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Mountain Escape

Mountain Escape is a new Escape game created by Selfdefiant for Melting-Mindz.com. You were vacationing in the Alps enjoying nice skiing and relaxation. You woke late in the morning to find a note. The note tells you that you have been locked inside of your mountain cabin. Now you must find a way out! Search for items and solve puzzles to escape the mountain cabin. Good luck and have fun playing!

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I am here for the very first time - but where is everyone else?

I`m here

Blogger has just been restored, they will come!

Be wellcome

Hello!!! Am I alone playing this game? As usual I need your help.

hey! just joining...

I really like selfdefiants games, but now I'm stuck

silly me! I was looking for a key and then realized no key is required...

@Sus--IE: look on letter and notice the odd name. map on right side of new room

Hi all, i've almost completed, i'm just looking for 1 more piece of mirror, I have all my gems... Any clues?

       Anonymous  5/13/11, 9:49 AM  

wow a a live game, and! a selfdefiant, so lucky!!!

anyway, can't find anything to remove ball from bed

4 mirror blocks, SD and white key so far

so glad we are back! And welcome to live games @Sus--IE :)

unfortunately, I am in the middle of playing gotmail so I'll have to do this one late.

Good luck all!

cant find the SD

It's working! Played this earlier - another awesome game SD - thank you!!!!

If anyone has played the gotmail game - I need help! I can't get the stool for the life of me. Tried fixing it first but that doesn't work either

roberto where did you find your mirror pieces? ets compare notes! I can't seem to find the last one...

any idea about the yoga woman? I can't figure out how to comebine these hints with the box...

Have 5 mirror pieces

       Anonymous  5/13/11, 9:53 AM  

just wanted to say like the music

Still stucked looking for something to remove ball from bed RRGGGGGGGHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!

Last one I found in a bowl on the table in room J

Need to find 2 more clocks to open the clock safe

Miller, direct the arrows on the box to the direction the yoga woman's arms are pointing :)

damn, gotta go & finish this another time. have fun everyone

I can´t find the blue and the silver key. I think that I´ve solved all puzzels I can find. Help please!

ok i need help how do u remove the ball from the bed?

I hae this one already, thanks anyway :) Dam, i've been sat on here for 50 minutes looking for it! Tough!

Use yoga hint in room M. Got a heart

Where to use the hint from paint in room L?

It's unusual to catch a live game.
This time I caught it before it went live, direct from SD site.

Shame there wasn't coins just to spice it up a bit.
Thanks SD.. usual great standard

Out in SECOND place!!!!!

I think my game is glitchy, I can't find this last mirror block anywhere... I have EVERYTHING else :( hahaha....

Has the help(assistant) I do not manage to go out of the first room(part,play)


mirrors in:..
freezer ice maker
by from door
in bowl on table
in first on room locker
can't remember last my 2!!

Hint is the last line of note (colors)

Can´t go anywhere else.

       Anonymous  5/13/11, 10:07 AM  

for the 1st room babette use the hint from the note ROBOG on the door

where to use mirror blocks? got 6 of them


The name signed on the note are the initials of the colours for the door lock.

Use mirror blocks in L. Where are blue and silver keys?

Empty, there's also a mirror block in drawer in C.

       Anonymous  5/13/11, 10:11 AM  

thx jackie, missing the same keys

Nolwenn use your mirrors in room L. Where did you find all your mirrors? I have everything but one mirror! So annoying!Thanks Essl, but I must be missing the one you've forgotten :(

just missing green one. anyone know where it is?

room C: in drawer
Room J: in bowl
Room M: in freezer
Room B: on table
Room K: in bathroom left side

Where are the Blue and silver key?


Blue is in top left room, where you put gems. On bed post. Then silver is in that room, I think

       Anonymous  5/13/11, 10:17 AM  

empty wanderer mirrors were

in room F
in room C in drawer
room G in bowl
room M in freezer
room K in dirty clothes box
and i'm not sure but i'd say in room B in front of the door

hope i remembered right

Thanks Millie!

