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Pet Shop Escape

Choko Chai - Pet Shop Escape is another new Japanese point and click type room escape game by Choko-Chai, who is the creator of Operation Escape of Three Cats and Concert game series. Try to escape the shop by finding items and solving puzzles. There are two possible endings. Good luck and have fun!

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Yay - a new game!!! ;o)


hi guys!

Dog dress and got the hanger from it.

hi @muhlisuh :)

Turned on TV for probable color order, and got pliers from drawer.

Dog collar with shapes from shelf and arrows clue in drawer.

LOL! Naughty cats disturb the turtle... number on rock.
Also used collar clue to get seeds.

Seeds are for the hamster. Another number on the wheel.

Opened the drawer under the fish with the 5-letters around; got screwdriver.

SD gives fluorescent light below bunnies.

Light goes in fish tank. Got key with the hanger (used pliers on it before).

Arrows code gave a fish tile.

good mooorning - here I am writing WT for fathers game and a new game is out lol

I was doing well... no place for my key and still need clue for pic corners.

Hola SM! Good morning!

What's wrong!!?? Key is not working anywhere!

I have the cats ready to do something in the collars view, in front of the puppies but... don't know what :(

Ha! little cat took another key from under the puppies cage.

This key gave me the cat tile. 2 more to go.

wow Edgar - trying desperatetly to catch up...

Duh! First key opened the door in hamster view. New room.

Leaving all the possible steps behind for you SM!

Carrots and turtle food from new room (used cats again)

Hm... I swear it said turtle food?? Well, it's dogs food actually. Sorry!

Canned food which i can't open or give yet. Nevertheless, carrots gave me a third number.

Went back to the food room. Found Dog Key behind the cats food.

i've got all but the dog panel, any clues anyone?

Now I could feed the dog. Got the dog's toy...

Cat key inside the dog's toy.

This 3rd key gave a note with colors clue and directions for pic corners.

wonderful how those cats get things done :)

the only thing i can see that i have left to do to get the dog panel is get that thing off the bird perch. anyone have any luck with that?

Hmm, it's not working...
@muhlisuh, did you have problems to remove the pic?

I have not found first key for cats food ?
got cat and fish tile so far!

I hate when animals are locked up like this :(

Not yet there @muhlisuh

no i got the pic down, using the colors on that paper, count the petals and then find those numbers assigned to corners.

there is a dog key in the box under the rabbit place

@edgar, i am going in circles waiting for you! i can't figure out what to do next...

Ah, clever... thanks!

That worked :)
Turtle tile now.

dont know the 5-letter word either

Shuchun to the rescue! :D

SM, for the 5-letters word, zoom wherever you see red pawns on the wall and look at the colors of the letters. TV shows the order.

POP! and out! let me know if you guys need any help!

       Anonymous  5/29/11, 12:40 AM  

Hi all. How are you doing so far? I have fish and cat tile. Looking for clue for 5 letter word. Some paws on wall give letters: DOKER. Each letters had it's own color. I'm going in.

did you get the happy ending,muhliuh? i only got bad ending.

I made it out as well :)
Thanks Shuchun for sneaky key, lol.

I honestly can't get the fish tank/letters to work for me. It keeps telling me I haven't the hint.

yeah i got bad too, i am trying again

Got Bad End as well, hmmm...

hi everyone

i need a little help here! i only have the fish tile and the hanger that i have already bent with that tool (i forgot the english word).

i can't do anything else. i went everywhere and clicked everything.

no problem,Edgar, share with me if you get happy ending. have to leave.

Hm, I tried to leave lots of things to do in the comments. Maybe a quick fishing can help?

Will do Shuchun, won't promise anything though.

thanks Edgar but i think i need to switch on the light first. i tried but it doesn't work.

@Oana, use the cats for that.

       Anonymous  5/29/11, 12:50 AM  

I ahve the paper hint, but the order of numbers on it don't work with the picture.

i have an idea about how to not get hte bad end, but i have to start over. again. i guess we'll see...

to use the cats i need to unlock the cage.
lol, i'm a pain in the neck!!!!

mmh missing dogtile - any hints Edgar please

i haven't found any key yet. :(

Shuchun helped there @SM, key is hidden inside the panel under bunnies.

ty Edgar - missed that comment

@Oana, maybe its the first time you play a choko game. Click on the cat in bottom left corner of the game. You have to do this to achieve several thing in the game (by using the cats, which are you).


thanks a lot Edgar!

and out too

wow, i have been over every inch of this place, it seems like, can't figure out good end! anyone able to?

