue 10 and a pink 17 but I couldn't find any blue 10

theres a red button on the side, i had to flip it a couple times to get the code don't know if this helps but :D

wow... this is nuts, I think someone forgot something when doing the program on it

There has to be something with the shelf the light is shining on. There are three books that seem to be glowing more than the others.

I have tried everything i can think of with those books lol, gotta match i can do SOMETHING with those books ;)

I had to restart my computer and still no progress here :(

I'll keep checking back but off to play a few other games

Maybe someone from G2R will do a little trouble shooting on this one.

I will give up too....no idea what to do anymore. CU later and GL to all.

same here jo-ann

Stuck stuck stuck!!! I'll think I'll get off to watch a bit of Roland Garros...

Will leave this open, but playing Ainars now.

still nothing?

popping back and see no progress :(

Back but stuck too.
I guess a little sense was too much asking for...

yep, I quit too

gonna have to revamp this game or something :(

lol edgar that is to funny

thought maybe the books: 5 7 10 17 were all green cause the numbers are green but guess not

its really tough ;-

Worse than tough; I'd say impossible because of a huge bug.

i guess the creators don't keep up like SD does cause we've been stuck all day :(

No bugs, just insanely tough

So after some hacking...

Small hints to start

You need FIVE book combos.... You kind of seem to have to guess which code goes with which books!!

Then the drawer opens

The rest should be straightforward

anybody playing?

use the train code on the books right on top of the drawer

use tv code on the books lower right corner

take out all the glowing books after you turned the light on them

use the stamp code on the brown books

that leaves 1 code that you only can try out in 2 places

the drawer will open and you will get a key for the next room. here you will find the rest of the signs you need for the code box on the floor. but i just cant figure out the pattern for it yet

@bobo, the pattern is kind of random... or if you really want an explanation you could try with:
First use the two symbols found in the first room from left to right (blue chair - rocking chair).
Then use the three symbols found in the second room from left to right (on top of left chair - lower part of left chair - lower part of right chair).

Thanks @GuruOne! I'm not too fond of randomly trying codes on different places, but after you told that was the way to do it there werent THAT many choices.
Finally out!

This comment has been removed by the author.

thanks @ellie that worked

This comment has been removed by the author.

either way it goes... I have to agree with Guru on this... it is insanely tough

Out too. thx bobo and ellie. with no clues where to put the codes it´s really tough! the keyhole in the drawer is a red herring and when you put a code nothing happens....

Finished this game twice now. Very hard game, but entertaining and brain training.

Find three train – Yellow Behind Rocking Chair, Red Behind Blue Chair, Green on the corner shelf near the door

Place the train on the track Red Yellow Green and get first code 3 4 7 8

Take the top most book in front of the rocking chair and take the cassette out from it.

Plug the TV, Switch it on and use the cassette to get the second code Yellow Green Blue Pink

Find the roll stick in the top right corner shelf

Find Oil Can in the middle shelf to the left of door

Spray Oil on the wall hanging right to the door (Pink Purple) and use roll stick after spraying to get third code 5 7 10 17

Find Rubber Stamp in the cupboard under TV, Find Blank Paper behind Blue Chair, Find stamp pad in the bottom shelf

Open Stamp Pad and use rubber stamp on it. Then click on the blank paper and place rubber stamp on it, click the red button and press it. Get fourth code 2 3 6 7 8

Click on the hanging light and it shift direction on the books and some books start glowing.

Use first code (train code) on the books just above the drawer ( 3 4 7 8)

Use Second Code (TV Code) on the books in the left most row – third from the bottom. (Book No. 2, 5, 9, 12) – Yellow Green Blue Pink

Use Third Code (Wall hanging) on the books in the third row – third from top. (Book No. 5 7 10 17)

Use Fourth Code (Stamp Pad) on the brown books in the second row – third from the top – (2 3 6 7 8)

Click on the three books that are glowing.

Drawer opens up .. take the key for the next room and open it…

Find 5 symbols now –
1. Beneath the cloth in blue chair in first room
2. On the rocking chair in first room
3. On behind the chair in second room
4. On the leg of the chair in the second room
5. On the leg of the second chair in the room

Use in the above order to open the book

(Semi Circle, Fish, Triangles, Treeleaf, Sun)

Take the key and you are out…..

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Too buggy for me. The door opened, but when I clicked to go through, it closed and left me with just the door view.

i did all the books as it says and drawer didnt open. and the symbols dont work either

to open the drawer in the book shelf you pull out the glowing books then on the bottem shelf to the left pull out the colors on the tv then us the roll stick and oil can on the wall hanging and get a 4 digit code. us that code on the 2 bookshelfs w/ 20 books then with the solid colors of books w/ #'s us the code you get from the stamp after clicking the red butten on the side of it then stamping then on all the rest us the code you get from the trains. then the drawer will open and there will be a key. for what i dont know yet.

Won't load for me in any browser (Firefox, Chrome,Opera ...).

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