Roberto, thank you, these are the ones I have :( There is a 6th one I can't seem to find anywhere :( My fingers are tired from clicking.... hahaha :)

       Anonymous  5/13/11, 10:21 AM  

sorry Millie, still can't find blue key

thank you essi

Great game. Out in 17 minutes.. This was not an easy game. I'm just getting better at doing these..

and out, green is in vent on ceiling in room D

nolwenn--on the close up view under bed, click on one of the pegs

       Anonymous  5/13/11, 10:25 AM  

thx jackie, i could have searched for hours

where was the black key at? I'm still missing the 6th heart. have Blue, Purple, Pink, Red, Green

Nvm found it...

I'm out!!!! Thank you guys :) It was sat in room F right in from of the horse statue on the table! Right in eyes view. My eyes are failing fast!

Thank again!!!

This comment has been removed by the author.

Black key in flowers in upper bathroom.... where is the red heart???ß

hello. i can't open the box in room M!!

       Anonymous  5/13/11, 10:31 AM  

and OUT, thx for all your hints, always useful

How did you get past the figures in different poses?

on the box there is a dark point... use that as an arrow. Having trouble with color order for hearts.. it's been a long day already. LOL

NVM it's the number of points for each color

found use to black key, the hammer- can`t find use for it

room M - L U D R U

anyone, hammer????

thank you selfdefiant. a bright spot in the day

where to put the hearts?

Green key is in ceiling vent. You have to use your SD.

nvm out

Color clock
8:00 Blue
10:00 Red
3:00 Green
6:00 Yellow

Great game, selfdefiant. Got a much later start than most, but out now.

This comment has been removed by the author.

seriously, I know it's a dopey question, but I can't find where to put the hearts. Anybody?

Alice...Room L

Black key?

@Sassenach--thank You!

Alice, don't remember the room letter, but it's at the top on the left; the bedroom - it has a down view; you'll find the box there.

What are the heart color in order?

Silver key? Damn...this is NOT my day! lol

And out !! Good game !!

Silver key in room L top knot will pop out

POP on the silver key...

heart colour order is on paper in black key room.. yellow gem is there too and i think sneaky coin as well

For the heart order, look at the shapes in the bathroom.

I don't get the color order, anyone give me a spoiler?

Hello everybody, I'm late...is somebody here?

Selfdefiant: special thanks for the music. It's really lovely in this game :)

I'm not getting the color order either...Help!

@Survery World, you mean for the hearts?
The paper with the shapes tell you the order if you count the corners of the shapes.
I think it was:
blue, red, pink, yellow, purple, green

Thanks Ellie!!

where was the yellow gem?

Danielle...in one of the bathrooms , up on the light fixture

Finally out! Having a real "Friday the 13th Day...

@Danielle, yellow heart is in room I above the mirror. You get the black key in room D, from a flower.

love these! they are challenging and fun

Survey World said:
Silver key in room L top knot will pop out

What do you mean by "top knot"? I can't get anything to "pop out" except at the bottom of the bed where the blue key was....

liked the new music, SD. And of course the great game :D

Out with help with the yoga ladies. I had trouble with how to aim them. thanks, Empty Wanderer for the explanation!

Stucked with box and yoga poses i am doing something wrong cant open it even when i use the arms as arrow points FRUSTRATING

Room M:

Daf_schon already posted it at 10:40:


The darker shades of the colors form arrows. Point them in those directions....


