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Room Escape - Power Machine 2 Walkthrough

Room Escape - Power Machine 2

Room Escape – Power Machine 2 is another new point and click room escape game from games2rule. You are trapped inside in a power machine room. The door of the room is locked. You want to escape from there by finding useful objects, and hints. Find the right way to escape from the Power machine room. Have a fun game play!

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Room Escape - Power Machine 2 Video Walkthrough
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Hi Players,

Finish the game first and post your clear walkthrough. The first person's walkthrough will be published in our website's walkthrough page with their name. Good Luck and Have Fun!

Games2rule Team

SD and two codes

hey! SD in right cupboard in the back of room

Here's hoping we find all the goodies in the power machine room!

pulled a switch on right machine (remove panel with SD). don't know what that does though...

Hey all,
Live game, fresh cup of coffe and a beautiful Carolina morning, can'tbeat that.
Going in...

place black dot in right machine between 250 and 300 and it stucks

stuck after pluggng in a cable, pulled the switch and set the boiler controller to 275 (can't move it anymore)

25-45 does nothing when inputed.

just pulled the hose from cooler inside a hole

@roberto: where did you find that clue?

click the cable of bottom left machine to straighten it

under farthest big machine. A paper 25-45


cut the cable left side of left plugs

Turned it on but stuck.

Found a key!!!

And now steamed the whole place up - help!

Oh! A key is wellcome!

key on top of right cabinet.

Now that 25 - 45 works - can see again!
Key is high up - view found by accident.

use 25-45 after steam appears, you get another view, but can´t do nothing.

Opened wasshing machine.

You can push left red button on "washing machine" (actually dryer on right) but not sure what it does....


thanks! push button in cooler now

and out. after that it was easy! thanks again for the key

key on top of the cupboard

I'm having a hard time to post, but I'm out.

And out!

Easy after steam cleared!!

Smeone else can do the WT for the kudos!!

Oh great! Now we have laundry to fold...
Nice, quick little game. TY for 1st key location on cabinet top.

Out too! Yay!!

About posting problems:
I too have had some problems lately with trying to post here. I use Google sign in.
For the 1st post, it always takes 3 preview clicks, with a page refresh ea. time, before I can see the preview of my message. After that, no problem.
Also I get kicked offline sometimes just after clicking the preview button. Kinda weird...

think i give up on this... first time i set it all up.. got rid of steam.. and could not get the button to work on washing machine to open door

so i refreshed and playing again i cant even get the steam to work though everything is plugged in and turned on!

Iam right where you are kingman.

Did I mention how much I hate the stupid #$%^!!!! Pause button.

i used the red x in the corner to pause mine :p

@ Kingman,
Did you get the red button knob yet, from the small machine on the floor, lower left front of scene?

usually a WT is posted by now...lol It seems that nobody really cares!

ditto on the pause button, @alice!!!

Where to use the 25-45?

and how the heck did I cut the cable without any tool???

25 + 45 used @ 2 "switches on wall in back left corner to clear steam...

How to get to top of cabinet???I just keep opening the inventory...

Looking every where for the red knob, either I cant find it or I have already used it. Urrrrgh! Think I will wait for a WT and go cook breakfast instead.

Nora it is tricky, have to click upper right area of screen if I remember correctly.

with you, @alice...not loving this game!!!!

Put the cutted cable in the wall socket, and take the red button from the cooler.
Put the red button in the middle on the washing machine.
Then take the key for the door from the shirt with bag.

It's a Games2rule game. Typical for them in my opinion.
In a second play, I kept looking in the game and the inventory for a cutter of some kind but never found one. One step above a Gazzyboy, I guess...

Red knob for dryer involves using the round, red valve handle on wall, cable in hole @ lower left floor, mysteriously cut cable and wall outlet.

I have put cut cable in wall socket, turned valved switched on/off electrical things, still no red knob. Its a beautiful day, going to eat then detail my car, no more time to waste on this stupid game. I don't agree that these games are just a step up from gazzyboy because once in a while gazzy makes a fun game, these are always bad. Why do I even bother playing games2rule.. Maybe I need professional help. LOL

This comment has been removed by the author.

Quickie "item and place through", not up to the usual standards of WT Masters like zoz, Kitkatfox, and others found here, but what the heck...

See clue, 250-280 hmp, on side of big boiler, left rear of scene.
See clue, 25-45, under same boiler.
Plug in cord at wall socket, lower rear wall
SD in left wall cabinet in rear.
Cabinet key on top of right cabinet, unzoomed view.
Throw switch in cabinet.
Use SD on front right side machine's grey panel, throw switch.
See guage on same machine, set ball between 250 and 280. Lots of steam now.
Enter 25-45 clue into 2 grey "switches" on left rear wall to exhaust steam.

Click cable @ extreme lower left corner of scene, goes into top of cooler.
Zoom wall outlet @ left wall, click angled cable @ left to cut, without cutter of any kind it seems.
Click lower section of cut cable to put in outlet.
Click red valve on left wall.
Water is now in wash tub.
Take red knob from cooler on floor, use on dryer, push knob. Zoom out.
See key in laundry, shirt pocket.
Use key on right, rear door and out

random clicking and hoping something does something. no clue what i did or why it did what it did. but i got out.
i'm sorry, but more fun to just make a 5 x 5 square and random turn the squares until they're all turned.

1. zoom in on cooler in bottom left of screen, click on wire to place it through cooler.
2. zoom in on plug sockets on left of screen, click on wire to cut it then click on bottom wire to attach it to plug socket.
3. get screwdriver from small cupboard in back of room.
4.zoom in on metal plate on boiler on ride side of screen, and use screwdriver to undo the screws and flip the switch.
5. click on the hint on the big boiler just above the washing machine then click on boiler controller (little red thermastat) and set it between 250 and 280 it should lock into place.
6. zoom in on plug socket below cupboards and plug in the plug then get key which is ontop of the larger cupboard, open the cupboard and click the lever so its pointing down,
7. click by the led of the maching you got the first hint off and there should be a little note underneath, click on the exactor controler on back of wall and input 25 on left one and 45 on right.
8. turn valve on wall and get button off cooler, place button in slot on washing machine then push it, key to door id on the strippy shirt,

this may not be the most efficient way to do the level but its how i did it.

how do u get steam

how do u open cooler?


1 open left cabinet and retrieve screw driver.
2 zoom out click on top of right cabinet and get key
3 zoom out click outlet under cabinet connect plug in socket
4 zoom out and click under boiler get paper that 25 45
5 click boiler controller and use screw driver on square panel
6 pull switch
7 zoom out click on top of boiler sign say 250-280
8 zoom out click on top of boiler controller and move temperature gauge to 250
9 click electric socket on left side. then click on wire to left of socket to cut it
10 click bottom cut wire
11 zoom out and click cooler on ground
12 click pipe on ground next to cooler it should straighten out
13 click valve on wall
14 zoom out use key found earlier on right cabinet
15 pull lever
16 click extractor controller in behind boiler and put in 25 and 45. this should clear steam
17 zoom out and retrieve red knob from cooler
18 zoom out and click washing machine put knob on
19 click knob and button next to knob then zoom out
20 zoom on clothes click key and walla presto
21 use key on door

Salí !!

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