       Anonymous  5/29/11, 1:02 AM  

Paper says: Pi,B,Pu,Y,B,Y,Pu. I counted the petals but still puzzled about painting.

@catqueen, use the colors in the middle of the paper, they correspond to the flowers on the picture. count the petals, and then use those numbers in order according to the numbers assigned to corners. i hope that makes sense..

same here... no idea how to make mommy happy :(

       Anonymous  5/29/11, 1:03 AM  

Woow SwissMiss you're fast and that after all the smudging yesterday with fatherdays game :)

i thought maybe bad end was cause we hit the turtle cage, thought maybe we would be able to use turtle food to get the turtle to move instead, but no dice.

       Anonymous  5/29/11, 1:07 AM  

Still not out but maybe good end has something to do with colored paws near hamster, parrot etc and doorcode?

       Anonymous  5/29/11, 1:08 AM  

@muhlisuh: thank you, I'll give it a try.

I'm using a saved version to find the happy end, but no luck. Probably something to do instead of something we did. Turtle seems to be a good idea muhlisuh, but if not that... then what?

@catqueen, those colors and the numbers near them are the exit code.

@edgar, i am BAFFLED. hahaha. this is gonna keep me up!

       Anonymous  5/29/11, 1:12 AM  

Got painting down. Didn't like ik anyway :) Thanks for the hints.

LOL @muhlisuh... not to me! I really should quit.

Make that a "I'm quitting now" and a good luck finding the happy end.

See ya!

This comment has been removed by the author.

you should finish the game until 15mins. faster to happy end

seriously? that's IT? just do it faster?

I have cat dog and fish tiles, and the dog food. I'm so lost

yes, just do it faster. mom is waiting for 3 cats. too rate, she'll be angry.

thanks bellarosi, i would have wasted so much more time! :)

Alright, found the key behind the dog food, but I still can't manage the picture code. ANyone here to help?

@ ThridDoor look color order on clue, then count leaves on picture according to colors.
then use that numbers in order of color clue..

I have fish and cat tiles, a bent hanger. I can see 5 coloured letters and 2 numbers (hamster and turtle). I don't find the hint to put the picture down.

Well, I didn't remember that I had the order for the coloured letters (from TV).

This comment has been removed by the author.

i still didn't understand the hint to put the picture down !!!!!

Where's the key for the cat tile? Can't find it anywhere...

POP,i got it,nvm :) thanks for the hints

how to get happy end? hmm....

acymy, you have to restart the game and finish it in less than fifteen minutes to get happy end. :)

Don`t get the picture code...read all the comments, tried everything out..help please



okay, for picture code.. the paper has 3/8 for top left, 1/6 for top right, 2/5 for bottom left, 4/7 for bottom right...

in the middle, there are colors pink, blue, purple, yellow, blue, yellow, purple.

on the picture itself, there are flowers that correspond to the colors, pink has five petals, blue has 6 petals, purple has 8 petals, and yellow has 4 petals.

if you put the number of petals in order of the color pattern, you get 5 6 8 4 6 4 8

now, refer to the numbers on the corners of the paper. use that as a guide as to what corner to push. the 5 is first, so hit the bottom left corner. 6 is next, hit the top right corner. and so on.

the spoiler for the picture, in case you are still having trouble is this

bottom left, top right, top left, bottom right, top right, bottom right, top left.

hope that helps. :)

oh ok thanks muhlisuh

Power of posting...*blush...had it all the time right but just wrote the very last number wrong...*blush

hahaha@ sooo been there before.. i'm just glad you got it, i know how frustrating that can be. :)


opening scene:

click on pink and red sweater hanging on right.
look at it in "about" and take hanger.

turn right.

click on button on top right. note "it doesn't reach"

click on cat on bottom left of screen (you will have to do this whenever there is something you can't do yourself)

this will bring up three cats. click on the small black and white one, then on switch.

T.V. is switched on.

click on the visible part of t.v. and watch the balls fall. note the order of colors from left to right.

go back.

open bottom left drawer under cats. get pliers.

open hanger in "about" and use pliers on it to make longer hook.

go to screen to right. get dog collar from shelf on right. in "about", note the shapes.

click under dog cupboard, and see that there "seems to be something, but can't reach it"

click on the cat again. click on smallest cat again,then click under the cabinet.

he says he can't move, help me, so click on the cats, then on the small stuck cat again, they pull him and a key out. it is for the cat cage on the right.

go to cat cage scene. click on right cage and use key. open cage and get cat tile.

leave scene and go to turtle cage scene.