Room A:
-notice the time on the clock (red 10)
-notice the name at the end of the letter on the bed
and use it to open the door

Room F:
-map from table under the t.v.
-mirror block near the lamp

Room G:
-hint on the paper

Room J:
-mirror block in a bowl

Room M:
-use the hint in Room G to open the brown box
and get a purple heart jewel
-mirror block from the refrigerator's ice maker

Room B:
-mirror block on the table

Room C:
-notice the time on the clock (green 3)
-white key on the bed

Room K:
-mirror block near sink
-screwdriver in the basket

Room C:
-mirror block in bottom drawer

Room L:
-use screwdriver to remove the picture and place
the mirror blocks in order to get a blue heart jewel
-blue key from bottom of the bed

Room H:
-notice the clue at the end of the bed
-use it to open the green box for a silver key
-notice the time on the clock (yellow 6)

Room E:
-notice the time on the clock (blue 8)
-hammer from bottom drawer
-green heart jewel in vent in the ceiling

Room D:
-black key near the plant

Room I:
-Sneaky coin
-clue for Room L
-yellow heart jewel near light

Room A:
-use the hammer on the ball to get a red heart jewel

Room G:
-use the screwdriver to remove the picture from the wall
-turn the knobs on the safe according to the times on the clocks
and get a pink heart jewel

Room L:
-click on the safe under the bed
-place the hearts in the correct order for a gold key

Room B:
-escape using the gold key

where is blue heart?

I still can't find the silver key. I've read all the posts and don't know what "top knot" means...anyone to help me? I don't have the black key, either. The post was "it's in the flowers in the top bathroom" but there are no flowers that I can see...

YAY !!! OrangeIceCube !!! Thanks for the WT !

And Thanks
@selfdefiant for a wonderful game - even without the gold coins!!! (I do miss that, tho.)

oh, just needed a couple more white blocks

i used the yoga poses bt cant open the box can anybody tell me exactly how to put them?

:-) and out without help! Thanks Selfdefiant!!!

i have done everything but the brown box been stcked with it for an hour is annoying

Left Up Down Right Up

When you do the left arrow, the four highlighted squares will be to the right.

When you do the up arrow, the four highlighted squares will be to the bottom.

When you do the down arrow, the four highlighted squares will be to the top.

When you do the right arrow, the four highlighted squares will be to the left.

@orange cube, that is what i've done but it tells me nothing happens, i might have the only bug in the game will reload and see what happens

@OC ty btw

nevermind i am dumb i was basically doing them backwards using the shaded squares DARN i need a coffee thanks orange cube

phone calls etc made this walkthrough take forever!

Read the note on the bed
Click the clock on the nightstand for the RED TIME
Note the ball on the left top of the headboard, but you can’t remove it
Turn around
Click the panel above the door handle and enter the color code
Click the handle to enter next room
Get the MAP from the right chest (against the right wall)
Click the map button to read the map and see the room letters
Get the FIRST MIRRO BLOCK from the table at the end of the couch (by horse statue)
Go right
Click the paper in the bottom left corner for a hint
Note the picture is attached to the wall
Go down
Get the SECOND MIRROR BLOCK from the stand to the left of the door
Go right
Click the near end of the tan blanket on the bed for the WHITE KEY
Click the clock on the stand under the window for the GREEN TIME
Note the drawers are jammed
Go left and down
Now go up
Click the top right bowl on the dining room table for the THIRD MIRROR BLOCK
Go up
Click the box on the counter top by the white coffee pot
Rotate the blocks and open the box for the PURPLE HEART GEM
Click the water dispenser on the fridge for the FOURTH MIRROR BLOCK
Go left and use the white key
Note the picture on the wall is stuck
Go down and you can see under the bed
There is a black box where you can set gems below the second rung of the foot board, but you don’t have enough yet
Click the second knob sticking out from the near post on the foot board for the BLUE KEY