click on left drawer. use dog collar shapes to open drawer

back up, open drawer, get blue box, in about item, open to find seeds.

now click on label on lower left of turtle tank.

note the yellow paw on label. go back, and click on cat.click on rightmost cat, then on turtle cage.

click on cage and see number 6. note that yellow paw = 6

back up and go to hamster scene. click on hamster cage. put seeds in hamster's empty food tray. back up and zoom back in. note the cyan paw and the number 7, so cyan paw = 7.

go to dog cage scene. click on left drawer under cages. move book and see arrows, RRLRLLR. go back to hamster scene.

click on little square on countertop. use arrow code above for fish tile.

now for red paw puzzle. starting at door, click on red paw on bottom right of wall and see

red O

above puppies cage click on red paw to see

yellow K

above hamster click red paw near door to see

cyan E

in turtle scene, above parrot, click red paw to see

green R

in fish scene, left of tank, click red paw to see

pink D

refer to T.V. code for order,

walkthrough part 2

go to fish scene, click right drawer, enter code to get screwdriver.

in bunny scene, click panel below bunnies and use screwdriver. get flourescent light. also, click at top of hole to get left dog cage key.

go to fishtank view, click on tank, click on top, insert light. use hanger to get key from tank.

use left dog key on left cage of dog scene to get dog tile.

in hamster scene, use silver key on left door.

in storage room, move middle cat food for right dog key. click on top right canned dog food in bottom right shelf to get can, click on cabinet handle and see "when the button is lowered, it opens"

click on your cat. click on left most cat, and then on handle. then open cabinet and get carrots.

go to bunny scene and click on bunnies. put carrots in cup. back out and zoom in again to see number 4

pink paw in front of cages, so
pink paw = 4

dog scene: use right dog key to open cage. see dog is angry. use dog food on bowl, back up and zoom back in to get pink dog toy.

open pink dog toy in "about" and click on it six times to get left cat key.

in cat scene, use left cat key on left cage. get paper. open it in "about"

go to scene with picture of flowers above hamster.

here is the solution for picture code.. the paper has 3/8 for top left, 1/6 for top right, 2/5 for bottom left, 4/7 for bottom right...

in the middle, there are colors pink, blue, purple, yellow, blue, yellow, purple.

on the picture itself, there are flowers that correspond to the colors, pink has five petals, blue has 6 petals, purple has 8 petals, and yellow has 4 petals.

if you put the number of petals in order of the color pattern, you get 5 6 8 4 6 4 8

now, refer to the numbers on the corners of the paper. use that as a guide as to what corner to push. the 5 is first, so hit the bottom left corner. 6 is next, hit the top right corner. and so on.

the spoiler for the picture, in case you are still having trouble is this

click on the flower pictures corners in the following order:

bottom left, top right, top left, bottom right, top right, bottom right, top left.

picture will fall, and you can get turtle tile.

back to dog scene.. click on lower right drawer. put tiles in slots in alphabetical order


grab bird food

go to turtle/bird scene, click on bird, put food in green thing on left. back out, zoom in, see green paw = 1

go to door. click on panel to left of door. refer to paw colors and numbers you collected.

imput code.

pink = 4
cyan = 7
green = 1
yellow = 6

hit grey button to right.
back up

click door and you're out. if this took you longer than 15 minutes you will get bad end. if you are a master, and took less than that, you will get good end.

so there you go!


thanks to bellarosi for stopping my maniacal search for the happy end by figuring out the time limit. i would have gone nuts trying to figure out what the alternate ending was. :)

Choko-Chai!! OMG!! This totally makes my day <3 <3

Thank you so much muhlishuh. That was a brilliant w/t. I followed it easily, after being stuck (and pig-headed) by not looking at comments. I had no idea I could click on the cat. I feel so relieved to be out...and far better tempered..lol. Thank you again.

Brilliant @muhlisuh! Thanks for the wt.
So, escape faster for happy end. Hmm, that's new... thanks for that too @bellarosi!

@clio_rose, you are welcome! when i first played a game by this developer, i was stuck just like you. it's not obvious at all that you have to click on the cats.

@edgar, thanks!

thx for the happy ending hint!
great w/t,@muhlisuh

Pixel hunts (w/o puzzle clues):
1. You can click the cat in lower left
2. Under the dog display
3. Inside screwed compartment

       Anonymous  10/8/17, 5:45 AM  

caught this one from the random section

got bad end as I wasn't faster than 15 minutes ☻
(not gonna replay, although it's a great game)

thx for this cute & lovely game, Choco ☺

       Subscribe  2/4/24 12:24 PM

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