Go left
Get the FIFTH MIRROR BLOCK from the shelf below the mirror
Click the laundry hamper and get the SCREWDRIVER
Go right
Use the screwdriver on the picture and click the black space
See there is a laser game, but you don’t have enough mirrors to play yet
Go right, down 2 times, and right
Use the blue key and enter
Click the black clock on the left nightstand to see the YELLOW TIME
Click the yellow box on the right nightstand
Enter the numbers for the SILVER KEY
Go left, down, and right
Use the screwdriver on the jammed drawers for the SIXTH MIRROR BLOCK
Go left, down, and left 2 times
Use the silver key
Use the screwdriver on the vent over the window for the GREEN HEART GEM
Click the clock on the nightstand for the BLUE TIME
Open the bottom drawer of the nightstand for the HAMMER
Go left
Click the rightmost tulip flower for the BLACK KEY
Go right 5 times and use the black key
Click the paper on the sink counter for a hint
Get the YELLOW HEART GEM from the left light over the mirror
Get the SNEAKY COIN from the picture over the toilet
Go left 2 times
Use the screwdriver on the picture on the right wall
Click the safe and enter the numbers for the PINK HEART GEM
Go left and down
Use the hammer on the ball on the headboard for the RED HEART GEM
Go down, right, up 2 times, and left
Click the safe behind the removed picture
Place the mirror blocks and beat the puzzle
Look down and click the box under the foot of the bed
Place the gems for the GOLD KEY
Go up, right, and down 3 times
Use the gold key on the door to escape!


The hint in room G has ladies bending. Enter the directions their hands are pointing into the box in room M. Use the darker lines for each color like an arrow.

The footboard in the same room (room H) has rings. Count them on each for the numbers

There are red, blue, green, and yellow knobs. Set them to the times that you found around the house.

Place the 6 mirrors in the plain gray squares and click to rotate them. You want to get the laser to go to the bottom red circle

The paper in the bathroom in room I has shapes on it in the same colors as the heart gems. Put the colors in order of how many corners of the shapes. Circle 0, line 2, triangle 3, square 4, pentagon 5, star 6.

end of spoilers

This comment has been removed by the author.

To Selfdefiant:
Lovely game again, thank you! =) =)
I didn't notice any tools with an identity confusion, but I did chuckle at the message at the work surface in room M:
"I was going to make cookies, but now I have to escape :( "
Haha! My oven broke four years ago, so I know where my priorities lie =D =D =D
You'd have to prise me out of there with a crowbar!!!!! [or maybe TEMPT me out with the promise of a new oven?] ;P

my first SD that i solved without help ¯\(ツ)/¯ premiere =)
great game again... thanks SD :)

for 20 min i've been trying to open this box in room M, but it's impossible. the link doesn't work or sth, because i've tried every possible combination... and of course i've figured out the clue with yoga woman. but i guess there's a problem with pixels or sth. now i'm really angry and it messed up my day. thanks SD. i hate you right now :(

Great game SelfDefiant! Had trouble with the 4 digit box and went comment scrolling and realized it was only b/c I miscounted the stripes on the bed. Otherwise I would have been out w/o help. So close. :P
Hope to catch one live soon.

@drinkmilk, did you click the yellow button above the yellow squares in the box after solving it (stuped question, I know)? You might have a bad luck with an un-openable box.
Anyway, it seems many people had trouble with that yoga-box in room M, so I'll post a screenshot of it.
Click here for a picture of the solved box in Room M.

Thanks SelfDefiant!

ellie, thank you so much for posting the screen shot. I would'nt have been able to finish without your thoughtfulness. x

       Anonymous  5/16/11, 11:26 AM  

room M - L U D R U

That does not work.

Thank you Ellie!!! It was the opposite? or something like that? I don't know how you figured it out. I still don't see it. Many thanks for your help

       Anonymous  5/16/11, 11:49 AM  

I am incredibly dense today. Never understood the yoga clue and did not understand the clue for the order of the gems. The only way I got out was to come here and get the answers.

@4red3s. It's where the pony tail is facing. I didn't get it either until I looked here.

       Anonymous  5/4/13, 3:03 PM  

If it wasn't for the cracked brain gem idea I would have been out in half the time, my last ditched stand no more comp games for me ,the computer nearly went out the window.

       Anonymous  11/24/13, 2:29 PM  

I always get the heart colors wrong in order good grief.

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